Chapter 2






***we got home and I changed my closes and I packed some clothes and toiletries and shoes then I took the bag and I went to the living room and I kissed Lesedi and koko and I promised that I will take care of myself and Thandi also promised koko that she will take care of me. God it was hard leaving Lesedi behind but I just couldn’t bring her along…. We said our goodbyes and left***

Thandi: she’ll be ok with your granny Naledi

Me: I’ve never slept without her next to me since she was born Thandi

***I wiped a tear that escaped my eye***

Thandi: I know how you are feeling trust me but just tell yourself that she’s in safe hands

***well she’s right and I just nodded…. Well she drove while we had a light conversation until we arrived and since the gate was wide open she drove in and parked the car…. Gosh it was a huge Tuscan house with a double garage it was beautiful shem no lies anyway we got out of the car and I took my bag and we went inside the house all the way to what looked like a lounge and the was an old lady and old man with a middle aged woman sitting on the couches drinking tea  and we greeted them***

Thandi: well fam this is my bestie Naledi we work together

***bestie neh…mmmmh nice … well the old lady stared at me with a smile on her face and she indicated that I should come to her and I put my bag down and I went to her and she held my hand and pulled me to sit down***

Gogo: you are beautiful and you have a flawless skin my granddaughter

***I just smiled and blushed…im not used to people saying im beautiful or that I have a flawless skin they always ask if im albino or what***

Me: thank you  koko

Gogo: uyinkanyezi ngempela mzukulu wam (you are a real star my granddaughter)

***I blushed some more***

Gogo: where are you from and what is your surname 

Me: im from soshanguve and my surname is Makgotlha

***she nodded… well I forgot to mention that we are in Atteridgeville now at thandi’s grandparents house ***

Thandi: so gogo are you done making my friend blush like uyam’shela or something  (like you are asking her out) so we can go put our bags in my room 

***everyone laughed***

Gogo: Hai suka im sure awuphuzanga amapilisi wakho ek’seni (im sure you didn’t drink your pills in the morning

***we all laughed***

Thandi: haw gogo

Gogo: im kidding my beautiful granddaughter

Thandi: mmmmh I’ll get you for that…anyway let’s go Naledi

***the granny laughed and I stood up and I went to pick up my bag and we walked to some passage then she opened a door and we walked in…well the bedroom was beautiful anyway  I put my bag on top of the chair that was in the room and I sat on the edge of the bed and Thandi changed into a baggy shirt and leggings and she wore sleepers***

Me: do you live here with you grandparents or with your mom

Thandi: I live here...yho I couldn’t live with my mom anymore or else I would have ended up killing my step dad

Me: why

Thandi: nx can you believe that old fat fool after paying for my mother’s lobola started giving unnecessary orders in the house telling me he won’t allow nonsense in his house as if he bought that house he started throwing his weight around with his ugly face and I knew if I don’t move out I’ll end up poisoning him because he was getting on my last nerve

***I just laughed gosh Thandi is too much bathong***

Me: well im glad you moved out 

Thandi: me too yho im telling you Naledi I was this close to poisoning him…anyway let’s go get something to eat before the useless people of this family come and finish all the food cause im sure they are on their way

***we stood up while laughing and we walked out and as we were about to enter the kitchen the kitchen door opened and “Heath” walked in with some guy and as soon as he looked at us his eyes popped out and he stood still***

Guy: mmmmh and who’s this 

Thandi: uyaphapha jabu (you are too forward jabu) you don’t even greet 

*** jabu chuckled and as for Heath he was staring at me as if he was seeing a ghost people…ummm ok weird…***

Jabu: mxm

***then he came to me and we shook hand***

Jabu: forgive me for my manners…ummm the name is jabu and you beautiful

***I just smiled***

Heath: Naledi 

***he said with his deep voice and we looked at him***

Heath: please don’t tell me we are related

***I shook my head no and I saw him breathe a sigh of relieve…ummm ok weird again..***

Thandi: she’s my bestie from work

***then heath nodded and he walked in and stood next to jabu***

Jabu: and how do you know her mfowethu

***he said that to Heath***

Thandi: I would also like to know

Me: he once came with his daughter to the  store and I help her with finding a size for her dress

Thandi: oh ok

***then Heath cleared his throat while staring at me***

Heath: it was nice seeing you again

Me: same here

***he smirked ***

Heath: eeh lets go dog

*** he said that to jabu and jabu held  my hand and he kissed it and heath just shook his head and pulled jabu away and they left***

