***On their way the was silence in the car as Jabu was driving…. the radio  station that they were listening to was playing old school jams  and Jabu was nodding to them while Heath was quietly staring into space***

Jabu: o shap Mshikaro? ( are you ok)

***Heath nodded and Jabu sighed***

Jabu: sa wara go tlo loka mfowethu Modimo a se stlaela and ga robala ( don’t worry all will be well God is not a fool and he’s not asleep)

***Heath just clenched his jaws and silence filled the car for some time until Heath spoke***

Heath: park on the side of the road im not feeling well

***and Jabu didn’t catch on his sudden change of tone****

Jabu: heh?...umm ok ema nyana o sa tlhatsetsa ka mo karing ya ka my bra assomblief  ( wait don’t vomit inside my car please)

***he said quickly parking on the side of the road and immediately Heath jumped on him punching him on his face***

Jabu: Mshikaro wetsang mfowethu? (Mshikaro what are you doing man)

***he said blocking him but it was hard cause Heath’s seatbelt wasn’t strapped in so it wasn’t hard for him to hit Jabu especially using his elbow and fists***

Jabu: Shaka what the fuck!

***he said pushing Heath away from him and he tried to undo the seatbelt but Heath tried to stop him by hitting him with an elbow on his face….the fight went on and on and Heath was now grabbing Jabu tight with his throat trying to strangle him with one hand while the other one was busy punching him on his stomach***

Observer: you snitch ass motherfucker….im gonna show you what I do to snitches bitch!!

***He said hitting him hard with Jabu trying to block him and also trying to remove his hand on his throat but he was just too strong….then Jabu saw that Observer could actually kill him so he reached for his gun under the seat and when Observer saw him reaching for something he bumped his own  head on Jabu’s head hard and he tried to reach for the gun himself but Jabu fought through the pain and he reached for it first and he didn’t waste time he shot heath on his thigh and as he groaned with pain he hit him with the back of his gun on the side of his head and Heath immediately passed out…..Jabu was bleeding from his nose upper lip and he had a cut on his left eyebrow that was bleeding too***

Jabu: fuck!

***he said undoing his seatbelt and he took off his shirt and was only left with a vest and he quickly cleaned his face and he took off his shoelaces and tied Heath…..then he took off Heath’s belt and he tied Heath’s bleeding thigh to minimize the bleeding and he strapped Heath with a seatbelt and he took his phone and dialed Ray***

Ray: Jabs its really bad man….that fucker burned the house down bros 

***Jabu groaned as his head was pounding hard***

Ray: Jabu what’s wrong….are you ok

Jabu: Observer attacked me just now saying he’s gonna show me what he does to snitches

Ray: WAIT WHAT? are you ok?

***he asked with an alarmed voice***

Jabu: yeah but he’s not I shot him on the thigh to stop him from wasting me

Ray: shit…shit…shit…where are you?

Jabu: on the way to the sangoma….look I’ll send you our  gps coordinates so wena hurry and bring your first aid kit cause he’s bleeding man

Ray: ok we’re on our way hang in there

***then they kept quiet a bit***

Ray: bros you know that wasn’t Ezeh right

***Jabu sighed***

Jabu: I know big Ray…. Mshikaro would never do this to me that’s why we need to find him help asap

Ray: yeah…. ok i see you when we get there

Jabu: sho

***they ended the call and Jabu looked at Heath and he sighed shaking his pounding head and he started the ignition and drove away***




*** They arrived at the sangoma’s house and Jabu send Ray his GPS coordinated and he got out of the car and went inside the yard all the way to the back and he found the sangoma busy mixing her herbs while humming a song***

Jabu: dimamzo

Mahlobola: ahhh Jabu ke neng ke eme ( Jabu I have been waiting)

Jabu: jah eish askies dimamzo ke kopane le jaive nyana mo tseleng (sorry I uncounted some trouble on the way)

Mahlobola: mmmmh o kae yena? (where is he?)

Jabu: ko karing( in the car)…nkane ka bula gate e golo so ke gone go driver in? ( can I open the big gate so I can drive in?)

