Chapter 1






*** Well today its Thursday and im already on my way to work since I work Monday to Thursday and I attend my classed only on Fridays and Saturdays …… so eish im always busy and I have no time for myself because even Sunday is short and I spend the whole day cleaning and washing my clothes since koko only washes hers lesedi’s and Thabo’s clothes…. but what can I do because time waits for no man and Mamiki told me to my face that me feeding off her or her mother must come to an end that if I don’t find a job soon I should just fall pregnant again   so I can also contribute with the grant money imagine bathong (people) my own mother saying that to me mxm well koko told her she’s talking shit and that I can feed off her (koko) if I want to cause im her grandchild. Well its ok cause I damn well know my god is not asleep the fact that Mamiki didn’t abort me and that I didn’t end up being adopted and that im still alive today even though I grew up hard it means he still got my back big time and im grateful for that shem. Ai anyway enough about Mamiki I arrived at work and I clocked in and I was told I’ll be working at the till today***


Voice: baby mama

***I turn to look and it was one of my bitchy colleagues bonolo well she’s not sweet and kind like the meaning of her name in fact she’s a bitter bitch she’s friends with my baby daddy’s sister and she doesn’t like me at all she always reminds me that I’m albino and that im desperate to be loved and fucked that I even tried to trap him with a baby but he saw right through me and he left me…. Mxm it’s the same old story every day and its actually getting boring now***

Me: leave me alone bonolo

Bonolo: mxm ooh please you should be happy that im even talking to you it should be a privilege to you that im even looking at you now cause no one wishes to speak with you because they scared they might contact your curse and also give birth to albino kids

Voice: mxm can you even spell privilege you dumb bitch

***I turned and it was Thandi well she’s good towards me in fact we are good  friends when I got here she didn’t bully me or  treat me differently we just clicked and we have been getting along  just fine  and she’s the only one who can actually tell bonolo where to fuck off cause she’s ghetto like that and you can also see that she’s a fighter and that she can beat the shit out of anyone that pisses her off… she has a deep voice and a scratch on her chin which she said she got it from beating the shit out of her baby daddy  when  he  didn’t buy their  kids winter clothes and instead he took his  girlfriend to gold reef city with the money and lied to her that he was robbed and stuff only for her to see him tagged on Facebook by the girlfriend with lots of pictures of them taken at gold reef city with a caption saying “ me and hubby yesterday at gold reef city enjoying our time together so yah she’s hardcore like that***

Bonolo: im not talking to you Thandi

Thandi: well im talking to you…. tell me here don’t you have better things to do like to work hard or to even go do prostitution so you make enough money to go do a plastic surgery for that ape like face of yours and stop bothering Naledi…. Or is it because she’s more beautiful than you with a flawless skin even though she’s an albino and wena you just look like something a cat vomited out is that why you always on her case or is it because she managed to taste that friend of yours’ brother and even gave him a child while you couldn’t even get a hug from him

***bonolo just clicked her tongue and walked away with tears on her eyes…. what did I say only “hardcore Thandi” can shut her up and even make her want to cry***

Thandi: nx anyway go do what you are paid for Ledi and ignore that ugly bitch nana ok 

Me: thanks for that sistaz I just didn’t have the energy to deal with her or to even ignore her today

*** well she older than me she’s in her early 30s but she looks younger than her age ***

Thandi: well today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and she’s the right person to take out my frustrations on 

*** I just laughed and she walked away calling out bonolo’s name……. anyway I did what I was paid to do and by lunch time I went to Woolworths to buy myself a red velvet cake eish I’ve been craving it for days now…. anyway I got there and I went straight to the back to get it then out of the blue someone bumped into me and their phone fell on the floor but luckily it didn’t crack on the screen yho it looks like an iPhone***


***yho did she have to shout at me like that nx and she’s the one that wasn’t looking where she was going***

Me: you’re the one that bumped into me because you were busy with your phone to see where you are going 

***I don’t know what happened but I felt a hot slap on my cheek and I held my cheek looking at this bitch ***

Woman: who the fuck does you think you are talking to me like that you worthless albino…. just because you are disabled it doesn’t mean I will tolerate shit from your kind do I make myself clear 

***modimo (God)***

Voice: LERATO!

