**** NALEDI****

**** I finally arrived at home and I found koko watching tv and Lesedi was nowhere in sight ***

Me: dumelang koko ( afternoon granny)

Koko: aow naledi you back

Me: eyah koko ( yes granny) where is Lesedi

Koko: sleeping… her day care nanny said she didn’t sleep today she really kept them busy the whole day

Me: ke kgale a robetse (has it been long since she slept)

Koko: not that long

Me: ok let me go wake her up or else I will be forced to do night shift with her tonight and im tired I cant…..anyway how was your day koko

Koko: just ok but thabo was having a runny stomach since vroeg ( morning) he looks weak and im worried…..I think its something he ate

****mmmh something he ate neh well I still say thabo is sick she needs to go get his blood checked before its too late****

Me: is he ok now

Koko: mmmh I mixed vinegar with water and it helped him a bit

Me: ok let me go wake that little spoiled brat of mine

***koko laughed***

Koko: spoiled brat?

Me: mmmh and its you who spoils her koko

Koko: ai man leave my princess alone 

***I laughed and went to the bedroom and I woke her up shem she looked sleepy but no im not doing night shift with her tonight***

Me: hey baby

***I said that and kissed her pouted lips***

Me: koko tells me you were troublesome today at day care 

****I kissed her cheek and she rubbed her eyes ncoh****

Me: ok let go sit with koko neh

***we went to the sitting room and we sat down and watched  tv a bit while  chatting lightly with koko…..after some time I gave her to koko and I started with dinner after I was done I dished up for kokomyself and thabo and I took his food to his backroom… I got there and knocked and he said I should enter ***

Thabo: aow my albino girl

Me: mxm…here is your food

Thabo: sho mapakisha….so when are you gonna give it to me khante

***yho shem the devil is a liar***

Me: mxm wa gafa ( you are out of your mind)you want to infect me with your diseases  

***he frowned ***

Thabo: what the fuck did you just say

Me: n…nothing 

***I put his plate on top of the drawer and I headed for the door and I felt him grab my arm tight and he pulled me roughly to him***

Thabo: what did you just say

Me: no…nothing

Thabo: nx vele nothing 

***then he sniffed my hair and he licked my cheek and I felt like puking…. Tears filled my eyes ***

Me: please let me go

****I said that with a shaky voice and he grabbed my ass and squeezed it tight and I froze….god no please ****

Thabo: you know someone said if I have sex with an albino without protection I will get cured that the disease will leave my body and enter the albino’s 

Me: uncle thabo please don’t please im begging you

****I said that crying and the next thing he pushed me on top of the bed and he took off his boxers  and his hard dick was staring at me***

Thabo: don’t tell me you don’t want some of this…im a pro when it comes to sex trust me you’ll enjoy it and also want some more 

Me: please don’t please

***I said that crying while moving backwards on the bed and he climbed the bed while jerking his shaft up and down and I quickly got off the bed but he also got off and blocked me ***


***I shouted out for her while crying and thabo quickly got to me and he pinned me against the wall and covered my mouth with his hand….for a sick person he was quiet strong…..i tried to scream and to push him off me but I couldn’t then I felt his hand between my legs on my nana and more tears came out as I tried to get him off me….i wanted to bite his hand off but what if I do that to the extent that he starts bleeding no no I cant have that….***

Thabo: will you stop fighting or I’ll beat you up and fuck you while you are passed out then kill you

***I just cried and I stopped fighting then  he started sucking on my neck while his other hand was busy rubbing my nana on top of my jean ……one thing I know is his aids ridden dick will not enter my pussy hole I’ve rather die than to have that…..he was now squeezing my breast with his hand inside my shirt  and I could feel his hard dick on my stomach he was moaning while he was busy meaning he was relaxed ( good) then I positioned my knee right between his legs  and without wasting time I kicked him on his balls hard and he screamed out loud while cursing and  going down to the floor and I pushed him and he fell down and I ran to the door opened it and ran out….. I ran to the main house while crying and I opened the door with my shaky hand and I entered***