Mahlobola: mmmmh tsena ka mo ntlung o tseye key ka mo laiking ya bobedi after ya maswana ( go inside the house and take the key inside the second drawer after the one that has cutleries in it) 

***Jabu nodded and he went inside her house and he came out with the keys and went to open the big gate and he drove in with the passed out Heath on the passenger seat and he got out and the sngoma went to the car and when she saw Heath passed out bleeding from his thigh the side of his head and passed out she looked at Jabu who sighed***

Jabu: o tlhoka thuso dimamzo…..o fetsa go lwa le nna blaen ge re tla mo(he really needs help….he just fought me on our way here)

Mahlobola: mo ise ko store rumung ( take him to the storage room)

***Jabu unbuckled the seatbelt and dragged him to the store room and laid him on top of a rug he found in there and sat next to him pressing his bloodied shirt on Heath’s wound to try and  stop the bleeding….then the sangoma walked in***

Jabu: ke kopa something for tlhogo eish ya opa blaen dimamzo ( can I have something for the head its pounding hard)

****she nodded and walked out and came back with a glass of water and some painkillers and Jabu drank***

Mahlobola: othomile neng? (when did he start?)

Jabu: after ke fetsa go tswa ko suncity( after I came out of prison)

Mahlobola: mmmmh

***she said that looking at Heath***

Jabu: broer  wa gae wetla otlo ntsha bullet le go stopa madi ke doctor and sa wara wa believer mo dilong tsa setso (his brother is on his way and he’s gonna take out the bullet and stop the bleeding he’s a doctor and don’t worry he believes in traditional things)

***The sangoma nodded***

Mahlobola: ok e re ko felelletsa go mixer ditlhare tsa gae ( let me go finish mixing his herbs)

Jabu: makhosi

***he said bowing a bit and the sangoma walked out***




***Ray parked outside next to the gate and he sighed and when he looked at Ruslan as he had a frown on his face***

Ray: what’s wrong?

Ruslan: im not going in there

Ray: huh? why?

Ruslan: that old bitch is just cruel and if I go in there I’ll just turn her into a mad woman and release that badly treated and locked up monkey in there and burn this house down

***He said with an angry voice and Ray looked at him like he’s crazy***

Ray: bros we are here for Ezeh and not the monkey and the monkey’s owner or you burning things down

***he wasn’t shocked of the things Ruslan saw with the naked eye anymore***

Ruslan: just go in and save your brother and let me be

***Ray just shook his head and he got out and opened the back door and took out his medical bag and looked at Ruslan***

Ray: im coming and don’t do something stupid abeg

Ruslan: piss off man and listen here whatever you hear in there make sure you calm the fuck down 

***Ray frowned at him***

Ruslan: and you are still here….mumu just go in jorr

***Ray chuckled and he walked in the yard shaking his head….

He was now busy with Heath and after he was done with removing the bullet and bandaging him Heath stirred a bit then he opened his eyes and scanned the room and saw Jabu and Ray***

Heath: Ja…Javas what happened?

***Jabu just got up and he walked out  and Heath looked at Ray***

Heath: big Ray what….

***Ray interrupted him***


***Heath tried to sit up but he felt pain on his head and thigh then he groaned***

Ray: how can you let Observer attack Jabu Ezeh mmmmh? have you become so weak that you let your personalities attempt to kill your family members now….who’s gonna be next Naledi Omphile Lesedi or even Ikechukwu?

Heath: w..what?


***he shouted at him***

Heath: Ray I swear….

***Ray interrupted him***

Ray: shut up…..i don’t wanna hear it…..i told you he threatened to harm your wife and kids and you still let him take control and he ended up hurting your brother so I don’t want you stupid excuses nx

***he said untying him and he took his bag and walked out leaving Heath feeling like his world was coming to an end***

Heath: how dare you….how could you hurt my brother you piece of shit on top of it you threatened my family my fucken family!

***he said crying then he calmed down breathing heavily***

Heath: don’t forget you are nothing without me and don’t think you are the alter ego Observer because there’s someone better and more dangerous than you in there….the same one that made me survive that torture and once I let him out you’ll cease to exist cause he doesn’t like you much so hurt my family ever again and I’ll have him lock you up in there and you’ll become the observer just like your stupid name says nx

***he said talking to himself with a serious tone now and tears still all over his face***

Heath: I know you can hear me so get this…..I created you and I can also destroy you Observer dare me again and you’ll see nx

***he then wiped his tears off and he took his time getting up and he limped out of the room and Jabu Ray and the sangoma were sitting next to her indumba (a sacred healing hut) and when the sangoma saw him she got up***