Thandi: im listening

Me: what

Thandi: how did you really meet my cousin 

Me: mmmmh he’s your cousin

Thandi: yep our mothers are siblings 

Me: wow ok…ummm you remember that time I came back from lunch with a five finger on my cheek

Thandi: please don’t tell me he’s the one that slapped you

Me: no man his girlfriend Lerato or Lebo is the one that slapped me

Thandi: nx why am I not surprised you know the way I hate that fake bitch ka teng I feel like punching her face every time I see her

Me: so you’ve met her

***she nodded***

Thandi: one day is one day with her im just waiting for the day I’ll panel beat her without anyone stopping me and ke tlo mmontsha mmae struu (and I’ll show her her mother im telling you)

***I just laughed and she joined me***

Me: don’t worry with her I’ll help you beat the shit out of her

***we continued to laugh***

Thandi: sho skeem




**** HEATH****

***the moment I opened the door and looked up and was met by her I thought I was dreaming she was standing there with her beautiful self and her flawless skin as if she bathes with fresh milk everyday…she looked at me with her  beautiful big eyes that I froze by the door that’s until an unsettling feeling washed over me when I started asking myself what she’s doing here and I had one answer in my head that what if we are related but when she shook her head no when I asked if we are related I breathed a sigh of relief  cause I just couldn’t stomach her being my cousin cause I fell for this girl the first time I saw her while she was  crossing next to my car on the robot in town then I saw her again walking passed me as I stood there frozen as if I was seeing a mamiwota ( mermaid ) at the mall where she works and when I saw her again at Woolworth that time Lerato slapped her I was happy that I bumped into her again but I was pissed off at what Lerato did to her and what she said to her. I swear if Lerato wasn’t my girlfriend I would have punched her teeth out for what she did anyway for the first time in my life since I started chasing after girls I’ve never felt what I feel for this girl and worst part is we are not friends or anything for that matter but already what I feel for her is these  deep eish I mean every time I see her I freeze and im unable to say what’s on my mind something that’s never happened to me before…. Look I’ve fucked women from all races and not even one of them rejected me or made me feel what I feel for this girl eish I mean im 35 years old with a 12-year-old daughter but this Naledi chick makes me feel like im a fucken teenager who sees his crush every time I see her that’s how messed up I get when I see her eish. Anyway concerning Lerato

eish I mean im 35 years old with a 12-year-old daughter but this Naledi chick makes me feel like im a fucken teenager who sees his crush every time I see her that’s how messed up I get when I see her eish. Anyway concerning Lerato well we’ve been dating for 2 years now and to tell ya’ll the truth for 2 years I’ve been madly in love with her cause she was different from all the girls I fucked for one she has a steady job and she’s educated and  even though I spoil her but I know she can spoil herself if she wants. She’s beautiful and she takes good care of herself basically she’s someone my mother would approve of but eish now it’s like those strong feelings I had for her evaporated into thin air cause now all I feel for her is nothing but deep care  since I saw Naledi and it drives me crazy cause I was even planning on proposing to her until Naledi happened and now I don’t see myself doing it I mean i even took back the ring to the store  that’s how bad things are eish I even felt a painful pinch of jealously in my heart when my cousin jabu kissed her hand….. eish o na-esiri m ike ugbu a ndi mmadu (eish it’s really hard being me now people). anyway we went to the lounge and my granny indicated I should come to her and I did and sat next to her***

Aunt: did you pack everything well in the garage

Me: yebo mamncane (yes aunt)

Aunt: even the chairs that where outside at the back

Jabu: everything dimamzo (ma)

Aunt: ok then let me go sleep because tomorrow will be a busy day

Me: ok goodnight

Aunt: night baby

***then she walked away***

Gogo: did you see your wife

***heh and what is gogo talking about***

Me: gogo?

Gogo: she’s more beautiful in person she looks like a mermaid like she bathes in milk mzukulu wam (my grandson)

***what…is she talking about Naledi…and what does she mean “ she’s more beautiful in person “***

Me: gogo Lerato is not here

Gogo: Hai man Shaka don’t tell me about that disrespectful girl…. now let me warn you mzukulu wam if you marry that girl you’ll suffer for the rest of your life…. leyo ntombazane enhle emhlophe (that beautiful white girl) is yours even the stars have agreed and listen to me carefully if you tempt with fate mzukulu wam (my grandson) you’ll suffer the consequences to a point that you’ll even think you are being bewitched im telling you 

