*** Four days later…… Thandi just got back home from work and she was making something to eat for her boys when her phone rang…..it was James so she took a deep breath and answered***

Thandi: James

James: hey ummm how are you and the boys

***she chuckled bitterly***

Thandi: ooh so you suddenly care mmmmh?

***she said with an angry tone and James sighed***

James: ofcourse I care how can you say that Thandi

Thandi: if you care you wouldn’t disappear for four days…four days even though you know gore you have a family James and ka mo your boys ba busy ba mpotsisa ka wena gore o kae! ( and your boys are here asking about your whereabouts)

***James sighed***

Thandi: or keng o nale baby mama ya gao? (are you with your baby mama) is that it?

James: ofcourse not 

Thandi: then where the hell are you….so this is how it’s gonna be like heh James you fuck up then wa tshaba (then you run away)

James: Thandi can you please calm down

Thandi: don’t tell me to calm down don’t wankutlwa (you hear me)….how can you do this to me James what have I done to deserve this….haven’t I been a good wife to you

***she said with a breaking voice and tears ran down her cheeks***

James: Thandi please don’t do this to yourself…please

Thandi: you know what its fine

***she said wiping her tears off***

James: my love im not with no baby mama im actually in Limpopo 

Thandi: so you decided to go home without telling me and I have been here worried and concluding things in my mind

James: im not ok Thandi so I needed koko’s help

***she chuckled bitterly***

Thandi: entlek what am I to you James….why ontreater ekare ke girlfriend ya gao ( why are you treating me like im your girlfriend) wasn’t I worthy to be told gore ga o shap the moment you felt gore ga o shap James….wasn’t I worthy to be told gore you feel like your grandmother is the only one you feel can help you heh you decided to call me four days later and you expect me to understand right?

***James sighed***

James: my love please im sorry….i love you Thandi and everything was happening so fast and…

***Thandi interrupted him***

Thandi: whatever motho wa modimo….anyway bolela le your boys (talk to your boys) cause as for me I have nothing to say to you

*** James sighed and Thandi called her sons and gave them the phone and she switched off the stove and went to her bedroom and cried it out…..after some time she went to the bathroom and she cleaned herself then she went back to the kitchen as for her boys they were still talking to their father looking happy….after some time her eldest son came to the kitchen holding her phone***

Mpendulo: mama take… papa says he loves you and he’s coming back on Sunday

***he said with a smile on his face*** 

Thandi: ok baby

***she took the phone and almost immediately she received a message and the message read;

“ remember you’re not alone and you’ll never be just know your worth and find the courage to walk away and believe me that’s when you’ll find your way home home to my heart where you belong and where you’ll be cherished till the end of time. I love you amour “

She smiled reading the message then she took a deep breath and she continued to make something to eat for her boys***





Ray: you did what?

***he asked Ruslan with his eyes popped out and Mat just laughed his butt off…well it was four days later in the  afternoon and Ray Ruslan and Mateo were sitting in his lounge chilling while Mbali was resting upstairs***

Ruslan: he’s peeing and also shitting on himself

***Mat laughed***

Mat: ooh fuck that is the cruelest thing you can do to a man Russ

***he said still laughing and Ray laughed***

Ray: wow that is embarrassment at its best Ruu

***he said shaking his head***

Ruslan: serves him right…. no one and I mean no one will hurt my Thandi and gets away with it he’s lucky he has kids with her or else he’d be dead by now

Mat: and I believe you but damn you mean to tell me wherever he is he’s wearing an adult diaper that is constantly full of his shit and pee like a new born baby?

***he said laughing and Ruslan looked at him with a smile on his face then he shook his head chuckling***

Ruslan: I can already see that you not gonna stop talking about it any time soon

***Mat nodded and Ruslan laughed***

Mat: I can already see him with a diaper full of his shit and the weight of the shit in it busy pulling  down the diaper on his ass like babies when they did a boo boo

***they all busted out with laughed then Mbali walked down the stairs looking mad-angry and they kept quiet***

Ray: my flower are you ok?

***she ignored him and walked to the kitchen and Ray frowned while Ruslan and Mat looked at him***

Mat: hormones?

Ray: I doubt it she looks angry….let me go check on her

***they nodded and he went after her and found her talking things out of the fridge and putting them on top of the counter huffing***

Ray: nwa are you ok?

