Continuation 68






Ray: Ruslan think of Ezeh man what if she stops  helping him

Ruslan: then I’ll find someone to pick up where she left off 

***he said without any care in the world***

Ray: im dead serious Ruslan stop all this madness!

Ruslan: man can’t you see  how Miles is scared and skinny that old bitch deserves what’s coming to her and you wont stop me

***Ray looked at him with an angry look on his face**

Ray: you want to tell me that this monkey’s life is more important than my brother’s life….is that what you’re telling me Ruslan?

***Ruslan huffed***

Ruslan: ofcourse not

Ray: then stop all this rubbish and go apologize to that woman for entering her house without her permission and for also touching her things without her permission too

Ruslan: I won’t apologize to that woman Ray forget it!

***he said also getting angry***

Ray: don’t piss me off Ruslan abeg don’t…my brother’s life depends on that woman helping him so you’ll stop all this nonsense now!

Ruslan: mxm

***he turned to Miles who was still behind him looking scared and he crouched to his level and he started speaking to it in a language even Ray didn’t understand and all along Miles was busy making monkey sounds then he got up and walked passed Ray going outside and  Miles got  on top of the table and continued to eat  ***

Ruslan: ey stop shouting like a mad woman I haven’t done anything to you yet…what the fuck is wrong with you

***he said to the sangoma who stopped shouting and she opened her palm and Ruslan saw some white powder inside her hand and he immediately chanted a protection spell and it covered him***

Ray: Ruu defuse this situation now!

*** and the sangoma blew the powder towards Ruslan chanting some words too as for Jabu he was standing outside the door of the storeroom where Heath was busy with his things inside shocked by what was happening….. the sangoma was busy blowing that powder towards Ruslan chanting some words then Ruslan chanted some  spell in a strange language and the sangoma stopped what she was doing and she rubbed her eyes using her other hand and all she could see now was darkness***

Mahlobola: matlho a ka….matlho a ka…( my eyes….my eyes)

***she said rubbing them hard but she was still seeing darkness***

Ruslan:  Jabs tell her to calm the fuck down

Jabu: wha…what did you do to her man…what did you do?

Ruslan: im a wizard so I did what wizards do to witches that are ungrateful   to their servants…now tell her or I’ll leave her like this!

***Jabu swallowed hard looking from Ruslan to Mahlobola***

Jabu: big…big  Ray

Ray: do as he says Jabs before all hell break loose

***Jabu swallowed hard again and he looked at the sangoma***

Jabu: di…dimamzo a re ke go botse gore o theole moya ( he says  I should tell you to calm down)

Mahlobola: matlho a ka Jabu….yho matlho a ka ( my eyes Jabu….my eyes)

Jabu: man what did you do to her eyes…shit what’s even happening here ?

Ruslan: tell her to stop mistreating Miles…the monkey or I’ll do worse to her

***Jabu looked at him like “wtf”***

Ruslan: translate man

***Jabu wallowed hard and he looked at the sangoma***

Jabu: di..dimamzo a re o treat(e) tshwene ele pila from nou or go tlo nyiwa blaen (he said you should treat the monkey good from now on  or all hell will break loose)

Mahlobola: Jabu so o tlisitse dilo tse gore di tlo ntella mo motseng wa ka ( Jabu so you brought this things to my house to come and disrespect me?)

***she said with tears running down her cheeks as she was still rubbing her eyes***

Jabu: what…hai hai dimamzo ebile die man ga ke mo jaje nna…..mmmh ditshwene le go konopana ka ditlhare  a se dilo tsa ka dimamzo ebile wa ejaja dai dang and nou go setse fela gore ke ithotele ka letshogo and ompotsa dai dang ( I don’t even know this man….mmmh monkeys and to use witchcraft on each other is not my thing im sure you even  know that and now im this close to peeing on myself because of fear and you telling me that)

Mahlobola: O TLISITSE BATHO MO MOTSENG WA KA JABU GORE BATLO NTELLA AKERE! ( you brought people to my house to come and disrespect me right?)

