*** Well Kazi and Menzi finally arrived at his other house and he parked the car and got out he then went to the passenger side and opened the door for the nervous Kazi and she got out he closed the door and opened the back door and took out her overnight bag closed the door and he locked the car then they went the main door….he then opened the door walked in and switched on the lights***

Menzi: come on in

***she walked in and her eyes wondered around the room…she was taken by the captivating interior design***

Menzi: this way…

***he said walking to a passage and Kazi swallowed hard following him with her heart beating fast….she got in the main bedroom and she found him undressing and she stood there shocked cause it was clear to her that Menzi wasn’t playing when he said he’s gonna make her scream***

Menzi: hau don’t just stand there take off your clothes Ntandokazi

***she swallowed hard when she saw him jerking his machine up and down slowly as he went to sit on the edge of the bed…. anyway she took off her clothes***

Menzi: come here

***she walked to him slowly and his hands went to her curves and he brushed them looking up at her with his head slightly bend to the left***

Menzi: since when are you shy Ntandokazi?

***she took a deep breath***

Kazi: im not shy Menzi

***he smirked***

Menzi: really?

***she nodded and he grabbed her ass and squeezed it pushing her closer***

Menzi: ok madam we shall see….anyway when last did you test for hiv?

Kazi: why?

***she asked frowning***

Menzi: answer my question Ntandokazi

***he said with a straight face***

Kazi: after the death of an ex months back

Menzi: since then have you slept with any man?

Kazi: ummm n..no 

Menzi: good 

***then he pulled her closer until she sat on him and he lifted her a bit and she sank down on his hard member….she clenched her jaws cause she felt some pain since she was sore down there from their earlier on session while Menzi groaned***

Menzi: damn I love how your walls clench around my dick

***then he grabbed her ass***

Menzi: shit…. move for me sthandwa sam

***he said kissing her neck and she started to move back and forth as he sucked on her neck…then she pushed him back and he fell on the bed with his back and she rode him while moaning***

Menzi: fuck Kazi….

***he said squeezing her yellow thighs hard and he bit his lower lip…..she then stopped moving and she leaned forward and balanced herself with her forearms on Menzi’s chest and she started twerking on his dick which drove Menzi crazy….she moved up and down moaning with her ass bouncing up and down shaking too and as for Menzi he was busy groaning loud….she went on and on until Menzi stopped her***

Menzi: turn around and face the other way

***she got off him and he went to the middle of the bed and she climbed back on the bed and she sank down on his hard member with the reverse cowgirl style and she leaned forward holding on to his legs***

Menzi: shit…. move for me baby

***he said staring at her ass biting his bottom lip and Kazi obliged and she started twerking on his dick as he watched going crazy….he felt himself getting more excited as he watched her appetizing ass bouncing up and down shaking too he then closed his eyes a bit and he opened them again and they were red with complete lust…..he was groaning hard while Kazi was busy moaning out loud too….she increased her pace as she felt that she was getting nearer to her finishing line even her grip on his legs was getting tighter and the pleasure she felt as she twerked on his dick was out of this world***

Kazi: fuck…. Menzi im…im cuming baby…oooh fuck….yess…. im…im cumming

***then out of the blue Menzi stopped her from moving as he held her tight in one place***

Menzi: not yet sthandwa sam…. now get up 

***she got up from him sulking with tears in her eyes***

Kazi: how can you do that to me Menzi….i was close

*** she said  laying on the bed panting hard on the verge of tears and Menzi got out the bed and he went to the en-suite and he came back with a towel and he threw it on top of the bed***

Menzi: come here!

***she did slowly while still sulking with her clit painful…she just wanted to release but the nikka refused for her to have her happy ending…. anyway he made her lay at the edge of the bed with her upper front body and her legs hanging off and Menzi positioned himself between her legs and he lifted her hips and thighs then he entered her as she supported herself with her elbows on the edge of the bed…. well the sex position is called THE PLOUGH and the position requires a great deal of strength and flexibility so luckily Menzi is fit and Kazi is flexible***

Menzi: FUCKKKK….

***he said looking up with his eyes closed as he pushed all off his thick and veined dick in***


*** she said grabbing tight the bed covers and he started moving slowly in and out of her and she moaned out loud with her tiny hands still grasping the bed covers tight….he was doing her good and she was busy moaning out loud***

Menzi: ooh yes….fuck yeah….

