***I woke up early in the morning and I unpacked my clothes and lesedi’s clothes too and I went to bath…after I was done with getting dressed I woke Lesedi up and bathed her and dressed her up and I went to the kitchen and I opened the cupboards and the only thing that was in here was maize meal sugar and four tins of  koo baked beans mxm….so I made soft porridge for Lesedi and I called Thandi and asked her to cover for me at work….. after I was done cooking the soft porridge I poured  it in a small bowl and added sugar and I  sat down and let it cool down a bit  then I  fed my baby  then my phone rang it was heath ***

Me: hi

Heath: obim how are you…did you sleep well 

Me: im ok and yeah I slept well

Lesedi: mama

***she said that and  started screaming wanting me to continue to feed her***

Heath: why is princess screaming 

Me: hold on please

***I put my phone on my ear and balanced it with my head and shoulder  and I fed Lesedi***

Me: im sorry about that she wanted me to continue to feed her 

Heath: ok but wait what are you feeding her cause there’s no food in that apartment 

Me: I found some maize meal and sugar in the cupboard 

***he kept quiet for a bit***

Heath: im sorry about that obim

Me: sorry about what

Heath: that the isn’t food in that apartment now princess is eating that


Me: that’s what she ate most of the time back at home 

Heath: ooh but not anymore

***God take me now***

Me: porridge and a little bit of sugar is what raised me and her heath

Heath: look we will talk about that later on  now I called to check on you and to ask what Lesedi will have for breakfast

Me: Lesedi is sorted and I’ll also eat the porridge

Heath: no you not im bringing proper breakfast 

***I sighed ***

Me: ok

Heath: good I’ll be there just now…. I love you

Me: bye heath

***I ended the call and I continued to feed Lesedi***

Me: shame you were hungry neh my nonos

***I said that to her and kissed her cheek I continued to feed her until she was full and I cleaned her up and I went to wash the bowl and went back to  the lounge and I watched tv….. after some time  the door opened and heath walked in looking yummy  holding takeaways  and he put them on the glass table and he kissed my cheek and lesedi’s forehead***

Heath: hi mami and the beautiful  princess lesedi

Me: hi 

***he sat down next to me***

Heath: how are you feeling today 

***I just shrug my shoulders cause I don’t know how I feel my emotions are just all over the place  today***

Heath: all will be well obim you’ll see

***I didn’t say anything***

Heath: ok lets eat so that we can go

Me: ok

***well we ate with Lesedi busy poking our food and after we were done I took my hand bag and lesedi’s baby bag and we left……after sometime we arrived at the mall and heath took Lesedi from me and he held her and Lesedi wasn’t even scared of him or anything you’d swear he was her daddy the way they are together….anyway he made me buy a lot of things we bought Lesedi lots of clothesdolls a baby monitor a car seat and many other things for her  and he even forced me to buy clothes for myself ….we even bought groceries and  kitchen utensil  that weren’t in the apartment by now im tired as hell…..anyway after we were done with shopping we went to offload what we bought to the car and we went to eat at spur restaurant….. we ordered and had drinks as we waited for our food***

Heath: you ok

***I nodded Lesedi was sitting on his lap playing with one of her new  dolls***

Heath: so is there  anything you forgot to buy

Me: nope 

Heath: you sure 

***I nodded***

Me: heath you know you didn’t have to go all  bankrupt because of us right

***he chuckled***

Heath: bankrupt?

Me: did you see the things you bought for us they are just too much

Heath:  nah its nothing I’ll do anything for the two of you naledi

***I sighed***

Me: why are you doing this all this heath I mean we hardly know each other for you to be doing all this

Heath: cause I love you naledi a lot

***I looked down cause I don’t understand why heath loves me this much  I mean my own mother doesn’t even want me and my father wanted me dead so I just don’t get it ***

Me: why… why do you love someone like me

Heath: what do you mean by someone like you

***I sighed***

Me: you know what I mean heath

Heath: no I  actually don’t 

***ok he looks upset and I just kept quiet and looked away***

Heath: naledi why is it so hard for you to accept that you are not cursed or  any of those things jealous and evil people say you are

***I just shrug my shoulders and he sighed***

Heath: you know I wish you could see yourself like the way I see you

Me: and how do you see me

***he side smiled gosh he’s handsome bathong ***

Heath: besides your beauty flowless skin and that nicely shaped butt of yours that drives me absolutely insane I love your calm soul and your strength and kind heart and the fact that you always put on a smile on your face even though life keeps on throwing rocks at you 

***I looked at him and he was serious now***

Heath: I love you naledi a lot and im never gonna give up on you on us 

***I swallowed hard and I looked down***

Me: what about lerato

***he frowned ***

Heath: what about her 

Me: I mean are you over her for real

Heath: yeah I am…. My heart belongs to you obim and only you  

***wow ok…anyway our food came and we ate with heath busy feeding Lesedi his mash and us having a light conversation ***

Waitress: is the anything else I can get you sir

*** the waitress asked looking at heath with a smile on her face mxm***

Heath: no…what about you obim

***I shook my head no and she walked away….anyway after eating she came and took away  the plates and she came back again***

