***Well the following morning I woke up and helped Thandi to clean up and we had our breakfast and I went to take a bath after I was done I got dressed and took my  things to the lounge and thandi’s granny and her mom where sitting there drinking tea***

Gogo: you are leaving already my grandchild

Me: eyah koko ( yes granny)

T.mom: do visit us again ok don’t be a stranger

***I smiled at her ***

Me: ok mama

Gogo: tell Thandi to pack cookies and drinks for you

Thandi: already done that gogo

**she said walking in the lounge***

Gogo: good 

***then we heard footsteps coming from the kitchen and heath walked in the lounge and he went to kiss koko’s forehead and thandi’s mom’ cheek and he turned to Thandi and i***

Heath: ladies

Thandi: sho

Me: hi

Heath: my love I’ll come see you when I get back ok.. we need to discuss some things 

***he said to his granny***

Gogo: uyaphi ( where are you going)

***then he whispered to his grandmother’s ear and she smiled wide then she cupped his face with one hand ***

Gogo: thank you 

***heath smiled in fact more like he blushed***

Thandi: ok friend see you tomorrow ok now all I need is to bath and sleep

***well I slept alone in her room cause after heath left she send me an sms saying she’s outside with james and that I should come and join them but since I was down and didn’t want to face heath I refused and told her im gonna sleep and well she came to bed around past three in the morning***

Me: ok but you have to  walk me to the bus top to catch a taxi first

Heath: that won’t be necessary cause I’m driving you home

***I wanted to protest but his granny was busy nodding and smiling and I just looked down… mxm I thought I told this nikka last night that I don’t want him to ***

Thandi: ok then heath please bring me six ye Bernini blush please

***he nodded and kissed his  granny’s cheek and stood up and he picked my bag up and walked out then I sighed and stood up and I went to hug gogo and thandi’s mother and I said goodbye to them and I walked out with Thandi***

Thandi: you don’t look happy

Me: I don’t want to go with him

Thandi: why

Me: what are we gonna say to each other all the way home

***she laughed***

Thandi: mxm wa bora( you are a bore) just play a game or look out the window but I know ya’ll won’t have a silent drive 

Me: and how do you know that 

Thandi: I just know

Me: mmmh 

*** I said that giving her the look and she just laughed and opened the car door for me***

Me: where is your grandfather

Thandi: he went out with jabu

Me: ok you’ll tell him I left right

Thandi: yah now give me some love and leave I want to sleep 

***I giggled and hugged her tight then we broke it and I got inside the car and she gave me my parcel ( a bag with cookies and drinks inside) and heath started the car and drove out while I waved goodbye to Thandi then I sat back and I buckled up and I looked outside the window like Thandi suggested…..well his car was beautiful shem no lies it was a black land rover with maroon leather seats  and it felt good being inside it cause I love big cars I mean even the seats  were more comfortable than our sofas at home…… well the drive was silent and after some time I saw that he was going to  another direction***

Me: ummm I live in soshanguve 

Heath: I know

Me: then where are you taking me

Heath: my place

Me: askies

Heath: we need to talk Naledi 

Me: please take me home or drop me off here and il see how I get home

***he kept quiet and continued to drive***

Me: heath I said stop the car 

***he ignored me and he increased the radio volume and continued to drive and I looked outside the window breathing heavily with tears threatening to come out …….after what felt like forever for me he took a short left and he drove through a street that had the most beautiful houses ever and soon after he packed in front of a big gate and he pressed what I guessed is a remote  gate controller  and after the gate opened he drove in and packed the car***

Heath: lets go inside

Me: please take me home 

Heath: Naledi

Me: I don’t wanna hear it heath just take me home or back to your grandparent’s house  


***he shouted with a frustrated voice and I kept quiet and looked outside the window…. Then I heard the door open and close again and I saw him walking to my side and he opened the door and pulled me out then he slammed the door and he pulled me inside well we got inside and Jesus the house was big and  beautiful  and the interior deco was exquisite. Anyway he pulled me to the lounge and he made me sit on the couch and he sat down on top of the table facing me I looked down and played with my fingers cause his look made me feel uncomfortable***

Heath: look at me please

***I shook my head no and I felt his hand under my chin and he pushed my face up and our eyes locked and I looked away quickly and he sighed***

Heath: last night we had a misunderstanding Ledi and I need us to fix that now

***I just kept quiet***

Heath: I didn’t mean what you thought I meant Naledi and deep down you know it

***I continued to keep quiet***

Heath: look all I meant was I couldn’t sleep with you because you are not like those loose girls out there who would just open their legs for any dick and im glad you stopped me cause it was too early for any of that

