Saint: why did you make mommy cry?

***she said walking slowly towards Pops and Pops just stood there frozen with his eyes popped out***

Melusi: wait listen…listen Saint you don’t wanna do what you are about to do cause it will make your mother cry now when that happens will you hurt yourself too for making her cry too

***she stopped walking and turned to look at Melusi***

Saint: I’ll be doing her a favour….i watched when he made her cry the first time and I let it go  and now he did it again

***then she attempted to walk towards Pops but something stopped her***

Saint: stop fighting me beast!

***he shouted then Melusi chanted a protection spell pointing his palm at Pops and it covered him***

Melusi: Saint stop that’s your grandfather you are trying to harm!

*** he said trying to get through to him then she looked up with her mouth opened and black smoke came out of  her mouth***

Jay& Snakes: yhooo!

*** then they cursed and went down for cover looking shaken and she looked at Pops***

Saint: you hurt her…. you pay with your life

***she tried to move towards him but the beast stopped him again***

Saint: I said stop it!

*** then Baba quickly took his phone and dialed Ray’s numbers and he put it on loudspeaker while Saint was busy being stopped by the beast from reaching Pops***

Saint: fine let’s see if you can stop this!

***he said to the beast ***

Voice: hello Mr Khumalo

***Ray answered the call and Saint stopped what he was about to do and turned to Baba***

Ray: Mr Khumalo?

Baba: you are on loud speaker and Skele what what Saint is awake and it wants to harm my son

***he said with a serious tone***

Ray: wait what?

Saint: you going to regret doing that old man!

***he said trying to charge at Baba but the beast stopped him and Melusi chanted the protection spell with his palm pointing at Baba and he was covered with it ***


*** Baba moved the phone towards Saint and Saint stopped***

Saint: ooh I repeat you gonna regret doing that old man!

Ray: እምም ሞትን ያታልላል ይህ ደግሞ ሞትን ያ ( STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING NOW)

*** he spoke using the forbidden language and Saint kept quiet a bit***

Saint: they made mommy cry

Ray: and what you’re about to do wont?

Saint: I’ll be doing her a favor they don’t deserve her 

Ray: all those people in there mean the world to her  and they deserve her and guess what she can’t live without them so trust me when she finds out you hurt them….

***Saint interrupted him**** 

Saint: they made her sad and cry and they should pay!

  Ray: listen Saint you are a demon so you won’t understand how humans live…. Family is everything and humans do make each other mad angry and cry every now and then but that doesn’t mean we kill each other when that happens cause we also make each other happy too 

***Saint didn’t say anything as he was thinking***

Ray: now stop all this or else I’ll tell her you the one that hurt her family members and believe me she’ll be angry with you and she will never forgive you

***Saint didn’t say anything***

Ray: now stop all this nonsense and apologize to your elders now!

***he continued to keep quiet***


***he still didn’t say anything***

Ray: fine your mother will hear about this! 

Saint: ok

***she turned to look at Pops***

Saint: my apologies 

Ray: he’s your grandfather damn it and without him your mother won’t be here so say it like you mean it and never ever try this nonsense again….you think you’re special just because you are tied to my son’s soul right that we can’t do anything to you well guess what if ever you hurt any of her family members or mine  she’ll get stressed to a point that she’ll miscarry and you’ll go back to hell where you belong nx……now you better follow from the beast footsteps and stop acting like you’re untouchable….you know the bible in and out but you fail to follow its teachings!

*** Saint didn’t say anything….it was like he was thinking hard***

Ray: im talking to you Saint! 

Saint: I hear you

Ray: now apologize and go back to sleep you’re straining Mbali and my son with your nonsense

Saint: my apologies grandfather I was trying to protect mommy cause you made her sad it will never happen again and im sorry for disrespecting you and please don’t tell her about all this

***Pops just nodded looking hurt by what was about to happen….he knew his behavior towards Mbali at the hospital was uncalled for but he was just too angry and he also felt like she disrespected him he didn’t mean for all of this to happen….he wondered what would have happened if Ray didn’t answer Baba’s call they would probably be dead by now cause even though the beast was stopping him but it can’t stop that black smoke that’s hanging on the ceiling….Anyway Saint then looked at Baba Melusi and also at Jay and Snakes who were on the floor***

