*** Ruslan parked his car where the woods started it was a cloudy day. He then  crouched down and put his palm on the ground and he closed his eyes listening then he heard a banging sound on the ground and he opened his eyes and got up then he walked inside the woods for some time he would crouch to the ground every now and then to get the right direction to where the house is cause the gps coordinates shows he’s somewhere inside the woods….he walked for some time until he got to some thick tall trees and grass and he could see that a spell is what is making them that thick and scary looking  then he pointed his palm to them and  his eyes changed color to gold and black and he chanted a spell and the thick trees and glass made a way for him to pass and he walked to the other side and he found the “scary like in a horror movie” abandoned house and he chuckled shaking his head***

Ruslan: copy cat

***then he went closer to the house and he stopped walking when he felt a figure watching him not far from him then he turned and his eyes changed to cloudy color and the weather changed….clouds gathered and lightings started hitting all around but what the person didn’t know was they were searching for him until one hit him and he fell from one of the tall trees and he groaned then Ruslan used his magic to lift the person up and brought him to where he is….he used his magic to hold him up right using an invisible magical rope to hold him tight as he floated on air***

Ruslan: who are you and what do you want?

***he asked with a thick and scary voice***

Man: fuck… that hurt!

***then he laughed a bit and Ruslan tightened the invisible magical rope that was holding him and he groaned***

Ruslan: answer me!

Man: I can’t believe you are also here man…damn

***Ruslan tightened some more the invisible rope around him and the man’s skin started cracking***

Ruslan: ooh a full blown vampire how interesting

Man: ok ok im ready to talk….ummm look Castiel and I are buddies and im here to warn him about the Brethren they found his location man 

Ruslan: and who are you?

Man: Eden 

***then Ruslan chanted a spell that froze him and he let him fall on the ground hard and he picked up a stick and drew a circle around him and four signs of the witches’ symbol  and he chanted a trap spell that will keep him inside the circle then he faced the house and he lifted off the illusion spell that covered it and a beautiful house emerged and he went inside…. the banging sound wasn’t heard anymore and he remembered that Castiel said he locked himself in the basement  and he searched for it and found it then he went down the stairs and he saw a magic spell covering the door then he lifted it off and he opened the door and found the room in shambles…. the walls had cracks and holes on them and everything was broken to pieces and Castiel was on the floor with his face buried between his thighs***

Ruslan: damn

Castiel: is not as bad as it looks

***he said with a scary voice and still with his face buried between his thighs***

Ruslan: ummm yeah it does

***then Castiel raised his head***

Ruslan: shit  I don’t remember the last time I saw you like this man

Castiel: I didn’t think you’d come

Ruslan: mmmmh I didn’t think you’d call me for help too

***he sighed***

Castiel: where’s your other half

***Ruslan chuckled***

Ruslan: he’s coming

Castiel: thought as much

Ruslan: before I forget your vampire buddy Eden is outside looking for you

***Castiel frowned and he got up*** 

Castiel: I don’t have a friend named Eden in fact I don’t have friends…wait the only Eden I know is a Brethren

Ruslan: I knew I didn’t trust him

Castiel: shit they found me

***he said pacing up and down***

 Ruslan: yeah looks like it  now pull yourself together and let’s get out of here

***he said walking out and he went upstairs with Castiel behind him….he got to Kazi’s room while Cass went to his room to change his clothes  and she was awake but still drowsy***

Kazi: who…who are you?

***she said with a low tone***

Ruslan: its ok go back to sleep

***then he put his open hand on her forehead and chanted a spell then she passed out and he carried her in his arms then Castiel got in***

Ruslan: take important things and lets get out of here

***he nodded and went out***




***they were outside and Castiel was standing next to Eden on the other side of the circle ***

Castiel: unfreeze him Madou

***Ruslan did and Eden got up slowly breathing heavily***

Eden: I knew it was you

Castiel: yeah so?

***Eden chuckled and he tried to get out of the circle but a force stopped him***

Eden: ooh I forgot that your bro is a wizard

Castiel: how many are you?

Eden: fuck you man….ooh you are so dead!

***then he laughed***

Ruslan: ooh I see he’s a feisty one 

Eden: you are all dead!

Ruslan: ooh really…I mean I killed your leader like a cockroach 

Eden: and that’s why your death is gonna be the most painful

***Ruslan laughed***

Ruslan: you clearly don’t know me man….you should ask your buddy here what im capable of  now answer the question how many are you

Eden: enough to capture you and take you to the new leader 

***then he laughed***

Castiel: remove this spell so I can deal with this fucker Madou!

***Ruslan put Kazi down on the ground gently and he went closer to the circle***

Ruslan: don’t piss me off man you don’t wanna see me when im mad

Eden: go to hell wizard

***Ruslan’s eyes turned black in color and suddenly it became a bit dark with dark clouds gathering around and cold air filled the area***

Eden: you don’t scare me wizard 

Ruslan:  ኃጢአታ ቸውን ካሌተ ሊከቡ ጊዜው ሲመጣ

***then Eden’s body made cracking sounds as it stood straight upright and he screamed….Ruslan was controlling his body now*** 

Eden: what the fuck man!