Me: heath please take me home

***he huffed***

Heath: Naledi I’m trying here the least you can do is meet me half way please 

Me: I get all that you are saying heath and yeah you right even though I was hurt deeply I knew what you said didn’t come out the way you meant for it to come out….. look im ok and we cool all this wasn’t necessary so please take me home

***he kept quiet and looked at me intensely ***

Heath: I see what you trying to do and its not gonna work Naledi cause I wont let it 

***I didn’t say anything***

Heath: eish 

***he huffed***

Heath: you drive insane Naledi I don’t even know how it got to that cause before now I only saw you four  times and two of those times we only spoke briefly….  I don’t even know how to explain it  but the thing is im in love with you

***I quickly looked at him with my eyes popped out ***

Heath: don’t look too shocked Its the truth

Me: w…what?

***I don’t even know what to say heath just said he’s in love with me…me Naledi ***

Heath: I am and every minute that pass by  I fall deeper for you 

***gosh then he sighed***

Heath: and I’ve also been fucking up every chance I get….. look Naledi we might not know each other but the heart wants what the heart wants and no matter who you end up with as long as your heart is not with the one it desires you’ll never be happy

Me: ummm wow

***that’s all I could say under the “wow” circumstances im in now***

Heath: please say something

***gosh he’s serious ***

Me: why would you fall for me heath

Heath: why wouldn’t i

Me: im an albino and people see me as a curse

Heath: I know you are an” albino”…..

***he highlighted the albino part***

Heath: and the cursed part well fuck everyone who says that to you….. and just so you know you are not an albino but an extra yellowbone to me ok

***I just smiled looking down …extra yellowbone neh***

Heath: you are beautiful Naledi and im sure you not even aware of it I wish you could see yourself through my eyes 

***I blushed looking down***

Heath: look im not trying to use tricks other men out there use to get between women’s legs no im just telling you the truth about what my heart desires and it desires you Naledi


Me: what…what about Lerato

Heath: what about her

Me: you two broke up yesterday and im sure she thinks is just a mere fight and you’ll fix things and I don’t wanna get caught in between all that heath

***he held my hands ***

Heath: look at me

***and I did…gosh he looks so handsome…… the dude just confessed his love for me but my heart and mind is scared to accept or believe it ***

Heath: I love you Naledi 

***I looked at him with my heart ponding hard on my chest   cause the look on his face showed he’s dead serious and not joking at all***

Heath: and it feels good to say it Naledi…it feels so damn good and concerning Lerato shes still part of my life because of my baby in her womb other than that there’s nothing between us

Me: heath all this is too soon and complicated for me I mean I know how being pregnant is like the cravings especially sex and I know you wont allow her to find pleasure somewhere else with your baby in her womb actually no man would allow that ….. her getting sick and you’ll have to be there for her I know she might even call you in the middle of the night net for control cause I can tell she’s gonna be like one of those baby mamas

***he sighed***

Me: I wished my baby daddy could have been there for me but he wasn’t and wena you are available for her so please don’t put me in the middle of all that my heart wont be able to take it 

***he was still looking down***

Me: im sorry but I cant do this 

***he tightened the grip on my hands but it wasn’t too tight and he stood up and pulled me up with him then he smashed his lips on mine and kissed the living daylights out of me….. I tried to pull out of it but he wouldn’t let me and as soon as he held my waist tight and he pulled me closer to his body I felt his boner and  I instantly lost my senses….. then I felt his hand grabbing my ass tight as he deepened the kiss God I don’t know what was happening to me a moan escaped my mouth and he grabbed my ass with both his hands and he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist and he walked away with me while he was busy sucking on my neck ….i swear guys I wanted to stop his so bad but something in me stopped me and I don’t even know what it was but it stopped me guys…..after he put me on top of the bed he immediately got on top of me and we started kissing again his hands where all over my body squeezing and caressing me making me to lose my mind…. Gosh his deep groans here and there drove me absolutely insane then all of a sudden he started taking off my clothes ***

Me: h…heath

Heath: please don’t stop me obim ( my heart)  please

***he begged me mmmh I wonder what “ obim” means  and before I could even say a word I felt his hand on my nana and I moaned…. yah neh letswai le tla go bontsha masepa shem  ( sex craving will show you flames shem) soon after my wet underwear was off and he was now  off the bed taking his own clothes off very quick and when he took off his boxers Jesus Christ of Nazareth his huge dick pointed up with veins popping and that colourless thing oozing on its tip and I swallowed hard and looked away…..he opened the drawer and took out a condom and he ripped the cover off with his teeth and he put it on then my heart started beating fast …..mmh mmh that monster is not getting inside of me nope it might rapture my nana mos…. Even my ex’s dick wasn’t even close to this size let alone being half of it no no no…..im horny as hell but that is not getting inside of me im brought back to my senses when he kissed me  gosh he was now on  top of me between my legs…gosh no ***

Heath: you look scared 

***I nodded and swallowed hard***

Heath: relax I’ll be gentle ok

Me: heath im sorry i….

