***Ruslan rushed to James and he grabbed him by his throat pushing backwards and he bumped him with his back against the wall hard and he looked straight into his eyes with James trying to fight him off***

Ruslan: you know the same feeling you have when a white person calls you a kaffir is the same feeling I felt when you called me a makwerekwere right and just like Vicky Momberg went to jail for it I can send you to hell for it you bastard

***he said to him with an angry tone***

James: get your fucken hands off me msunu!

***he still tried to push his off but Ruslan was just too strong***

Ruslan: you know I should squeeze the life out of you for cheating on Thandi and getting that bitch pregnant and having the fucken nerve to even deny it to her face 

James: I said get your fucken hands off me!

***he said grabbing Ruslan with his shirt using his one hand while the other was trying to pull away Ruslan’s hand off his neck***

Ruslan: make me bitch

***James kept on trying to fight him off and Ruslan kneed him on his privates and James groaned as pain ran from his balls straight to his heart and he bend a bit with his face showing his in pain but Ruslan made him stand up straight***

Ruslan: call me a makwerekwere (an alien) again…. I dare you!

***he warned him but James didn’t say anything as he was in pain***

Ruslan: im waiting you bastard!

Voice: Ruu stop!

***it was Ray but Ruslan didn’t ***


***he shouted at James and James tried to fight him off but Ruslan was still holding him tight***

Ray: Ruu let him go man Thandi is watching damn it!

***he quickly looked at Ray and he saw Thandi standing next to him with Jabu and Heath and he let go of James ***

Heath: really guys… so you gonna fight in my house during my wife’s get together?

***he said with a serious tone***

James: I found this thing kissing my wife!

***he said holding his painful balls with pain all over his face***

Ruslan: on the fucken forehead and she’s not your fucken wife…..im sure even the court wont recognize your “customary marriage” cause you didn’t complete all the necessary marriage rights for her….. and call me a thing again and you’ll see what I’ll fucken do to you

Thandi: Ru…Ruslan stop please…. James is my husband and I love him

***Heath looked at Thandi***

Heath: Tee what’s going on here?

Jabu: ah yaya…. yaqala inkathazo madoda ( here comes trouble)

***he said shaking his head***

Ruslan: this bastard cheated on you and impregnated his bitch and you still defend and declare your love to him?

Thandi: I love him ok!

***she said with an emotional tone***

Ray: whooh what did you just say Ruu?

***James swallowed hard and Ruslan walked to Thandi***

Ruslan: I thought you my kind of woman…..a woman who knows her worth and who wont let a boy like this play her but I guess I was wrong….you’ve become weak and I don’t do weak…stay with your unfaithful bastard and wait for the day he’ll impregnate another woman or better yet infect you with deceases

***Thandi swallowed hard with tears in her eyes***

Thandi: well he’s my unfaithful bastard and don’t ever call me weak cause you don’t know me 

*** she said with an angry tone and with tears running down her cheeks and Ruslan chuckled shaking his head then he walked past her going to the front door with Ray behind him calling after him and Thandi swallowed hard***

Jabu: a re o etsitseng? ( what did he say you did)

***he asked James and James just clenched his jaws not even looking at Jabu***

Thandi: Jabu…

***he interrupted her***

Jabu: hey hey hey brika net daar wena( hey hey hey you stop right  there)

Thandi: Jabu please this is between me and James ok it got nothing to do with you

Jabu: oreng wena ( what did you say?)…. it has nothing to do with me…..mpya e found you matswele a gao a sa eme o le letjitji  and then awisa ka go go imisa gae two ka mo antse ao febela….for mengwaga o le busy o lwa le difebe tsa gae ka mo o godisa di ncosi tsa gae and o nale sebete nou sa go febela gape a be a imise sefebe sa gae ( this dog found you still a virgin and he impregnated you twice while he was cheating on you…..he’s been cheating on you for years and you kept on fighting his whores at the other hand you were busy raising his kids and he has the never to cheat on you again now and also impregnate his bitch)

***he said looking angry***

Naledi: hai guys what’s all this noise?

***she walked in on them along with Amo and Mbali who were also curious as to what was going on ***

Heath: did you know Naledi?

***she frowned***

Naledi: know what?

Jabu: that ramarete oo ke sfebe ebile o imisitse kontle ( that this dick is a man-whore and he impregnated someone else)

***she swallowed hard with her eyes popped out wondering who told them***

Naledi: this has got nothing to do with us…..its between James and Thandi

Jabu: o reng? ( what did you say?)

Naledi: yes Jabu…..you don’t see us meddling on matters involving you and Amo and Heath let me not even start with us so please stop….and Thandi will come to ya’ll if she needs your help so please don’t meddle in their business until then

Heath: that’s bull and you know it!

***he shouted at her and she frowned***

Naledi: bull?.... really Heath?