***she said that and sat up straight***

Mkhulu: your grandfather from your father’s side used to say this all the time until death remembered him that “what an elder sees sitting down a child will never see even if he/she climbs the tallest iroko tree”

***after he said that he stood up and helped his wife to stand up ***

Gogo: listen to your heart my grandson and your instinct cause those two will never lie to you…. goodnight

Me: ummm good night

Mkhulu: nilalekahle bafana bam (sleep well my boys)

Me: sleep well too Mkhulu

Jabu: goodnight Mkhulu

***then they slowly walked away leaving me in total distraught trying to make sense of what they just said to me…. the thing is gogo is some sort of a seer even though she’s not into these seer things  but moments like this happen and most of the family member always advise us to take what she says into account***

Jabu: I know you probably love that girl of yours Lerato mfowethu but please joh try and take into account what gogo just said to you because you know she will never say something like this nje unless there’s a good reason behind her statement and you know gogo is a straight up person and she’s humble and kind joh so take her words seriously mfowethu

***I just sighed and stood up with a lot of things going through my head***

Me: ok let me go I’ll see you tomorrow 

Jabu: alright let me walk you out

***he stood up too and we walked out through the kitchen and the girls where sitting there eating while holding a conversation and I swallowed hard when my eyes landed on Naledi…. nx this is witchcraft im telling ya’ll***

Thandi: you leaving

Me: yeah I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow

Thandi: ok night

Me: goodnight

Naledi: goodnight

***my heart skipped a beat when she said that and I nodded and we walked out jabu and I***

Jabu: so gogo is right 

Me: about what

Jabu: that girl…I mean even the way you look at her speaks volumes joh

Me: f’tsek don’t start with me dog please I love Lerato and you know that

Jabu: ok ok

***he said raising his hands up while laughing***

Jabu: ok then since you don’t want her then I can make my move right

Me: try it and you’ll see what I’ll do to you 

Jabu: whipped

Me: f’tsek

***I said that attempting to kick him but he moved and rushed off while laughing and I just smiled while shaking my head***




**** well the name is Heath Ezeudo Owoh- Masden and my lovely grandparents from my mother’s side named me Shaka and that’s what they call me. Well im the second child to Nomvula Masden and Michael Owoh-Masden and I have three siblings Raymond Owoh-Masden who’s the oldest son in the family then Yvonne Stephens (married) who comes after me and Michael Owoh-Masden jnr who’s the last born in the family. Im 35 years of age and I have a daughter who’s 12 years and Lerato Moeketsi is my girlfriend. Well im a chartered accountant by profession but I also studied IT   and well let’s say I have a good enough reason why I have to different degrees the thing is well my father elder brother and I are into “ white collar” crimes meaning we target bankrupt companies all over and force owners to sell them or trick owners to sell them to us and we also do gun smugglings diamond smuggling and we also steal authentic paintings by famous artists and replace them with fake ones and we sell them in the black market. We don’t sell drugs or hijack cars or rob houses or even do human trafficking nope those things are for pussies because we deal with the real shit where the big boys roll. Anyway we all have authentic businesses well except for Raymond cause he’s a doctor (a specialist) well with Lerato the thing is except for the fact that I care about her deeply her father is my biggest client in my business well that’s how I met Lerato and fell for her …… anyway yeah this is my life and im afraid now it’s about to get complicated fast cause now I know for a fact who my heart really desires****




***as soon as I get in my car i drove away  for a mile or so and I packed it and I sat back and exhaled loudly….my heart was beating fast and Naledi’s face kept appearing on my face***

Me: what the fuck is happening with me I love Lerato I mean I’ve been with her for almost two years now and we even miscarried once  and still at that we got closer than  we were before the miscarriage I mean I even planned to propose to her but now my heart won’t even  let me…fuck

***I said that to myself and I rubbed my face roughly…this is witchcraft im telling you all….Eish then my phone rang it was Lerato eish I took a deep breath and answered it***

Me: babe

Lerato: when are you coming back 

Me: im on my way 

Lerato: ok please bring me MacDonald’s 

Me: ok anything else

Lerato: ummm yeah kfc’s hot wings and a milkshake

Me: ummm ok… see you just now

Lerato: ok I love you

Me: I…I love you too babe

***then I ended the call… well I suspect she’s pregnant cause lately she’s been eating a lot of MacDonald’s and hot wings and she’s gaining a bit of weight and she also sleeps a lot this days and she’s moody as fuck  and not forgetting extremely  annoying too… see why I say my life is about to be complicated really fast…. eish***


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