***James corpse stood there as Richard Joe kokwane and the aunt stood about 16 yards away from him as for Ray Jabu and Heath they were now standing next to Ruslan while other people were standing far wondering what’s happening while other men who are brave enough they were standing at about 17 to 20 feet away from James with shocked and horrified looks on their faces while others were taking videos***

Jabu: no man…no man….bo ke boloi ba ko America… I swear tse re di bona ko Tv fela( this a American witchcraft….we only see such on Tv)

***He said with his eyes popped out***

Heath: im dreaming right big Ray?

Ray: nope

***he said with a chilled voice***

Jabu: no man big Ray…..so ke tsona di Para what what tsona tse ( so these are the Para what-what)

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: will you two just breathe and relax and enjoy the show

Jabu: enjoy?…..ka bona o tsobile lebake wena no in fact o tsobile nyaope and a ke frostane why o tsobile o le one o sa re fa le rona nx…. ( I see you smoked weed no in fact you smoked whoonga “nyaope” and I don’t understand why you would smoke alone without us)

***Ray chuckled***

Heath: bros wetin be this….na juju or na my eye dey showing me things? ( bro what’s all this…is this witchcraft my eyes are seeing?)

Ray: Na juju Ezeh now calm down and relax 

Kokwane: mehlolo ngwino…..nere mehlolo bano ba xikwenbu! (this is unbelievable…. I said this is unbelievable people of God)

***she said with her hands on top of her head shouting***

Aunt: Kwendlakala yini la…. yi mehlolo le yi njane leyi? ( what’s going on here….what kind of miracle  is this?)

Richard: I can’t believe this!

***he said with a shaky voice***

Mzamane: xipoko ngwino…wapoka Jemese….( a ghost people….James is a ghost)

***he said looking scared then the corpse turned its head and looked towards the Mashaba family and uncle Mzamane ran away like he was being chased by dogs  and other people who were still around but far from the scene started to run too when they saw Uncle Mzamane running towards them…..then the corpse tried to open its mouth but the lips were glued together so Ruslan whispered a spell and the glue melted and it opened its mouth then kokwane fell on the ground and she fainted while the aunt stood there shaking along with Richard and Joe as for uncle Gezani he long ran away busy screaming that his family is full of witches….

Anyway the corpse then made hissing sounds like a snake and it turned its whole body and it faced the Mashabas ***

James: you….

*** it moved its arm slowly and it pointed at the Mashabas  and they moved back slowly shaking with fear***

Joe: ooh God….oooh God…

***he said with his heart beating fast***

James: it’s your fault

***it spoke with a hissing tone then it made those hissing sounds again***

James: my sons….

***then it made cracking sounds when its head bend to the side a bit ***

James: why?

Jackson: James look we….

***he said with a shaky voice***

James: talk again and we will be buried together today brother

***Jackson kept quiet looking scared***

James: take back what you said about my sons and their mother or you will never know peace!

Aunt: i…we…

***then Ruslan chanted a spell and the Mashabas felt stuck where they are….they couldn’t move an inch and James’ corpse walked closer to them doing a zombie walk and Joe fainted***

Jackson: ooh god….ooh God we are dead!

***he said shaking with fear as for the aunt she was visibly shaking too***





Castiel: what do you mean my wife doesn’t exist?

Juana: im the real Juana I was send to look after you until you find her

***his face and fangs went back to normal***

Castiel: what?

Juana: my job was to make sure you don’t go astray and that you leave America in one piece

***he paced up and down while shaking his head***

Castiel: no no no….you’re lying….you’re lying!

***he said shouting***

Juana: im sorry but if your mother didn’t make me your guardian you and your brother would be dead

Castiel: guardian? guardian?…we fucken had sex you vile bitch…. I kissed you ooh fuck I kissed a dead body posing as a living human......

***Juana looked away and she kept quiet***

 Castiel:  and stop lying to me my mother wouldn’t do that to me…..she wouldn’t!

Juana: look she couldn’t lose two sons Castiel…..you and Ruslan would have died at the hands of the brethren

Castiel: stop it ok…fucken stop it!

