***Castiel decided to go to the basement cause he could smell Kazi’s blood from outside the door of the room she was in from her stained shirt that’s how thirsty he was….. he knew he shouldn’t have fed on a human but with the way he was angry he couldn’t control himself…he only regretted what he did minutes after he did it….Anyway he got inside the basement and he locked it and pointed his palm towards the door and he put a protection spell that locked him inside the basement it’s a protection spell that he can’t undo himself only Ruslan can undo it or another witch that owns a book of shadows…it’s the only way Kazi can be safe from him at this moment***

Castiel: mother what have you done….

***he said to himself and he sat down on the floor and he groaned as the thirst got really bad…then he got up quickly and he started punching the wall over and over and over again***





Ray: bros

Ruslan: I just got a call from Cass and he’s in deep shit man

Ray: what deep shit

Ruslan: he said something about the Brethren finding him and Juana never existed and that he fed off a human

Ray: ooh shit!

Ruslan: he send me his location and he said he’s scared he might kill that girl

Ray: then we must leave right away man

Ruslan: I was thinking I should leave now and I’ll send you his location and you’ll come once the ladies and boys are safely home 

Ray: ok but don’t leave without seeing the boys….Mpilo is busy asking if you’ll join us I can tell he misses you already

***Ruslan smiled ***

Ruslan: he is?

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: yeah bros you can tell he’s even bored

***Ruslan laughed***

Ruslan: he just loves it when I do a little magic for him

*** Ray laughed***

Ray: ok we are already on our way

Ruslan: ok

***they ended the call and he sighed then he dialed Castiel’s numbers and he answered on the third ring***

Castiel: tell me you are close by?

***he said with a different scary voice and Ruslan swallowed hard***

Ruslan: is she still alive?

Castiel: I locked myself in the basement using the protection spell from the book of shadows  it’s the only way I can keep her safe

Ray: ok stay put im on my way

***Castiel groaned and they ended the call and Ruslan went inside***

Thandi: is everything ok?

***he cleared his throat going closer to her***

Ruslan: yeah ummm its my brother

Thandi: your brother? you have a brother? I mean I didn’t know you have a brother

***she said surprised and Ruslan sighed***

Ruslan: yeah I do

Thandi: you never mentioned him before

***He sat down next to her***

Ruslan: well we….don’t see eye to eye

Thandi: ooh 

Ruslan: but he’s my brother and he needs my help

Thandi: umm ok

***he leaned closer and perked her lips then he stared into her eyes***

Ruslan: he needs my help as in now

Thandi: wait you have to leave now?

***she said with a low tone***

Ruslan: yeah

Thandi: ooh

Ruslan: he needs my help amour

Thandi: I understand

***she said looking down***

Ruslan: hey look at me

***she looked at him***

Ruslan: three days tops….i just need to make sure he’s fine

Thandi: ok

Ruslan: I love you ok

***she nodded and he kissed the tip of her nose and he got up and she sighed*** 

Ruslan: im gonna leave as soon as the boys come back and you’ll go back with Ray and everyone else 

Thandi: ok

***he went to pack their things and they heard a knock on the door and Ruslan went to open and Mpilo threw himself on him and Ruslan caught him and picked him up laughing***

Ruslan: someone missed me

***Mpilo nodded and Ruslan laughed again and he brushed Mpendulo’s  head***

Ruslan: you didn’t miss me champ

Mpendulo: uncle please im too old for that 

Ruslan: ooh so you didn’t miss me

Mpendulo: I did now can we stop 

***he said looking away shyly which made Ray and Ruslan to laugh***

Ruslan: ok champ

***Ray looked at Thandi who didn’t look happy and he looked at Ruslan and Ruu sighed then he put Mpilo down***

Ruslan: ummm boys I have to go somewhere meaning I won’t be able to go back with you and your mother but I’ll come see you in three days’ time ok

Mpilo: I wanna go with you

Ruslan: I know my pilot but not this time maybe next time ok

***he sulked***

Ruslan: look when I come back how about we go watch a movie just me you and your brother 

***he smiled and nodded***

Mpilo: and I’ll choose the movie right

Mpendulo: oooh Lord save us

***he said rolling his eyes and they laughed***

Thandi: hei wena Mpendulo be nice to your brother hau

Mpendulo: mara mama he always picks boring cartoon movies 

Mpilo: no I don’t

Mpendulo: yes you do

Mpilo: no I don’t 

Ray: ok ok stop you two…now say goodbye to your new daddy and lets go eat

***Thandi gave him a “wtf” look and he chuckled***

Mpilo: our new daddy?....is uncle Ruu our new daddy mommy

***Thandi looked at Mpilo and swallowed hard then she looked at Ray who was looking at her with a raised eyebrow***

Ray: yah mommy is uncle Ruu their new daddy

***he said with a smirk on his face and Thandi gave him a death stare***

Thandi: umm boys well the thing is….

