***Naledi came out of the bathroom all dressed and she put her toiletry bag inside the drawer and she sat on top of the bed and Heath got up with his son in his arms and he went to put him inside his cot as he was sleeping again and he went back to the single couch he was sitting on and he looked down playing with his fingers with Naledi looking at him with her heart beating fast***

Heath: i…I have multiple personality disorder

***he just blurted it out just like that and he took a deep breath while Naledi frowned***

Naledi: what?

***He breathed it and out loudly and he raised his eyes and looked at her and she had a frown on her face***

Heath: I…I  have multiple personality disorder

***he repeated what he said***

Heath: its…its also called Dissociative identity disorder (DID)

***He sighed***

Heath: well treatment helps but it can’t be cured and it’s a lifelong thing 

**Naledi looked at him with extreme shock on her face***

Heath: ummm  it started when I was kidnapped years ago by some Nigerians who wanted my father to do something illegal for them and to encourage him to be fast…..they…

***he stopped talking as he got emotional and angry at the same time***

Heath: they tortured me doing unspeakable things to me so to survive the torture I decided to create Caesar and The Observe to survive

***Naledi’s eyes filled with tears and she just let them fall with her bottom lip trembling ***

Heath: Caesar is the cool guy who can go psycho at any given moment but what I like about him is whoever is close to my heart they automatically matter to him too then there’s The Observer…

***He sighed still looking down***

Heath: well he’s a psychotic bastard  and dangerous cause he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and he destroys everything that might be standing on his way….he also attacked Jabu to a point that Jabu ended up shooting me on my thigh to stop me from hurting him some more

***he couldn’t say “kill him” as he didn’t want to traumatize her more than she already is***

Heath: ummm  after I was released after my dad did what they wanted him to do I created MAD DOG to cope with what I went through and well he suffers from PTSD ( post-traumatic stress disorder) and…and…

***Naledi put her hand on her mouth shocked***

Heath: well he doesn’t talk at all and he has trouble sleeping and likes to keep to himself more than anything and he’s the most dangerous personality I have more dangerous than The Observer but what I like about him is his purpose is to protect me and avenge for me and not harm my loved ones but still he’s dangerous and deadly…..then there are more personalities that I use when im on “the job”….there’s the tech guy Slick Chase the bilingual one and other small ones

***Naledi just sat there shocked to the core with her eyes popped out***

Heath: but you’ve only met Caesar I think twice since you’ve been hospitalized and I know you probably remember

Naledi: oooh….my….God!

***she whispered***

Heath: look….i know this…this is too much for you but….but I did get help Obi m and they only came out now cause I couldn’t handle everything that was happening….Lerato stabbing you then Bunke’s death and Ike looking so pale and tiny in that incubator then I started feeling resentment towards you only to find out that my own mother is bewitching me so I hate you and end up abusing you and you also end up leaving me then that whole scene of me being drugged and….

***he kept quiet and he clenched his jaws***

Heath: I love you Naledi more than I love myself and I live for you Obi m for you and our children and I just cant lose you

***he said with a breaking voice and a sob escaped his mouth***

Heath: please Naledi I cant even picture my life without you in it…I just cant so please take me as I am Obi m abeg please accept me with all my flaws 

***hearing him say all this made her cry and he quickly got up and went to sit next to her and he pulled her to him and held her as she cried until she calmed down and they stayed in complete silence for some time with her sniffing every now and then while she rested her head on his firm chest***

Naledi: where…where you telling the truth when you said you don’t remember what happened after you passed out

***Heath sighed**

Heath: yeah I swear on all my children Obi m I just woke up to what I found and…

***she interrupted him***

Naledi: shhh that’s all I want to know

***he kept quiet***

Naledi: your mom?

***he sighed***

Heath: yeah

Naledi: so you didn’t mean what you said about Lerato

Heath: yeah it wasn’t me Obi m the muti was starting to kick in

***she sighed and kept quiet***

Naledi: im scared Heath….what if…what if you hurt us unwillingly….what if what happened to Jabu happens to me and I can’t fight you off or that Observer personality 

***he held her tight ***

Heath: I swear I’d rather kill myself than hurt you or our children Obi m please believe me Naledi…..i could’ve just kept quiet about this but since im fixing our marriage I wanted to be honest with you about this since its part of me….please don’t leave me