***someone reprimanded her and I looked at who it was and it was a caramel tall muscled man with brown eyes and a beard…he had tattoos on his hands damn he looked fine as hell and yummy too but the look on his face would make you forget about his yumminess because he looked pissed off***

Lerato: baby she made me drop my iPhone and you know how expensive this phone is

Guy: im the one who bought it so I damn well know how much it is nx 

Lerato: but ba…

Guy: shut it!

***yho…. then he turned and looked at me ***

Guy: are you ok

***I nodded slowly while brushing my cheek and he got close to me and he held my cheek to check it and he sighed***

Guy: im sorry for what she did to you ok 

Lerato: heh im being tested here…. Heath what’s all this why are you embarrassing me in front of this albino thing

Heath: will you be ok

***he said that to me ignoring her…. his look was intense and I quickly looked down and I nodded then I walked away and I went where the cakes where and I heard the” Heath” guy talking to that bitch Lerato with a pissed off voice***

Heath: you know some times I forget how narrow minded you are nx…. Mgbe ufodu m na-eche ihe mere m ka ji noro nx (sometimes I wonder why im still with you nx)

Lerato: askies what was that

***ok I also would like to know what he said yho because he said it with an annoyed voice…. Mmmmh and I wonder what language was that***

Heath: let’s go!

***he said that ignoring her question and I could tell by his tone that he was pissed off…yho ok ***

Lerato: Heath you know I don’t like it when you speak in your language

Heath: let’s go woman or you’ll walk home

***he said that ignoring her again***

Lerato: baby wait

***then it was quiet…mmmmh ok I guess they left…. well concerning the slap im not even gonna talk about it im just gonna leave it at that cause im used to being bullied anyway I took what I came here for and I went to pay and I went back to work and I continued with what im being paid to do with bonolo busy saying whoever slapped me deserves an award and that that person should have punched my teeth out also…..even though I’ve leaned to ignore her but it was hard especially when Thandi I working far away from me  but hey I did what I do every day which is to plainly ignored her…. Well Later I knocked off and our transportation was waiting for us and we left the mall. I got home tired as hell and I found koko sitting in the lounge with Lesedi sleeping on the couch next to her and I greeted her and I   kissed her cheek and lesedi’s forehead***

Me: how was she today koko (grandmother)

Koko: much better she even played around a bit 

*** I breathed a sigh of relieve…. Well my daughter has been battling with flu for days now and koko even took her to the clinic but she wasn’t getting better and I was this close to borrowing money from bra Joel who is a well-known mashonisa (loan shark) in our neighborhood to take her to the doctor since im now broke to pay for a doctor’s fee   but in two week’s time Its pay day and I can’t wait ****

Me: thank God

***I said that sitting down on a single couch***

Koko: Naledi

Me: koko

Koko: what happened to your cheek

***I touched it and looked away***

Me: it’s nothing koko

Koko: don’t tell me it’s nothing Naledi man…did you look at your cheek

***I sighed looking down***

Me: me and some girl bumped into each other ko Woolworths and she slapped me

***koko shook her head looking down***

Me: its ok koko and her boyfriend shouted at her for slapping me

Koko: when will you find happiness ngwana ngwanaaka mara heh (my grandchild) 

***she said that with a breaking voice and I stood up and I went to sit on the arm rest next to her on the sofa and I put my arm around her***

Me: I have you and Lesedi koko and I have a job so God hasn’t forgotten me 

***she nodded***

Koko: keep praying and smiling like you do every day and believe me blessings will continue to follow you

