Naledi   Shanelle Mogapi is the name im a 23-year-old daughter of Mamiki Mogapi well I don’t know my father cause apparently he denied me to a point that he told my mother to abort me which I wish my mother should have done just that because she also abandoned me with her mother (my grandmother) as soon as I was brought home from the hospital and she left and only send money for my upkeep it hurts cause what I wanted was her love and not her stupid money but hey it is what it is right. Anyway the thing is im albino just like (zakhithi from isibaya) my skin is smooth and pure without any acne or any other skin problems like my fellow albinos have which im glad cause it’s hard enough to develop one pimple on your face more especially when you are about to see your periods so imagine having them all over your body so yah im grateful.  Well apparently im  a product of an affair my mother dated a married man called  James Moeketsi   and when she fell pregnant with me  then the guy asked her to abort cause he couldn’t lose his family ( wife and kids)  well  apparently my mother kept the pregnancy hoping to trap him with it  but after I was born and she was told im albino cause my skin color wasn’t normal since my mother is darker and my father is also darker  I  guess  she saw me as a curse and I was told  she wanted to give me up for adoption but my granny took me instead and raised me to be the woman I am today. Well my so called mother likes to say the more I grow up is the more I look like my so called father and apparently that pisses her off and also makes her want to throw up cause whenever she looks at me she sees him nx as if I asked her to open her fat thighs to a married man. Well enough about my so called mother ummm let me describe myself neh ummm im not skinny and im also not chubby but I have a nice round but not too big ass and im also average height with big eyes…. yes

I also have eye side problems like my fellow albinos so most of the time I wear contact lenses and I only wear glasses when im studying. Well others think im colored cause of all the makeup I put on but the thing is once I wipe off the eyeliner and make up and not style my hair im a full blown albino with blond hair blond eyebrows and blond  eyelashes and pink lips and pale skin but you know what I’m a PROUD albino nonetheless even though my own mother thinks im cursed im a proud albino. Anyway I have a 1 year 9 months old baby girl who is not albino named Lesedi…yep she’s my light that one on this dark life im living and eish she looks just like her absent father to the core and it pains me every time I look at her but you know what I love her so much and I don’t think I can live without her cause she always I mean always puts a smile on my face she’s the reason I wake up every day to hustle. Anyway concerning her father let’s say he told me to abort when I told him im pregnant and then he immediately broke up with me giving me that “it’s not you it’s me bullshit” mxm…. Anyway I heard he paid lobola (dowry) for some girl and they will soon get married and can you believe he haven’t seen his daughter or attempted to even after I told him I couldn’t abort and that I gave birth to a baby girl and she looks like him he just told me to FUCK OFF and stop calling him because he can never father an albino child but what he didn’t know is that she’s not a curse like me (like my mother always says to me). 

Well life has been hard to tell the truth cause ya’ll know the stigma concerning albinos on our society even today so yah it’s been tough even though people say im a different kind of albino (can you imagine mxm) but they still treated me differently and others still do even today but hey its life right when it throws you lemons you make a delicious lemonade out of it. Anyway im from a place called soshanguve in Pretoria and I study part time at a college and also work part time at mr price store so I not depend on koko’s pension money to survive and to also help out in the house since mommy dearest stopped sending money for my upkeep the time she found out im pregnant. Well I live with my lovely  grandmother and my annoying  uncle named Thabo  ( koko’s last born son) and I must say it’s been hard living with him cause first of all he’s a pig and he doesn’t like to clean after himself which pisses me off cause its always been like im his maid busy cleaning after him  nx ai and  im also scared to be left alone with him cause he always makes stupid comments like “ he wants to taste me and feel how it’s like to fuck an albino” imagine nje my own blood uncle saying that to me modimo (God).

Well I once told my grandmother and she reprimanded him but aarg whenever she’s not around he continues to make those nasty and creepy comments especially when his drunk which scares the living daylights out of me cause im scared one of this days he might force himself on me I always breathe a sigh of relieve when he’s not around and live in fear when he’s around so guys tell me what kind of life is this heh. Anyway stay tuned and enjoy this crazy and bumpy ride called my life.


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