Saint: im sorry for disrespecting all of you im just looking out for mommy

***then she looked up and opening her mouth wide and that black smoke entered her mouth while they were looking at her with their eyes popped out and she looked down and sat on the cold floor and she crossed her legs and bowed her head***


Baba: I think he went back to sleep

Ray: ooh ok

Baba: and Sambulo you need to come here so we can discuss this Saint character thoroughly cause it looks like there’s a lot we don’t know 

Ray: I’ll do just that Mr Khumalo

Baba: good

***then he ended the call and Melusi limped towards Mbali and he saw that her skin was now back to normal and her wet hair now looked dry***

Melusi: let’s take her back to her bedroom

***He said looking at Jay and Snakes who were now on their feet***

Snakes: ungangibheki! ( don’t look at me!)

***Pops just went to her and he picked her up bridal style without saying anything and Melusi opened the door for him and he walked out with her in his arms…then out of the blue  Snakes kicked Melusi on his butt***

Melusi: kuyini manje? (what is it now?)

Snakes: what did you do when you pointed at Pops and Baba speaking gibberish?

Melusi: I was covering them with a protective spell 

Snakes: oho…oho so what about mina no Jay (me and Jay)

***Melusi looked at him with a frown***

Melusi: haw you didn’t need the protection spell at that time 

***Snakes kicked him on his thigh but not too hard***

Snakes: that lunatic demon almost killed us and wena uthi I didn’t need the protection spell at that time

***Melusi just shook his head defeated***

Baba: Nhlaka!

***then Snakes looked at Melusi***

Snakes: this is not over Mr. Gibberish 

***he said pointing at him***

Melusi: you know I can just go upstairs and whisper to Mbali’s belly and tell Saint that you once slapped his mother and have him deal with you

***Snakes eyes popped out and Melusi chuckled***

Snakes: uyangisongela  manje Dlamini?( you’re threatening me now Dlamini)

***limping out***  

Melusi: you started first….you know I cant use a gun or fight like you  and that im younger than you so Saint will be my defense

***Baba chuckled and Snakes went after Melusi***

Snakes: ooh is that how things will be mmmmh I threaten you and you go running to a demon for help

***Melusi smirked***

Melusi: yeah…you have your guns and knives and I have Saint

***then he laughed***

Snakes: masimbakho Melusi (you cunt)

Melusi: nawe nhlaka (you too)

Snakes: uzonya Melusi( you’ll shit yourself Melusi)

Melusi: SAINT!

***he shouted his name and Snakes stopped walking and Melusi laughed***

Melusi: finally Saint waze wangilamulela bo ( finally Saint has come through for me)

***he said laughing and he slowly climbed the stairs***

Snakes: ngizokthola golo ( I’ll get you)

***Melusi laughed***

Melusi: nawe golo lakho msunu

***Snakes rushed to him on the stairs***

Melusi: MA!.... SAINT!

***he shouted laughing and Snakes slapped him at the back of his head***

Ma: yini Melusi…ukuphi?( what’s wrong Melusi….where are you?)

Melusi: uNhlaka uyangi… (Nhlaka is…)

***Snakes covered Melusi’s mouth***

Snakes: voetsek Melusi man

***Melusi chuckled then Snakes let him go***

Ma: WEH MELUSI UKUPHI? ( Melusi where are you)

***she shouted after him***

Snakes: im going to get you back for this mama’s boy

***then he hit him at the back of his head again and he rushed up the stairs leaving Melusi laughing then Ma emerged and she rushed towards Melusi***

Ma: are you ok?....is it painful when you climb the stairs?

***Melusi nodded and Ma rubbed his back***

Ma: ooh mfana wami kuzolunga yezwa( ooh my boy all will be well you hear me)

Melusi: yebo ma

Ma: ok let me help you up the stairs

***she helped him up the stairs ***




***The following morning Ray found Ruslan busy reading a book sitting at the back in the pool house with Miles sleeping peacefully on top of a pillow that Ruslan put on the floor on top of a mat***

Ray: can we talk

Ruslan: don’t worry I bathed him so he’s clean of ticks and viruses

***Ray sighed***

Ray: that’s good so can we…talk

Ruslan: I don’t know are you here to tell me to get rid of Miles?