***he kept quiet and he looked away from her***

James: Thandi lets leave I’ve had enough of all this insults nx

Jabu: o reng wena jou moerskond ( what did you just say you bastard) 

***then Ray walked to them looking angry and Mbali blocked him shaking her head***

Mbali: baby please don’t

***she pleaded with him***

Ray: Mbali get out of my way! 

Mbali: no cause first of all ya’ll are embarrassing Thandi and secondly you’re ruining Naledi’s get together so stop….all of you please

***Amo just walked away and Jabu followed her***

Jabu: Amo!

***she stopped and turned***

Amo: as long as you now gore you’re not perfect yourself stop judging another person as if you’re a saint….o busy o roga ngwana batho mara wena a gona o a go rogang ( you’re busy insulting someone’s child but there’s no one insulting you) for hurting me and again Thandi is married to James and she asked us not to get involved so why can’t ya’ll  respect that marriage is between three people… the bride groom and God so let Thandi deal with his marital problems her way until she asks for help….. tlogelang didouble standards Jabu ( stop with your double standards Jabu)

***then she walked away leaving Jabu with his jaws clenched***




*** Well Thandi and James left Heath’s house without their boys cause Naledi told them they should come pick them up tomorrow…..as for Ruslan he left that time he walked out and never came back and now Thandi and James just arrived in their house and she went straight to their bedroom and locked herself in there and James just called his brother worried cause the Thandi he knows would have started a fight and not just any fight but a physical one so the fact that she just locked herself in their bedroom without saying anything to him worried him….well the phone rang and his brother answered***

Joe: Jay

James: eish I messed up man

Joe: hi yini manjene (what is it now)

James: Thandi wa tiva yi Portia and na vo buti va yehe va tiva Joe ( Thandi knows about Portia and even her brothers know too Joe)

***he said that and sighed***

Joe: what? but I thought o mo byerile side chic ko re a abort(a) ( I thought you told your side chic to abort)

James: wo ala Joe and now ku na mbyana yi ngwane yi busy yi lava nkati-wa-mehe  nx I swear ne ta ku xedlayene xelo le xeya na ko byela….Thandi o re mehe and I wont let her leave me never! ( she refused Joe and now there’s some dog that want my wife nx I swear im going to kill him im telling you….Thandi is mine and I wont let her leave me never)

Joe: yi mani mbyana leyo ( who’s that dog)

James: rekwerekwere ri ngwana…. yi chomi ya vo buti vayehe ( some alien that is friends with her brothers)

Joe: wativa yi yini ya na kaya vokokwane ( you know what go back home granny ) will help you keep her  and she will deal with that bastard that wants her mara na wehe James….when will you grow up man Thandi has been tolerating your nonsense for years and you still hurt her hai man

***James brushed his head roughly***

James: I swear on Ma’s grave this is the last time broer ndza murhandza Thandi and ngopfu (I lover Thandi and too much)  I cant lose her man ndza tiva ko re I have been taking her for granted but ndza murhandza Joe (I love her)

***he said with an emotional tone and Joe sighed***

James: I know I should be angry about rekwerekwere le reya (that alien) but im scared cause she’s not shouting at me or fighting me she just went to the bedroom and locked herself in there and that’s not the Thandi I know broer (brother) what if…what if she had enough and she leaves me

Joe: well I wouldn’t blame her 

***James sighed***

James: I don’t need your I told you so Joe….ndzi lava a solution ( I want a solution)

Joe: wena famba oya kaya and o bolabola na vokokwane ( just go back home and talk to granny)

***James sighed***

James: ok but eish kokwane na yehe what if o lava kore ndzi jesa Thandi kore anga ndzi siyi ( eish what if granny wants me to give Thandi a love potion so that she doesn’t leave me)….i don’t care about rekwerekwere le riya ( that alien)  she can kill him for all I care

Joe: then you do as she says or do you want to lose her?

James: no eish mara o right I’ll do anything to keep her and I definitely can’t lose her to rekwerekwere le riya (to that alien) 

Joe: good….so what about your side chick kane yi mani vito ra yehe? (what’s her name)

James: mxm Portia 

Joe: ooh yah so what about nyimba ya yehe? (her pregnancy)

James: im gonna make sure she loses it….Portia wa penga broer (Portia is crazy bro )she’s gonna be a baby mama from hell and I cant have that I don’t love her all I wanted was the pussy that’s all

Joe: eish na wehe James man…anyway I get were you coming from I’ll also do anything possible to make sure manana wa Nkateko doesn’t leave me if I were to mess up so  now try to talk to Thandi once she’s calm and onga lwe na yehe ( don’t fight with her) or you might just push her to that man arms…..anyway shap le me attend to Nkateko she just woke up

James: shap

***then they ended the call and James clenched his jaws thinking about that humiliating encounter he had with Ruslan and he vowed to himself to deal with him accordingly***




*****IN KZN*****

Baba: im glad you were able to take a detour from your trip to Cape Town

Thor: family come first Baba 

***he said taking a sip of his drink…they were inside Baba’s study***

Thor: so what’s going on Baba…you sounded serious

***Baba sighed***

Baba: I don’t know if you know but someone is after Raymond

Thor: ooh yeah they wanted me to do the job

***Baba frowned*** 

Baba: what?....i hope you turned them down

Thor: ofcourse…. I did it for my princess and my nephew

Baba: good

***then he sighed***

Baba: well there’s something you should know about Raymond….he’s my late friend’s son the one we thought was dead

***Thor frowned***

Thor: Bab’Dlamini?

