*** Jabu couldn’t sleep the whole night he tossed and turned until around four in the morning then he got out of bed and went to his study and smoked almost the whole packet of cigarettes thinking hard last night’s talk with Heath when he came to his house made him think hard…..he made him realize that he’s been behaving like mjava around Amo and not like her man he swears around her and become insensitive forgetting that she’s a church girl and totally different from all the woman he’s been with….

Anyway after some time he decided to get up from the couch he was laying on in his study and he walked out going to the kitchen it was around 7 in the morning he found Amo eating and  she was still wearing her pjs***

Jabu: hey

***he said kissing her cheek ***

Amo: hi

***she said without even looking at him and  she continued to eat….he  just made himself some coffee then he sat next to her on the barstool and he sighed***

Jabu: im sorry 

***she just drank her tea***

Jabu: im sorry I have been insensitive and for also disrespecting you Amogelang….i acknowledge my mistakes and im sorry rato laka (my love)

***she sighed***

Amo: I just….

***she sighed again***

Amo: I know you love me believe me I know but I don’t think im your type Jabu I always see you checking other women out when you with me and I’ve been keeping quiet ever since you shouted at me that time and used that trust issue card on me I would just go to the bathroom and cry it out….

***Jabu clenched his jaws feeling like shit***

Jabu: im sorry Amo….i love you too much to lose you I don’t think I will survive it 

***they kept quiet a bit with Jabu swallowing hard feeling like shit***

Amo: ummm my…my brother send me a message last night and he said he would like for us to meet and talk

*** she said without looking at him and Jabu frowned looking at her***

Jabu: talk about what?

***she shrugged ***

Jabu: well you’re not going

***she frowned and looked at him***

Amo: no matter what he’s still my only  brother Jabu 

Jabu: ompotsa masepa nou (you telling me bullshit)…wasn’t he your brother when he sat there and watched your father insult and embarrass you

***Amo just shook her head and got up then she put her dishes in the dishwasher and Jabu sighed***

Jabu: look im sorry but I don’t trust your brother Amogelang and now its not just about you only….you’re pregnant and I don’t want anything that might upset you rato laka

***she chuckled***

Amo: you are a hypocrite Jabu….so its fine for you to stress me but it’s a huge sin if anyone else do….you know you could’ve just said he can come and meet me here with you present but no not Jabu right cause Amogelang’s feelings mean nothing to him mxm

Jabu:  o re ke eng ? (what did you just call me)

***she swallowed hard then she attempted to walk away but Jabu grabbed her arm tightly squeezing it***

Jabu: don’t walk out on me when we still talking Amogelang!

*** he said with a serious tone and  her eyes filled with tears and Jabu sighed and he quickly let go of her and he brushed his head roughly***

Jabu: im sorry I just….

***she interrupted him***

Amo: can I leave please

***he sighed***

Jabu: Amo….

***he said with a low tone***

Amo: I need to use the bathroom Jabu….. PLEASE can I leave?

***he swallowed hard and nodded and she quickly walked out and he sat down and put his forehead on the counter with his hands on his head***

Jabu: shit!




Mbali: are you ok?

***she said looking at him as he wasn’t eating his breakfast and he cleared his throat***

Ray: yeah 

***he said without even looking at her***

Mbali: sthandwa sam I don’t wanna be a nag but I can see something is bothering you so please talk to me

***he sighed***

Ray: like I said its nothing so just let it go….please

***she sighed and pushed her chair back a bit and she got up slowly***

Ray: where are you going now

***she sighed***

Mbali: to pee

***then Ray sighed***

Ray: baby…

***she interrupted him***

Mbali: excuse me 

***she walked away slowly  while brushing her belly and Ray also stood up and followed her he stood by the door waiting for her to finish peeing….after she was done Ray helped her up and he flushed while she washed her hands and before she could walk out he stopped her***

Ray: you mad at me?