***he grabbed a vas and threw it at her but it went through her and hit the wall breaking into pieces***



Juana: they would have kidnapped his son and it would have been his life for his son’s life and you know he wouldn’t hesitate to give up his life own for his son’s

Castiel: no…no

Juana: then you would have went after the brethren and you wouldn’t have made it going after them alone….your mother saw your future and if she didn’t do what she did she would have lost two sons

***Castiel sat down with his chest visibly moving up and down fast ***

Juana: im sorry but it had to be done I was supposed to make you betray your brother to have your mind occupied and for you not to dwell too much on your mother’s death and to continue to lead you to the one that will give you your heart’s desire

Castiel: so all of this was a lie….it was all a lie….MY FUCKEN BROTHER HATES ME BECAUSE OF YOU AND MY MOTHER!

Juana: it had to be done or you wouldn’t be here!

Castiel: all of this was a lie!

Juana: a lie that saved both you and your brother

***then Castiel started laughing the laugh started off low then it got louder and louder then all of a sudden he stopped laughing***

Juana: treat Kazi right and know that once she’s pregnant and she dies then your baby will die too….and you need your brother Ruslan’s help to keep her and the baby alive….she’s a special one and everyone that gets close to her feel fulfilled and complete you used to lie by pretending you weren’t smitten by her but the actual truth is you were and still are

***Castiel laughed***

Castiel: that bitch means nothing to me and to prove that I can go and feed on her until she takes her last breath so don’t psycho analyze me you fucken bitch 

Juana: well if you do that then know that there is no woman in the world that will be able to carry your seed and have a 50 percent chance of making it alive I mean even that dead woman’s body couldn’t carry it for long

***he chuckled bitterly shaking his head***

Juana: you need her Cass and you are not the only one who does….that hitman also need her and he loves her unlike you and he will leave no stone unturned until he finds her and your brother is right he has beasts behinds him searching for her and if you decide to take them on then some might die and you might live but you will have to forget about having a child ever

***he didn’t say anything***

Juana: let her go and court her the right way and have her accept to carry your seed willingly and not have your child hate you when he/she finds out about what you did to mommy…. and fix things between you and your brother cause the brethren are coming after you and him and so is the witches’ council they found your location

***he looked up at her with a frown on his face***

Castiel: what?

Juana: I guess your mother’s plan had a flaw after all cause now real danger is coming 

***Then she disappeared***

Juana: you don’t have to keep her captive….do things the right way cause she’s the only woman in this lifetime who can give you your heart’s desire and for your information you are not a monster Castiel circumstances made you one but you can choose not to be one….remember she’s every men’s chosen one who threat her good and so treat her right so she becomes yours……Good bye Castiel 

***her voice spoke then silence…….then out of the blue Castiel got up and his fangs got long and his skin changed along with his eyes and he screamed out loud with rage and he started breaking things throwing them to the wall while others he broke them into half…..by the time he was done the whole house except for the room Kazi was in was in shambles…..then he ran out of the house into the woods in his vampire state baying for blood***





***James corpse stood next to the remaining Mashaba members…it was dripping a clear liquid the ice was melting….then it hissed***

James: my sons are off limit or I’ll haunt you until you decide to commit suicide…. I may have been a useless father when I was alive but I’ll make anyone who hurts my sons in any way wish death upon themselves 

***then it looked at his aunt who was too frightened to even utter a single word***

James: don’t dare me aunty….. apologize to Thandi and my sons or I’ll make you 

***then it hissed again and its neck cracked as it put its head in a straight up position and it looked at Jackson who looked spooked***

James: I know what you and aunty here did brother….confess or I’ll haunt you until you do

***Jackson’s eyes and aunties popped out as they visibly shook then it cracked it neck again looking down on Joe and his grandmother***

James: ይፈጥር ታል ( wake up)

***he commanded them and they both at the same time opened their eyes and when they looked up wondering what’s going on……their eyes landed on James corpse and they screamed while Joe peed on himself shaking***

Kokwane: Jemese xetokolo xa mena….ko…ko endlakala yini…..opfuxi yi mani? (James my grandson….what’s…what’s going on…..who woke you up)