Waitress: would you like to order something else sir 

***she said that looking at heath ***

Heath: get me a beer Amstel 

***she then looked at me with a bored look***

Waitress: what about you mam

Me: orange juice

Waitress: will that be all

*** she said that looking at heath ***

Heath: yah you can go now

***he said that with a cold tone  and she walked away looking rather disappointed mxm ai***

Me: she has a crush on you

***he frowned***

Heath: I don’t have time for hoes naledi….. I have a goddess sitting in front of me now so I don’t have time for things like her

Me: a goddess you say

***he smiled showing his perfect teeth lord Jesus***

Heath: yeah that’s why I said I wish you could see yourself the way I see you obim

***I just blushed and my phone rang the number wasn’t saved***

Me: hello

Voice: hei wena jou gaat 

***gosh I may not know the numbers that called me  but I’ll never forget the voice***

Me: ma…Mamiki

***I said that looking at heath and he frowned looking at me and that waitress came back with our drinks and she wanted to say something but heath told her to leave….mmh that was a bit rude of him***

Mamiki: nyanyiki nyanyiki  ya masepa….. is this how you thank my mother sfebe ke wena ( you bitch)

****I swallowed hard ***

Me: Mamiki you don’t know what happened ok 

Mamiki: ma told me what happened… how could you naledi

Me: Mamiki he tried to force himself on me and koko said im lying 

Mamiki: voetsek my brother is not a rapist im sure you seduced him and when he refused you you cried rape 

***tears threatened to come out  and I tried to swallow the lump that was on my throat***

Me: how…how can you say that Mamiki

Mamiki: you know I should have aborted you when I found out I was pregnant with your albino ass nx I should have listened to your so called father and aborted you when he told me to you are an ungrateful bitch and if mama suffers a heart attack again because of all this I’ll kill you wankutlwa( do you hear me)

***tears rolled down my cheeks and heath snatched the phone from me and he dropped the call and put it inside his pocket and called the waitress while I quickly wiped my tears off ….. well after paying the bill we left to the parking lot and he strapped Lesedi on her new baby car seat then a car parked next to heath’s car and the passenger door of that car opened and  that lady that was with lerato at thandi’s grandparents house came out and she frowned when she saw me…. I ignored her and I  gave Lesedi  her new doll and I heard her call out heath’s name….God I don’t have the energy to deal with this****

Lady: so this thing is what you left my beautiful and sophisticated sister for nx  heh heath 

Heath: obim get in the car

***he said that  ignoring  her and I closed the back door and I opened the front passenger door and i  got in the car and she knocked on my window***

Lady: I see that beating you got from lerato is not enough neh you want some more 


***he warned her and I just sighed deeply and I looked back at my daughter and she was playing with her doll with no worry in the world…how I wish I was her*** 






*** katlego’s man got out of the car and went to Katlego***

Guy: baby this is not the place nor the time 

Katlego: steven please let me tell this bastard what I think of him 

Heath: and you think I give a fuck about what that empty head of yours thinks of me

Steven: man don’t ok

Heath: don’t what boy…don’t what 

***he said that getting pissed by the second***

Steven: don’t call me a boy dude please

Heath: or what

***naledi got out of the car cause she could hear anger  in heath’s voice ***

Naledi: heath lets go please

Steven: yah you better listen to you little albino friend and leave 

***heath charged to him and before steven could react heath punched him so hard and steven fell to the ground on  his back and Katlego screamed as she went to him ***

Katlego: are you ok baby

Naledi: heath please lets go please

***she begged him but it fell on deaf ears as heath walked to Katlego and steven with his eyes blood shot red with anger all over his face  and he pointed at katlego***

Heath: next time you see me or her

***pointing at naledi***

Heath: walk away or you’ll regret it…you dey hear me…. I no be your friend na your mate Katlego  now  if you dey value your waka life you dey waka look elsewhere when you dey see us ok  or you go regret it now comot from here before I  dey scatter your useless brains all over the  ground nx ( do you hear me….. im not your friend or your mate katlego  now if you value your miserable life  you will look elsewhere whenever you see us ok or you will regret it now leave here before I blow your brains )

***he said that with a firm tone looking scary he didn’t care if they understood him or not….. as for Katlego she  kept quiet while steven was busy holding his broken and heavily bleeding nose and heath turned and went to the drive side of his car  ***

Heath: get in the car naledi

***and naledi did quickly and he also got in and he drove out….. the ride was silent with heath’s jaws clenched and naledi looking scared until heath broke the silent when he spoke ***

Heath: who’s Mamiki 

***he asked looking at naledi trying to soften up his hard facial expression***

Naledi : the woman that gave birth to me

Heath: what did she say that made you cry

Naledi: same old story

Heath: what

Naledi: that she should have aborted me and that she should have listened to my so called father and aborted me when he told her to and that im an ungrateful  bitch and so on