Jabu: dimamzo no ga se vaar dai dang…nna ke tlisitse Mshikaro fela dai man ke achuz ya bra ya rona nna a ke mo jaje ( not its not true…I only brought Mshikaro that man is our brother’s friend and I don’t even know him)

***then Ruslan chanted another spell and she became mute instantly ….she tried to talk but no voice came out and Jabu gasped***

Jabu: and nou? (now?)….no…no …no  bo ke boloi strait( this is witchcraft straight)

***he said breathing heavily with his eyes popped out***

Ruslan: repeat what I said you should say to her!

*** and Jabu did***

Ruslan: and tell her from a wizard to a witch I said if she tries any shit on either one of you or to Miles I’ll show her how angry I can get and im not playing

***Jabu translated***

Ruslan: and also tell her my apologies for entering her house without permission 

***Jabu continued to translate with a shaky voice***

Ruslan: ooh and tell her next time she should find out more about her opponent before she starts threatening him cause next time Ray won’t be around to save her fat ass…well don’t say the ‘fat ass’  part to her 

***and Jabu translated and Ruslan turned to look at Ray***

Ruslan: she attacks me then she’s dead

***Ray just shook his head defeated and Ruslan chanted some words and both the spells got lifted off her and she started seeing and her voice even came out when she said ‘yhooo’….she rubbed her eyes again and when she looked up they landed on Ruslan***

Mahlobola: o…o tlo patela for nthwe o fetsang go e etsa mpya ke wena….wa itsi gore ke nna mang mmmmh… ka mma a ntsetse  mxi struu otlo patela wankutlwa o tlo patela ka bophelo ba gao (you gonna pay for what you just did you dog…do you know who I am mmmmh I swear you will pay you hear me you will pay with your life)

***she threatened him and Ruslan looked at Jabu for some translations and Jabu swallowed hard***

Jabu: she…she said you should leave her house now

***he lied  to him and Ray was glad he did cause this was never gonna end well***

Ruslan: fine by me I’ll go wait in the car….its not like she lives in a mansion anyway

***then he walked away leaving the sangoma swearing at him then she rushed inside her house still swearing at him***

jabu: hai……ditshwene…boloi ba higher grade…mxm go no shota ditlotlwane fela mos….ka mmao tonight Amo tshwanetse a nrapelle strong ke tlhoka di thapelo ( monkey….advanced witchcraft…. mxm the only thing that’s missing is zombies…. for real tonight Amo needs to pray for me strong I need prayers)

***he said to himself and Ray sighed and went after Ruslan to make sure he doesn’t go inside and kill the woman***




*** Well Heath finished up with his things and Jabu briefed him about what was happening and they went to beg the sangoma to forgive Ruslan and not get them involved in whatever is going on between Ruslan and her  they told her they came here for help and nothing else so she shouldn’t paint them with the same brush as him….it took some convincing from them for her to not involve them in her new beef with Ruslan  and when they pain extra money she was all smiles but she told them she will still deal with Ruslan and they just nodded at her hoping that Ruslan was strong enough to protect himself from her…..after paying and Heath getting his herbs they walked out with Heath limping***

Heath: damn bros you said Ruslan did what?

***Jabu kept quiet ignoring him***

Heath: Javas?

Jabu: voetsek!

Heath: heh?

Jabu: ke rile voetsek! ( I said piss off!)

***Heath sighed***

Heath: bros abeg im sorry about what Observer did to you man you know it wasn’t me I would never do that to you

Jabu: voetsek Heath wankutlwa voetsek jou muur….jou fokon moeskond nx lemarete (insults)

***Heath sighed and he clenched his jaws***

Heath: java…

***he interrupted him***

Jabu: voetsek le marete wankutlwa voetsek Mshikaro and o botse le dai moekond Observer ke re marete a gae a go shoshobana( piss off you dick you hear me piss off and also tell that bastard Observer that I said his wrinkled balls)

***Heath sighed cause Jabu looked angry***

Jabu: and next time o tlogela dai fokon bleksem a threaten(er) any of our family member ko go thuntsha marete san ( you let that fucken bastard to threaten any of our family members im going to shoot you on your balls boy)

