*** well I can safely say my life is a complete mess now after I left naledi’s ward in the hospital that time she was admitted I got so stressed that I felt like I was losing my mind. I really messed thing up with her and I have no clue on how to go about fixing things between us cause im sure in her eyes I chose lerato over her and in actual truth I didn’t cause all I did was to try and save my unborn baby by rushing the mother to the hospital….. I don’t know what was really happening to me that day cause I totally blocked anything else and concentrated om my unborn baby and through all that I forgot about obim I mean the same baby I wanted to save didn’t even make it and now obim broke things off with me…. well the thing is I’ll never give up on her cause my heart beats for her and her alone and  as for lerato the last time I saw her it was when I got a call from her crying saying she needs me and like a fool I rushed to her place and yes she was in bad state we talked almost the whole night about our dead unborn baby and then one thing let to another and well we fucked luckily we used protection even though she was against it. The thing is I feel like shit about us fucking cause I feel like I cheated on naledi even though she was the one that ended things between us anyway concerning what happened to naledi with her uncle and grandmother let’s say that man will wish that aids he has killed him the moment he found out he had it cause I’ll make sure he pays handsomely for what he did or almost did to obim that’s all im gonna say for now concerning that issue….. anyway after some time naledi walked towards me pulling  a big travelling bag and she left  it in front of me and she went  back and soon after she came back out again with another travelling bag and also leaves it in front of me and she goes back again and comes out with a sleeping baby in the arms ***

Naledi: im done packing

***she said that to me with a low voice not even looking at me and then her  grandmother  stood by the passage with her arms folded on her chest***

Koko: so you are choosing a man that might leave you tomorrow for another woman over your family

***naledi didn’t say anything***

Me: lets go ledi 

Koko: if you walk out that door naledi never I mean never ever come back to this house again even when im dead you hear me

***the fuck***

Naledi: koko please 

Koko: please what huh….i raised you since you were a day old  naledi ive always been good to you and I took care of you like you were my own child a child I gave birth to and now because of some family problems you pack up and leave as if I mean nothing to you

Naledi: koko you chose to keep a blind eye to what thabo did to me you called me a liar even though you saw the state I was in

Koko: thabo is my son naledi and I’ll choose him over anything just like you’ll do with Lesedi but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you

****ive heard enough of this nx ***

Me: naledi lets go its getting late

Koko: you think he loves you naledi well my girl then you have a lot to learn in this world

family is everything naledi even if you fight and exchange harsh words between each other but your family will always be there for you in time of need and believe me when I say this boy once hes done with you he’ll throw you away like yesterday’s rubbish and you’ll remember me my dear when life starts showing you flames

***naledi just cried holding her baby and I could tell she was now reconsidering the whole thing***

Me: ledi the same way shes putting her son first you should also put your child first…. What if that sick son of hers rapes Lesedi heh




Me: with pleasure…..naledi lets go

***I said that taking her bags***

Koko: if you walk out of that door I’ll curse the day I saw you for the first time and believe me when I say nothing will go well in your life you’ll never find happiness and tha…

***I interrupted her***


***they looked at me with their eyes popped out… well I grew up in a church going family  and we do pray back at home all the time even though I hardly go to church here in south Africa but I do pray every now and then so im not gonna let this old witch to curse obim just like that***

Me: you listen and listen good those curses you are  busy  putting  on naledi know that they’ll fall back on you  and your useless son…..naledi lets go now



*** she turned and walked out crying… we went to the car and I put the bags in the boot and naledi sat with her daughter at the back then I got in the car and drove away with naledi still crying...... I drove straight to my apartment in wonderboom I got in the complex and I parked my car ***

Me: stay here I’ll be back ok

***she nodded slowly not even looking at me and I sighed and got out of the car and I went to the caretaker’s apartment and he gave me my spare keys and I went back to the car ***

Me: let’s go in

***I said that opening her door and she got out with her baby and I went to take out her bags in the boot and we went inside…..we got in and I showed her the main bedroom and  she went to put the baby down and she came back to the living room probably to take her bags but I held her hand and she shook her head no trying to fight back her tears but I just pulled her in for a tight hug ***

Me: its ok obim 

***a soft sob escaped her mouth and I scooped her up and went to the guest bedroom and I put her on the bed and I also got in and I pulled her to my chest and I held her tight as she cried***





Heath: did he hurt you

***naledi shook her head no***

Heath: what happened

Naledi: I went take his food to him then he started making nasty comment to me he also asked when im gonna give it to him

***heath clenched his jaws***

Naledi: then I told him that will never happen and…and

***heath tightened his arms around her and he kissed the top of her head***

Heath: shhh its ok obim your safe now you and Lesedi 

***naledi sniffed***

Heath: you have a beautiful baby girl

Naledi: she’s the reason I live…shes my everything and the thought of someone hurting her…

***heath interrupted her***

Heath: no one will hurt her not while  im still breathing

***then they kept quiet***

Heath: where is her father

***naledi swallowed hard***

Naledi: when…when  I told him im pregnant he blatantly told me to abort

Heath: WHAT?