***he said all that with his mainly voice sounding deeper than normal….. its all he said as he went  in and out of her with a neutral pace….he then began increasing his pace going harder and deeper and she started screaming out loud calling his name while grasping tighter on the bed covers****

Menzi: you like what daddy is doing to you sthandwa sam?

***she didn’t say anything to him she just continued to scream as he fucked her hard….his muscles all over his body was tightened hard as he fucked her hard***

Kazi: ooh gosh…..MENZIIII….. SHIIIITTT…..*#@!^&#!

***she screamed louder mumbling some gibberish at the end as an orgasm hit her hard and her body shook….she came all over his dick and he pulled out and put her down gently then she slid down to the floor as her legs failed her and she laid flat on the floor holding her pussy as she tightened her inner thighs together moaning with her other hand squeezing her right breast while biting her bottom lip….then Menzi crouched next to her with a towel on his hand***

Menzi: open up so I can clean you up 

*** he said with a smirk on his face and she didn’t say anything she was afraid her voice might betray her so she just opened her legs wide and he cleaned her up then he threw the towel on top of the bed after cleaning himself too***

Menzi: im coming ok

*** she just nodded and he got up and walked out of the bedroom and after a few seconds he came back drinking an energy drink…. then one of his phones rang and he handed Kazi the energy drink***

Menzi: thatha sthandwa sam (take my love)

***she took it and he went to answer his phone while jerking his dick slowly but when he saw who was calling him he stopped***

Menzi: aow Gabadiya mphathi wami (my boss) 

Baba: Mapholoba unjani? (Mapholoba how are you?)

Menzi: ngiyaphila Gabadiya wena? (im good boss and you?)

Baba: hai nginumber one mina (im good)……. bheka la ndoda nginomsebenzi for wena (look here man I have a job for you)

Menzi: ngilalele Gabadiya (im listening boss)

***he said walking out of the bedroom***

Baba: I’ll send you his name and his flight schedule then I want you to take him out before he leaves the airport he’s a dangerous man Mapholoba so take him out before he gets a chance to fight you…. you’ll only have 5 minutes to do the job starting from when he enters the parking lot and ooh he has someone who’ll pick him up so take care of him too

Menzi: ok Gabadiya consider it done 

Baba: ngifuna umsebenzi ohlanzekile Mapholoba (I want a clean job Mapholoba)  

Menzi: ofcourse Gabadiya 

Baba: good

***then he dropped the call and seconds later he heard footsteps outside then a knock on the door….he quickly went to the bedroom and he found Kazi sleeping on top of the bed now then he wore a pair of shorts and he went to the lounge and he took out a gun behind a painting that is on the wall  and he went to the door***

Menzi: state your name and your reason for trespassing!

Voice: Gabadiya send me to give you an envelope Mapholoba 

***he sighed and slowly opened his door and he found out that it was one of Baba’s personal bodyguards***

Menzi: eitha (hi)

***the bodyguard nodded and he handed him the envelope***

Guy: he’s a well-trained hitman be careful mfowethu 

Menzi: sure

***then the bodyguard walked away and Menzi closed the door and he went to put the gun were it was then he opened the envelope…..it was different pictures of the target and there was a little note inside too and it read:


 “he’s after La Parca and that puts my granddaughter and her unborn child at risk so take care of him permanently ”

 He then put everything back in the envelope and he also put it behind the painting then he went back to the bedroom….he  took off his shorts and he jerked himself up and down while staring at Kazi’s ass and his member got hard then he grabbed Kazi by her leg and Kazi quickly opened her eyes***

Kazi: mmmmh Menzi

***he pulled her to the edge of the bed ***

Menzi: stand up

***he said with an aroused look on his face he even had a popping vein on his forehead….. she got off the bed and he instructed her on what he wants her to do and even though she was nervous about the new sex position he’s introducing to her now that is called the STANDING WHEEL BARROW she was  also aroused by the hardness of his dick and the lust look on his face….. she got on the floor on her fours and he got between her legs then he lifted her waist up and he ordered her to wrap her legs around his waist she  then moaned out loud when he slowly entered her honeypot….he started to move at a fast pace cause he knew she will get tired fast with the way she was positioned on the floor she was busy screaming from the top of her lungs as he fucked her hard deep and fast with his big hands holding her tight…..she could feel his dick was deep inside of her and it was a bit painful cause she felt as if it was poking her uterus…

After a few thrusts she screamed louder as an unexpected orgasm hit her and the nikka didn’t stop…. he went harder on her like a possessed person and she kept on screaming like a mad woman…. well after some time with him fucking her hard she decided to no longer concentrate on the pleasure but on the pain she felt on her lower abdomen and the tiredness of her arms he was buried deeper inside of her and even though it was a tiny mixture of pain and pleasure but the pain was overshadowing the pleasure slowly cause it was too much for her it was the first time a man was fucking her like this and it was just too much…..