Mbali: why should I…I mean im not that important to you for you to share your troubles with

***Ray frowned***

Ray: how can you say that Mbali

Mbali: Ray when something is bothering me you make sure I talk to you about it but when something is bothering you you just shut me out like I don’t matter

***Ray shook his head looking up then he looked at her***

Ray: so we are going to fight because I don’t want to stress you out and my son with something I know I can handle? 

***she didn’t say anything and Ray sighed***

Ray: look you know about my other life my flower and shit happens there shit I can’t discuss with you for obvious reasons 

***she swallowed hard***

Mbali: but….but you worry me when something is troubling you and you’re not sharing it with me

***she said sulking and he got closer to her and kissed her forehead***

Ray: and I love you more for caring but don’t worry yourself my flower ok I got this

***she nodded and he kissed her again***

Mbali: im tired of standing lets go sit down please

***he smiled at her and brushed her belly***

Ray: this little guy in here needs to come out now he’s tiring my wife

***she smiled and they went back to the dining area and sat down***

Mbali: babe

Ray: my flower

Mbali: you’d tell me if our lives are in danger right?

***he sighed***

Ray: no cause your safety is my first priority and I won’t let it get to that point 

Mbali: but….

***he interrupted her***

Ray: no buts my flower I don’t want you involved with my other life at all you grew up in a mafia family and I know they tried to give you a normal life and I want to continue with that….your father and grandfather made it clear to me that I should protect you from my other life at all costs cause its one dangerous life and I would die if anything were to happen to you or our son

***she sighed***

Mbali: ok I hear you

***he raised his eyebrows and smirked***

Ray: just like that my flower?

***she laughed a bit ***

Mbali: you make me sound like a stubborn  crazy woman

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: what?.... you crazy?…nah 

***they both laughed***

Mbali: mxm don’t start with me Sambulo

***he frowned and she laughed cause she knows he doesn’t like to be called by that name***

Ray: I’ll get you for that 

***she continued to laugh and Ray smiled looking at her with his love for her getting deeper and deeper***

Ray: so are you gonna go shopping for an outfit for that get together thing at Heath’s house or you good?

***she nodded with her mouth full…she chewed and swallowed***

Mbali: after servicing me we are going shopping

Ray:  but my flower I told you last night that Ruslan is coming today

Mbali: Ruu is not a guest here Ray and he knows that I mean he even gives the cook a day off mostly when he’s here and cooks his traditional delicious food so don’t use him as a scape goat cause  you are coming with me Mr

***he sulked and she giggled***

Mbali: but baby remember Baba said I might give birth on the eighth months since I have the khumalo blood running through my veins and boys in our family are born on the eighth months so what if I go into labor when im in the mall

***he sighed…well Baba told Mbali that for her not to be stressed or fearful when she gives birth on the eighth month because of the beast thing but he told Ray the truth and they all agreed to tell her the truth after she gives birth ***

Ray: fine and just so you know I hate shopping

***she laughed***

Mbali: and i love you too

***he sulked and she blew him kisses….well he loved how she suddenly matured over the months and also loves the fact that she knows about him being a ‘gangster in a suit ‘ but he hates it when the beast shows its anger through her cause he’s the one that is at the receiving end but he loves her nonetheless and he wouldn’t trade her for anything***




*** Well Ruslan did arrive and he checked into a hotel and his reason is he cant deal with a pregnant woman who’s unborn baby has a beast that lets out its anger through her ever since Ray told him she once chased him with a knife and she also almost showed Mat hell he told himself he’ll be careful around her….he can handle the Saint cause Mbali isn’t aware of what’s happening at that exact time and she wont  remember anything when he takes over even if he used his spells to stop him  but with the beast she’s fully aware cause she just gets extremely angry and all hell breaks loose when she is so he can’t even use his magic to calm the beast down moreover because she doesn’t know he’s a wizard.