Heath: hade bros ( sorry my brother)

Jabu: hade ya masepa…wena o batla motho a go tlhabe ka screwdriver mo mareteng a kgone go tiya cause ka bona this days o behave(r) ekare o nale kuku ( fuck your sorries….you just want someone to stab you with a screwdriver on your balls so that they will get strong cause I can see this days you behave like you have a pussy) 

***Heath  decided to not swear at him back or say anything to defend himself cause he knows this is how Jabu deal with his anger besides fighting physically he knows after he’s done swearing and insulting him they’ll be good***

Jabu: nx rena re gafa go tshwana le bana ba bangwe le na le decide(r) go gafa ka di levels le busy le create(r) digafi tse ditlang ka di upgrade tsa masepa ( nx some of us our madness is normal like other people’s  while others decide to have madness with levels you busy creating crazy people with upgrades full of shit)

***Heath smirked shaking his head….they were standing next to Jabu’s car while Ray and Ruslan decided to drive away when they saw them walking to their car***

Jabu: and you better call Amo and o mo chaele why ke tla gae ka mabadi and make sure she believes you lie or I swear ka Nomvula wa moloi o nnyela struu….this time ko go thuntsha marete e seng serope ( and tell her why im coming home with wounds and make sure she believes you or I swear with Nomvula the witch you will shit yourself…..this time im going to shoot your balls and not your thighs)

Heath: you done?

Jabu: marete a gao (your dick)

Heath: lwena marete a gao ( you too)

Jabu: voetsek tsena mo karing re vaiye o tlogele go tlhotsa e ka re segole se  ba se  shapile ka sfola ( piss off get in the car so we can go and stop limping like a handicapped that is bewitched)

***Heath chuckled feeling relived… “and we are back!” he thought to himself  getting inside the car….well he received extreme insults from Jabu but they were all worth it to him cause he can’t have him holding a grudge or being mad at him and now that he knows about his mother and that he got help it was now ‘mission fix his marriage’ for him and as for his evil mother well he’ll deal with her later ***




*** well it was now late at night and Ray’s father his new wife and Mj were all at Heath’s house along with Heath while Jabu left for his house and Heath did call Amo after Jabu got home and he ‘lied’ about his injuries and he told her that they were almost hijacked and that he was even shot at  but that she shouldn’t worry cause the hijackers looked worse than them and they were ‘arrested’ but in hospital at the moment well she bought it and she’s began to fuss over Jabu and Jabu even send Heath a message saying  “ thaa mfowethu ( thanks my brother)  yerrr can you believe she’s even massaging  my feet now and damn I didn’t know how nice it is to have your feet massaged… Im even moaning like im about to have an orgasm….fucken shit  die dang e monate blaen kao chaela ( this thing is good im telling you) “

Anyway as for Ray and Ruslan they went to Ray’s house…anyway now Ray was talking to Mbali on the phone who just told him that she’ll be discharged tomorrow in the morning when Ruslan walked in and he took Ray’s car keys***

Ray:  my love let me call you back just now

***he said looking at Ruslan who looked angry***

Mbali: ooh

Ray: before you get all mad at me I just need to talk to Ruslan quick and I’ll call you back I promise

Mbali: really Ray?…why are you making me seem like a hormonal monster 

***he chuckled***

Ray: no my love I just don’t want to upset you and my boy that’s all

Mbali: well im not upset and your son is busy moving around in my belly as if he owns it mxm

***Ray laughed and Ruslan attempted to walk away but Ray pulled him back ***

Ray: my love let  me talk to this guy and I’ll call you back ok

Mbali: ok

***then he dropped the call***

Ray: going somewhere?

Ruslan: yeah I have business I need to attend to

Ray: business here in SA at night and alone?

Ruslan: yeah and don’t wait up

Ray: wait... what’s going on Ruu?

Ruslan: nothing man …look man I have to go

***Ray looked at him intensely then it clicked***

Ray: no…no…no…no fucken way

Ruslan: what?