As for Menzi he was busy fucking her hard without making noise his jaws were clenched and sweat was all over his body dripping down on the floor and some on Kazi’s back….the only thing you could hear was Mbali’s loud crazy screams….her arms unfortunately failed her and she ended up balancing herself on the floor with her forearms but nikka didn’t stop even when he felt that she was tired he kept on fucking her hard going faster like a possessed man at least he was keeping her in place and holding her tight so she doesn’t fall and hurt herself…he was chasing his own orgasm and the way he was going in and out of her made her scream loud like she was being beaten to death….

He went harder as he was now nearer and after four thrusts  he slammed into her and pushed in deeper and a loud deep groan escaped his mouth and he cursed….his body was stiff as he offloaded inside of her then his body shook and he gasped for air for some time….after catching his breath he pulled out and he put her down gently with his legs shaking…he stumbled back a bit and he decided to just sit down before his legs fail him and he did while panting then he decided to lay on his back on the cold floor just like Kazi***

Menzi: fuck….ufuna ukungibulala Ntandokazi? (do you want to kill me Ntandokazi?)

Kazi: shit…. I think you tore my vagina up Menzi

***she said with her eyes closed panting and he chuckled panting too***

Menzi: I aim to please sthandwa sam

Kazi: mxm I swear im never having sex with you

Menzi: uyahlanya ( you are mad)….that honeypot is mine Ntandokazi and I’ll eat from it anytime and anywhere I want you’re also welcomed to do as you please with Fuze omhkhulu (his dick) here since he belongs to you

Kazi: angisamfuna mina uFuze Menzi ( I do not want Fuze anymore Menzi) he tore my nana apart

***she said sulking and he laughed and got up he reached for the towel and he cleaned himself up and cleaned her too since she said her arms were shaking and also feeling wobbly….he then picked her up and put her on top of the bed and laid next to her then she rested her head on his chest and he held her tight kissing her forehead*** 

Menzi: ngikshovile kamnandi neh sthandwa sam? (I fucked you pretty good right my love?)

***he asked with a smirk on his face and she pinched him***

Menzi: ouch

Kazi: like I said angisamfuni uFuze mina shem( I don’t want your dick anymore)

Menzi: uMenzi ushove uNtandokazi kamnadi…… (Menzi fucked Ntandokazi)

***he said singing out of tune and she laughed…..well they chatted some more up until Kazi passed out and he gently place her head on a pillow and he took his phone and made a call***

Voice: bozza

Menzi: we have a mission gather all the guys and lets meet at the warehouse in two hours’ time

Voice: yelele (ok)

***then they ended the call and he looked at the sleeping Kazi for some time then he bend a bit and he kissed her cheek he then covered her with a brown thick fluffy throw and he went to the en-suite*** 





*** around 6 in the morning Ray brushed Mbali’s naked thigh a couple of times breathing heavily close to her ear then he lifted her thigh up exposing her nana and he entered her from behind and she moaned softly***

Mbali: R..Ray

***he started moving slowly***

Ray: shhh go back to sleep I got this

***he whispered in her ear then he groaned and bit her shoulder as her warmness was sending tingles from his dick to the rest of  his body…..he moved back and forth while still rising Mbali’s thigh high as for Mbali she was moaning with her eyes closed she was still tired from their crazy love making session the previous night….he increased his pace going in and out of her for some time with his grip on her thigh getting tighter with Mbali moaning louder as she held on tight to the bed sheets he then stopped moving and he pulled out and knelt on the bed and turned Mbali to lay on her back then Ray put a pillow under her ass and he got between her legs opening her legs wide and she slightly bend them he then held onto her ankles and he entered her slowly well  the sex position is called the EAGLE and it’s a relatively easy and deep penetration position.... Anyway they both groaned and Ray started to move and Mbali bit her lower lip feeling lots and lots of pleasure***

Mbali: ooh…. gosh Ray… yess

***is all she managed to say****

Ray: fuck my flower….shit I love how warm and tight you are… 

***he said increasing his pace and she held on to the bed sheet tight….the pleasure he was feeling was out of this world….he  increased his pace some more and after a few thrusts Mbali reached her orgasm and Ray wasn’t far too so he fucked her throughout her orgasm and after a few thrusts he slammed into her releasing inside of her while groaning loud…he then looked down at her with a smile on his face while panting a bit***

Ray: you good?

