***soon Ray arrived and he went inside and he greeted Kazi and him and Ruslan went to the dining room ***

Ray: where is he?

Castiel: right here

***Ray turned and smirked looking at him***

Ray: damn you look like shit

***Castiel chuckled***

Ray: you asshole you have been here all along and you couldn’t even call to say hi…piece of shit

***Castiel laughed***

Castiel: I’ve been busy man

***then they got closer to each other and they bro-hugged then Castiel broke it off quickly and took a step back***  

Castiel: careful I can see and hear your pulse on your neck pumping blood man and even though I have a feeling that your blood is bitter as fuck but im thirsty so….

***Ray laughed and Castiel joined him***

Ray: you good

Ruslan: yeah he’s good and annoying now let’s go sit down so he can tell us what the fuck is happening

***he said with an annoyed tone***

Castiel: wow but I thought all is forgiven between us brother

Ruslan: fuck off Castiel

***Ray laughed and Castiel shook his head…..anyway they went to sit in Castiel’s study room then Castiel started narrating everything Juana said and by the time he was done Ruslan was angry as hell and hurt so they let him go outside to cool off***





***Menzi and Buhle’s parents were sitting in the lounge Buhle’s parents called this meeting after Kazi’s ex-friend and Buhle’s cousin Lele told them about Menzi and Kazi’s affair thinking that’s why Buhle committed suicide***

Menzi: ok now that we are all here…. what is this meeting all about? 

Buhle’s father: Ngcobo we just heard from Lele about you cheating on our daughter is that why she killed herself?

***he asked with an angry voice***

Menzi: ang’zwanga (excuse me)

Buhle’s mother: you killed my daughter ngo bufebe bakho nja ndini ( with your whoring ways you dog)

***she said with a pained and angry voice***

Buhle’s father: hai man Khethiwe 

***Menzi chuckled shaking his head***

Khethiwe: ubulale indodakazi yam baba ka Buhle (he killed my daughter)…my daughter is gone and he killed her

***she said crying and Menzi got up as he was getting angry***

Menzi: get out of my house

***he said with a low tone***

Buhle’s father: heh?

Menzi: ngithe phumani ni phele emzini wami! ( I said get out of my house)

Buhle’s Father: Ngcobo the meeting is not yet done

Menzi: what meeting….first of all you don’t even know what happened and you are here in my house busy calling me names….your precious daughter is a killer she killed innocent children because of mere jealously

Khethiwe: unamanga….you are lying….you’re just trying to shift the blame to Buhle cause she’s not here to defend herself

***he just went upstairs and soon came back with her suicide letter and he threw it at Buhle’s father***

Menzi: that good for nothing daughter of yours killed my unborn kids just because she couldn’t handle me wanting a second wife…..i forgave her for fucking my father years back and getting pregnant by him and she….

***he stopped talking as he was getting angrier and he went to pour himself a drink breathing heavily***

Khethiwe: she didn’t write this….my daughter would never do something like this

***she said after she read the letter and she threw it on the floor***

Buhle’s father: what do you mean she slept with your father….on the letter she apologized for….

***he couldn’t even finish it***

Menzi: why do you think she was hospitalized that time…ooh I remember she lied and told you that she was mugged right?

***then he chuckled bitterly***

Khethiwe: you are lying man!

***she shouted at him***

Menzi: well I found her in bed with my father fucking and I beat the shit out of her….i wanted to kill her so bad but then I thought of my child….then three months later she found out she was pregnant and months later she gave birth to a baby girl and I did a DNA test and I wasn’t the father but guess what my father was

***buhle’s mother started crying again with her hands shaking***

Menzi: I only kept quiet of all this because of my kids so don’t come to my house and accuse me of bullshit! 

***then he got up***

Menzi: now please leave my house….you can even bury her cause im not interested in burying someone who killed my unborn babies and tell that cousin of hers that she’s fired nx

***then his phone rang and he stood up and walked away leaving Buhle’s parents shocked and in an bad emotional state***

Menzi: yah

Man: she’s here man….Kazi is here at the police station

Menzi: heh?