Koko: naledi

***she rushed to me as I stood there shaking like  leaf ***

Koko: what happened 

Me: he…he

***then the door opened and thabo walked in while limping with his hand on his shaft( he was now wearing his boxer shorts) and I quickly rushed and stood behind koko***

Thabo: wena sfebe ( you bitch) YOU’LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID

Koko: whats going on here…naledi

***I couldn’t even talk I was crying and shaking with fear****


Koko: what did she do

***he didn’t answer instead he limped his way out and he slammed the door shut and I just continued to cry until koko brought me plain water mixed with sugar and I drank it with my hands shaking while I held the glass***

Koko: what did you do to thabo I’ve never seen him that angry

**** wow****

Me: so all you…all you care about is thabo koko what about me

Koko: im asking you what happened and you’re not saying anything mos

Me: he…he tried to rape me when I took his food to him

***she looked at me with her eyes popped out then she frowned***

Koko: thabo would never do something like that to you naledi…first of all hes your blood uncle and hes not feeling well and weak

***ooh my god I cant believe this***

Me: koko

***I said that with a low voice***

Koko: hae naledi first you complained to me that he says  nasty things to you when im not around and now he apparently  tried to rape you hai suka

***I swallowed hard with more tears coming out….gosh this is not my granny….this woman here is not my beloved granny***

Koko: I know you don’t like him but to accuse him of this

Me: koko he tried to rape me 

Koko: stop it man my son wont go to jail for something he didn’t do….you know hes sick and weak now where did he get the strength to try and force himself on you

Me: koko

****I said that crying***

Koko: naledi stop it man I know you hate him but this….. you know im disappointed in you nx

***then she walked way and I slid to the floor and cried my eyes out***





***After some time naledi stood up from the floor and she went to the lounge and she found lesedi on her granny’s lap and she took her and went to her bedroom and laid on top of the bed  and she held her tight***




****in the sitting room koko sat on the sofa feeling bad for what just happened but at the same time she couldn’t let her beloved  son her only and  last born son to go to jail….she knew if she supported naledi she would report him to the police  and he will go to jail she knew naledi wasn’t lying because of the state she was in but thabo was his child and her only son so she had to make a choice and she made it by choosing her son …..she stood up and walked out to thabo’s backroom and she knocked on the door  and as soon as thabo opened the door she slapped him so hard he stumbled back***


Thabo: sh…shes lying mama

Koko: voetsek lying ya masepa

Thabo: mama

Koko: you better pray she doesn’t report you to the police cause I wont have a jail bird as a son 

***he sat down on top of the bed looking down***

Koko: why thabo mmh why

***she said that crying***

Thabo: im sorry mama

Koko: voetsek I don’t want your sorries man why did you do than abdominal thing

Thabo: im…im sick ma….im hiv positive ma

Koko: wh…what

Thabo: im dying ma and someone said if I sleep with an albino I might get cured

Koko: ooh modimo wa kgotso ( ooh God of peace)

***she  just cried ***




****back in naledi’s bedroom her phone rang and she ignored it for some time but then decided to answer it cause the caller wasn’t giving up***

Naledi: he…hello

***her voice was a bit scratchy from all the crying she did***

Voice: obim are you ok you sound like you’ve been crying

Naledi: he…heath?