***the corpse didn’t say anything since Ruslan couldn’t understand what she was saying***

Joe: ooh God….ooh God…

***he said trying to move from his position but it felt like he was glued on it….he couldn’t even move a muscle….they all couldn’t move a muscle***

James: I know what you did

***it said looking from Jackson to his aunt then it made laughing sounds but its face didn’t show that it was laughing and it stopped and turned and walked back to the grave and it got in without any hassle and it went inside the coffin and laid down nicely and the coffin closed its self as the corpse closed its eyes and strong dusty wind filled the grave site then it stopped all of a sudden then silence***

Ruslan: ok im done we can go now

***Jabu jumped a bit startled and both him and Heath looked at him taking off his shades with shocked faces***

Jabu: what are you man?

***he asked Ruslan with a horrified look on his face***

Ray: show off!

***he chuckled and Ruslan laughed a bit and Ray started walking away***

Jabu: and wena o grand ka die hele ding? ( and you are ok with the whole thing) 

***he said to Ray who just laughed walking back to the cars***

Ruslan: ታላቅ (thaw)

***it said with its hand waving from left to the right side then the Mashaba got control of their bodies and Joe got up and he ran like he was being chased by dogs too….and Ruslan walked back to the car whistling lightly with Jabu and Heath walking behind him tongue tide***

Heath: Mjava a ke lore right ( Jabu im not dreaming right)…. what happened really happened?

Jabu: if wa lora Mshikaro then re lora toro e one….ke fetsa go bona mafa vuka James a bolela diphefo tsa boloi and broer ya rena o bona  die hele ding e le normal ebile wa laga are “show off” to moloi wa Phd ( if you are dreaming then we are dreaming the same dream….i just saw a dead James talking… winds of witchcraft and our brother sees the whole thing as normal and he’s even laughing busy saying “show off” to a wizard who holds a Phd)  

***he then looked at Heath***

Jabu: die man o busy o bakisana le Modimo Mshikaro….bo pastor Lukau batle ba tlo trainer mo mfowethu…gape mo diabowa mo….die man o fetsa go embarrass(a) di kono kono tsa mo Giyani ke ra ditweebenare tse di kgolo …tsona di brigadier tsa mo Giyani e bile di idibetse ( this man is busy competing with God Mshikaro….pastor Lukau and his peers should come train here my brother….its lit here….this guy just embarrassed big shots of Giyani big witches…. I mean brigadiers of  Giyani and they even fainted)

Heath: I just can’t believe that happened man

Ruslan: believe it Ezeh I don’t play around when it comes to those I hold dear to my heart

Jabu: what did mafa vuka say to them Ruru?

Ruslan: he warned them….well let me say I warned them that the boys are off limits and if they continue well he’ll haunt them until they beg death to visit them….in different words but the meaning is the same

Heath: damn!

***then they saw two police vans driving inside the cemetery and Jabu laughed***

Jabu: ba tlo etsang dimogoes tse? (What are they here to do these fools?)

Heath: probably to arrest mafa vuka

***they laughed and Ruslan just shook his head and got inside the car where Thandi Naledi and the boys were and Jabu and Heath went to the car Ray was in and they drove out***

Naledi: Ruu what happened out there I saw people running and others screaming

Ruslan: well go to Facebook and Twitter and you’ll find out what happened

Naledi: huh?

Ruslan: I can’t say it now but people took videos im sure they’ll post it on social media

Naledi: ooh ok

***then he looked at Thandi through the rearview mirror and she was leaning her head on Naledi’s shoulder with her eyes closed and he sighed and continued to drive away….Meanwhile inside the other car Ray was talking on the phone with Mbali***

Ray: ok I love you too my flower….I’ll see you later ok

***then he ended the call***

Heath: “I love you too” 

***he mimicked his voice*** 

Heath: damn I never thought I’d hear big Ray say that to any woman 

Ray: fuck you man

***they all laughed***

Ray: I love that girl man….i swear I can’t live without her 

Heath: mmmmh I know…I also can’t live without Naledi

Jabu: entlek le brekela mang….le nna I can’t live without Amo waka ( who are you bragging to….i also can’t live without my Amo) 

***they laughed***

Jabu: no man big Ray so vele vele Ruslan o kgona go tsosa mense  ba ba bhodileng? (so Ruslan can wake dead people up?)