Mahlobola: lets go in….remember to take your shoes off

***she went inside her hut (her sacred healing hut)***




Mahlobola: ke bona leru le le ntsho mo wena di bati le sqetho ( I see a dark cloud hanging over you bad lucks and witchcraft used on you )

***Heath clenched his jaws along with his brothers then he looked at Jabu***

Mahlobola: waitsi ga rate go bolela mabitso a batho ke a bolela fela ge ke tlhatlhoba wena (you know I don’t like saying people’s names

ke a bolela fela ge ke tlhatlhoba wena (you know I don’t like saying people’s names I only do that with you)

Jabu: go lokile nkane wa bolela gogo so a itse nnete gore a kgone go kereya thuso ( you can say them gogo so that he knows the truth and gets the help he needs)

***the sangoma then looked at Heath and Ray***

Mahlobola: la dumela?

Heath: yebo gogo

***Ray just nodded and the sangoma went ahead and talked to her ancestors groaning  like traditional healers do when they communicate with their ancestors***

Mahlobola: mme wa lona o nale pelo entsho  and matsogo a gae a tletse ka madi a batho ba ba senang molato….. gape o go jisitse mo ditorong and a be a tshela sqitho mo gating ya ntlu ya gao  (your mother has an evil heart and her hands are full of blood of the innocents….and she’s the one that bewitched you ) 

***they all looked at each other….the sangoma didn’t do what most traditional healers usually do when they communicate with the ancestors…she would just read the bones shaking her head and groaning then she would tell the guys what they say***

Mahlobola: ga a batle mosadi wa gao and otlo etsa eng kapa eng go le tlhalansa (she doesn’t like your wife and she’s do anything to break you two up)

***Heath swallowed hard and she groaned some more agreeing to something for some time moving his ancestral bone from one place to another turning them upside down and putting them to their original position again while agreeing to something***

Mahlobola: o go tshetse sqetho gore o tlhoye mosadi wa gao (she bewitched you into hating your wife) 

Jabu: heh? 

***she nodded***

Mahlobola: gape ne go tlo fitlha nako mo ne o tlo thomang  go beya mosadi wa gao letsogo e be a go tlhale  (the would’ve  come a time where you’ll hit your wife and she’ll end up leaving you)

Jabu: I cant believe this!

***then she looked at Heath***

Mahlobola: go nale nako engwe ne o ikutlwa o tenega ge o bona kana o nagana ka mosadi wa gao….dumela ge ke bolela nnete or gana ge e se nnete( there is a time when you get annoyed when you see or think of your wife….agree if im telling the truth or decline when im not)

***Heath swallowed hard***

Heath: ke..ke nnete( it’s the truth)

***the sangoma nodded clapping her hands ***

Mahlobola: lerato le o naleng lona for mosadi wa gao ke lona le le etsitseng gore sqitho se se bereke slow (the only thing that made you not give in fully to that feeling is the love you have for her)

***she groaned and Heath clenched his jaws ***

Jabu: gogo o ka mo thusa? (gogo can you help him?)

***she nodded***

Mahlobola: mmmmh mara nkase kgone go mo thusa ka se seleng mo tlhaloganyong ya gae gape a gona motho o a ka kgonang go mo thusa…. yena ka bo yena ke yena a ka ithusang (mmmmh but I cant help him with what is in his head infact no one can except himself)

***they nodded while Heath just looked down thinking about his mother bewitching him he was feeling extremely angry but he didn’t want any of his personalities to take over so he fought them back….the sangoma then looked at Ray***

Mahlobola: wa itse gore o tlisitseng mo lefatsheng le gape le di tla morago tsa teng? (you know what you brought into this world right and the consequences?)

Ray: yes

***he said clenching his jaws and the sangoma sighed while  Jabu looked at Ray who didn’t even look his way***

Heath: but…but my grandmother ke moporofita (she’s a seer) yes she told me gore ke loilwe( that im bewitched) but my question is ne a sa bone gore ke ngwana gae a nketsang so? ( didn’t she see that its her daughter who was doing that to me?)

***the sangoma shook her head***

Mahlobola:  o lwa ntwa ya semoya so tlhogo ya gae e kopa kopane (she’s going through what I call a spiritual fight so she’s not on a right state of mind) 

***then she raised her head and looked at Ray***

Mahlobola: diphiri le makunutu di tlotswa and go tlo senyega gape ke bona le lekase

***then she groaned looking down and everyone’s eyes popped out***

Mahlobola: hei makhosi!