Naledi: shhh its ok

***she said that and just remained in his arms but her head was all over the place and she couldn’t believe that her Heath has multiple personality disorder it was just hard especially about finding out why he created them in the first place….she couldn’t believe that Heath went through all that trauma and he smiles and laughs everyday as if his life had been perfect while she still can’t get over growing up the way she did with Mamiki always reminding her about her albinism and her ‘useless father’ Kitso abandoning her while she was pregnant her late uncle Thabo who wanted to rape her every chance he got not forgetting people in the neighborhood especially kids at school who refused to play with her cause their parents warned them and told them that she’s an abomination and a curse so they should stay away from her and not even touch her ….…then there’s koko…..but her husband still smiled laughed and always made sure that she’s happy all the time well excluding his recent shortcomings but she admitted that he’s been there for her no matter what and maybe she should return the favor too by looking passed the multiple personality thingy*** 




***She was dancing with some guy at at tavern in Hebron (Pretoria) she came to visit her aunt that lived there…well more like she was running away from her abusive boyfriend who decided to blame her for what that guy that came to ‘ask’ for directions in her house back in KZN did to him and she decided that enough is enough  so she called her aunt and told her she’s coming to visit her and now she’s at some tavern with her cousin Phumi  and her cousin’s friends enjoying herself…well more like drowning her sorrows with alcohol and dancing it was Sunday at night around 10 and there was a stokvel they called ‘skeem sam’  around the hood and her Phumi’s  boyfriend was the host this time around…..

Well besides the fact that she was running from her boyfriend she was also enjoying herself and the new environment every guy wanted her cause she’s new around and that built her confidence a bit since it was low because of the abuse she suffered….on the other hand some women were hating on her cause she was a yellow bone with a curvaceous body  and tiny waist slightly Chinese eyes and a black and caramel afro and pouty lips….she didn’t like her curvaceous body cause men approached her because of her ass and curves and to just  tap it and pass and not because she’s smart and kind….she has never been with a man who loved her for her and not for her ass and that has always been her pain ….she knew she’s worth more than being men’s play thing or a sex object but it was like she had bad luck hanging over her as all the men that approached her wanted one thing from her which is  SEX….

When she met her boyfriend he seemed different from all those other men at first and that’s why she fell hard for him but after hitting it he changed he started being possessive and controlling in a bad way and also started cheating on her until she had enough and when she wanted to end things with him he would beat her up and threatened that if she leaves him he would kill her and himself so she stayed with him unwillingly…..and guess what he never stopped cheating so she slowly fell out of love with him but stayed with him cause she didn’t want to be part of the statistics of women killed by their spouses… well even though he changed but  he had never laid a hand on her before that incident where Menzi punched him and she knew if she hanged around he was surely gonna kill her cause after he woke up from passing out he beat her up so hard that she was bedridden for a couple of days until the pain subsided and became bearable so when she recovered fully she ran and came this side***

Guy: are vaye re ye ko dladleng laka for two rounds nyana re tla bowa baby girl ( lets go to my house for two rounds and we will come back baby girl) 

***the guy she was dancing with whispered to her and she shook her head no***

Guy: ok ok fine then a re ye ko karing yaka ge ( lets go to my car then) 

***Kazi turned and gave the guy a disgusted look*** 

Kazi:  uma ungibheka wena ubona intombazane eshibhile?(when you look at me do you see a cheap girl?)

***she said with an attitude***

Guy: ok bona ge lets go have fun nyana and ko gofa mavuso  a thousand nyana ( look lets go have fun and I’ll give you R1000 in the morning)

Kazi: askies?

***she asked clearly offended by what the guy was saying to her***

Guy: ok ge 1 point 5 ( R1500)

***he said with his eyes going from her curves to her chest and to her face and she felt anger brewing inside of her***

Kazi: ngibheke kahle wena slima (look at me very well you fool)  im not a prostitute mina so keep your useless money and go buy a toothpaste and brush for those yellow teeth nx……hlukana nam phantsi (leave me alone) before I embarrass you mgodoyi nx!

***she hates it when men did this to her…she hated people judging her because of her body she hated being viewed as a sex toy…she knows she’s more than that but men fail to see it…..anyway she turned with the aim of walking away but the guy grabbed her ass  squeezing it and she turned with a hot slap and it landed across his face and people gasped with shock cause they knew who she just slapped***

Kazi: ucabanga ukuthi wenzani wena slima!( what do you think you are doing you fool!)

***she said with an angry voice***

Guy: o shapa nna ka mpama wena sfebe?( you slapped me you bitch?)