***he said as he stopped walking with his heart beating fast***

Man: she was just found outside the police station yard passed out….she’s still alive and an ambulance is on its way here

Menzi: she...she’s there

***he asked making sure he heard him correctly***

Man: yeah man she’s here…your Kazi is here

Menzi: fuck…ummm…. im on my way…im on my way

***he dropped the call and quickly  went to grab his car keys and wallet and he rushed out leaving Buhle’s parents still sitting in the lounge***





***Kazi slowly opened her eyes and she scanned the room and she cleared her throat and Menzi quickly turned and when he saw that she was awake he rushed to her***

Menzi: hey you are awake

***he said smiling with tears in his eyes***

Kazi: Me…Menzi?

Menzi: yes baby it’s me….you’re safe baby…I can’t believe you’re here…I thought I’d never see you again…I searched for you everywhere but it’s like you disappeared into thin air

*** he said that and kissed her forehead but she didn’t say anything she just blinked looking lost***

Menzi: who took you…who dared me sthandwa sam?

***he said looking into her eyes but she continued to blink looking lost***

Menzi: Ntandokazi?

Kazi: i…I was kidnapped?

***Menzi frowned***

Menzi: what do you mean by that?

Kazi: I remember parking my car after talking to you on the phone and I felt like someone or something was watching me so I decided to turn and go back to the car and wait until you arrive then I heard a loud bang and I fell feeling pain on my stomach and the next thing I felt like someone or something was holding me and we were moving at a very high speed and I passed out and I just woke up now

***he looked at her worried***

Menzi: ummm ok let…let me go see your doctor I’ll be back ok

***he kissed her forehead and walked out….he found a nurse and asked her to call for Kazi’s doctor and she did and soon he arrived and shook hands with him***

Menzi: what’s wrong with her doc I mean she can’t remember that she was kidnapped for days

Doctor: I suspect that she’s suffering from Transient global amnesia or it could be retrograde amnesia or anterograde amnesia which is bad kind of amnesia  

***Menzi brushed his head roughly***

Menzi: ok simple english doc

Doctor: ok…ummm with Transient global amnesia is a sudden temporary loss of memory for events during after and sometimes before the event that caused the amnesia and retrograde amnesia is the inability to retrieve information that was acquired before a particular date of an accident or operation or even during an accident 

Menzi: ok how long will it take for her to regain her memory back

Doctor: well a therapist is the right doctor to give you a proper diagnosis about her type of amnesia but what I know is we should pray that she’s suffering from Transient global amnesia cause it gets resolved within a short period of time 

***Menzi swallowed hard***

Doctor: I have assigned her a good therapist and she’ll be here tomorrow around 11 am and she will give you a proper diagnosis 

Menzi: ok… umm she was shot

Doctor: ooh yes and whoever took her treated her wound like a professional….she doesn’t have any infections and the wound is healing very well and fast

***Menzi clenched his jaws***

 Menzi: she…she was pregnant so is….

***the doctor sighed***

Doctor: yes I meant to tell you about that but I was quickly called to the ER… ummm whomever took her also professionally cleaned her womb and luckily no damage was done to it 

***Menzi clenched his jaws getting emotional ***

Menzi: ummm ok thank you

***the doctor nodded***

Doctor: my advice is don’t force her to remember what happened to her give her time and let a professional help her the right way cause forcing her to remember may do more damage just be patient with her and also be there for her and get her the help she needs 

***Menzi nodded and the doctor left then Menzi sighed heavily and went back to her ward and found her eating slowly***

Menzi: hey

***she looked up and he smiled faintly at her as he walked closer to her bed***

Menzi: im glad you safe

***he said and kissed her forehead and she looked down***

Kazi: how…how long was I gone?

***he sighed***

Menzi: a few days

Kazi: who…who shot me and why

***then her eyes popped out and her hand went to her stomach***

Kazi: my babies….my babies…are they ok?

***she said with tears in her eyes looking at Menzi with her hands shaking and Menzi swallowed hard getting emotional***

Kazi: Menzi are my babies ok?

