***she screamed standing by the door with tears running down her cheeks and heath quickly grabbed the throw that was on top of the bed and he covered Naledi and he got off the bed searching for his underwear  and lerato quickly charged towards Naledi and she grabbed her by her hair and she slapped her hard across her face and she pulled her out of the bed with Naledi screaming out loud and heath grabbed lerato from behind pulling her away from Naledi***

Lerato: how could you heath…..i trusted you and you do me like this with this cursed bitch

***heath turned her around and grabbed her by her upper arm pointing at her***


*** out of the blue lerato kicked heath on his groin( private parts) and heath held his groin and he cursed in pain and he went down to the floor still in pain and lerato rushed to Naledi who was still on the floor crying and she kicked her on her stomach  and also on the face and  Naledi fell back and she got on top of her and she started throwing punches on her face ….heath got up quickly still in pain and he went to his drawer and he took out his belt and he limped to lerato and he grabbed her  by her weave and dragged her out of the bedroom he let her go and swung the belt and it landed on her back and she screamed trying to hold where the pain was and heath hit her again and she continued to screamed***

Heath: FUCK YOU LERATO YOU HEAR ME FUCK YOU…THIS IS MY FUCKEN HOUSE AND IF YOU PULL THAT FUCKEN STUNT YOU JUST PULLED AGAIN  I’LL FUCKEN KILL YOU….YOU DEY SABI ( do you understand) nx  now commot (leave) before I lose it with you and don’t ever come to my house uninvited

***lerato sat on the floor crying***


***he roared and lerato quickly stood up and as soon as she got up she held her stomach and screamed in pain ***

Heath: fuck whats wrong

***he asked already in panic mode***

Lerato: pain…uhhhhh

***she said that and screamed holding her belly and heath scooped her up bridal style and he went down the  stairs with her and he put her on the couch***

Heath: let me go get dressed ….try to breath baby ok  

***lerato nodded and heath ran upstairs and he quickly went to the closet and got dressed and he rushed out the door leaving Naledi on the floor crying and he picked his car keys and picked lerato up and he immediately  saw blood from where she was sitting***

Heath: fuck nooo fuck nooo

Lerato: heath

***she said that crying***

Heath: its ok baby its ok

*** he said that rushing  out and he unlocked the car and he put  her in and also got in and he drove out in total speed to the hospital***




***naledi got up in pain her face was burning and her right eye was extremely painful and it felt like it was getting swollen by the second and so was her right cheekbone she had a cut on her bottom lip and blood was coming out of her nose  and her ribs were also painful…..she limped to the bathroom with tears gushing out of her eyes and as soon as she looked  at the mirror more tears gushed out when she saw how her face was she opened the shower and got in and after a while she got out and dried herself and used heath’s lotion and she got  dressed and she limped downstairs and as soon as she got in the lounge she saw blood on one of the couches and she swallowed hard….. she limped herself outside and she only saw one car she didn’t recognise and heath’s car wasn’t where it was parked…..more tears came out and she limped herself back to  the house and she sat on one of the couches as reality kicked in that heath left with lerato and he left  her all alone and wounded and the worst part is her bags are in his car and her phone is also in her handbag…..  she laid on the three sitter couch and she just closed her eyes with tears gushing out***




*** at the hospital as soon as they wheeled lerato away heath came back to his senses and he remembered that he left naledi all alone back at his house and probably wounded after lerato attacked her and he took out his phone and called her but it rang unanswered a couple of times then he called jabu***

Jabu: nja yami ( my dog)

Heath: I need a favour jabu

Jabu: ok z’khiphani ( whats wrong)

Heath: im at the hospital lerato attacked naledi at the house and she started bleeding and I left naledi all alone when I rushed lerato here and now shes not answering her phone….please go and check on her for me 

Jabu: fuck ok im on my way there now now

Heath: sho bafo

***they ended the call and heath tried calling naledi again while pacing up and down and her phone still rang unanswered and he huffed frustrated****




**** jabu arrived at heath’s house and he got out of his car and went inside and as soon as he stepped in the lounge he saw blood on the couch and naledi sleeping on the other couch and he went to her and shook her then she flinched and she opened her eyes slowly but only one eye opened cause the other one was badly swollen and closed***

Jabu: fuck….sit up nana

***she did slowly while flinching and jabu took out his phone and dialled heath pissed off as hell***

Heath: did you find her

Jabu: voetsek man heath… how can you leave her alone like this  

Heath: like what?

Jabu: you are full of shit heath you chose to rush that bitch to the hospital and you left the woman you claim you love looking like she was hit by a train all alone …are you fucken out of your mind 

Heath: will you stop insulting me and give naledi the phone

Jabu: shes badly injured mshikaro  her one eye is swollen and closed and she flinches with pain when she moves and her lip is cut why….

***heath interrupted her***

Heath: whh…what

Jabu: I need to take her to the hospital shes not looking good

Heath: fuck…fuck ….look give….