Anyway Baba called him again and told him to stall Ray while he deals with the Interpol boss and he thought about it and it was a good idea cause he knew Ray would unleash La Parca on him and he just found out from his research that now that Mbali’s unborn baby is fully grown in her womb and she’s even ready to pop him out he can react when La Parca is out to play and his research with ancient forbidden books like the ‘devils bible’  he found out that if Saint took over Mbali’s body now he could actually kill her just like a woman in the ancient times carrying a child who’s soul was attached to a demon died…even though the stories aren’t exactly the same about how and why their unborn babies souls are attached to a demon but when the woman was in the final month of her pregnancy and the demon took over when she was hurt and angry cause  she found out her sister was killed the baby ripped himself out of her womb  killing her in the process so he doesn’t want La Parca to come out cause he fears The Saint might sense him and also come out.

So he’s gonna stall Ray  until Baba takes care of the Interpol boss cause he knows even though he tells Ray about La Parca Saint and Baba he will be mad cause he always cleans up his own mess so the Khumalo’s cleaning after him might strike his ego…..Anyway he arrived on Thursday and today its Saturday and the men are all in Heath’s house at the back busy with the meat while the women are inside the house***

Ray: what’s with you today Jabs…you cant stop staring at the door and you’ve been holding that can of beer since 

Heath: Amo is what’s wrong with her

***Ruslan chuckled***

Ruslan: hormones already showing you flames man?

***they laughed but Jabu didn’t*** 

Jabu: well she said she’s not happy anymore

***they stopped laughing***

Ray: what?

Heath: well he forgot that she’s not like all those hood rats he used to fuck  that’s why

Ruslan: ooh I see

Jabu: that’s not it man its just…eish this is me gents…its who I am and well Amo is a good church girl so we are more like water and oil 

Heath: you mean water and oil that mix well abi

***they laughed***

Jabu: I love her more than anything and the thought of her leaving me scares the shit out of me 

Ray: well bro you’re not the only one

Heath: mmmmh the thought of losing your mamiwota is the most scariest shit ever…trust me I know

James: mamiwota?

***they laughed but Ruslan didn’t***

Heath: it means mermaid man 

James: oooh…yah I get it

***he chuckled***

Heath: don’t worry stick with us and you’ll learn new things ma brotha

***they laughed and Ruslan clenched his jaws then Ray whispered to him***

Ray: easy tiger

Ruslan: permittez-moi de le transformer en un home fou maintenant…. provoque sa vue me degoute (allow me to turn him into a mad man now…cause his sight disgusts me)

***he whispered back in French***

Ray:  Ruu allez mec (Ruu come on man)

***he whispered back***

Ruslan:  il ne merite pas son home (he doesn’t deserve her man)

*** he said with a pissed off tone and Ray sighed***

Ray: Ruu….

***he interrupted him***

Ruslan: excuse me I need to use the bathroom 

*** then he walked away***

James: is he ok?

***Ray took a sip of his drink***

Ray: mmmmh

***Jabu gave Ray the look and Ray shrugged his shoulders and Jabu sighed shaking his head***

Jabu: sa wara ka yena o tshwenya ke badimo ( don’t worry about him he has an ancestral calling/ his ancestors are troubling him)

***Heath just busted out with laughter and Ray joined him then Jabu chuckled***

Jabu: keng le lagang? (why are you laughing?) 

Heath: really Javas?

Ray: don’t let him hear you say that bros

***Jabu laughed***

Jabu: assomblief o sa mo chaela big Ray o otlo mpontsha masepa ( please don’t tell him big Ray or he’ll deal with me)

***Ray laughed and James chuckled***

James: so he’s that crazy?

***Ray raised an eyebrow***

Ray: he can go banana’s if he wants so mind yourself around him

Jabu: yah mfowethu dlalla vir from yena assomblief (yeah bro play as far as you can away from him please)

***Heath frowned***

Heath: come on Ruslan is a gentle soul 

Ray: mmh he is Ezeh but he should keep away from him ooo

***then he took a sip of his drink again and Jabu chuckled while Heath and James frowned looking confused as to why James should play away from Ruslan***




***inside the house Ruslan came out of the toilet and he bumped into Thandi and a smile plastered across his face***

Ruslan: mon amour ( my love)

Thandi: ummm hi and im not Amo im Thandi

***he chuckled***

Ruslan: amour means love and I know you are Thandi Vilakazi and not Thandie newton 

***she smiled blushing and he chuckled then he got serious***

Ruslan: if I may ask amour….why are you still with him?