***she said that looking outside the window fighting back her tears and heath rubbed her thigh gently and squeezed it a bit***

Heath: I know its hard now naledi but know that karma will visit them some day and believe me when I say when that happens they’ll come crawling back to you begging for your forgiveness 

***naledi didn’t say anything she just wiped her tears that just fell down her cheeks….as for Lesedi she was now fast asleep……. After some time they arrived at the apartment and naledi carried Lesedi inside while heath carried the shopping bags inside…..naledi went to put Lesedi to bed and went to help heath carry the endless bags inside and they unpacked everything silently after they were done heath grabbed naledi’s hand and they went to sit down on the couch***

Heath: im sorry about what happened in the parking lot

Naledi: what if he opens a case with the police 

Heath: don’t worry he wont 

Naledi: you don’t know that heath

***heath laid on the couch and pulled naledi to lay on top of him and he rubbed her back gently***

Heath: don’t worry about it obim he wont ok

***naledi sighed***

Naledi: why…why do you always talk like  Nigerians do  especially when you are pissed off or angry

***heath chuckled***

Heath: cause im Nigerian

***naledi raise her head and she looked at him***

Naledi: what…for real

***heath nodded***

Naledi: but how cause you are cousins with Thandi and jabu

Heath: my father is Nigerian and my mother is south African 

Naledi: oh ok

Heath: im sure you don’t even know my surname

***naledi sighed and she attempted to get off him but heath tightened the grip around her ***

Naledi: everything happened so fast heath im sure you also don’t know my surname

Heath: Naledi Shanelle Mogapi 23 years of age you have a 1 year and 9 months old beautiful daughter and you are the only child to….

***she interrupted him looking surprised ****

Naledi: how did…

***he also interrupted her***

Heath: I have my ways obim 

***he said that smiling ***

Naledi: mmmh so what’s your surname

***heath smiled***

Heath: Heath Ezeudo Owoh-Masden 35 years of age I have  a 12-year-old daughter…. I was born and bred in Nigeria but I moved here after I finished my secondary school and I have been here since mother is Zulu and my father is Igbo and I have two brothers and a sister 

Naledi: wow

Heath: so now that’s out of the way tell me when are we getting back together 

***naledi moved uncomfortably***

Naledi: heath I hope you didn’t do all this so that I’ll get back together with you

Heath: besides loving you and wanting to keep you and princess safe it is another reason

Naledi: ohhk let me go check on Lesedi

*** she said getting off him and he let her go  with a smirk on his face**

Heath: maybe I should have asked you this instead….when are we getting married

Naledi: you are crazy 

Heath: in love with you yeah

***naledi just shook her head with a smile on her face and she went to check on Lesedi and as she stood there looking at her sleeping peaceful she felt heath holding her from behind and he kissed her neck***

Heath: she’s perfect neh

***he whispered and naledi nodded still looking at her***

Heath: we gonna wait until she’s 2 and a half  years old and we will try for her little brother or sister right

***he whispered again***

Naledi: ASKIES 

***she said that out loud***

Heath: shhhh keep it down you’ll wake my princess up and she needs her beauty sleep

***heath whispered to her and he kissed her cheek and walked out before she can say anything**

Naledi: mxm wa gafa o ( mxm he’s mad this one ) 




***back at koko’s house***

Mamiki: heh ma can you believe she dropped the call on me

Koko: I can’t believe she’s the one doing all this….. I mean this is not how I raised her 

Mamiki: o gafisa ke pipi o le nx ( she’s driven crazy by a dick that one)

Koko: im just worried ka lesedi Mamiki 

Mamiki: mmmh eish 

Koko: maybe we should call social workers on her I mean Lesedi cant be exposed to different men because her mother suddenly chooses to whore around what if that boy leaves her and she moves to another man and another one gape don’t forget she’s your daughter

Mamaki: o batla goreng mama ( what are you trying to say mom)

Koko: you know what im trying to say… so you’ll talk to a social worker right 

Mamiki: are you sure about this mama

Koko: mmmmh remember what maMnisi said Mamiki man….. having her around brings good luck and good health  to me and even at night im feared and taken serious because of the strength and luck I draw from her 

Mamiki: now how will taking Lesedi from her help

Koko: she’ll definitely come back home  cause I know she loves lesedi  and she cant  live without her…wena make sure the social worker gives her an option that if she wants her daughter back she’ll have to come stay here with her 

Mamiki: mmmh ok well I guess I’ll have to find a social worker I can bribe

Koko: mmmh remember with her around I get my powers back and your business grows 

Mamiki: I know 

Koko: plus I raised Lesedi and I want to groom her to join me or take over from me when she’s of age cause I couldn’t with her mother  because of her gift

Mamiki: don’t worry I’ll find someone who’ll help us to  forcefully bring her back home even though the sight of her disgust me

Koko: hai man Mamiki

Mamiki: what mama she looks like him and that gets me angry every time I look at her nx she was supposed to be my ticket to his pockets but she had to be born  an albino and ruin everything nx 

***koko just shook her head looking at Mamiki***


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