***tuu tuu tuu tuu… jabu dropped the call***

Jabu: where’s your bag

Naledi: in…inside heath’s car

Jabu: ok lets go

***he helped her up and she flinched in pain with tears gushing out and jabu just scooped her up and he rushed to his car and put her in it slowly and he went back to the house and he locked the door and got in his car and drove out……. Heath was now pacing up and down while brushing his head roughly and his heart heavy he couldn’t believe he left naledi all alone and wounded …..his heart was beating fast and guilt washed up all over him he was feeling like shit now….. he called jabu’s numbers again and he answered***

Jabu: mshikaro

Heath: how far are you

Jabu: give me 10 minutes

Heath: fuck ok

***they ended the call ***

Voice: lerato Moeketsi

***heath quickly turned and it was the doctor and he rushed to him***

Heath: how is she…how my baby

***the doctor sighed***

Doctor: she’s gonna be ok but im sorry she lost the baby

***heath stood there frozen looking at the doctor and the doctor patted his shoulder and he told him which room she was in  and he walked away and heath sat down with tears running down his cheeks***

Heath: fuck not again

***he said that to himself with his elbows on his thighs and his hands on top of his head….. he stayed like that for some time until he heard jabu’s voice calling for help and he stood up quickly and he rushed to him and when his eyes landed on naledi’s face he froze his hands were  shaking with anger and his heart beating out of its ribcage….naledi was put on the stretcher and wheeled away and jabu turned to heath and he saw his eyes where blood shot red ***

Jabu: bros

Heath: she… she did that to her

Jabu: what happened heath I saw the blood and naledi also looks bad

***heath walked to the benches and jabu followed him and they sat down and heath looked down with his jaws clenched***

Heath: lerato lost the baby

Jabu: shit…hade boy ( im sorry)

Heath: naledi will never forgive me for this….she warned me to deal with this lerato issue before involving her but I was hell bend on making her mine and I didn’t listen to her

Jabu: what happened

***heath told him what happened and jabu chuckled lightly***

Jabu: so the bitch kicked your nuts

Heath: eish joh the pain I felt yeses

***then he kept quiet***

Heath: I cant lose her jabu…. My heart wont be able to take it 

Jabu: she might surprise you and become understanding of all this

***heath shook his head no***

Heath: I left her wounded I didn’t even check if she’s ok…. my mind was on the baby I just wanted the baby to be ok and I neglected naledi the same day we made things official…the same day she made me promise that she wont have to deal with baby mama drama….i failed her bros…I fucken failed her and the same baby I chose over her didn’t even make it  

***jabu just squeezed his shoulder not knowing what to say…..heath decided to call lerato’s sister karabo and he told her lerato is in hospital and she lost the baby and after some time she arrived with her fiancé***

Karabo: where’s my sister…what happened 

***heath told her the room she was in and she quickly went there and heath sat there staring into space while jabu was on the phone with Thandi who was hysterical about naledi being hospitalised because of lerato***

Jabu: Thandi please man I need to fill this form will you stop with your swearing and answer my questions 

Thandi: fine but when I get there I’ll deal with that bitch

Jabu: she just lost a baby man Thandi just….

***she interrupted him***

Thandi: I don’t give a fuck im gonna make sure to panel beat her so bad that even that  pain off losing a baby seems like a piece of cake compared to the physical pain she will be feeling nx

***jabu just huffed frustrated***





I opened my eyes but only one opened….then i remembered that I was in hospital and  jabu brought me here…I cleared my throat since it’s a little dry and   heath quickly stood up from the chair he was sitting on ***

Heath: obim( my heart) you are awake


Me: wa..water

***he adjusted the hospital bed and helped me drink water with a straw and he put the glass back on the side drawer and looked at me with clenched jaws***

Heath: im sorry obim…please forgive me

***I just looked away with tears coming out***

Heath: I just panicked when she screamed while holding her belly and all that was on my mind was my baby…im sorry I neglected you obim im sorry please forgive me

***I just closed my eye with yesterday’s events running on my mind I cant believe what happened yesterday really happened…I warned him to not involve me on his complicated life but he didn’t listen to me***

Heath: she lost the baby 

***I just kept quiet with my eyes closed***

Me: please leave

Heath: obim abeg ( please)  don’t push me away 

Me: heath leave please I don’t wanna talk to you or see you or to even listen to you

***he didn’t say anything seconds later I heard the door opening then closing again and I sighed and opened my eye and I scanned the room appropriately and I was in a private ward….i started to panic a bit cause I don’t have a medical aid and I can tell im in a private hospital then the door opened and Thandi who was carrying my bags  and my grandmother and Lesedi walked in and koko immediately started crying….. she gave the sleeping  Lesedi to Thandi and she walked to me***

Koko: oooh modimo ngwanangwanaaka (oooh God

my granddaughter)

****I didn’t say anything I just cried and she wiped my tears***

Thandi: im sorry mntase

***she said that with tears threatening to come out ***

Me: i don’t have a medical aid Thandi why did he bring me here 

Thandi: its sorted don’t worry

Koko: who will pay for the bill Thandi cause I wont be able to 

Thandi: my…my brother will koko he doesn’t mind plus she got hurt at home so its only fair we make sure she’s well taken of 