Me: amen to that

Koko: your food is in the microwave

Me: ok ummm I brought cake for us

Koko: cut me a slice and bring it with a cup of tea

Me: ok

*** I said getting up going to the kitchen***




***Well the rest of weekend (Sunday to be more specific) was just ok so was the rest of the following week and today its Thursday and I was at work … well today I wasn’t working on the till I was busy folding clothes and putting them in their rightful places until I heard someone clear their throat and I looked up and that guy…that guy man

that handsome guy people the one with that bitchy girlfriend who slapped me that time…. What’s his name kana…ummmm Heath yep his name is Heath I remember now he was with some young girl that looks 12 or 13 years of age***

Heath: hi

Me: hello

***I turned and looked at the girl***

Me: hi beautiful

***she smiled and blushed***

Girl: hi

***she said with a low tone and I turned to this Heath guy***

Me: how can I help

***he looked at the girl***

Heath: tell her what you are looking for

Girl: im looking for a white summer dress but I can’t find my size

***she was slender***

Me: ok let’s go look

***I helped her look for her size until we found it and luckily it was the last one ***

Girl: thanks sisi

***respectful mmmmh nice***

Me: pleasure lovey

***she went to Heath ***

Girl: dad we found it

***hebanna dad yho ok…. Anyway I went back to folding clothes and I felt a figure standing next to me and I looked and that heath guy was standing there looking at me***

Me: can I help you with another thing

Heath: im sorry

Me: huh

Heath: for what Lerato did to you

***I sighed***

Me: its ok you did nothing to me so you don’t have to apologize

Heath: I know but I feel like I should since she’s my woman you know

Me: ok apology accepted

***he smiled and I smiled too then our eyes locked and I looked down quickly and he cleared his throat***

Heath: thanks for helping Omphile with finding her size

Me: pleasure and it’s my job to help the customer even to a beautiful customer that looks like a doll

***he chuckled***

Heath: she does neh 

***I nodded while smiling***

Heath: you know I thought I was the only one who saw that she looks like those Barbie dolls I used to buy her

***I laughed while he chuckled…well for real guys this girl was beautiful she had a model’s body and she was a dark beauty with glowing skin with some beautiful Japanese kinda eyes with small lips… she is beautiful shem and she’s gonna drive a lot of guys nuts if she hasn’t started already ***

Me: well she’s gorgeous shem so Mr.  its time you bought a gun cause boys will go  after her left right and center if they haven’t started already

***he frowned a bit **

Heath: don’t worry I have already bought it 

***I laughed and he just smiled looking at me***

Omphile: daddy I found them

***Omphile spoke and we turned to look at her***

Me: mmmmh I see you already have an eye for fashion cause those sandals will look good with that summer dress

***she nodded with a big smile on her face then her father cleared his throat***

Heath: let’s go baby 

***then he looked at me***

Heath: it was nice seeing you again miss Naledi

Me: same here Mr. Heath

***he chuckled ***

Omphile: bye sisi

Me: bye beautiful

***she smiled while blushing and they walked towards the till and stood at the queue and I continued with my job…. Soon after it was knock off time and I walked out with Thandi***

Thandi: you still coming right

Me: coming where

Thandi: please don’t start with me tuu

***eish I thought she forgot about it mxm…well she invited me to her grandfather’s 80th birthday next weekend ***

Me: ok ok I’ll come geez

Thandi: good girl I told you I need someone to keep me in line so that I don’t murder those snob bitches called my cousins and ruin my grandfather’s party and you’re that person since I actually listen when you calm me down…. shem your muthi is working wonders im telling you

***I pushed her lightly and we both laughed…. Well we might not be related but we have this indescribable bond that we both can’t explain im sure that’s why she always fights with anyone that bullies me especially that bitch bonolo ***




*** well yeses the following week flew by so fast that today I woke up and it was Friday and I was working I decided to go to work since they cancelled the lessons this weekend …. anyway I woke up and got ready for work and I woke my beautiful princess and I bathed her and also fed her and koko walked in the kitchen with a worried look on***

Me: koko what’s wrong 

Koko: Thabo hasn’t been home for a couple of days now and im worried

*** well im glad he hasn’t been home I wish he got involved with some shitty things and they panel beat him and his in a coma in hospital nx im sorry but God will have to forgive me because Thabo is Satan himself…. Can you believe every time I bath Lesedi I check her private parts for any abnormalities cause im scared he might molest her when im at work and while koko is out of sight busy with something…… that’s all I pray for every time I get down on my knees for God to protect Lesedi from him or any other man that might want to hurt her***?