***the guy said with an angry look on his face and that didn’t shake Kazi***

Kazi: and gizo k’shapa nge mpama futhi  ( I’ll slap you again ) or better yet kick your useless balls if you try that shit with me again msunu nx

***she turned to walk away but then he grabbed her by her right arm and roughly turned her around and slapped her so hard across her face and people gasped while others screamed which caught her cousin’s attention  and she got up and rushed to them ***

Guy: o shapa nna ka mpama wena sfebe wa itsi gore ke mang ( you slapped me you bitch do you know who I am)

***Kazi was just covering her face with her left arm for just in case he slapped her again but she was brewing with anger inside***

Phumi: Jojo please motlogele (please let her go)

Jojo: o betha nna ka mpama (you slapped me)

***he said that still not believing that a woman slapped him)

Phimi: askies bathong Jojo ke le newbie so gaitsi gore dilo di tsamaya byang around le gore o mang askies motlogele assomblief Jojo ( sorry Jojo she’s a newbie so she doesn’t know how things are around here and she doesn’t even know who you are so please let her go Jojo)

***she pleaded for Kazi and Jojo clicked his tongue and let her go***

Jojo: you owe me sfebe ke wena next time ke tlo bontsa mmao nx in fact o patella ka kuku eo o ganang ka yona ekare e etsitswe ka gold nx ( you owe me you bitch next time I’ll show you flames in fact you’ll pay with that pussy that you’re busy being stingy with as if it’s made of gold)

***then he walked away and Kazi clicked her tongue looking at him walking away***

Jojo: voetsek! ao bone o mo tseng nx ( piss off! can’t you see you’re on my way nx)

***He said shouting at some girl and he roughly pushed her out of his way and he went outside***

Phumi: o shap? ( are you ok?)

***Kazi nodded***

Phumi: mxm etswa mo mpyeng ele yao befa bile e  tshwere ke Aids…..a re ye ro nwa and enjoy ourselves 

***she said pulling her to their spot and they sat down and she gave Kazi and bottle of savanna***




****the following day Kazi woke up with a heavy head and she got out of bed and took her phone that was on top of the side drawer and she walked to the door like a zombie with hangover showing her flames ( her and her cousin Phumi were sharing the backroom)…she opened the door and she found Phumi sitting outside smoking and when Phumi heard some movement and someone groaning she turned and laughed as she saw the state Kazi was in***

Phumi: yhuu kae respect(a) babalaz shem (yhuu I respect a hangover shame)

***she said laughing***

Kazi: tjerrrr no man siphuze uhlobo luni lwebhiya? ( what kind of beer did we drink?)

***Phumi laughed***

Phumi:  Sabanna lovie or ukhohliwe (Savanna or you forgot)…..

***then she laughed***

Phumi: shame you look like shit mtase

***Kazi groaned and she sat down***

Phumi: whuu hai shem uyaphuza mtwana ka Joy ( shame you can drink Joy’s child)

Kazi: kungani ungangivumi (why didn’t you stop me)

Phumi: bewu dinga ukuphuza ukuze ukhululeke ngoba ubusathukuthele  shem (you needed to get drunk to loosen up cause you were still angry)

***Kazi sighed and she took Phumi’s bottle of water and drank from it***

Kazi: so who was that piece of shit?

Phumi: some neighborhood thug and guess what…..  he’s dead

***Kazi frowned at her***

Kazi: what?.... kwenzakaleni? (what happened) I remember seeing him when we left even though I was fucked up drunk

***Phumi shrugged her shoulders***

Phumi: apparently he was found in the morning with his face cut multiple times by something sharp and shot more than 10 times

Kazi: ooh my gosh… what?

***she said covering her mouth with her hand shocked***

Phumi: mmmmh bona I know ne ele motete wa motho(look I know he was a piece of shit ) but he didn’t deserve to die like that shem

Kazi: yho

***she clapped her hands shocked by what she was hearing***

Kazi: so abantu bathini around(what are people saying around)….did they see anything?

Phumi: others say vroeg ka bo 4 so ( others say in the early hours of the morning around 4 or so)they saw some buffed up guy punching him and he was put in the boot of a black car and it drove off 

Kazi: yho mhlawumbe  yizitha zakhe khumbula ukuthi usho ukuthi uyisikhumba ( maybe its his enemies remember you said he’s a thug)

Phumi: mmmmh maybe…ai mara bambulele kabhlungu shem ( they killed him a painful way)….its like they tortured him first before killing him

Kazi: yho ai asazi anyway where is aunty?