Menzi: im sorry but they…

****she shook her head repeatedly with tears running down her cheeks and her bottom lip shaking***

Kazi: no no no

Menzi: im sorry sthandwa sam….im sorry

***she let out a heart wrenching cry and Menzi held her tight as she let it all out with his own tears running down his face*** 




*** later at night Menzi was sleeping on the couch inside Kazi’s ward while Kazi was sleeping on the hospital bed …on the far corner of the room Castiel was standing in the shadows since the lights were deemed watching her sleep then his eyes went to Menzi and he clenched his jaws and his eyes changed color but then he calmed himself down because he didn’t wanna cause a scene cause the brethren are on his trail…..then Kazi moved a bit and his eyes went back to her and he continued to watch her sleep until around 4 in the morning then he apparated from that room to the parking lot ***





Celine: hey thanks for seeing me…I know you’re a busy man

***she said shaking his hand*** 

Ray: mmmmh

***he said sitting down***

Celine: are you still the whiskey guy or now you into beer or gin

Ray: im good…im cutting off any kind of alcohol….health reasons

***he lied….he just didn’t trust her  and well her eyes popped out in a surprised manner then she chuckled***

Celine: wow that’s a first so a cup of tea will do for you huh?

Ray: just say what brought you here Celine

*** she laughed and took a sip of her drink***

Celine: aren’t you gonna say your condolences 

Ray: ok my condolences Celine…. now why am I here

Celine: wow cold much….anyway you are here because of our business together

Ray: im listening

Celine: well im reviewing contracts my father made when he was still alive and im gonna cancel those I think are more of a liability to us than an asset 

Ray: ok and?

Celine: ok La Parca are you always this cold? 

Ray: im not your friend Celine and this is not a social meeting so just say what you wanna say and stop wasting my time

Celine: jeez fine

***she leaned back on her seat and looked at him***

Celine: well im not happy with the arrangement you had with my father… Que su alma descanse en paz (may his soul rest in peace)

Ray: go on

Celine: I checked our books and your contract and it seems like you benefit as much as we do on this deal but we do most of the work

Ray: and what makes you say that

Celine: the trucks that are used are ours and the men are also ours but you get 50 percent that’s not right La Parca….we do all the work

Ray: the contact is mine and im the one paying for bribes and I also make sure the cargo and your men  gets to your father safely so don’t say shit you know nothing about

Celine: our men’s life are the ones that are always  in danger and if those trucks get seized it will be our asses on the line not yours

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: so?

Celine: so we lower your own share of the percentage to 40 percent or the deal is off

***Ray laughed then his phone rang it was Mbali and he let it ring until it stopped***

Ray: you must be drunk

Celine: excuse me

Ray: you heard me

***then his phone rang again and it was Mbali again and he let it ring and he decided to put his phone on silent mode***

Celine: so you think the percentage you are getting is fair

Ray: lady do you think we are running a beauty salon here

Celine: please don’t insult me or you will not like what I will do

***Ray leaned forward***

Ray: don’t make a mistake of threatening me Celine…I don’t take it lightly 

***he said looking straight into her eyes and she saw his eyes change colour quickly and she moved her eyes and she looked down briefly***

Celine: I didn’t come here to stain my expensive dress with some dirty blood La Parca im here for business

Ray: then tell your sniper or bodyguard that when he takes that shot he shouldn’t miss cause if he does nc nc nc

***then he got up***

Celine: sit down im still talking!

Ray: listen here Celine if you can’t play with the big dogs say so but don’t come here and tell me rubbish….the contact is mine and I only know him and his location so if you can’t handle how things are done then say so and I’ll go look for another willing partner

Celine: no one has the same roads as we do La Parca you need us as much as we need you but you need us more so rethink what you are about to do

Ray: don’t you have an adviser or something cause if you don’t then you need one…your thinking is premature and if you’re not carefully you’ll run daddy dearest’s legacy to the ground…and remember your father’s enemies are waiting for you to fuck up so they can still your clients and if you’re not careful I might be the first one they steal  

Celine: so do we have a deal La Parca

***she said ignoring him and Ray shook his head and he took his car keys from the table***

Ray: call me once you done with your menstruation circle Celine so we can discuss some serious business and not this nonsense….i would say it was nice seeing you but it’s not so safe trip back home

***he then fastened his suit jacket and he walked to the door of the restaurant and out he went and Celine banged the table frustrated***




***later at night he was in bed with Mbali after they put Saint to sleep….she had her head on his chest while he played with her hair***

Mbali: how was your day?

Ray: it was ok

Mbali: mmmmh so you were at the office all day?

***he frowned***

Ray: yeah why?

Mbali: you sure about that?