Heath: whats wrong obim why are you crying

***naledi started crying all over again***

Heath: naledi whats wrong

Naledi: no…nothing

Heath: you crying and you saying its nothing

Naledi: yes its nothing

***she sniffed***

Naledi: I…I have to go bye

Heath: don’t  you dare hang up on me naledi

***she then dropped the  call and put her phone on flight mode and she picked her daughter up and she went to take her food from the microwave and went back to the bedroom and fed her daughter and after she was done she went to put back the plate in the kitchen and she went back to the bedroom and she took off her clothes and went to take a bath with her daughter and after she was done she dried both of them and lotioned then she wore her pjs and also got Lesedi dressed in her pjs and they got in the covers and she played with her daughter until she fell asleep….she didn’t even eat her dinner………The following day naledi called in sick at work and she spend the whole day with her daughter in her bedroom she was avoiding her granny and her uncle at all costs…..she knew if she went to report thabo her granny will definitely testify against her in court cause she knows how much thabo means to her and she might even kick her out and turn against her  if shove comes to push and even though she hates her now but shes the only family she has so reporting thabo was not an option now for her….. anyway later in the afternoon someone knocked on the door and she went to open and there stood Thandi with a worried look on her face ****

Thandi: mntase

***they hugged and Thandi kissed lesedi’s cheek****

Thandi: you don’t look ok whats wrong 

Naledi: lets go talk in your car 

Thandi: ummm ok

***she said that confused as to why she wont even let her in to greet granny….. well they went to hers and james car and they got in at the back seat and immediately tears ran down naledi’s face and Thandi held her tight until she calmed down then Thandi gave her phone to Lesedi to keep  her occupied ***

Thandi: what happened ledi heath called me panicking last night and he said you were crying then you dropped a call on him and I also tried to call you and your numbers took me straight  to voicemail

Naledi: uncle thabo tried to rape me yesterday

Thandi: WHAT?

***she told her everything that happened and her granny’s reaction and attitude towards the whole thing and by the time she was done telling Thandi they were both in tears***

Naledi:  and I cant even go to the police station to report him cause I know koko will stand by him and leave me out in the cold 

Thandi: im sorry ledi 

***she said that wiping naledi’s tears***

Naledi: im just glad I fought him off cause besides him forcing himself on me he was gonna infect me with his hiv 

Thandi: hes gonna pay for what he did to you ledi I may not know how but he will… so what are you going to do

Naledi: I need to move out as in yesterday cause he believes that if he sleeps with me he’ll get cured of hiv so that means he might try again

***she said with a low tone ***

Naledi: you can move in with me and hubby until you find a place to stay 

***naledi shook her head no***

Naledi: not happening Thandi

Thandi: look ledi im sure james wont mind

Naledi: im your friend Thandi and I wont beat around the bush with you so im just gonna say it…never in your life stay with a female friend or a female relative in your house Thandiit doesn’t matter how much you trust your man or your friend or female relative the fact is you don’t know when the devil might strike so never ever ok

***she looked at naledi with a shocked expression***

Naledi: but naledi….

***she interrupted her***

Naledi: Thandi promise me you’ll always protect your marriage with james at all costs  and you’ll never do stupid things like putting other people first before james and your children….i’ll never do you like that and you know it but next time it wont be me it might be one of your friends or your female cousins and boom they bewitch your man and take what belongs to you so please mntase always be wary and be selfish when it comes to your family

***she kept quiet looking down***

Naledi: please don’t invite a snake in your house just because you feel sorry for that person rather book her in a bnb or something but not in your house cause its bad this days Thandi and girls visits sangomas like it’s a new trend so be careful….as for me I love you and I know you love me back and also see me as your little sister and we  trust each other  but  I shouldn’t be an exception Thandi …you are married now you no longer single so start behaving like a married woman 

Thandi: I hear you and get you ok 

Naledi: good

***Thandi smiled lightly***

Thandi: even though you going through shit you still give a good advice

Naledi: im thinking of my nephews Thandi they’ve seen enough aunties and uncles and I know you are kind and all so one day you might invite a snake in a form of a bitch and that person might come between you and james and it will be back to aunties and uncles for my ninjas so no I cant deal shem

***Thandi laughed***

Thandi: you crazy

***naledi smiled***

Thandi: ok then since staying with me and james is out of the question 

***she took her phone and started typing and naledi’s phone beeped and when she checked it her eyes widened ….Thandi send her R1500***