Phumi: her boyfriend came to pick her up…. a re o boya tomorrow ( she said she’s coming back tomorrow) 

***Kazi giggled***

Kazi: aunty is living it up bakhithi

Phumi: living it up ya masepa she’s old her age mates ba loya (are witches) yena she’s busy riding dicks mxm

***Kazi laughed and she held her head as it became painful when she did***

Kazi: leave aunty alone wena don’t be a cock blocker please…she’s happy so that should make you happy too I mean she buys food buys electricity and gives you money whenever you beg her for it and she’s busy renovating this house unlike my mother who’s doing a vat and sat with another woman’s husband…im sure udlisile indoda yomuntu uJoy ( im sure she bewitched the guy Joy)

***Phumi laughed***

Phumi: hai your mom is just…..yah

Kazi: Joy is stupid Phumi Im sure she’s not even saving up from the money he gives her….all she does is spend his money on clothes and weaves….mxm I even think she’s not my biological mother cause udom that aunt of yours

***Phumi laughed***

Phumi: ooh please you look like her so she’s your mother mara hai aunty is an old side dish ya stlaela shem (she’s a foolish old side dish)

Kazi: old side dish?

***Phumi nodded and they laughed***

Kazi: and as for your mom just let her be I mean the guy is not married and she hasn’t forgotten you as she takes care of you unlike me the last time I saw Joy it was three years ago that time I was involved in a car accident and the last time I talked to her was 7 months ago when I called her and told her I was hospitalized nge appendix  and she didn’t even come to see me so let your mom be and be grateful ukuthi she still takes care of you as old as you are

Phumi: askies mtase 

***she said rubbing her arm***

Kazi: aaah im used to it I’ve always been alone ever since my dad passed away and im glad I went to school and so I managed to use my RAF money (road accident fund) wisely when they paid me after the accident and now I have my own place and I invested some so I don’t go hungry in the long run and plus my salon back in KZN is doing well so wearing this hearing aid for my affected ear for the rest of my life is not a bad thing anymore I mean even some scars are fading away slowly and they aren’t that bad too

Phumi: courtesy of a tissue oil mixed with castor oil olive oil coconut oil and glycerin

Kazi: mmmmh you know us blacks we just mix things and izinto zenzeka ( and things happen)   

*** they laughed then her phone rang and it was one of her friends back home so she answered*** 

Kazi: my bish

***the friend laughed***

Lele: aow my bish unjani? (how are you?)

***Kazi laughed***

Kazi: ngiright my bish and wena? (im alright my bish  and you?)

Lele: ahhh nam ngiright my bish ngik’khumbulile  nje (im also ok my bish I just miss you)

Kazi: aow nami ngik’khubule shem(I miss you too)

Lele: so ubuya nini? (when are you coming back?)

Kazi: ai angazi Lele( I don’t know Lele)

Lele: hai Kazi usho ukuthini awazi?(what do you mean you don’t know)

Kazi: im having fun here but don’t worry I’ll come back I promise

Lele: yho ok….anyway I can tell you haven’t heard the sad news

Kazi: what sad news?

***she asked frowning***

Lele: Phila was found dead inside his car by the bush yesterday 

Kazi: wait what?

***she asked not believing what she was hearing***

Lele: mmh and they said he’s been dead for a few days 

***Kazi froze with her hand on her mouth and tears filled her eyes…even though she despised Phila for what he did to her but she still loved and cared for him in a way***

Phumi: Kazi what’s wrong?

Lele: hello…..hello…mngani? (friend?)

***she spoke on the phone but Kazi was just too shocked***

Kazi: what…how…how did he die?

***she asked with a breaking voice as tears were now falling down her cheeks***

Lele: the police are waiting for amaautopsy result cause he was burned along with his car 

Kazi: ooh God…..ummm  how sure are you that its him?

Lele: cause they found his wallet house keys and car keys still intact not far from the car

***Kazi sniffed as more tears came out*** 

Kazi: ooh my God

***she said as a sob escaped her mouth and she quickly dropped the call and she cried….Phumi went closer to her and comforted her***

Phumi: who died?

***she asked her concerned cause  it seemed like she was close to whoever died***

Kazi: its…its Phila… my… my ex

Phumi: the same Phila that abused you?

***she nodded slowly***

Kazi: i....i still loved him Phumi

Phumi: mmmmh

***she said with a bored tone she didn’t understand how she can cry like this for a man that made her run away from her house cause he was abusive and also threatened to kill her***

Phumi: a robale ka khotso shem ( may he rest in peace shame)

***she said rolling her eyes and luckily Kazi didn’t see her***


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