*** she nodded***

Ray: Chineke m (my God)….. ah ah nwa(baby) don’t tell me you just went mute ooo!

***he made a shocked face and Mbali laughed***

Mbali: mxm mute is your cute tight ass Sambulo! 

***then she laughed and Ray looked at her with his eyebrow raise***

Mbali: what? your name is Sambulo hau so don’t give me that look abeg

***she said laughing***

Ray: you’re lucky you’re heavily pregnant and that I just had a juicy morning glory or else hmmmm….

***she giggled and Ray pulled out slowly and he took a towel they used last night and he wiped the both of them and he laid next to her and pulled her closer so she rests her head on his chest***

Ray: happy birthday nwa m ihunanya m  na ihe m niile ( my baby my love and my everything)

***she blushed even though she only understood what “nwa m and ihunanya m” mean***

Mbali: since this is the second time you’re wishing me a happy birth day this morning does it mean I wont hear the end of it?

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: yeah and a bunch of flowers will be delivered to you every two hours so brace yourself ihunanya 

***she looked up at him and he perked her lips and smiled then he whispered to her***

Ray: and by the time im done sexing you today and you don’t end up being in labor later on then I’ll know that our little Saint is strong shem

***Mbali laughed and Ray joined her*** 

Ray: I love you ok

Mbali: I love you too nwa(baby)

***they chatted a bit until she fell back to sleep and Ray’s phone rang he reached for it then he answered ***

Ray: Mateo

Mat: jefe is it safe to come in the house?

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: really bros?

***Mat chuckled***

Mat: what? I don’t wanna walk in on the madam half naked in the kitchen

***Ray chuckled ***

Ray: she’s still sleeping so you can come in and ask MaDorcas to start with breakfast

Mat: ok

***they dropped the call and Ray gently put Mbali back on her pillow and he covered here with the covers***

Mbali: Ray….

***she said in her sleep and he kissed her cheek***

Ray: shhhh go back to sleep my flower

Mbali:  mh

***he kissed her again and he went to the en-suite***




***they were now inside his study drinking coffee as they wait for breakfast to be served***

Ray: you look offish Mat what’s wrong?

***Mat sighed***

Mat: the iceman is dead jefe

Ray: which iceman?

***he asked him not believing that he heard him right and Mat sighed*** 

Mat: the American hitman jefe….he was found stabbed in the parking lot at OR Tambo airport

Ray: shit?…. Mat you were supposed to keep an eye on him from the time he arrives in the country up until we strike…..and wait dying like that is way too easy for a man like iceman Mat 

Mat: I know jefe I was monitoring him through cctv footage at the airport and when he got to the underground parking lot someone locked me out of the system I fought to get back in for about 5 minutes or so and when I finally did he was laying on the floor bleeding

***Ray got up***

Ray: who killed him I mean we both know he was here for me so who….is there another enemy I don’t know off….but….wait…..

***he stopped and chuckled shaking his head***

Mat: what? 

Ray: beast

Mat: beast as in beast your brother in law 

Ray: yeah…SHIT!

***he said that hitting the table hard with the side of his fist then Mat’s phone rang and he answered***

Mat: yeah

Voice: that Interpol guy is dead man

Mat: what?

***he said getting up***

Voice: look man I watched him being hit by a bullet on his forehead 15 minutes ago….. everything happened too fast one minute he was coming out of his car and the next thing he was down on the ground dead…. I was tailing him like you told me I should and as usual he meets his side bitch for breakfast every Monday Wednesday and Friday morning so as soon as he got out of his car outside the restaurant  it was over for him….he even died on the scene man and it looks like he was assassinated

***Mat brushed his head looking at Ray***

Mat: ok thanks for the heads up man I’ll wire you your balance by the end of the day

Voice: ok… peace!

***they ended the call***

Mat: the bastard is also dead….my contact in the US said he just been assassinated

Ray: im sure its beast that fucker is good with a sniper gun….the big question is why Mat?

Mat: I think they know your flower is about to give birth so they want you around when that happens cause as mightier as they may think they are but im sure Saint that day made them want to repent jefe…im sure they think he might show them flames during birth

***then he chuckled but Ray kept a straight face***

Ray: I hope that’s the case Mateo cause I don’t wanna owe them favors man

Mat: mmmmh I hope so too

Ray: anyway how are the Cubans doing?