***she ignored him again and he got closer***

Ray: Mbali im talking to you

Mbali: as if you care nx

***she clicked her tongue and he frowned***

Ray: what?


***she said it out loud with her chest moving up and down with an angry look on her face and Ray sighed looking at her***

Ray: are you gonna tell me or what?

***she didn’t say anything she just put all the things she took out of the fridge back inside with Ray looking at her suspiciously ***


***she stopped with her back facing Ray***

Mbali: who is Devonia?

***Ray frowned***

Ray: what?

Mbali: you heard me don’t act like you didn’t hear me…..who the hell is she?

***she said turning to look at him and he had a surprised look on his face***

Ray: umm  why are you asking me about her?

Mbali: mmmmh so you know her right…. mmmmh so she’s the bitch that you are  cheating on me with? 

Ray: chea….wait…..what?

***he asked her shocked and she chuckled***

Mbali: I knew you would act like this..... You know i just can’t believe I actually thought you would remain faithful to me Raymond….i can’t believe I’ve been stupid all along

***she said with tears in her eyes***

Ray: ok that’s enough… first of all im NOT cheating on you and secondly Devonia was my business associate and you know her remember….

***she interrupted him***


Ray: don’t raise your fucken voice at me Mbali and stop all this nonsense!

***he said pointing at her and she chuckled***

Mbali: so now im talking nonsense huh? me Mbali talking nonsense……ok fine

***she moved walking passed him leaving the fridge wide opened and he grabbed her arm***

Ray: what’s going on with you mmmmh…what’s all this…..why are you angry and why are you asking me about Devonia?


***he looked at her and he could see she was dead serious and he wondered what’s going on with her cause the only Devonia he knows is dead ***

Mbali: I said let go Ray!

***he looked at her for some time then he let her go and she walked out of the kitchen going to the lounge and she stood in front of Ruslan and Mateo and Mat swallowed hard cause he could see she was livid***

Mbali: did both of you know?

***she asked breathing heavily and Mat and Ruslan looked at each other confused***

Ruslan: know what his flower?

Mbali: don’t play dumb with me Ruslan im not in the mood now im gonna ask you for the last time….DID YOU KNOW?

Ray: Mbali stop it!

Mbali: wena don’t even say a word to me…. one more word from you and you’ll curse the day you met me…. dare me!

***she said giving him a death stare and he just sighed cause he could see she wasn’t herself***

Ruslan: Ray what’s going on?

Ray: she says im cheating on her with Devonia

Mat: which Devonia jefe?

Ray: Dee Mat

*** Mat’s eyes popped out and she chuckled***

Mbali: ooh she’s even Dee mmmmh

Mat: ummm but jefe she’s dead how are you cheating with a dead person?

Mbali: unamanga Mat ( you are lying Mat)  she’s not dead how can a dead person call me and tell me to stay away from Ray mmmmh?

***they looked at each other***

Ray: call you?

***she turned to Ray***

Mbali: what did I say about saying another word Raymond…what did I say?

***they looked at her with total shock on their faces***

Ruslan: Mbali calm down please think about your unborn son

Mbali: unborn son? didn’t you tell your friend to think about his unborn son when he decided to cheat on me

***Ray just shook his head confused he was also worried about her instead of being angry that she’s disrespecting him like this in front of his friends***

Ruslan: Ray loves you Mbali and he wouldn’t do you like that

Mbali: well his bitch called and warned me Mbali to stay away from HER man

Mateo: ok then give me your phone and let me trace her numbers and I’ll personally bring her here to explain why she’s busy threatening you to stay away from your husband….how about that?

***she was even breathing heavily with her face red with anger…..Ruslan looked at Ray with total horror on his face and Ray looked back at him and they spoke with their eyes and Ruslan nodded then Ray brushed his head looking down….Mbali gave Mat her phone and the last number received was from her grandmother in the morning then he looked at Ray***

Mat: ummm Mbali did you perhaps delete her numbers?

Mbali: why would I do that…im not stupid Mateo and im not fucken lying!