Baba: no….Kedi’s father

Thor: wait what?

***he asked shocked***

Baba: yeah and no one knows except for me you your father and Melusi….that’s why your father agreed for the lobola negotiattions to go on and that he also sat in on them

Thor: damn!

Baba: so I can’t let some American bastard hurt him or Mbali and their unborn child

***Thorsten kept quiet letting all he just learned about Ray sink in***

Baba: so I want your help in taking out the American bastard

Thor: umm what about the guys don’t you think they also deserve to know especially Jay 

Baba: I need to deal with this first then everyone will be told about Raymond and Kedi

***Thor sighed***

Thor: you do know he can handle this himself right  

Baba: I had a talk with his wizard friend and he said if La Parca gets out then Saint will sense him now and he might rip himself out of Mbali’s womb and kill her unintentionally cause he no longer need to come out through her since the baby is fully developed 

Thor: shit!

***he said that with a worried look on his face***

Baba: yah so we need to deal with this before he does

Thor: ok…ok 

***then his face became serious***

Thor: well I know who it is so I’ll let my boys know about this mission and I’ll take him out on Monday and I’ll find out who is their back up plan and you’ll deal with him Baba

Baba: yah 

***then he sighed looking at Thor feeling proud***

Baba: im glad I found you Smiso and im also glad your parents are now resting in peace

Thor: oh no…please ooo don’t get all emotional on me Baba that will traumatize me 

***he said that and he chuckled and baba chuckled too*** 

Baba: voetsek!

***Thor got up laughing and he called his IT boy while Baba was shaking his head with a smile on his face***




***the following day early in the morning Jabu was busy making breakfast for Amo who was still asleep last night he begged and apologized until she gave in and they made love like nobody’s business….he knew an amazing love making and apologizing with his mouth alone wasn’t enough so he needed to prove to her that he values her and respects her fully through his actions but all in all he was glad they talked without either of them throwing tantrums or walking away…..Anyway he was busy with preparing breakfast when he heard an intercom going off and he switched off the stove and he went to answer it****

Jabu: yah

Voice: Jabs its Ruslan…..I need your help man

***Jabu frowned***

Jabu: heh?....how did you know where I live? 

Ruslan: Ray gave me your address 

***Jabu sighed and he opened the gate for him and he went to the door and watched him drive in….Ruslan  parked the Range Rover and he got out with a bag on his hand and he walked to him***

Ruslan: sorry to come unannounced like this but it was either this way or you would have found me inside your house waiting for you to wake up

Jabu: huh?

***he said confused***

Ruslan: never mind…ummm I need your help with translation

Jabu: what translation?

***he asked him with a frown on his face***

Ruslan: can we just go somewhere private I really need your help

***Jabu sighed***

Jabu: ummm ok follow me

***they went inside to his study and Jabu went to the window to open the blinds but Ruslan stopped him***

Ruslan: don’t…just switch on the lamps and switch off the main light

Jabu: why?

***he asked frowning and Ruslan rolled his eyes***

Ruslan: Ray would kill me if I harm you so relax im really here for your help man

***Jabu sighed and he did as Ruslan asked and stood next to him***

Ruslan: don’t freak out ok

Jabu: wait I hope you won’t do your wizard thing here man

***Ruslan just opened his bag and took out a magical crystal ball and he put it on the table***

Jabu: and then?

Ruslan: I need you to translate what the bastard is saying here please I need to know

***he said looking at Jabu with a serious look and Jabu swallowed then he nodded and Ruslan chanted some spell with his palms covering the crystal ball and it lit up and Jabu’s eyes popped out then they saw James talking on the phone while sitting on the couch***

Jabu: what the….

***he said with his eyes popped out and his heart beating fast***

Ruslan: listen carefully and translate 

Jabu: how….how did you do that man

Ruslan: please man

***then Jabu took a deep breath and he listened carefully swallowing hard…….well Ruslan can only “spy” on someone using his crystal ball only if he had touched that person physically before or he has something that belongs to the exact person at hand so on this instant he touched James so now he can see what he’s up to for a few minutes (five minutes to be exact then it goes blank) and that’s why he knows about James cheating on Thandi  cause ever since he touched Thandi’s hand at the hospital that time Naledi was admitted he’s been spying on her and that’s  how he knew about James’ cheating ways***


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