Ray: no he doesn’t sometimes he gives them a second chance in life before they go to the light if you know what I mean and this time let’s say he commanded James’ corpse to do what he wanted it to do

Heath: I still can’t believe he did that

Ray: Ezeh we should be glad that he’s one of us and that hes on our side and most of all that he loves our sister Thandi….believe me when I say you don’t wanna mess with him take him on or mess with those he holds dear…he’s a very dangerous man and he has a dark-witches’ blood running through his veins so him being a “good wizard” doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a bad side believe me he does and its not a pleasant one to see

***Jabu and Heath just kept quiet***

Ray: that man made me get my soul back from the devil himself at one go when I had lost all hope….he killed a brethren and when he was done with him it was like he was ripped apart by a mystical beast

Jabu: eeh!

Heath: who are the brethren?

Ray: some bad motherfuckers…they are a dangerous group of vampires that only feed on human blood they killed his father right after his brother betrayed him net for control 

Jabu: broer wa gae betrayed him? ( his brother betrayed him?)

***Ray sighed***

Ray: he had no choice it was either Ruslan or his fiancé…he knew Ruslan can take care of himself but Juana is or was human  

Heath: damn so how did he betray him…what did he do?

Ray: he told the Brethren the spell they needed to enter the witches’ sacred grounds to apprehend a special stone named the Hag stone…there are other Hag stones out there many of them but that one is special man and it has immense super special powers

Jabu: mxm hai suka….letlapa ke letlapa man ( a stone is just a stone man)

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: well the Hag stone can ward off the dead curses witches sickness and nightmares but the Brethren wanted to use it to defeat by killing all the witches it was gonna stop witches and wizards from using their powers then they kill them all….  so that’s how they wanted to wipe out all the witches to rein supreme…it will only be them and werewolves and I believe after they have dealt with all the witches they were gonna go after the werewolves by finding their weaknesses and use them against them

Heath: ok ok so you want to tell me that there are vampires and werewolves too

***he asked shocked***

Ray: yeah man 

***Heath just shook his head astonished by all this***

Heath: man those things are fantasies man they are not supposed to be real 

Jabu: tell him Mshikaro 

Ray: I have the grim reaper inside of me and you met him even though he wasn’t in his full form….Ruslan is a real wizard and Mbali’s family members have beasts in them

Jabu&Heath: WHAT?

***Ray nodded**

Ray: yeah and Kalu has a demon named Saint and a beast inside of him too

***Jabu and Heath just kept quiet processing all that shocked astonished and not believing what they were hearing***

Heath: what?

***he asked with a low tone***

Ray: yeah… well with Saint it’s the repercussions of making a deal with the devil and the Beast well that is a Khumalo thing…they say it was made to protect them….so yeah 

***they kept quiet***

Jabu: mo motho le ge akare wa zama legodimo lona a ka se lebone shem….ke nale broer le setlogolo sa ledimone ( I don’t think a person will ever see heaven shame….i have a demon brother and a nephew) 

Ray: I have the La Parca while you Ezeh have a multiple personality disorder Ruslan is a wizard and my son has a beast and a demon in him Mj is the only way God punishes us for our sins whenever he’s around and with you Jabu well your rotten mouth more especially whenever you are swearing at another person hits me inside as if you are directing those swear words towards me….and whenever you say le marete I feel it man so yah we won’t see heaven unless we repent man and me and my son repenting means death 

***he said with a pained tone***

Jabu: ok I really need to go to church so that ge ke fitlha ko legodimong modimo a mpulele masango ka smile ( so that when I arrive at Heaven God will open the gates with a smile)  

***they laughed***

Heath: e be satan a tle a tswere coto ya black label le patji mixed with nyaope a jele di brentwood classic florsheim shoes leopard print shirt le berethe  e be a re “ye wena le marete a reye di broer tsa gao di ka da wena o nyakang ka mo jou fokon moeskond” ( and satan will come holding a cot of black label and weed mixed with whoonga wearing a brentwood trouser classic florsheim shoes a leopard print shirt and a beret cap and he will say “ lets go dickhead your brothers are that side so what are you doing here you fucken asshole”)

***they busted out loud with laughter*** 




****AT THE BNB****

***Ruslan opened the door for Thandi and she walked in and when she turned he was closer to her and he pulled her closer and they kissed a slow passionate kiss that made Thandi to have goosebumps all over her body after a while they broke the kiss and he kissed her forehead***

Ruslan: you ok?