Ray: you’re not going back there Ruu

Ruslan: well I am

Ray: bros that woman is helping Ezeh why can’t you get that!

***he snapped at him***

Ruslan: well not anymore….i spoke to Mel earlier on and he’s coming back this side  and he doesn’t mind picking up where she left off or even do a better job than her so that’s taken care off

***Ray looked at him surprised ***

Ray: what?

Ruslan: yeah so now im going to rescue Miles and deal with that bitch

***Ray just looked at him shocked***

Ray: bros you do know that you’re actually overreacting right?

Ruslan: you wouldn’t understand Ray if that woman was taking good care of Miles believe me I would have even visited her and even had tea with her while we discussed our similar line of work and even exchanged numbers  before I go back home but no she decided to become like all those fuckers out there who mistreat their servants…..  animals also feel pain Ray  just like me and you but because most people are shallow and narrow-minded they don’t care…..i prefer you just kill them and get it over and done with  than to have them captive and mistreat them or just let them go

***then he sighed***

Ruslan: look what im trying to say is I hate animal cruelty paedophiles abusers of any kind being emotional psychological and physical and not forgetting killing of innocent people and that bitch falls on animal cruelty and abusers category and I have a feeling she also bewitches and kills innocent people but that’s not what is upsetting me now….so I need to deal with her cause she’s an ungrateful bitch

***Ray sighed deeply cause he could see Ruslan was serious about this whole Miles thing….like really serious***

Ray: bros you do know that the world is a cruel place and its all about survival of the fittest….you cant save everyone and everything  

Ruslan: I know but as cruel as it is im doing my bit to make it better La Parca is also doing his bit by dragging all those evil souls to hell… what about you and everyone else?

***Ray raised his eyebrow at him***

Ruslan: look  I may have turned warzone corpses of people who died in a cruel manner at the hands of evil dictators to zombies back home but I damn well take good care of them more than how their families or friends took care of them when they were still alive and I give them a chance of peace and happiness and let them rest forever when I feel they have gotten enough of their peace they’ve been longing for even in death…I give them a second chance to a peaceful life on earth even if it’s for a little while before I set them free….. well other people may see me as  weird or creepy or even evil but before I set them free they always say Thank you for what I did for them and that makes everything bad  that everyone may think of me irrelevant 

***Ray was just too shocked by Ruslan to even say anything***

Ruslan: look I may be a wizard but I have a heart man and all I ever want is for a better world Thandi as my wife and having kids with her and as for my zombies I’ll let all of them rest in eternal peace once and for all when Thandi agrees to be mine  but I hate and I repeat I hate people who harm innocent people and animals I can’t fucken stand them in fact they make my blood boil and if most of them didn’t sell their souls to the devil I would have wiped them off long ago but we both know it’s a war I cannot win alone and now that old bitch had the rotten nerve to beat Miles up after we left and she didn’t even give him food this night and for that she’s gonna pay with her life

***then he walked out leaving Ray shocked at this other side of Ruslan he never knew existed***




***he parked the car at  a house before the sangoma’s house well he got there using the gps coordinates Jabu send them earlier and he waited for some time to make sure its really late and that the street is clear of people…..after some time he then got out of the car and he chanted some words in the forbidden language concentrating on the inside kitchen that he was with Miles earlier inside the sangoma’s house and he disappeared and appeared  there… was dark inside so he switched the light on and he walked around the house and ended up in her bedroom and he got in….. he found bottles with white smoke inside and he knew it was trapped souls of people inside and he chuckled shaking his head then he opened all of them and commanded them to go back to their owners….all this time he knew she wasn’t home she went to the witches convention and she was gonna be back in two days’ time…..he then heard some noise under her bed that was put on top of bricks to lift it up to make space under it***

Ruslan: come out under that bed now

***more sounds were made and he pointed his palm at the bed and he chanted some worlds and he heard creepy screams under the bed***

Ruslan: I said come out under that bed or I’ll do what I did again and this time you’ll burn

***he heard mumbles***

Voice: ayikweng ( lets get out) 

***more mumbles were heard and the first one got out and the second and third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth and the tenth one also got out and it was five men and five women and they had long dirty hair that almost touched the floor and they looked dirty and smelled horrible like dried blood sweat urine poop and any other horrible smell you can think of….. they wore torn clothes with their nails on both their fingers and toes longer as for their height they were of that of dwarfs***

Male: o mang weha? ( who are you?)