Naledi: tha…Thandi

Thandi: go and look for a backroom or something to rent and also look for a new day care for Lesedi that also do after care

***naledi started crying again***

Naledi: Thandi

Thandi: it’s the least I can do now ledi now stop crying or little miss here might start crying too

Naledi: thank you mntase

Thandi: don’t mention it

**** well they talked some more then Thandi had to leave cause it was getting late and they said their goodbyes and naledi went back inside the house***




***back in the car Thandi called heath ***

Heath: how is she Tee and whats wrong with her

***Thandi sighed***

Thandi: her uncle tried to rape her yesterday his reason being if she sleeps with her the hiv virus in him with automatically leave his body and enter naledi’s

Heath: wait did you just say rape

***she sighed again feeling down***

Thandi: yes heath she looks broken and worst of all her granny is calling her a liar and shes taking her son’s side in all this….but I gave her some money to rent a backroom cause her and her daughter are  not safe anymore in that house

***by now heath was breathing heavily with anger***

Heath: don’t worry I’ll fix this 

Thandi: heath don’t do what I think you’ll do

Heath: Caesar has been sleeping for a while now Tee and that asshole poked him to wake up and trust me  he’ll regret ever hurting  obim( my heart)

Thandi: Caesar….

**** tuu tuu tuu he dropped the call***




**** back in the house it was now night time  around past 8  and naledi was in her bedroom in bed with her daughter when suddenly the was a loud knock on the main door and since koko was watching tv she went to open thinking its thabo and that he was drunk cause that’s what he does when hes drunk he knocks as if its his house…..koko opened the door ready to swear at thabo but it wasn’t thabo heath was standing there looking mad angry and ready to kill someone***

Koko: who are you and why are you….

***he interrupted her***


***he called out for her ***

Koko: hey don’t come to my house and behave like a hooligan now get out


***he called out to her and naledi got out of bed when she heard someone calling her but she didn’t think it was heath and when she got out of her room all the way to the sitting room she stood there shocked  to see heath by the door***

Naledi: hea…heath

Heath: are you ok obim

Naledi: what are you doing here

Heath: pack your things and lets go

Naledi: huh


***naledi stood there shocked by this***

Koko: shes not going anywhere who the hell do you think you are


***he roared***

Naledi: he..heath


Koko: you see now the kind of disrespectful people you bring in my house naledi

Heath: disrespectful? I’ll show you disrespectful when than useless aids ridden son of yours spend the rest of his fucken days in jail

***koko’s eyes widened so did naledi’s***

Koko: you told him….how could you naledi after everything ive done to you I took you in when even your own  mother rejected you and you betray me like that

***heath laughed while naledi was just sobbing silently***

Heath: wow and the Oscar goes to you old hag….the pretence you gave that day at the hospital of crying when naledi was admitted yho 

Koko: nx listen here If my son goes to jail I will never forgive you infact I will disown you and your daughter dare me and you’ll see the other side of me you wont like nx

***then she walked to her bedroom and a loud sob escaped naledi’s mouth ….and heath rushed to  her and he held her tight***

Heath: its gonna be ok obim don’t worry

***naledi couldn’t believe her granny the one that raised her and showed her so much love is the one doing and saying all these things to her***

Heath: go and pack obim please

Naledi: I have nowhere to go heath and im definitely not going to your house

***she said that with a low voice while wiping her tears with the back of her hand***

Heath: ok I wont take you to my house so please go pack

Naledi: heath i…

***he interrupted her***

Heath: naledi go and pack man

***he snapped at her and she turned looking scared and went to her bedroom to pack…..even though she doesn’t trust heath or know him that much  but she knows she cant continue to stay in that house  anymore…… she started thinking that what if thabo shifts his attention  to Lesedi since shes a daughter of an albino…..she swallowed hard and started packing ****


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