***he asked her and she nodded***

Ruslan: where are the boys?

Thandi: they went to the mall with Jabu and Ray

Ruslan: and im sure Heath and Star are busy fucking like rabbits by now 

***they laughed***

Ruslan: I love you

***she blushed looking down and he put his finger under her chin and slowly pushed her face up and he looked at her with an intense look***

Ruslan: marry me Thandi

***she swallowed hard***

Ruslan: we wont get married now I just want to know your answer 

***she sighed and nodded***

Thandi: ok

Ruslan: huh?

Thandi: yes I’ll marry you Ruu

***he smiled wide and he kissed her and hugged her tight and after some time they broke the hug and went to lay down on the bed and he put his hand on her stomach and he rubbed it slowly as he held her from the back***

Thandi: what happened at the cemetery?

Ruslan: they say James woke up from the dead to warn his family to lay off his sons

Thandi: what?

Ruslan: mmmmh

Thandi: you said ‘they say’ khante didn’t you see everything that happened

Ruslan: would you stand closer to the scene of a dead man waking up if you were me or your brothers?

Thandi: no… of course not

***he kissed her neck and continued to rub her belly***

Ruslan: we stood from afar trying to see what the heck was going on but there was dust winds and people were running and screaming it was just chaos 

Thandi: mmmmh I wonder what happened

***he kissed her neck again***

Thandi: Ruu?

Ruslan: amour

Thandi: why do you like rubbing my belly?

***he kissed her neck again and pulled her closer and he continued to rub her belly***

Ruslan: don’t worry you’ll know why soon

***then his phone rang and he let her go and took it from on top of the side drawer and he answered it sitting up***

Ruslan: yeah

Voice: Madou

*** the voice said with a low tone and he got out of the bed with a frown on his face***

Ruslan: Cass

Castiel: yeah…. i need your help man

Ruslan: what?

Castiel: Juana….i just found out that she never existed man… it all a façade….mom and that girl who used some dead woman’s body to fool me planned the whole shit

Ruslan: ok wait… what?

Castiel: and the brethren know about my whereabouts and it’s only a matter of time before the witches’ council finds me too…there’s a lot this Juana bitch told me that you also need to know

Ruslan: Cass look i…

***he interrupted him***

Castiel: the brethren are coming after you too man for killing their own you have a family now so ….just bring your son closer so you can protect him along with your new family

*** Ruslan walked out and closed the door behind him***

Ruslan: how did they find you…I mean I couldn’t even find you

Castiel: those men that I killed…the car door ripped off from the car and their hearts ripped out so yah I messed up cause even today the police can’t explain what happened to them or to the car door

Ruslan: and how do they know about my location

Castiel: they gonna use me to fish you out

***he paced around while brushing his head roughly***

Castiel: im sorry I messed up man im really sorry


Castiel: look its fine I’ll hand myself over to the witches’ council….they’ll kill me and the brethren won’t have find you…its better I die with the witches council’s hand than with the brethren’s

Ruslan: no no no

***he stopped moving***

Castiel: it’s the only way man….if the brethren catch me that bitch Ariel will make me talk forcefully with her powers 

Ruslan: NO!….we’ll find a way just tell me where you are and….

Castiel: I’ll send you my location…and Madou I killed a human by feed off him ….right now im thirsty and Kazi….she’s in danger man im gonna kill her I know I will

Ruslan: shit…ok look go outside and keep yourself busy  im coming 

*** Castiel dropped the call and Ruslan’s phone beeped it was Castiel who send him his location***

Ruslan: shit!  


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