***he interrupted me by kissing me and he started rubbing the tip of it on my entrance even though it felt good but it was big ….he left my lips and started sucking on my neck and nibbling on my ear  and I moaned out loud then I felt him try to enter me and he couldn’t he tried for some time and he finally did and he groaned out loud and he cursed but  the pain I felt when he entered me  and when my pussy walls expanded yho but I just closed my eyes and clenched my jaws but he didn’t move***

Heath: look at me 

***and I opened my eyes slowly and our eyes locked***

Heath: I love you Naledi and even though my life is complicated now but know that I’ll never let you go or give up on you  

***I didn’t say anything cause my mind was on this uncomfortable feeling inside of me then he kissed my lips and started moving slowly while groaning loud ***

Heath: fuck …you are too tight 

*** he said that moving slowly then I felt him kissing my lips***

Heath: fuck I love you Naledi 

***he said that increasing his pace and I held on too tight to his arms as he increased his pace mumbling things in a language I didn’t understand …… soon after I started feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure and a loud  moan escaped my mouth ***

Heath: shit nale..di

***he said that going fast and deeper that I felt like his shaft was pocking my womb… gosh the way he was holding me tight and going in and out of me showed that he’s way too experienced ….. the next thing he pulls out and puts both of my legs on his shoulders and he entered me again and started moving with a fast pace busy mumbling things I couldn’t understand..... soon after I felt my build up and an orgasm hit me hard and I screamed out loud with my body shaking then he stopped and turned me around ( chest down and ass up) and he entered me from behind and he started moving with a fast pace groaning and mumbling things by this time my body is numb so is my nana and this nikka is still going….out of the blue another orgasm hit me hard and I scream out loud but instead of stopping he increases his pace and went  too fast….right now the room is filled with my screams and his loud groans and out bodies slapping…..well  after sometime I felt his grip on my waist going tighter and tighter then he went faster and slammed into me hard pushing in deeper and deeper then he pulled out and we both collapsed on the bed breathing heavily***

Heath: fuck that was out of this world….shit thank you obi m ( my heart) 

***gosh my pussy was on fire and my body was numb and tired ***

Heath: are you ok obi m

***I nodded with my eyes closed then I felt his lips on my sweaty forehead***




***** HEATH*****

*** the way im so happy  and busy  smiling like a fucken retard right now  while im busy making something to eat  for Naledi and I you’d swear I won the lotto but hey I guess I did cause that love making session I just had with her was out of this world I lost myself in her….  Fuck she’s so tight its hard to believe that she actually has a child I think im falling deeper and deeper for her that it scares me…. look I know its way too early like way way too early for all this but I just couldn’t wait and I got scared when she started saying she cant be with me so I did what I had to do at that moment and im glad I did even though I promised myself I’ll get to know her first before we get intimate but it happened and im full of joy cause yeses her pussy is so delicious and tight… eish and now that I’ve tasted her there’s no way in hell im letting her go now what I need to do is to have her trust me that I will never hurt her especially intentionally…. My phone rang disturbing me from my thoughts it was jabu***

Me: bros

Jabu: sho o vaar ( hey where are you)

Me: my house… why

Jabu: im on my way

Me: eeh don’t come now im busy

Jabu: busy with what 

Me: my woman

Jabu: mshikaro oska nchaela gore  o nale dai tikilaine lerato daar ( shaka  don’t tell me you are with that bitch lerato there)

***I chuckled***

Me: you don’t want her neh

Jabu: dai deng ke skeberesh  and o nale masepa my bra( that thing Is a whore  and she’s full of shit my brother) no offence ka  nqosi ya gago ( with your baby)

*** I just sighed*** 

Me: nah im with Naledi

Jabu: HEEH …. O RE MANG? ( who)

*** he sounded shocked and I just chuckled***

Me: Naledi my bra

Jabu: Naledi that  beautiful  watermeisie ( mermaid)

****I just laughed out loud***

Me: yah leshanda pha laka my bra ( yeah my beautiful woman)

Jabu: when….how?