***that’s what they wanted to say but since their tongues were cut off they couldn’t pronounce words properly***

Ruslan: you know I should’ve known

***then he chuckled***

Ruslan: but damn do ya’ll even bath….fuck you smell like shit

***he said closing this nose with his hand***

Ruslan: how does she even sleep with all this smell…damn… I see why many old granny’s houses smell like potpourri all the time

Female: o mang weha…o bakang….o kehe byang? ( who are you…what do you want…how did you get in?)

Male: why a ha habe….ha he habe? (why is isn’t he running…. isn’t he scared of us?)

Female: heeeh maybe a he ha hoha ( maybe we are no longer scary)

***they were just talking amongst themselves and Ruslan was just looking at them wondering what they were talking about***  

female: koko o he beha ho a he mohwahe he mmofe  e koko o haba ( granny will beat us so lets catch him and tie him and granny will be happy)

***they all nodded and they charged at Ruslan but he quickly chanted a spell and a force hit them hard and it pushed them back and they hit the bed and fell on the floor***

Ruslan: you smell and look like shit but you still do your masters dirty work and still loyal to her damn

***he shook his head***

Ruslan: loyalty like yours is rare I tell you

***then he pointed the palm of his hand at them and he started chanting words in the forbidden language with his eyes turning all white for some time commanding their souls to go to the light and have eternal peace they’ve been longing for and the creatures souls left the bodies and immediately the bodies turned into ashes then he stopped***

Ruslan: and to think your families mourned your deaths and some of your families are still finding it hard to accept your deaths while you are here  looking and smelling like shit…. at least with my zombies I find their corpses on the wilderness killed by evil dictators just for fun but this…this is just pure evil

***he shook his head looking at the ashes and he walked out and he broke the door where Miles is locked in and he found him looking horrible he had blood on his head and some other parts of his body and he also looked weak…..he looked up at Ruslan and made faint sounds and Ruslan felt tears filling his eyes but he fought them back and extreme anger took over his body***

Ruslan: hey boy….don’t worry you are safe now ok she won’t hurt you anymore

***then Miles made some more sounds and he broke the chains and carried him out of the room….then he set the whole house on fire and he  chanted a spell and disappeared and he appeared outside the yard and he went to the car and he put Miles on the passenger seat and he buckled him and he also got in and drove away***

Ruslan: don’t worry she’s going to pay for what she did to you

***he said to miles***





Ruslan: will you keep it down please

***he was busy feeding Miles with Miles sitting on the table and he still looked a bit weak but clean***


Ruslan: will you just calm down….im just nursing him back to health then I’ll let him loose to the wilderness so he’ll be free so relax


***then Mat and Diego walked in confused about the shouting and they froze when they saw a monkey sitting on top of a table***

Mat: jefe im not dreaming right

Diego: you cant be dreaming man I mean im also seeing a monkey on top of the table being fed porridge by Ruslan


***he raised his hands with defeat and he turned to walk but then he stopped and turned back looking at Ruslan***


***he warned Ruslan and Ruslan just ignored him***

Ruslan: ignore him boy he’s just sex starved since madam of the house is away and now he’s taking his frustrations out on us…lets just go somewhere private

***he said picking him up along with his bowl and they walked out and Ray also walked out going upstairs looking pissed off***

Diego: Africans are weird man….first its jefe and the La Parca thing and now its Ruslan and monkeys man

Mat: he’s feeding it porridge like a fucken small child I mean he even wipes it’s mouth after giving it a spoon of porridge man…this is just crazy man…

Diego: the truth is nothing shocks me anymore with this two

***he said walking to the fridge in his pajamas and he took out a bottle of beer***


***I have been going through a lot lately and my kids Thandi and shockingly James my father are the reason im soldiering on…as for my marriage I won’t touch on it cause everything is just too much yes I believe Heath but at the same time seeing him on those pictures just killed something in me….even though I wish I could just leave him and start off somewhere and just concentrate on myself and my kids but I know he will never let me go no matter what…..