***she said clapping her hands then she looked at Ray again***

Mahlobola: ke wena glue e e tlo tshwarang family ya lona go re e tiye….ke wena fela so gore o etsang ge diphiri tseo di tswa ke sona se se tlo tiisang family or se tlo e thubang ( you are the glue that’s gonna hold your family tight….you are the only person so when the secrets come out your reaction is the only thing that’s gonna keep your family together or break it)

***then she looked down and groaned clapping her hands***

Mahlobola: makhosi

***Jabu clapped his hands too then she looked at Heath***

Mahlobola: ke tlo go fa setlhare and o seberikisa go kolomaka teng ka speit  and se sengwe o ghaba ka sona….and se sengwe gape o tlhapa ka sona fela o sa berekisi sesepa and o se boledise se sengwe o tlo senwa everyday go fitlhella se fela and sa bo felo re tlo se tlhakantsha le Vaseline and o tlo se tshatsa ge o fetsa go tlhapa (im gonna give you a herb to help you clean your system and another one to help you vomit the muti out….and other one you’ll use it to wash your body without using a soap and you should tell it what to do while you’re bathing another one will be to drink every day until its finished and the last one we will mix it with Vaseline and you’ll use it as a body lotion after taking your bath)

Jabu&Heath: makhosi!

Jabu: how many times should he use them in a day gogo?

Mahlobola: sa go ghaba o ghaba mo le speiti o peita mo ge a fetsa o tlhapa a be a aramele then o tsamaya le tsa go tlhapa sa go nwa le sa go tshasa and  o di berekisa gabedi mo letsatsing vroeg le bosigo ( he’ll use the one that will clean his system here and even the one that will help him vomit out the muti here then he will bath and steam….after he’s done  he will leave with the one he will use to bath drink and use as a body lotion and he will use them in the morning and at night )

***Jabu nodded***

Mahlobola: gape ko go tlhabela gore baloi ba se tlhole ba tshamekela mo wena (I’ll have to strengthen you so witches don’t see you as play thing)

***he said looking at Heath***

Jabu&Heath: makhosi!




*** she was busy with Heath in her sacred healing hut while Ray and Jabu were sitting outside…Ray went to Ruslan but he didn’t find him in the car and he also tried to call him but his  phone send him straight to voicemail***

Jabu: but he doesn’t know anyone here so where is he?

Ray: I don’t know but what I know is that he’s safe so don’t worry

Jabu: ai dai bra van jou o complicated and weird bros ( that brother of yours is complicated and weird)

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: i won’t argue with you on that….let’s just say he’s special but what I love about him is he takes loyalty very serious and if he lets you in  his circle then he’ll have your back no matter what but if he doesn’t let you in his circle then you are fucked

Jabu: damn….anyway what did he mean by “Thandi will be his wife?”

Ray: lets just say he sees a wife in Thandi and she’s the first woman ever to make him even consider marriage….. and im afraid when he’s made up his mind there’s no turning back man

Jabu: Thandi is practically married Big Ray you know that

Ray: you think I don’t know that…..but like I said when he has made up his mind there’s no turning back man

***Jabu shook his head then they heard  sound inside the house and they looked at each other***

Ray: is there someone in the house?.... I thought she lived alone

Jabu: I don’t know…a ke sure (im not sure)

***he said getting up and Ray also got up and they went towards the door and Jabu slowly opened the door and he cursed moving back***


Ray: really Ruslan?

***Ruslan was busy brushing a monkey’s head smiling wide as it was eating while sitting on the table***

Ruslan: he’s cute right

***he asked with a smile on his face***

Jabu: where…how….what the fuck is a monkey doing in here!

***he asked shocked***

Ruslan: why don’t you ask that old bitch that’s been starving Miles here

Ray: Miles?

Ruslan: yeah I named him that and he likes it….right Miles

***he said the last part smiling at the monkey and it made noise then it stopped and continued to eat***

Mahlobola:  go etsagalang mo? (what’s going on here?)

***she asked walking in and she froze when she saw her monkey with Ruslan and Jabu also froze not knowing what to say to her and the monkey quickly got off the table and hid behind Ruslan***

Ruslan: you bitch how dare you starve your servant….how can you be this heartless…..Miles serves you and does all your dirty work and you have the fucken nerve to starve him!