Me: ska wara( don’t worry) I’ll tell you all about it

***he laughed and whistled mxm***

Jabu: so mshikaro setse  o jele kuku(  so shaka did you eat the cake)

***I just laughed out loud***

Me: im not telling you shit….. you know I don’t fuck and tell

***he laughed***

Jabu: I’ll take that as a yes….fuck you don’t waste time neh

Me: f’sek 

***he laughed***

Jabu: on a serious note mshikaro ( shaka) don’t play with her my bra remember what gogo said joh and don’t fuck up or else you’ll watch another nigga make her happy doing your job for you  while o shebile from thirteen pos ( you looking from afar ) o nyetse skeberesh le di nqosi tse o seng sure le gore ke tsa gao or byang ( married to a whore with kids that you won’t even be sure if they are yours or not )  

***I sighed deeply***

Me: I hear you jabu

Jabu: good now take it easy on your …..kane what is a watermeisie in your language  

***I laughed***

Me: mamiwota 

***he chuckled***

Jabu: yah now  take it easy on your mamiwota….oska moja thata lwena man ( don’t fuck her too much) or else she’ll run away

***I laughed out loud while he joined me***

Me: ehh shap my bra 

Jabu: shap re tla ova laater( we will talk later)

Me: sho

*** then we ended the call and I continued with what I was doing…. After I was done I went upstairs and she wasn’t in bed I heard the shower running and I laid in bed reminiscing of what just happened her moans screams and tight and hot pussy and the way her ass was shaking and  vibrating when I hit it from behind… fuck…. Eish I think im whipped then the shower stopped running and soon after my obi  ( my heart) came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body and she stopped by the door when she saw me and I smiled at her…fuck my tent was already up and my heart was beating out of its ribcage and I stood up from the bed and I walked to her she seemed nervous but I don’t care cause the sooner she starts getting comfortable around me the better cause im never letting her go****





***Naledi stared at heath as he walked to her with his monster cock erect inside his boxers and she swallowed hard and looked down….her heart was beating fast and she felt cheap for sleeping with heath so soon she was regretting everything and now all she wanted was to go home to her daughter then heath lifted her head up and he saw tears in her  eyes and immediately a worried look splashed on his face***

Heath: what’s wrong obi m ( my heart)

*** naledi tried so hard to fight back the tears but they were just too strong and they ran  down her cheeks***

Heath: hey whats wrong 

***he said that pulling her to his chest holding her tight***

Heath: talk to me please

Naledi: I feel cheap and loose

***she said that moving away from heath while wiping her tears with the back of her hand***

Heath: huh

****he said that confused****

Naledi: it was too early and ….

***heath interrupted her***

Heath: I wont let you do this Naledi ok yes its too early for us to be  intimate like this but then so what I love you and im never letting you go ok…. I don’t care about when we met and all that what matters is what my heart wants and it wants you period

Naledi: but heath what about what I told you your life is complicated and I cant get caught up in all your  baby mama drama

***heath sighed wishing he never made lerato pregnant***

Heath: I’ll handle lerato Naledi don’t worry ok all I want is for you to trust me and to not leave me please 

Naledi: heath I cant im sorry 

Heath: please obi m( my heart) ihunanya m ( my love) mara mma ( beautiful)….please nwanyi m mara mma ( my beautiful queen) don’t do this to me im begging you 

***Naledi was fascinated by his words even though she couldn’t understand  what they meant  and she looked up at him***

Naledi: translate what you just said to me

***he sighed and pulled her closer and perked her lips***

Heath: only if you’ll scrap off the Idea of us not being together

***she looked away***

Heath: Naledi do you want me to die of heart attack

***she looked up at him with a frown on her face and heath’s heart beat faster when he noticed how cute she looks when she frowns***

Naledi: why would you die of heart attack

Heath: cause you don’t want to give my heart what it desires

Naledi: heath please see where im coming from

Heath: and also see where im coming from  obi m

***Naledi sighed looking down and she felt the towel that was wrapped around her body  falling to the floor and heath picked her up and put her on top of the dresser table and he quickly pulled down his boxers and he entered her and he groan while Naledi flinched with pain ***

Naledi: heath condom

***he kissed her lips and started moving***

Heath: im clean obi m and I know you are too  and don’t worry  we will go buy morning after pills after this …. I just want to feel you skin to skin   ihunanya m ( my love)

***Naledi wanted to say something but the nikka increased his pace hitting it hard making Naledi to moan out loud when that mixture of pain and pleasure started to kick in…. well they did their thing and they both came at the same time and heath cleaned both of them and they laid in bed both naked with  heath holding on to  Naledi like she was about to run away or disappear or something…… then out of the blue the bedroom door opened****


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