Me: im sure he’s with one of his friends busy drinking their lives away

***I said that not bothered at all ***

Koko: waitse (you know) Thabo is gonna be the death of me

Me: koko please don’t worry yourself too much please remember you once suffered a heart attack and stress is not good for your heart 

***she sighed***

Koko: why doesn’t he behave like other people Naledi heh…he just disappears without letting anyone know where he’s going and he comes back from wherever he disappeared to he pretends as if nothing happened nx why a sa no swa once ke mmoloke so ke kgone go ba le peace ka gore tlabe ke itsi ko a robetseng ko teng nx (why doesn’t he just die so that I can bury him and then leave in peace knowing where he is all the time) 

Me: koko

***I said that shocked at her words because I know she loves Thabo***

Koko: Hai man Thabo o tla go naganisa bosatane fela ka nnete o tla go tsentsha moya o mobe struu (Hai man Thabo can make you think evil things im telling you he can make you have evil thoughts for real) 

***then she walked to her room and I just sighed…well this is my life guys im always caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Thabo and koko…. I wish for Thabo to just disappear into thin air and never come back but at the same time him going away breaks koko’s heart because Thabo is her last born and she loves him along with his troubles and I also can’t bare it seeing her sad or crying so eish go boima guys (its hard guys) ……. Anyway I went after her with Lesedi in my arms and I opened the door and I found her making her bed***

Me: koko

***she looked at me***

Me: its ok I’ll asked some of his friends in the neighborhood about his whereabouts im sure one of them know where he is

***she nodded***

Me: koko please don’t stress Lesedi and I still need you you know you are the only parent I have so please take it easy please

***I said that with tears threatening to come out…well I tried to hold them but they ran down my cheeks***

Koko: no Naledi man you’ll make Lesedi to also cry 

***she said that taking Lesedi from me and I wiped my tears and she pulled me into a hug ***

Koko: nothing will happen to me Naledi so stop worrying

***I sniffed***

Me: I’ll stop worrying when you also stop worrying about someone who doesn’t care about how his stupid disappearance acts does to you koko

Koko: ok I’ll stop stressing

***I smiled and wiped my tears***

Me: good

Koko: mxm sellallane (cry baby) 

***I giggled and Lesedi also giggled mxm this child…. Anyway I said my good byes and I left leaving Lesedi with koko she’ll take her to daycare in two hours’ time****




***well I got to work and did what they pay me to do and later on it was knock off time and I walked out with Thandi ***

Thandi: this way

Me: why are we going to the basement parking lot

Thandi: my brother borrowed me his car cause I told him I had other businesses to take care off after work

Me: mmmmh lucky you

Thandi: mxm oho can you believe that stupid fool didn’t even have enough petrol in that stjotjoviya (scrap) of his and I had to use my own money to fill the tank nx

***I laughed***

Me: bathong he borrowed you his car the least you can do is fill the tank

Thandi: he’s my elder brother Naledi he’s supposed to also fill the tank he’s just a stingy man nje

*** I continued to laugh until we got the car and it was a black bmw 1series…. Mxm did this bitch just call a bmw 1series a stjotjoviya? (a scrap?) ***

Me: stjotjoviya neh

***she laughed***

Thandi: he didn’t fill it with enough petrol so it’s a stjotjoviya

***I just laughed while shaking my head and we got in and we drove to my place so I can go take my overnight bag and kiss my princess and grandmother goodnight since koko said over her dead body will I go with her grandchild to god knows where…. she said im free to go but not with Lesedi**** God I love my granny people***


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