And he seems weird most of the time he looks cold and creepy and it usually gives me the chills cause he had that “don’t fuck with me” look this days even though I become rude towards him still I pray he doesn’t slap the shit out of me cause lately he has that look that tells you that if you keep pushing him he might slap the shit out of you…..the truth is in as much as im angry hurt and confused by the whole thing I still love him and I wish things were different between us but I guess  it is what it is….

Im happy and glad Ike is growing and getting strong each day and more especially to the fact that I can now hold him in my arms and breast feed him….he’s handsome and looks just like his father and I wonder how Bunke would have looked like now (sigh). Well I also wonder how koko’s funeral was like and if Mamiki was telling my father the truth when she said koko said she’s sorry and that im now welcomed home (sigh) everything is just a mess I mean I don’t even know where Kitso is cause we are supposed to do Lesedi’s ceremony and now he decided to disappear into thin air I mean he was like “Lesedi is my daughter my blood” and now he’s gone just like that nx….anyway Ike now is sleeping peacefully in his cot and im bored as hell im busy scrolling down on Instagram looking at people’s amazing pictures and watching videos  and I must say some people are living it up while some of us are going through shit then I heard the door opening and Heath limped in using a crutch ummm ok……he looked like he’s been hit by a truck and also like he hadn’t slept for days I wonder what happened to him especially to his leg aarg whatever….well Ray walked in followed by Mj their father and an older good looking woman mmmmh I think it’s the second wife but I might be wrong….

Anyway Heath got to me and he quickly took my left hand and before I could pull it back he slid my wedding ring on my ring finger and he bend a bit and kissed my forehead….. ok I guess his father doesn’t know about what has been happening so this is him telling me to pretend that we are good mxm….anyway they greeted and I greeted back with a smile and Mj rushed to Ike and he picked him up slowly and he held him in his arms with a huge smile on his face then Ray’s phone rang and he answered and talked for some time then he came closer to me and he kissed the top of my head and went to Mj and he kissed Ike’s  forehead***

Ray: well beautiful people I have to go there’s a crisis on the sight im building my medi-clinic at and it needs my attention

Heath: anything I can help with?

Ray: I don’t know but I’ll call you if there is

***Heath nodded then they fist bumped and he walked out dialing on his phone***

Heath: Mj come on he’s sleeping put him down

Mj: brother can you just concentrate on your wife and let me be with my son biko

***I giggled cause I forgot how crazy he can be***

Heath: you mean my son

Mj: abeg your sperms might have created him but he’s mine

***bathong this boy in front of his parents nogal***

Woman: Jesus…. this boy!

Mj: what mommy….brother Ezeh’s sperms and sister Star’s egg created Ike here its not a secret….i would tell you the process of how Ike was conceived or how his sperms entered her but it’s a discussion for another day

***Amen…..if only ya’ll could see the woman’s face right now***

Mr.masden: Mj behave please!

Mj: fine but ya’ll  shouldn’t provoke me abeg

***then he looked at Ike and his smile came back again and he moved around the room with him in his arms***

Mr.Masden: my dear the sooner you stop being shocked every time he opens his mouth and vomit out rubbish the better for your health and sanity

***the woman just shook her head defeated***

Mr.Masden: how are you my daughter?