***he said with a spooked tone***

Ruslan: ለእነሱ እንደሚሰጥ ሲያስታውቁ

***he continued to speak using the forbidden language then Eden’s left arm stretched forward***

Eden: what are you doing to me man!

Castiel: answer us or he won’t stop

***Eden swallowed hard with his eyes popped***

Eden: im not saying anything so go right ahead and kill me you bastard

***he said breathing heavily***

Castiel: ooh no he won’t kill you….. just yet 

Ruslan: ግን በእነሱ ላይ የእርምት ዥዋእት ላይ

***then Eden’s right arm reached for his left arm and it forcefully ripped his left arm off his ice cold body and he screamed out loud then he looked at his ripped out arm looking spooked and Ruslan made him throw it to the ground***

Castiel: still won’t talk?

Eden: go… go to hell!

Castiel: ok

Ruslan: ቢያስቀም ጡትም  እንኳ  አያደር ጉትም

***then Eden’s hand went to his right eye and it plucked the eye out and he screamed out loud falling to the ground***

Castiel: are you ready to talk because he can go on until there’s nothing left to rip off your body man

Eden: fine…fine I’ll talk…I’ll talk

***then Ruslan’s eyes went back to normal after he spoke some forbidden language words and he went to pick Kazi up***

Ruslan: talk!

Eden: there’s…there’s 5 of us and we are all searching this state or province as they call it here and I guess I found you first  

***Ruslan just shook his head and he chanted a spell and the spell on the circle got lifted off and he started walking***

Ruslan: he’s all yours  after you done with him burn him to ashes along with the house

***Then Castiel smiled wickedly and he  jumped on him***




*** he walked inside the gate and walked straight to the door and he banged the door hard***

Woman: hei wena a se lebati la mmao kokota pila man ( hey that is not your mother’s door knock properly)

***a woman said inside the house and then the door opened wide and Dipuo’s sister stood there with a smile forming on her face she has always had a crush on him***

Woman: Jabu hey….wow ge o dipapatlile so? (wow you look good)

Jabu: bitsa suster la gao (call your sister)

Woman: Dipuo told me gore you moved on le le yellow bone le lengwe…..why mara abuti Jabu ke… (with some yellow bone….why brother Jabu when…)

Jabu: hai voetsek man Pelo ke rile bitsa Dipuo! ( hai piss off man Pelo ke rile bitsa Dipuo! ( hai piss off man Pelo I said call Dipuo!)

***he interrupted her and she sulked***

Pelo: mxm wa bora ( you are a bore)

***then she called Dipuo and she came to the door and swallowed hard when she saw Jabu she couldn’t believe how good looking he was….he even smelled extremely good and you could tell he was swimming in moola now well Pelo went inside to continue watching Tv…the next thing Jabu grabbed Dipuo by her hair and he pulled her out of the house roughly***

Dipuo: ahh Jabu wankgobatsa ( ahh Jabu you are hurting me)

Jabu: o zamang  Dipuo….o nyaka bonang wena heh (what are you trying to do Dipuo….what do you wanna see huh)

***he said with an angry voice***

Jabu: otla ko dladleng la ka and you insult my wife….my fucken wife! ( you come to my house and you insult my wife…my fucken wife) 

***he said shouting at her***

Dipuo: Jabu askies

Jabu: o batlo nnyela Dipuo….o lapisitse ke liewe neh….o nyako boda heh? (you wanna shit yourself Dipuo….i see you tired of life …. I see you want to die)

Dipuo: im sorry Jabu

***she said looking scared and she covered her face and Jabu let her go which surprised her cause the Jabu she knows would have slapped her or even punched her on her face ***

Jabu: e nne la bofelo you come to my house wankutlwa ( it should be the last time you come to my house you hear me)

***he said pointing at her***

Dipuo: I just wanted my son Jabu…she poisoned him against me

Jabu: hei…hei..hei….which son….which son Dipuo

Dipuo: I know I messed up but ke ngwanaka Jabu (he’s my son)

Jabu: voetsek…voetsek jou hond….o khethile lerete (you chose a dick) over your own son and o re you messed up and my wife poisoned Sbu against you!

Dipuo: Jabu i….

Jabu:  I said Voetsek!