***she snatched her phone from Mat and she turned the screen back to him***

Mbali: here is her numbers

***she said showing him her grandmother’s numbers***

Mat: ummm…

***he looked at Ray and Ray got closer and when he saw the numbers he looked back at Mbali***

Mbali: it’s her numbers right….that’s why you two look like you’ve seen a ghost

Mat: jefe

***Ray looked at Ruslan***

Ray: let’s talk in private man and Mat tra….trace ummm that number

***Mat cleared his throat***

Mat: ok

***Mbali then went to sit down on one of the couches waiting for Mat to “trace” the numbers….she was even sweating***




Ray: what the hell is going on man?

***he asked with a worried tone***

Ruslan: its time bros

Ray: shit….then why is she seeing things that are not there

Ruslan: it’s the Saint he wants to come out bros….its time that baby needs to come out as in now before he rips himself out of her

Ray: fuck!

***he said brushing his head roughly***

Ruslan: call her brothers to come its time

***Ray quickly took out his phone and called Muzi***





Kazi: baby I really have to go back home 

***he pulled her closer and kissed her cheek and she melted…..they were sitting in his lounge naked they just made love and this time around he was gentle which surprised Kazi cause she thought he like it rough but now he just made sweet love to her***

Menzi: you can leave on Monday but on Wednesday or Thursday I want you back

***she turned completely and looked at him***

Kazi: are you asking me or telling me bhuti?

***he chuckled then he perked her lips***

Menzi: whichever way you take it sthandwa sam but what I want is you back here on Thursday the latest

Kazi: wow

***she said moving away from him and he raised an eyebrow***

Menzi: yini manje? (what is it now?)

Kazi: you won’t die if you ask me nicely you know Menzi

***he chuckled***

Menzi: this is me Kazi and the sooner you accept me the way I am the better for the both of us

Kazi: so you want me to accept you the way you are but you fail to accept me the way I am….double standards Menzi

***his face became serious***

Menzi: so you want to parade around showing abomalambane my things heh? ( showing thirsty fools my things )

***he asked her with a frown on his face***

Kazi: I don’t parade around naked Menzi

Menzi: this conversation is over

Kazi: mxm

***she said getting up then Menzi grabbed her hand and pulled her to sit back down***

Menzi: wenzani? (What are you doing?)

Kazi: im going to shower 

***he looked at her for some time***

Menzi: unenkani neh? (you’re cheeky I see)

***he said raising his eyebrow at her and she gave him a blank look then he chuckled***

Menzi: just so you know I’ve dealt with women worse than you so angeke ungihlule mina Ntandokazi uyangizwa? (you won’t fail me Ntandokazi you hear me?)

Kazi: im not some toy you can control Menzi…I was once that girl that would let a man control her but not anymore…..remember bhuti that relationships are not by force so continue with this “whatever I say goes” attitude you have going on and by the time you realize that im not like all those girls you used to date you’ll remain holding my feathers while I the PHOENIX will be gone 

***Menzi looked at her amused***

Menzi: well ngenile ngenile Ntandokazi (there’s no leaving me Ntandokazi) so you can threaten to leave me all you like but just know that ngenile ngenile

***she swallowed hard and he grabbed her waist lifting her up and he made her sit on top of him and he lifted her up a bit and directed his hard shaft on her pussy entrance and pulled her down and his hard as a rock dick slid in and she moaned while he groaned ***

Menzi: fuck…..now move for me Kazi wam!

***he said looking straight into her eyes and she bit her lower lip and started moving*** 





Mbali: you have been tracing that phone number for eternity now Mateo!

***she shouted at him and he cleared his throat***

Mat: umm the phone number is off Mbali so im still waiting for her to switch on the phone then I’ll  get her location

***she shook her head continuously ***

Mbali: ucabanga ukuthi ngislima neh ( you think im stupid neh)

Mat: huh?

***he said not understanding what she just said***

Mbali: find that bitch Mat….don’t piss me off ok!

Ray: nwa please calm down biko

Mbali: calm down yamasimba…. all this is your fault wena if you kept you dick in your pants like you were supposed to none of this shit would be happening 

***Ray just clenched his jaws….she was busy wiping off sweat on her face and as for Saint he was busy moving and kicking inside her belly abnormally ….. right then the intercom went off and Ray went to open the gate cause he knew it was the Khumalo brothers without Thorsten he was away on some secret mission trip somewhere in Europe ….well soon the door opened and they walked in and when Mbali’s eyes landed on them she frowned getting more angry***

Mbali: nifunani la? ( what are you doing here?)