Naledi: he said he will never father an albino child but what he didn’t know is she wasn’t born a curse like me

Heath: hey hey listen here you’re not a curse and you’ll never be one even if you want to and don’t ever in your life call yourself that ever again do I make myself clear

***he said that with a firm voice full of authority and naledi just kept quiet ***

Heath: I said did I make myself clear naledi

Naledi: ye…yes

Heath: good and about that dickhead called your baby daddy hes a fool and don’t worry he’s gonna regret ever saying those words to you ok

***naledi nodded and heath kissed the top of her head ***

Naledi: im sorry for your loss

***heath sighed deeply***

Heath: thank you…and im sorry about what happened obim I didn’t chose her over you I just went into panic mode and all I could think of was my unborn baby…..she miscarried before so I was scared she might miscarry again

***then he sighed***

Heath: what im trying to say is  I love you naledi a lot and more than I love myself and im sorry about what lerato did to you…im sorry obim

***naledi got off his grip and she got off the bed***

Heath: obim please

***naledi shook her head no with tears coming out***

Naledi: you…you left me there all alone hurt and scared and you say you love me

***she shook her head again*** 

Heath: yes I love you naledi

Naledi: you got what you wanted from me heath so please by love of God stop pretending 

Heath: askies

***he said that getting out of bed***

Naledi: look… the same way you chose your unborn baby over me and the same way my grandmother chose her son over me is the same way im choosing Lesedi over everyone you included

***heath clenched his jaws while breathing heavily***

Heath: so you saying I wanted only sex from you naledi

***she kept quiet***


***he roared and naledi jumped a bit startled…the look on heath’s face could make one shit their pants and naledi started getting scared***


***she looked at heath scared with her bottom lip trembling***


***she shook her head no fast looking at heath ***

Heath: look I know you’re  are hurt and angry at me but never naledi ever in your life doubt my love for you…una  dey hear me( do you hear me) abeg make you no vex me naledi abeg ( please don’t upset me naledi please )

***he said that looking angry and naledi regretted saying that to him***

Heath: I know I messed things up and I take full responsibility for all the mess I caused but you saying I wanted only sex from you is not what I’ll take lightly 

***naledi kept quiet looking down and heath went to her and he sighed and  pushed her chin up making her to look at him***

Heath: I love you naledi and I’ll make you mine again even if is the last thing I do and you me Omphile and Lesedi we will be a family and  the sooner you accept that the better

***then he perked her lips and forehead ***

Heath: I’ll come pick you up tomorrow for some shopping and to also look for day care school for Lesedi

Naledi: you don’t ha…

***heath interrupted her***

Heath: its not up for discussion obim and just so you know I wont allow you to rent in some backroom 

Naledi: heath I cant stay here for free I just cant

Heath: ok then open a bank account for Lesedi and whatever rent you were gonna pay to that backroom you wanted to stay in deposit it in there…. Hows that

Naledi: heath please understand

Heath: I’ll never understand obim so its better we drop this conversation 

***he kissed her forehead***

Heath: I’ll see you tomorrow morning ok and call me if you need anything it doesn’t matter what time it is ok

***naledi nodded and heath walked to the door and he stopped and turned***

Heath: are you hungry I can go buy you some macD’s

***naledi shook her head no***

Heath: ok come and lock up

***then he walked out and naledi went to lock the door and she took a deep sigh and she walked around the apartment admiring it…. It was big and open and it had a nice view…..it was a two bedrooms and two bathrooms open space kitchen a dinning space and a lounge  she could tell it costs a lot of money***

Naledi: wow now im squatting at my ex’s apartment whom I dated for less than three hours… just wow naledi you are just a disappointment mxm 

***she said that to herself and she went to the main bedroom and Lesedi was sound asleep ***




**** heath was on his way to jabu’s house and he decided to call him just to confirm if hes at home ***

Jabu: mshikaro bad timing man

***he said that breathing heavily and heath chuckled ***

Heath: im on the way to your house so you better finish up quickly before I get there