Jabu: wh…what?

Ray: bros abeg not now or here biko

Ruslan: then when Ray if not here….Miles here work hard to make sure she gets what she wants and she has the rotten nerve to ill-treat him 

***Ray sighed cause he could see that he was actually serious***

Mahlobola: o mang wena and o tsene byang ka mo ntlung ya ka ( who ae you and how did you get inside my house)

Ruslan: oooh and she has the nerve to talk back at me mmmmh?

Ray: Ruslan calm down please!!

Ruslan: DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN…WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY?….Jabs what did she just say to me?

***Jabu swallowed hard***


Jabu: ummm she was just asking who you are and how you got inside her house

Ruslan: good cause I was ready to fuck her up

Mahlobola: ke rile o mang wena…and o kereya kae sebete sa go tsena ka mo ntlung ya ka o tshwara tshwara le dilo tsa ka? ( I said who are you and where do you get the nerve to get inside my house and touch my things)

Ray: he…he’s with me gogo im sorry for all this….jabs

Jabu: o tlile le rona dimamzo and sorry for go phapha ga gae( he came with us dimamzo and sorry he’s too forward)

Mahlobola: hei tswa ka mo ntlung ya ka before ke o romela ka tladi nou! ( hei get out of my house before I send a lighting to you)

***she warned him***

Ruslan: what did she just say to me?

***he asked Jabu**

Jabu: ummm she said you should get out before she sends a lightning to you

Ruslan: ooh so she’s threatening me now

Ray: Ruslan abeg stop

***he begged him but it fell on deaf ears***

Ruslan: no Ray this old bitch is actually threatening me…me Ruslan

Ray: what the hell do you expect….you in her house uninvited feeding her…. “pat”

Ruslan: I don’t give a fuck…..Jabs tell her if she wants to take me on then its fucken on

***Jabu swallowed hard looking from Ruslan to the sangoma***

Ruslan: im waiting Jabs…translate!

***Ray sighed in defeat***

Jabu: ummmm….ummmm…. dimamzo a re….eish Ruslan man just apologize and leave her house and her…things man please

Ruslan:  I said translate what I said to her using her gibberish language so she understands

Mahlobola: ke tlo o bontsha gore ke mang wena….o tsena mo ntlung ya ka ebile o tshwara tshwara dilo tsaka…. ke tlo go bontsha mmao kajeno! ( I show you who I am…..you get inside my house and you also touch my things….I’ll show you your mother today)  

***she then walked out going back to her hut mumbling things***

Ray: Ruslan stop man please

Ruslan: fine since you don’t want to tell her then my actions will!

Ray: Ruslan!

***he warned him***

Ruslan: keep out of this Ray it doesn’t concern you…..i need to show this old bitch what real witches and real wizards can do

Ray: you’re acting crazy now Ruslan!

Ruslan: cra…did you just say crazy…..fine I’ll show you through her what crazy is!

Jabu: witches and wiz…..ehh Big Ray o bolela kang die man? ( what is this man talking about?)

***he asked with a shocked and confused expression on his face but Ray ignored him***

Ruslan: I need to teach this old witch how servants should be treated…..can you believe I found Miles here with a chain around his neck…a fucken chain Ray there was no bed mattress or even a sponge for him to sleep on…the room he was locked in is filthy and stinking and his plate looked like it has never been washed before….there’s poop and a strong smell of urine all over….. that bitch didn’t even put at least a bucket for him to help himself in it but im sure she can take her fat ass and go take a  shit in a toilet

*** he said with an angry voice***

Jabu: AMEN!........  akitsi gore kere bo ke boloi or ke thomile go bona dilo le go utlwa metlholo or banloile lenna… entlek keng tsona tse? ( I don’t know whether I should say this is witchcraft or im starting to see and hear things or maybe im also bewitched ……what the hell is all this?)

***he said confused and also freaked out a bit***

Ray: Jabu abeg go see if Heath is almost done or not so we get the hell out of here

***then they heard the sangoma shouting a bit***

Mahlobola: etswa ka moo ke tlo o bontsha gore ke mang mpya ke wena ( get out of there so I can show you what im capable of you stupid dog)




****TO BE CONTINUED!!!!****


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