***they looked at her surprised***

Snakes: princess…

***she interrupted him***

Mbali: hei hei musa (don’t)

***she said raising her hand indicating he shouldn’t  say another word….the brothers looked at each other then they looked at Ray who looked drained***

Mbali: you have the nerve to come to Ray’s house after you beat him up and even shot him twice

Jay: heh?

Mbali: nginibuzile ukuthi nifunani la! ( I asked you what you doing here)

Ray: nwa…

Mbali: don’t Ray biko don’t try me….let me tell them what I think of them…..they have the nerve to show their faces here after what they did to you!

***Ray went closer to the Khumalos and he whispered to them***

Ray: it’s Saint so play along please

***then he cleared his throat looking at Mbali***

Ray: ummm my flower I forgot to tell you….they came and apologized to me so we are cool now…right?

***he said the last part looking at the khumalos and they cleared their throats ***

Them: ummm yeah

Mbali: oooh?

Ray: yeah they even ummm bought me my favorite whiskey as a peace offering

Mbali: then why didn’t you tell me?

Ray: I was still gonna tell you later before we sleep

Mbali: oh ok

***then she moaned loud holding her belly and Ray and Muzi rushed to her and when they got closer to her they could see the baby’s hand pushing up and visibly showing on top of the fabric of her shirt and they looked at each other***

Ray: fuck

Muzi: what do we do now?

***then out of the blue she screamed out loud and Ray put his hand on her belly***

Ray: breathe baby breathe

***as for Saint he was moving vigorously in her belly and the pain she was feeling now was intense you could even see it on her face***

Ray: Mat take Muzi to the white room to prepare!

***Mat quickly got up and Muzi kissed Mbali’s forehead***

Muzi: hang in there sis

***then he followed Mat***

Ray: look at me my flower

***she did with tears running down her cheeks***

Ray: do you trust me?

***she nodded fast then she screamed again***

Ray: say it!

Mbali: i….oooh God…I…i trust you

***she said that and did her breath in and out*** 

Ray: good now from now on you must do as I say ok

***she nodded***

Mbali: it hurts Ray….is it supposed to hurt like this

*** She screamed again then Muzi walked back in***

Muzi: let’s take her to the white room

***Jay and Jase helped Ray to help her stand up then a black liquid ran down her legs and she saw it and her eyes popped out***

Mbali: ohh my God ooh my God what’s happening to my baby

***then Ray whispered on her ear***

Ray: trust me my flower….nothing will happen to you or our son ok

***she nodded crying then Jay’s phone ran and so did Jase’s phone….Jase gave his phone to Snakes to answer while Jay answered his as Ray ad Jase moved slowly holding Mbali who was screaming her lungs out***

Snakes: Kedi

Kedi: Nhlaka its Mnqobi and Thula….their eyes have suddenly turned all white and they are not moving its like they are frozen or something

***she said with a panicking voice*** 

Snakes: shit…. look I think it’s Mbali’s unborn baby ngoba she’s in labor manje as sikhuluma (now as we  speak)

Kedi: ooh my God ok…ummm so what should I do now Nhlaka im scared

Snakes: keep an eye on them I think once he’s born they’ll be fine

Kedi: ok

Snakes: but if something else happens call us ok

Kedi: ok

***then  they ended the call***

Snakes: shit!


Jay: ok can you hear what he’s saying

Nomhle: no but he’s busy mumbling things I don’t understand

Jay: ok im coming manje themba lam

Nomhle: ok hurry Jay….they are just sitting on the floor looking ahead with their eyes all white with their legs crossed and im scared Jay….im scared

***she said crying***

Jay: im coming Themba lam

Nomhle: ok

***they ended the call***

Jay: I need to go back home Lwazi and Lwandile….

***Snakes interrupted him***

Snakes: so are Mnqobi and Thula

Jay: shit let me go tell Jase so we can go

Snakes: don’t forget to call Melusi 

*** Jay nodded and Snaked gave him Jase’s phone and Jay rushed towards the passage where everyone went and Snakes sat down and he rubbed his head roughly then Jay and Jase rushed out and Mat came to the lounge holding a candle and he put it on the table along with a lighter***

Snakes: shit I should have left with Jay and Jase!

***Mat just chuckled looking at him***


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