***she quickly looked up at him frowning ….well he was tall and dark with a nicely trimmed beard on his face and he was fit but not with big muscles like Thorsten all in all he was one handsome man***

Thandi: askies?

Ruslan: we both know that baby is his and he doesn’t even have the decency to admit it

***her eyes popped out***

Thandi: how did you….ummm I don’t know what you’re talking about

*** she attempted to walk past him but he blocked her ***

Ruslan: let’s say im kind of “gifted” spiritually and ummm I see things

***she looked at him shocked***

Ruslan: you deserve better amour and don’t continue to stay with him thinking no other man will not want you cause you have  two kids…. cause this man does and he’ll wait patiently until you realize your worth and come to me where you belong

***Thandi looked at him shocked to the core***

Thandi: umm I should…..ummm go

Ruslan: ok but just so you know firstly your brothers know about my intentions well except for Heath and  secondly im sure your friend Star will support you wholeheartedly cause she knows you deserve to be happy too and thirdly don’t worry about your mother she loves money so the fact that I’ll pay thousands and thousands of money for your bride price  will shut her up and as for your kids well I’ll love and treat them as my own…..look you’re a mother amour and you shouldn’t teach your sons that its ok to tolerate nonsense and settle for less even though they deserve the best in life cause amour life is a cruel place and  there are “female James” out there

Thandi: st….stop please

***she said in a whisper***

Ruslan: you are not a weak and vulnerable woman Thandi

Thandi: you don’t know me so tell me shit ok

*** she said with an angry tone and he smiled***

Ruslan: im gonna wife you and you won’t even believe it when it happens

*** then he kissed her forehead ***

Voice: what the fuck do you think you are doing!

***they looked behind Ruslan and James was standing there looking angry***

Ruslan: wow I didn’t know you are blind 

***Thandi quickly moved away from Ruslan and she swallowed hard***

Thandi: its not what you think baby

Ruslan: yeah its not what you think ‘baby’ and just so we clear…. ‘baby’….. she’s not a cheating dickhead like you and ooh believe me I’ll know if you lay a hand on her  and I swear  on Miles if you do that I’ll fucken kill you and have the angel of death send your useless soul to hell for me so dare me man please just dare me and you’ll see

***Ruslan said with a serious tone with a look of intimidation on his face which unsettled Thandi***

James: you fucken bastard….

***then he chuckled bitterly***

James: ….i knew you wanted her…the way you were looking at her when you got here and your stinking attitude towards me….i knew it…..well if you think you gonna get a citizenship using her well you failed jou moer…this is my country and I’ll show you how we deal with makwerekwere in South Africa 

***he said getting angrier looking at Ruslan ready for a fight***

Ruslan: wow and this is what you settled for amour

***he said looking at Thandi***

Ruslan: well my boy…I can see you’re looking for a fight and guess what…. a gentleman like me never fights peasants especially in front of a beautiful lady

James: who are you calling a peasant jou moerskond

***he said taking a step closer to them*** 

Thandi: guys please stop….

***he interrupted her***

James: shut up wena….obusy ontellisa ka makwerekwere…. keng o tsene ke bofebe nou Thandi ( you’re busy letting foreigners/aliens belittle me….you’re whoring around now Thandi)

***he said pointing at Thandi and Ruslan chuckled***

Ruslan: go on amour cause I swear if this useless thing shouts at you one more time I’ll make him eat his own dick 

***Thandi swallowed hard with her eyes popped out***

James: what did you just say msunu? 

Ruslan: amour I said go on!

***he said through his teeth not even looking at her and she felt a cold chill running down her spine and she quickly walked away she was going to call the guys to come and stop whatever is about to happen***

Ruslan: and tell Ray to bring his first aid kit so he can clean this motherfucker up that’s if he won’t find him dead!

***he shouted***


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Ruslan means business and he is such a gentlemen shame