Jabu: no man mshikaro cant you come tomorrow its only my first round man and im hungry for this chick 

Heath: ok then I’ll drive slow and you can have another round but you better finish before I get there

Jabu: mxm o masepa waitsi ( you’re full of shit you know that ) 

***heath laughed then he dropped the call and his phone immediately rang and the number was unsaved***

Heath: yha

Voice: baby

Heath: mxm  lerato what is it

lerato: I miss you heath….look im willing to change baby I’ll be better I promise

***heath sighed***

Heath: its too late lerato 

Lerato: no its not we can make us work heath I promise I’ll be better

Heath: lerato listen here you need to move on and look for a guy who will tolerate all the shit you do cause that guy is not me and my heart now belongs to someone

Lerato: don’t tell me you’re talking about that albino cursed bitch heath. What’s wrong with you im sure she bewitched you cause this is not you 

***heath clenched his jaws***

Heath: you’ll never change lerato and im glad I left your sorry ass before it was too late now stop calling me nx

***then he dropped the call….. soon after he arrived at jabu’s house and he pressed the spare gate remote he has and he drove in and parked the car and he got out of his car and he went to the door and he unlocked the door with his spare keys and he immediately heard groans and screams  and he just shook  his head and went to the fridge and took out a beer and he went to sit down in the lounge and he switched on the tv……after some time the groans and screams died down and heath took out his phone and called jabu ***

Jabu: mshikaro

Heath: im downstairs 

Jabu: ok im coming

***he dropped the call and soon after jabu walked in the lounge***

Heath: I hope that girl upstairs is not dead

Jabu: why would she be dead

Heath: the way she was screaming you’d swear she was being killed  

***they both laughed***

Jabu: what I can say is she won’t be able to walk tomorrow

***they laughed again***

Jabu: z”khiphani ( whats up)

***he told him about what  naledi’s uncle did to her and her grandmothers behaviour towards the whole thing***

Jabu: and why is that moeskond still alive 

Heath: I wanted to make sure naledi and her daughter are safe first  

Jabu: where is she 

Heath: my apartment 

Jabu: which one

***heath chuckled***

Heath: not that one man you know I fucked different hoes in there during my Casanova days so I wont take my mamiwota( mermaid) there  I took her to that one in wonderboom 

Jabu: good…. now back to that dying  moeskond 

Heath: I want him dead and it must look like he was robbed or something make sure they take his clothes off after killing him….he must be left naked for people to see the  tolili ( small dick) that he wanted to poke my mamiwota  with

***jabu laughed***

Jabu: consider it done but its gonna happen after a few days for obvious reasons 

Heath: ok

Jabu: how’s your mamiwota

***heath sighed***

Heath: shes hurt by her grandmother’s behaviour

Jabu:  eish….and veder le ovile ka taba ya lena (did you talk though about your issue)

Heath: yah eish can you believe o nchaetse gore ( she told me that) I got what I wanted from her so I can now stop pretending

Jabu: heeh

Heath: mxm but I made sure she swallows her words quick quick

Jabu: im sure you didn’t threaten the poor girl

Heath: nah not like that man ….. eish jabu my brain dey scatter when I think about her I don’t even know what’s going on with me…is it possible to love someone like this especially when you’ve just known that person for a short period of time  

***jabu laughed***

Jabu: she go put love potion for you ooo 

***they both laughed***

Heath: nawa oh!  my broda you dey talk pidgin now 

***jabu laughed***

Jabu: ah my broda I dey try ooo

***they laughed some more***




**** back at koko’s house she sat on top of her bed and she dialled mamiki’s numbers and she answered after the third ring***

Mamiki: mma llata so ( this late)

Koko: she packed and left

Mamiki: who

Koko: naledi

Mamiki: what do you mean she packed and left mama naledi would never leave you all alone 

Koko: well she did and even in my death she should never set her feet in my house do you hear me

Mamiki: whoa mma don’t say that ….. what happened 

Koko: she lied about your brother thabo that he tried to rape her and when I caught her on her lie and I disciplined her she went to call her useless boyfriend to come and insult me in my house

Mamiki: what?

Koko: after everything I did for her ongleboga ka bakete e etletseng  masepa  (she thanks me with a bucket full of shit)

Mamiki: I told you let me give her up for adoption but you refused look now mama

Koko: I regret ever raising her I should have killed her when she was still a baby nx

Mamiki: calm down mama remember you have a heart condition….try to rest and I’ll come see you tomorrow ok

Koko: ok

***they ended the call ***


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