Ruslan: do you want me to be your new daddy my pilot

***he saved Thandi by asking Mpilo that and Mpilo looked from Thandi to Ruslan and he frowned***

Mpilo: but if I want you to be my new daddy you won’t be my uncle anymore mos

Mpendulo: duh

***he said rolling his eyes***

Ruslan: yes but it wont change anything between us in fact it will mean some day we will live together you me Mpe and mommy in a big house with a swimming pool

Mpilo: and you’ll drive me to school just like Kevin’s daddy drives Kevin to school everyday

Ruslan: ummm yeah

Mpilo: ok I want you to be my new daddy

***he said smiling and Ray laughed***

Thandi: you do?

****he nodded smiling and she looked at Mpendulo***

Mpendulo: what ma

Ray: what about you?

Mpendulo: I know mom and uncle Ruu are dating….im no longer a little boy uncle Ray

Thandi: what?

****Ruslan chuckled shaking his head while Thandi was shocked***

Mpendulo: I once saw you and uncle Ruu kissing duh…

***he said with a bored tone and Thandi’s heart began beating fast cause she wasn’t ready to tell them yet well especially not like this ***

Ray: and you cool with that?

Mpendulo: no…. yuck

***he said making a face***

Mpendulo: it’s not nice seeing old people kissing uncle…not nice at all anyway im hungry

***then he looked at a shocked Ruslan***

Mpendulo: I’ll see you when you get back uncle

Ruslan: ummm yeah

*** Then he walked out and Ray chuckled shaking his head***

Ray: mr pilot say bye too

***he hugged Ruslan and Ruu put him down and he ran after Mpendulo***

Ruslan: I…. didn’t see that coming

Ray: me neither man…these kids grow up fast….anyway I’ll see you later man

***they fist bumped and he walked out and Ruslan closed the door and turned to Thandi***

Ruslan: you ok?

***she sighed***

Thandi: he saw us kissing Ruu

***he went closer to her and he pulled her closer and kissed her forehead***

Ruslan: and he seems ok with us

***she sighed***

Thandi: isn’t it too soon for them to know I mean they just buried their father 

Ruslan: they are both ok with us “dating” so we should be glad amour….imagine if they had a problem

Thandi: I guess

Ruslan: and I sense that you are unhappy

Thandi: I just don’t want to teach them that it’s ok to move from one relationship to another 

Ruslan: and you right it’s not and for your information you didn’t move from one relationship to another remember I waited for you….i kept sending you love massages and calling you 

***she looked down blushing and he chuckled then he stopped and sighed***

Ruslan: you don’t seem pleased that im leaving amour

Thandi: I think im becoming clingy Ruu…right now I feel like crying cause you leaving even though I understand that you have to help your brother

***he smiled and pushed her face up and kissed her***

Ruslan: now you know how I feel every time I have to leave you every night just so the boys don’t find me in the morning

***she smiled looking at him***

Thandi: really?

***he nodded and he perked her lips***

Ruslan: im also clingy but im a man so sulking about it will make me look like a pussy

***they laughed***

Ruslan: but I have to go now amour….I’ll call you every chance I get ok

***she nodded and they hugged for some time then they pulled apart and kissed passionately until they broke it to catch their breaths*** 





****Ray Heath Jabu Naledi Thandi and the boys were on their way home ….Ray Thandi Naledi and the boys where on one car and Jabu and Heath were on another car they rented since Ruslan used the other car when he left ….anyway Jabu’s phone rang and it was Amo***

Jabu: rato laka (my love)

Amo: Jabu your baby mama is here and she’s busy causing a scene

***she said with a pissed off tone***

Jabu: o reng? (what)

Amo: yeah….i don’t have the strength to deal with her Jabu ok…o busy o tlhaba mashata mo ( she’s busy shouting) calling me names a re im keeping her son away from her

Jabu: rato laka ke gona re tswang ka Limpopo so im gonna send some guys batlo ntsha tonki eo don’t worry wena don’t open the door her ( my love we just drove out of Limpopo so im gonna send some guys to come and take out that donkey don’t worry….just don’t open the door for her) 

Amo: ok

Jabu: kao rata wautlwa (I love you you hear me)

Amo: I love you too 

***then they ended the call***

Jabu: nx sfebe se sentlwaela masepa ( that bitch is pissing me off)

Heath: what’s wrong?