***koko nodded and I eyed Thandi and she looked away so they lied to koko***

Koko: so where is the girl she fought with

Thandi: she was also badly injured so they took her to another hospital 

Koko: nx god will punish her for doing this to my granddaughter

***well the truth is im glad they lied to her imagine the shame when she knows that I got beaten up by some guy’s baby mama cause she caught us naked on the bed and she lost her unborn baby because of that and worst part I hardly know the guy or his surname or whether he’s south African or not since he speaks a foreign language every now and then so im glad they lied to her***

Me: please put Lesedi on top of me I miss her

***I said that to Thandi and she did gently since she was sleeping and I held her tight…… well we chatted lightly until visiting hours were over and they had to leave I kissed Lesedi all over her face making her to giggle( she was awake now)***

Koko: I’ll call you tonight ok

Me: ok koko

Koko: take care of yourself so they will discharge you ka pele( early )  and you’ll come home

Me: eya koko ( yes granny)

***she kissed my cheek and she took the now crying Lesedi cause she didn’t want to leave without me and they walked out with me all emotional cause I also didn’t want her to leave ***

Thandi: we will talk during the evening visit ok

***I nodded and she walked out and I just closed my eyes as tears gushed out and soon after the door opened I opened my eyes and heath was standing there with his eyes blood shot red he looked like a mess***

Heath: im sorry

***I looked away***

Heath: I love you naledi so much it hurts and I can’t lose you please don’t leave me I know I fucked up big time but please don’t leave me

***I continued to keep quiet while looking away….mxm I told him I don’t want him here and yet he still came  back***

Heath: please say something obim

Me: please leave

Heath: naledi

Me: please go heath its over 

***I said that with a shaky voice***

Heath: no 

Me: what happened between us shouldn’t have happened and none of the things that happened afterwards wouldn’t have happened too….i wouldn’t be laying on this hospital bed with a messed up face and bruised ribs  and lerato wouldn’t have miscarried 

***he didn’t say anything for a while***  

Heath: im sorry obim  about what happened I know you probably hate me now but know that I love you and im never letting you go

***then he opened the door and walked out and more tears came out***




*** its been a month  since I was discharged from the hospital and let’s say I’ve completely healed as for heath I haven’t heard from him since and even though it hurts a bit but im glad he kept away from me who knows maybe he fixed things with lerato and they are happy again….well work is work and Thandi is the same old Thandi crazy as hell. As for my uncle thabo well he’s back he came back about two weeks back and he looks skinnier and darker well koko said alcohol is the one that is making him look like this but I suspect he’s sick I mean even his bottom lip is red and it looks burned ( you know what I mean right)anyway I just knocked off from work and im ready to leave ***

Thandi: see you tomorrow mntase

Me: yep and say hi to hubby and the kids 

****well now she lives in soshanguve block vv with james and her kids they bought a house there and james even paid for her lobola( dowry) she looks happy shem  and that makes me happy***

Thandi: ok and  wena say hi to magriza ( your granny) and kiss nonos wa mmamogolo( Lesedi) for me

Me: ok I will bye 

***I kissed her cheek and took my things and I walked away while saying goodbye to my other colleagues then bonolo spoke nx ***

Bonolo: mmmh the cursed bitch is leaving now eish thank God  we can breathe clean air now 

Me: atleast im cursed wena what about that drop ( std) you have I mean you even smell like a dead animal  mxm I would get checked out if I was you cause I also cant stomach that smell

*** whomever heard that gasped and looked   shocked probably because I stood up to bonolo for the first time since I started working here ….well the truth is she wasn’t smelling or anything but I heard her talking to her friend earlier today that her nana has been itching ever  since she slept with some guy three days ago …. Well it felt good to shut her up for a change so I left her embarrassed and I walked out with a smile on my face gosh it felt good…..as I reached the main exit of the mall I saw him…. He was talking with some guy while smoking( ummm ok he smokes) he looks different I must say  his beard is not trimmed or cut and he looks like he lost a bit of weight but not too much though …anyway I took a deep breath and I walked passed them not even looking at him and I could feel his eyes piercing right through me anyway I walked to where the taxis were that’s  until I felt someone grab my upper arm.…. I turned and it was him he then let go of my arm and he put his hands inside his pockets and looked at me with an intense look***

Heath: hi

Me: hi

Heath: its knock off time I see

*** I nodded and attempted to walk away but he held my hand quickly***

Heath: let me drop you off at home

Me: nah Im good

***I said that looking at his hand on my hand and back at his face***

Heath: please naledi 

Me: no im good….please let go I have to go

***he clenched his jaws while looking at me***

Me: heath please its getting late 

Heath: please let me drive you home obim please

***obim again…..mmmh***

Me: like I said im good now  please let go

***he did slowly ***

Me: ok  bye

***I said that and walked away***


***he shouted and I just kept walking…. God I thought he moved on I guess I counted my eggs before they hatched cause I was sure he did and probably with lerato aarg***


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OMG I love your writing its not predictable yet intriguing. Great work definitely inspired