***Ray sighed and he sat next to him***

Ray: what’s going on with you Ruu….why are you attached to this monkey?

Ruslan: why not….just because it’s a monkey so I shouldn’t be attached to it

***Ray sighed***

Ray: im not here to fight Ruu I just wanna understand what’s going on

Ruslan: I have zombies in my house back home and you worried about me taking care of Miles?

***Ray sighed***

Ray: fine enough about Miles so what did you do to the woman

Ruslan: she’s coming back today well that’s if she already knows her evil creatures are dead for real this time and that Miles is gone and not to mention that her house is burned to the ground

Ray: damn! wait you said evil creatures

Ruslan: yeah I found some evil things under her bed they looked like some evil dwarfs with a horrible smell

Ray: what?

Ruslan: yeah….she killed people around her neighborhood and turned them into those things and she used them to do evil and torment people and that’s the same person that ya’ll wanted help from

***Ray sighed***

Ray: we didn’t know man

Ruslan: well its all good Miles is gonna be fine and she’s gonna die so its all good

Ray: im sorry for my reaction earlier man I just….its a monkey man

***Ruslan chuckled*** 

Ruslan: I know you and pets don’t mix but that doesn’t mean you should watch them suffer where else you could do something about it

Ray: you should’ve been white you know….i mean white people are the ones that care about animal cruelty and shit while many black people don’t…. I mean others even see black cats as evil while white people see them as cute pets

***Ruslan chuckled***

Ruslan: true man even back home people don’t want to see a black cat near them but what they don’t know is they are not born evil humans are the ones using them for evil purposes

Ray: mmmmh true…anyway what you gonna do about this Thandi issue cause it wont be easy man

***Ruslan smiled widely***

Ruslan: I know and what I know too is that I want her

***Ray just shook his head with a smirk***

Ray: did I mention that she’s one crazy woman

***Ruslan laughed***

Ruslan: my kind of woman

***they both laughed*** 

Ruslan: you crazy man and I wish you all the best cause I wasn’t playing when I said her man is from Limpopo

Ruslan: and im from Guinea Bissau and I have zombies rooming around inside my house and yard

***Ray laughed shaking his head***

Ray: you need God in your life man

Ruslan: don’t associate the big man’s name with me or  he might strike you down dead now…. im sure he hates my guts for trying to copy his son

***Ray laughed hard***

Ruslan: well not necessarily copy him cause I only zombify those spirits that  haven’t crossed over yet but you get what im saying but much respect to him and his son though…much respect

***he said the last part hitting his chest with the side of his fist and he did the peace sign with his two fingers pointing up in the sky and Ray laughed harder***

Ray: you and Jabu are just cut from the same rod I don’t know how cause ya’ll aren’t related but you are

***Ruslan chuckled and Ray stopped laughing***

Ray: Saint woke up last night and he nearly showed the Khumalos hell on earth

***Ruslan chuckled***

Ruslan: I know and I watched the whole thing on my crystal ball

Ray: man and you didn’t do anything….what if he hurt them or killed them

Ruslan: and I’ll say good ridden to bad rubbish especially to your father in law

Ray: come on man don’t say that…Mbali loves her father

Ruslan: mmmmh and she doesn’t know that he wants her unborn baby dead

***Ray sighed***

Ruslan: look I get that he’s shocked and confused and mad about the whole Saint La Parca shit but that baby inside his daughter’s womb is innocent in all this he didn’t ask to be conceive hell he didn’t even  ask to have a demon spirit attached to his soul so why want him dead….that old fool is just a hypocrite 

Ray: well he’s being a father Ruu

Ruslan: well im a father and my other son is gay and he’s married to another man in Switzerland but you don’t see me wanting him dead 

***Ray sighed***

Ruslan: I know he’s your father in law to be but I don’t like him….i mean they have beasts and those shitty things are ugly as fuck and smell like wet fur and it’s not a nice smell trust me hell he didn’t even  ask to have a demon spirit attached to his soul so why want him dead….that old fool is just a hypocrite 