***he said changing the topic and Mat chuckled***

Mat: they are busy showing those Cape Town filthy gangs how we Cuban Marielitos operate and business is doing great too even the 28s are worried

Ray: good…that’s good….we should bring in more boys from Cuba to help them cause the twenty-sevens (27s)  and the twenty-eights (28s) are one of the top dangerous gangs in South Africa more especially in Cape Town  

***Mat nodded***

Mat: and we want their turf 

Ray: and we want their turf

***then they both chuckled***





*** Thandi woke up in the morning and she went to the en-suit bathroom and she did her business then she decided to also take a shower…after showering she got dressed in a simple summer dress and she tied her braids into a messy bun and she didn’t put on any make up then she did the bed and as she walked out a strong smell of bleach on the hall way caught her nostrils and she frowned making a face ….well the whole of Sunday she spend it in bed and she only went out when she went to the kitchen cause she was hungry and she was glad she didn’t bump into James at all cause she was still angry with his cheating ways and also impregnating his side dish….. but she was impressed when she smelled bleach all over the house cause she thought James decided to clean the house and when she saw a bed cover and a duvet hanging on the washing line she was impressed again thinking he also decided to do some laundry but now on a Monday morning she woke up to that strong smell of bleach again on the passage and this time she wasn’t impressed cause the smell was strong***

Thandi: and nou…heh banna kgante monna o ga itsi gore wa kgona le go koropa ka tile cleaner?(and now….jeez doesn’t this man know that you can even mop the floor using a tile cleaner?)

***she said going to the kitchen and all the windows and curtails were opened again like they were on Sunday morning and so was the main door and the kitchen door but the security bars were still locked***

Thandi: heh banna since when does James clean the house two days in a row?…yah neh metlholo ga e fele shem (wonders shall never end shame)

***she said to herself clapping her hands together once and she went to the kitchen and her eyes landed outside the window showing the backyard and she saw the same duvet and a bed cover hung on the washing line***

Thandi: modimo wa kgotso why a tlhatswitse duvet  ele le bed cover gape (God of mercy why did he wash the duvet and the bed cover again?)

***she asked herself and a thought filled her mind***

Thandi: wait what if o rotetse dikobo?(what if he peed on the blankets) mmmh maybe he drank too much and peed on them and o di anegile gore di ome ( and he decide to put them on the washing line to dry)…..let me go check….something is not right here a ka se tlhatswe (he cant wash) the same things two days in row

***she took her keys and opened the security bars and she walked out she got closer to them and the strong smell of fabric softener caught her nostrils***

Thandi: yep… o rotetse dikobo o mxm…. the way a tlopetseng staysoft ka teng ge a di tlhatswa o di rotetse (yep…he peed on them mxm the way he poured too much fabric softener when he washed them shows he peed on them) but wait did he pee on them two nights in a row? yah neh i rest alcohol shame

***she then shook her head and she went back inside and her phone rangit was Naledi***

Thandi: mntase

Naledi: i hope you are not still sleeping the boys need their school uniform Thandi

Thandi: no man im already on my way there bathong

***Naledi laughed a bit***

Naledi: ga se nna ke maninja a gao….ba busy bampotsisa every 2 minutes gore o tlella kae ( its not me its your ninjas…they are busy asking me every 2 minutes if you are closer or what)

Thandi: mxm oho ba botse ke etla ba tlogele gonna dramatic( mxm just tell them im coming and that they must stop being dramatic)

***Naledi laughed ***

Naledi: ok shap

Thandi: shap

***they ended the call and she went to take their school uniform then she called out for James and he didn’t answer….then she locked up and she opened the garage and found only her car in there which meant James left early in the morning and she didn’t even hear him drive out***

Thandi: mara why did he clean the house cause I think I understand the washing of the duvet and bed covers part….ai go nna lechakane ke mathata shem ( being a tsonga is difficult shame)

***she thought to herself and she shook her head….she then sighed and got inside her car and drove out…. anyway she finally arrived at the Owoh-Masden residence and she parked her car inside the yard then her phone beeped indicating she received a message well she thought it was James but nope  it was from an unsaved number and the massage read:

 “when the time comes and we finally get married know that in our marriage we will talk like best friends play like children argue like husband and wife protect each other like brother and sister and never cheat on each other. I love you amour and I’ll wait for you to realize your worth and come to me where you belong then I’ll wife you instantly …..From your future husband Ruslan…..enjoy your day amour”

She swallowed hard and she reread the massage again she then sighed and took out the boys’ uniform and she went inside the house ***


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