***he asked me***

Me: im getting there dad 

Mr.Masden: that’s good….thats good

***he said nodding with a smile on his face***

Mr.Masden: ummm before I forget…this is my second wife Patience and my dear this is our daughter in law Naledi but we call her Star as Naledi in English means Star

***she smiled at me damn she’s gorgeous….anyway she moved closer to me and she held my hand ummm ok…there was something warm and kind about her***

Patience: im glad you and my grandson are ok and im also sorry about your loss of my other grandson…..always remember my dear that everything happens for a reason and that God never forgets his own 

***I found myself getting emotional and she cupped my face using one hand***

Patience: you are not alone my dear and never forget that ok and pray my dear…. believe me when I say prayer is what you and your husband need on this difficult time

***I found myself nodding and she wiped my tears off then Mj got closer to me and he bend a little and kissed the side of my head***

Mj: mommy here is right sister Star you are not alone and you’ll never be ok

***I just nodded smiling at him and my eyes went to Heath and he was looking at me intensely and I quickly looked away….the parents took Ike from Mj who didn’t want to let him go and they just fussed over him I smiled cause they genuinely love him …. then I felt fingers under my chin turning my face and it was Heath I swallowed hard and was ready to tell him to stop when he quickly smashed his lips on mine and I froze he sucked on my bottom lip a bit then he pulled out of the kiss and he perked my lips and stared into my eyes…..heh guys I was still frozen on the spot***

Heath: never ever take off your wedding ring no matter what Obi m or me and you we will have some serious problems more serious than the ones we are facing now

***I swallowed hard and he wasn’t even smiling***

Mj: get a room you two please

***Heath moved away from me and showed him the middle finger and I just cleared my throat***

Mj: dad

***his father didn’t even look at him cause he was busy concentrating on Ike***

Mj: dad!

***he raised his voice a bit ***

Mr.Masden: mxm ooh what is it Michael?

***he said with an annoyed tone***

Mj: dad brother Ezeh is swearing at me

***his father looked at him***

Mr.Masden: then swear at him back jorr

***my eyes popped out looking at him***

Mj: and if I do that you’ll protect me when he beats me abi?

Mr.Masden: no

Mj: huh?

Mr.Masden: Ezeh when you beat him up abeg hit him hard on his mouth area even if it takes him a day without him saying anything I’ll take it biko

***we laughed at Mj while he sulked***

Mj: mxm where is the loyalty in this family when one needs it

***we laughed again and my eyes landed on Heath and he was staring at me intensely again and I quickly looked away clearing my throat***




*** it was late in the afternoon and the Khumalo’s were in the study having a serious discussion on their businesses  and also making arrangements for transport since they were going back to their houses the following days well except for Thorsten since he already left with his wife and kids two days back due to his private contactor’s job….then as they were busy the door opened and Mbali walked in she was walking in a strange way with her hair all over her face…she looked possessed or something and when she entered the study room the lights flicked vigorously a bit then they stopped and the door shut its self after she entered and locked on its own…..Snake’s heart started beating fast when he was looking at her and her pale arms with visible black veins all over them confirmed his fears***

Snakes: God no….

***he said getting up from his seat slowly looking spooked***

Baba: Mbali?

***she didn’t say anything or move she was just looking down with her hair hanging all over her face hiding it and her arms hanging on the sides of her body loose***

Pops: wh..what’s happening….what’s wrong with her…Princess?

***she quickly raised her head and bend it to the side a bit looking at Pops***

Saint: you made her sad and cry… shouldn’t have made her cry…you shouldn’t have made her cry!

***she said with a possessed voice and the rest of them got up while Snakes rushed to the door and Saint quickly turned***

Saint: I wouldn’t do that if I were you…..only mommy is allowed to walk out of here alive!

***Snakes heart was beating so fast and his mind went back to those mummified bodies in that house and his body visibly shook***

Jay: wha…..what do you mean by that?

***they all now knew that the Skeletal Saint was out to play***

Saint: no one makes mommy cry and lives to tell the tale…. and I mean no one and you did!

***he said pointing at Pops and Pops eyes popped out and he swallowed hard***

Melusi: you…you have a beast in you too  so it wont let you hurt any of us

***she laughed like a possessed person then she got serious again***

Saint: now lets see it try and stop me!

Jay: the fuck!

***he said scared as hell***


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Alusani Thabelo Vanessa Mafune 2020-12-13 08:25:01

You’re an exceptional writer Kedi