***he interrupted her***

Jabu: my wife is off limits wankutlwa….o tla nnyela mo vroung ya ka ke tlao tlhaba kuku ka thipa sfebe wankutlwa….by the time ke fetsa ka wena marago nyana a ma kima  a a go tlatsa ke di ARVs le mokhaba wa go tlatsa ke di sperms tsa go nkga dipatji tsa di bari di tla fela wa sala e kare o tshwere ke final stage sa AIDS wankutlwa

 ( my wife is off limits you hear me….you’ll shit yourself when it comes to my wife  I’ll stab your pussy with a knife bitch you hear me…. by the time im done with you that huge ass filled with ARV pills and that fat belly filled with sperms that smells like marijuana belonging to idiots/fools will perish and you’ll end up looking like you are on a last stage of AIDS you hear me) 

***he said pointing at her***

Jabu: o sa nyaka go ntlwaela masepa Dipuo  (don’t piss me off Dipuo) you know what im capable of so don’t push me to my limits….bona mo Dipuo come at my wife again or insult her and you’ll disappear without a trace…. you fokon shit nx

*** then he turned and walked to the gate leaving Dipuo sobbing and shaking with fear ***





***Kazi woke up after Ruslan lifted the spell off her  and she looked around and found Ruslan looking at her***

Kazi: please…please don’t hurt me

***she said looking scared***

Ruslan: hey relax I wont hurt you…I wont hurt you ok

***he said with a warm smile and she nodded slowly and he helped her sit properly on the couch***

Kazi: where…where am i

Ruslan: Castiel’s other house

Kazi: Castiel is…is here?

***she asked with a shaky voice looking around***

Ruslan: relax he won’t do anything to you or else I’ll fuck him up pretty bad 

***she swallowed hard***

Ruslan: even though he’s a ticking time bomb and an asshole most of the time but he saved your life…so that must mean he’s not that bad right

***she didn’t say anything***

Ruslan: im his younger brother Ruslan and you must be Kazi right

***she nodded***

Kazi: will he ever let me go

Ruslan: yeah I’ll make sure of it  ok

***she nodded***

Kazi: are you also a…

***she couldn’t even say it and he chuckled***

Ruslan: no and he was born like this so he didn’t ask to be a hybrid vamp

Kazi: what’s a hybrid

Castiel: a half human half vampire

***she froze***

Castiel: don’t act shocked you did see the fangs skin and eyes I mean my skin now is still pale so

Ruslan: will you just shut it and go punch a wall or something

***he showed Ruslan the middle finger and went to the kitchen***

Ruslan: he’s a special case don’t mind him please 

Kazi: how come you are not a…

Ruslan: same mother different fathers

***she nodded and Castiel came back with a glass full of blood and he was drinking with a straw***

Ruslan: really Cass

Castiel: what?

Ruslan: what the fuck is wrong with you huh…you gonna drink that in front of her 

Castiel: my house man

***Ruslan just shook his head and looked at Kazi***

Ruslan: you are going back home tomorrow 

Castiel: whoa….stop right there

Ruslan: I wasn’t asking for your permission Cass 

***he said with a serious look on his face***

Castiel: I own her Madou so don’t get involved 

***he said taking a step forward***

Ruslan: how much

Castiel: huh?

Ruslan: how much for her release since you suddenly love money so much

Castiel: she’s not for sale now stay out of this Madou it doesn’t involve you in any way

***Ruslan got up***

Ruslan: maybe I should let the Brethren kill you so she can be free….i mean you once chose a pussy over me so that shit  might as well run in the family

Castiel: wow

***then he chuckled shaking his head***

Ruslan: so what is it gonna be brother 

Castiel: fuck you Madou nx

***then he walked away looking pissed***

Ruslan: you going home tomorrow ok

***Kazi nodded and she breathed a sigh of relief then Ruslan’s phone rang he got up and went to another room***

Ruslan: bros

Ray: you still at the same location

Ruslan: no we were made I found a Brethren there

Ray: fuck no

Ruslan: yeah so I’ll send you a new location

Ray: ok send it now im on the road

Ruslan: ok…are you ok man you sound down

***Ray sighed***

Ray: Pedro dos Santos  is dead

Ruslan: what? damn….umm why do you sound hurt that he is

Ray: cause Celine her daughter is taking over from him man

Ruslan: ooh…shit

***he said rubbing his head***

Ray: and Mateo just called me and said she set up an appointment with me to discuss our contract…worse part she’s coming here 

Ruslan: shit!

Ray: im married now man and we both know what she really wants….that contract is important and that bitch might….

Ruslan: don’t say it

***he interrupted him***

Ray: this is not only about me Ruu….Mateo and Diego depend on this contract…they have families they need to take care of….Serine’s hospital bills are expensive and…. that bitch will give me a condition I know it….it might not be on this meeting im about to have with her but I know she will one of this days 

***he sighed***

Ruslan: maybe she over that man

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: she’s been after my dick for as long as I can remember and the only reason I didn’t give in even thought she would threaten me every now and then that she will lie and tell her father that she’s pregnant for me is because Pedro warned me not to or else he’ll stop doing business with us

Ruslan: shit!

***he sighed***

Ruslan: just get here and we will figure a way out 

Ray: ok

***then they ended the call***

Ruslan: this is bad

***then he got up and went to make a drinkable potion for Kazi’s internal wounds to heal fast and another one for Castiel to minimize his thirst and he waited for Ray***  


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Mukololo Lorna 2019-05-20 18:46:20

a glass of blood ka straw hee vhathu, castiel ndi boss mos...kkk wonders shall never end. I jus hope Ray find a solution and very fast he can't afford to hurt his flower now shem

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Castilel!! Drinking blood with a straw hahahahahahah