***he pushed her off him slowly and he looked at her***

Ray: what is it that you really wanna ask me my flower?

Mbali: fine…who was that woman you were having lunch with?

***Ray raise his eyebrow looking at her***

Ray: and how do you know I was having lunch with some woman

Mbali: just answer me Ray

Ray: and I asked you a question

***he sat up straight and she did too***

Ray: are you having me followed Mbali?

Mbali: are you gonna answer my question or not Ray

Ray: you having me followed aren’t you…

***he chuckled and got out of bed***

Ray: you are having me followed Mbali?

***he said with a pissed off tone***

Mbali: why are you making it a big deal Ray you also have men keeping tabs of me and im not complaining 

Ray: its for your safety damn it…what’s you excuse!

***he said raising his voice and she kept quiet***

Ray: I asked you a fucken question

***he said with an angry voice***

Mbali: we…we can’t have sex Ray cause I haven’t healed properly and you love sex 

Ray: so?

Mbali: I cant give it to you and sometimes when I want to blow you you stop me so what am I supposed to think huh

***Ray chuckled while shaking his head getting angrier***

Ray: so that little brain of yours thinks im cheating right

Mbali: please don’t insult my brain Ray ok just answer me…who’s that woman you were having lunch with

Ray: you know what im not doing this with you Mbali

***he said wearing his sleepers and she got out of bed***

Mbali: where are you going?

Ray: I need some air

Mbali: so you’re going to walk out on me when im talking to you

Ray: first of all we are not talking but you are accusing me of useless shit so im gonna go out for some air before I say something I know I’ll regret

***then he walked out and Mbali sat down on the edge of the bed and tears ran down her cheeks….the following morning Mbali walked in the kitchen and Ray was standing leaning on the counter staring into space with a cup of coffee on the counter next to him….he only came back to his senses when she greeted him***

Ray: hey

***he greeted back and he drank his coffee and Mbali started making a cup of coffee for herself***

Ray: im gonna come back a bit late tonight

***she didn’t say anything***

Ray: im talking to you

Mbali: I heard you

***she said with a lace of annoyance in her voice and Ray shook his head and he put his cup down and he went closer to her and attempted to kiss her cheek but she moved her face***

Ray: really now?

***she didn’t say anything and he chuckled and he clenched his jaws***

Ray: I should be the one who’s mad for having me followed 

Mbali: first of all im not having you followed I went out to have lunch with Kalu cause I wanted to get out of this house for a couple of hours and I saw you with her when I was passing by some fancy restaurant…I called you and you looked at your phone and ignored my call

Ray: didn’t it occur to you that maybe that was an important business meeting

*** he said getting pissed and she chuckled*** 

Mbali: you always answer my calls Ray…you even once answered my call while you were in the middle of an arms deal meeting

***he clenched his jaws***

Mbali: I just hope she’s worth it…the only reason that I cant have sex with you is because I haven’t healed so if waiting for me to heal is not worth it then just know that once I have proof that you are cheating on me Ray even Saint being angry at you will be the least of your problems

Ray: im not cheating on you what the fuck is wrong with you huh….your insecurities are starting to piss me off Mbali….i have a lot that im dealing with so I don’t need to deal with your shit right now

***he shouted at her with an angry voice***

Mbali: ok

***she moved away from him and attempted to walk away but then she stopped and turned to look at him***

Mbali: all this baby fat will go away once I hit the gym Ray and my new stretch marks will disappear with a laser treatment and I’ll go do my hair and nails and I’ll be myself again….so if this “ME” is turning you off even though im like this because of your son I carried in my womb and almost died while giving birth to him then shame on you….you no longer shower with me you don’t want me to even give you a blow job anymore we hardly spend time together and now you avoid my calls when you are having lunch with other women….

Ray: are you done being dramatic

*** he interrupted her and she looked at him with tears in her eyes***

Mbali: wow ok…just so you know there are men who would give up their wealth just to tap this ass

***she said grabbing her ass***

Mbali: so don’t think you are doing me a favour by being with me…like I said i will go back to my old self so yah don’t think you’re doing me any favours Raymond nx

Ray: what did you just say?

***he said with a scary frown on his face and she walked away***


***he called after her but she ignored him and he stood there replaying what she just said and he chuckled angrily***   


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