Ray: well he’s being a father Ruu

Ruslan: well im a father and my other son is gay and he’s married to another man in Switzerland but you don’t see me wanting him dead 

***Ray sighed***

Ruslan: I know he’s your father in law to be but I don’t like him….i mean they have beasts and those shitty things are ugly as fuck and smell like wet fur and it’s not a nice smell trust me with their ‘peppermint needing’ mouth that smells like a rotting dead animal but you don’t see us judging them

***Ray chuckled***

Ruslan: but I like killer he’s grounded and never acts irrational I think he’s one of those man that think before acting and I respect those kinda man they make great leaders 

***Ray nodded***

Ray: mmmh and can you believe he calls me by my Zulu name which sounds weird cause no one calls me that…well except for Deshaun even though he call me ‘Sam Bull’ instead of Sambulo

***Ruslan chuckled nervously and they kept quiet***

Ray: you do know you gonna have to tell me whatever it is you’re hiding from me one of this days right

***Ruslan sighed***

Ruslan: yeah

***then Miles woke up and Ruslan sighed with relief that Miles waking up  was gonna stop this uncomfortable topic Ray just raised***

Ruslan: hey boy you are awake?…come here and let me check your wounds

***Ray got up***

Ray: let me leave you and your new son….i wonder if Thandi will be able to handle all this maybe I should start calling her mother of monkeys and zombies

Ruslan: your mama…in fact your entire past present and future generation….mxm thunder fire that your dirty mouth

*** he said with a Nigerian accent and Ray laughed loud while walking away**

Ruslan: i wonder too if Mbali will be able to handle La Parca and Saint bloody mumu!

***he shouted looking at Ray who was walking away***

Ray: well she has no choice!

***he shouted back***

Ruslan: well Thandi has no choice too mumu!

***he also shouted back***

Ray: I repeat….her man is from Limpopo bros!

***he shouted laughing and Ruslan chuckled while shaking his head***

Ray: your uncle Ray is too forward and full of shit sometimes right buddy

***he said looking at Miles who was now sitting on his lap busy making monkey sounds***




*** Naledi was now in the bathroom taking a shower…she had mixed emotions with what the doctor said to her well he said he was discharging her the following day but Ike was gonna remain in the hospital until he’s satisfied with him… on the other hand she was happy that she’s finally going home and she’s gonna be with Lesedi and Omphile while on the other hand she was sad that she was going to leave Ike behind….she was lost in thoughts while standing in the shower with warm water pouring  over her when the door opened and she quickly covered her breast and pussy and she remembered that she forgot to lock the door***

Naledi: who is it?

*** she asked but no one answered then Heath walked in naked and her eyes popped out***

Naledi: what…what are you doing here….naked….ohh my God what are you doing?

***she asked him as he closed and locked the door and he limped towards the shower and he got in and switched off the tab and Naledi moved away to the corner and she swallowed hard when her eyes landed on his dick that was growing hard***

Heath: why are you acting like you haven’t sucked on it before

***he said with a smirk and Naledi closed her eyes and looked away swallowing hard***

Naledi: what are you doing here Heath?

Heath: taking a shower with my wife 

Naledi: ple…please leave Heath I need to shower alone

***she said feeling a bit off firstly because those naked pictures of him and that girl washed over her mind and secondly because of her body that wasn’t what it used to be anymore her belly wasn’t flat anymore and it was worse cause she couldn’t do anything about it like to use a waist trainer because of the stab wound and also the C-section wound she needed to heal completely first… she then felt his hands on her back and she froze***

Naledi: He…Heath ple…please go I need to shower 

Heath: I love you Obi m

***she swallowed hard when his hand travelled down***

Heath: thank you for making me a father again to a bouncing baby boy and not forgetting my other boy that is now an angel

***she swallowed hard as tears filled her eyes***

Heath: I messed up and made you cry Obi m and im sorry about that I swear on Bunke I will make it all up to you even if it’s the last thing I do

***she didn’t say anything and he squeezed her butt and she jumped a bit***

Naledi: Heath please stop I need to shower in peace

*** she said trying to sound firm and he got closer to her and she felt his erect dick poking her and her heart started beating fast***