Jabu: Amo a re Dipuo o ko dladleng  obusy o tlhaba mashata ( Amo said Dipuo is at my house busy causing a scene)

Heath: wait Dipuo as in your crazy baby mama

Jabu: yah I swear tonki e le e tlo nnyela not with my wife Mshikaro…ke tlo tlhaba sefebe kuku ka thipa nna nx ( yeah I swear im gonna deal with that donkey not with my wife Mshikaro….im gonna end up stabbing a bitch’s pussy with a knife nx)

***he said dialing one of his boys’ numbers***





Dipuo: ye wena sfebe ke re ( hey bitch)  where is my son!

***she said banging on the door….Amo only let her inside the yard cause she said she’s Sbu’s mother but when she started insulting her she left her outside and she locked herself her daughter and Sbu inside the house and called Jabu….she knew Jabu doesn’t like cops and he doesn’t want them inside his yard so calling the cops on her was out of question***

Sbu: mama im sorry about this

***he said looking down ashamed and Amo went closer to him***

Amo: hey

***she said cupping his face***

Amo: don’t apologize for other people’s crazy behavior ok….she may be your biological mother but you are also my son … so stop apologizing 

***Sbu nodded with tears in his eyes and she hugged him***

Dipuo: Sbu!

***she called out to him***

Dipuo: Sbu baby its your mother!

***Sbu broke the hug and he went to the door looking angry with Amo calling after him…he opened the door and he looked at his mother with a deadly look on his face***

Dipuo: ooh my boy look at you….baby go inside and pack your clothes we are going home

Amo: home as in where exactly?

Dipuo: wena stay out of this nx

***she said pointing at Amo***

Sbu: dont talk to my mother like that Dipuo!

***he said with an angry tone ***

Dipuo: your mother?....hey wena Sbusiso I gave birth to you wankutlwa 19 hours of labour so oska mpotsa nyoso ( so don’t tell me nonsense)….im your mother and  not her

Amo: Dipuo or whatever your name is bona mo giving birth doesn’t make you a mother wankutlwa….where were you all this years you knew Jabu was in prison but you never bothered to help Jabu’s mother with Sbu and now you come here to my house o tlo tlhaba mashata busy saying my son my son…which son are you talking about!

***she said shouting at her and Dipuo took a step closer to Amo and Sbu quickly stood between them***

Sbu: touch her and you’ll see

Dipuo: Sbusiso so you are defending this thing against me your mother?

Sbu: I said touch her and you’ll see

***Dipuo laughed clapping her hands once ***

Dipuo: so you have poisoned my son against me you witch

***Sbu grabbed her by her shirt tight and he pulled her closer to his face and Dipuo swallowed hard with her eyes popped out***

Amo: ooh my God Sbu baby don’t please don’t 

***she said shocked with what he just did***

Sbu: listen here Dipuo….mom here is dad’s wife dad being Jabu and he will deal accordingly with anyone who insults  or threatens her and im Jabu’s son and have his crazy blood running through my veins so call her a witch once again and I’ll forget that you once gave birth to me and I’ll….

Amo: Sbu don’t please baby don’t…she’s not worth it

***she interrupted him***

Sbu: I don’t want to go with you anywhere and I don’t want to live with you…..I’ll never forgive you for what you did and said to me that day I came to ask for money to buy school shoes…if it wasn’t for uncle Heath I would have….

****then he stopped cause he was getting more angry and emotional at the same time***

Sbu: you are no mother to me Dipuo now get out of my father’s yard and never set your feet here again

***he let her go and took a step back***

Dipuo: Sbusiso….

***she said with a low tone***


***he roared which made Amo and Dipuo to jump a bit …then a car parked outside the yard and two scary looking guys got out of the car then one of the guys put his phone on his ear and seconds later he put his phone in his pocket then Amo’s phone rang ***

Amo: babe

Jabu: open the gate for those two guys and go inside with Sbu

Amo: Jabu what’s…

***he interrupted her***

Jabu: Amogelang now!.....please

***she sighed and she went inside the house and opened the gate for them and she instructed for Sbu to get inside and she closed the door while Sbu went to the baby’s crib and lifted Lile (Jabulile) up and he kissed her forehead and he took her bottle and went to sit down while feeding her….Amo smiled looking at them cause Sbu was protective of his little sister and it was cute then she heard a car driving away and she sighed she prayed that they don’t hurt her cause despite being an awful mother to Sbu and a mean human being Dipuo was still Sbu’s biological mother nonetheless***


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