Heath: fine I’ll leave you to shower in peace after doing this

***he quickly turned her face and smashed his lips on hers and she froze….he turned her around and pinned her on the wall with his lips still on hers making sure he doesn’t press himself on her wounds and he sucked on her bottom lip….she didn’t kiss him back for some time but eventually she gave in and Heath moved his hands and he touched her nana and he body stiffened she tried to push  him away but she froze when he started rubbing her clit and an uncontrollable moan escaped her mouth and Heath stopped kissing her and he smirked***

Naledi: Heath pleeaseee stoop

***she said breathing heavily***

Heath: make me Obi m

***he said kissing her neck with his fingers rubbing on her clit in circular motion***

Heath: you are mine Naledi and there’s nothing and no one that’s gonna change that including you

***she moaned loud and he increased his pace she wanted to stop him but she couldn’t cause she knew he had her where he wants her***

Naledi: Heath we cant….i cant…please

***she whispered to him and she immediately gasped when his finger went in and she grabbed him tight on his arms *** 

Heath: I love you so damn much to a point that even muti failed to make me hate you

***he said fingering her in slow motion and she bit her bottom lip as she accepted the feeling of ecstasy he was giving her***

Heath: do you still love me Obi m?

***he asked her and she didn’t say anything she just moaned with her eyes closed and he increased his pace and she moaned out loud***

Heath: I asked you a question Mrs Owoh-Masden

Naledi: i….gosh Heath…we…i

***and he entered another finger and started off with a fast pace with his face closer to hers***

Heath: answer me Obi m

*** he was now breathing closer to her face and she didn’t say anything she was concentrating on the feeling she was getting as he finger fucked her with a fast pace***

Heath: I’ll stop if you don’t answer me

Naledi: don’t…. ooh gosh im close Heath faster…faster

Heath: answer me or I’ll stop

***he was also aroused and his dick was rock hard and painful*** 

Heath: answer me or I’ll stop Naledi

***he went faster and her body stiffened and she groaned holding him tight and she came on his hand and he stopped and looked at her***

Heath: now answer me or I’ll fuck you until you do even though we know we can’t 

***she breathed heavily and swallowed***

Heath: im not kidding Naledi

***he grabbed her hand and made her hold his dick and she gasped***

Heath: can you feel how hard I am so believe me when I say I’ll rip your nana apart if you don’t answer me

***she swallowed hard as she could see he was serious she wanted to say the three words but it was hard for her***

Naledi: I…I still lo…love you

***he smiled feeling relieved***

Heath: say…say that again

***he said moving her hand up and down his rock hard dick looking intensely at her and Naledi swallowed hard***

Naledi: I still love you but…but I don’t think I trust you with my heart anymore

***he perked her lips***

Heath: as long as you still love me it’s enough Obi m and as for your trust I’ll earn it back

***then he moved his face and he whispered to her***

Heath: turn around

Naledi: huh?

Heath: turn around I need to release before I bust

***her eyes popped out as she thought that he was about to do anal sex with her***

Naledi: ummm Heath I think you should go now I need to…ummm to shower

Heath: I said turn around Naledi

***she swallowed hard feeling scared and she slowly turned around and she felt his hand on her appetizing butt and he caressed it first then he grabbed it and squeezed and he groaned from deep down his throat….she stood there waiting to be penetrated but all he did was tighten his grip on her butt while groaning then she heard the sound “well ya’ll know which sound im talking about” and she realized that he was self-servicing himself he went for some time caressing grabbing and squeezing her butt with his other hand….his grip got tighter and tighter and he groaned out loud and he came on her ass and loosened the grip***

Heath: listen here Obi m from here onwards its forward we go and not backward I know I messed up and failed you big time and im willing to do anything possible to fix us and our marriage and I won’t rest until I do….now take a quick shower and come join me and Ike we have serious things we need to discuss that I think I should’ve told you when we met

***he kissed her cheek and he open the tab water and he washed his dick briefly and his hands then he walked out and Naledi turned and she sighed…..she wondered what is it  that he wanted to discuss with her that sounded serious she hoped it’s not a “im sorry but i once cheated on you” kind of discussion cause he heart is still recovering from those pictures so another heart break will surely break her some more***


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