***Ray just shook his head***

Ray: whatever you plan on doing please bros remember Star Thandi and the boys will be there

***well Amo and Mbali won’t be able to make it because their babies are still young for them to be going to funerals***

Ruslan: don’t worry they won’t see anything

Ray: his home?

Ruslan: no….the graveyard

***he said smiling***

Ray: fuck no

***Ruslan laughed***

Ruslan: fuck yes

***they both laughed***





***Castiel woke up holding his head then he sat up straight and he chuckled***

Castiel: what are you Juana I mean you’re supposed to be a ghost but here you are using special powers to throw me across the room

***nothing then he looked over at the bed and it was empty and he chuckled shaking his heavy head then he closed his eyes and searched for her and he found her limping along the thick bushes and he sighed shaking his head….he has a physical link to her through her blood from that day he licked her blood and almost fed on her….he then connected to her mind ***

Castiel: you are deep inside the jungle and there are wild animals and they are hungry as hell especially man-eating snakes and tigers

***Kazi stopped walking and she looked around as she heard Castiel’s voice with her heart beating fast….she was in extreme pain but she didn’t care cause all she wanted was to be as far as she can away from the monster she left in that house and now she was hearing his voice as if its speaking inside her head***

Castiel: your choice lady its either you take your chances with me or you get eaten by wild animals and perish just like that….and just so you know the moment that lion or tiger gets its claws into your flesh you gonna wish you chose to take your chances with me….now you have approximately 45 minutes before those boa pythons come out to feed 

***she stood there shaking looking around then out of nowhere she felt hands on her waist and she froze***

Castiel: so what is it gonna be Kay

***her body visibly shook as he whispered on her right ear***

Castiel: so?

***then they heard some sound not far from them and she held his hand tight and it was cold as ice***

Castiel: what is it gonna be lady

Kazi: I’ll….I’ll take my…my chances with you

Castiel: thought as much

***he chuckled and he apparated from there to inside the house then he picked her up bridal style and took her to her bed and laid her down***

Castiel: try to run away again and I’ll personally feed you to the wild animals and that’s if I don’t kill you first you hear me

***she nodded with tears running down her cheeks and he lifted her shirt up and took his things and he cleaned her wound since it was bleeding and after  he was done he covered her and injected her with a right dose of morphine and he walked out***

Castiel: show yourself Juana and that’s if it’s your real name


Castiel: its either you show yourself or I’ll kill Kazi by sucking out every drop of her blood out of  her body and you know I don’t play around

***still nothing***

Castiel: fine she’s the dead weight I don’t need anyway

***he turned and walked back to the stairs***

Voice: Cass

***he stopped and slowly turned and there she was standing in a mid-evil light brown long dress but the thing is it wasn’t the Juana he knows physically but the voice was that of her***

Castiel: who the fuck are you?

***she swallowed hard***

Juana: Juana

***Castiel chuckled looking at her then he shook his head not believing all this***

Castiel: my wife is Caucasian and you are black

Juana: i…I know i…

***he interrupted her***


***he roared and his eyes turned black***

Juana: Cass you need to calm down and let me explain 

***then Castiel moved like the wind charging towards her but when he got to her and tried to grab her by her neck she vanished and he quickly turned and she was standing behind him***

Juana: im not really here so stop it

Castiel: where’s my wife?

*** He said with his fangs all out***

Juana: she doesn’t exist

***he stood there frozen with a frown on his face*** 





***Menzi walked inside the house feeling drained they had another lead but it turned out to be a another dead end they have been facing each day passing without finding her meant that she could very well be dead or shipped off to another country and that broke his heart even more….then his phone rang and it was Snakes***

Menzi: grootman 

Snakes: Mapholoba I have something

Menzi: im listening 

Snakes:  I found your wife’s numbers on that motherfucker who hired those guys 

***Menzi closed his eyes and he clenched his jaws***

Menzi: how many times did she call him

Snakes: 6 times and the last time they spoke on the phone was a night before the attack and she tried him a couple of times after the attack and left a few missed calls too

Menzi: how could she

***he said with a low tone***

Snakes: look its either she’s cheating on you with the man who hired those men to kill your Kazi or she paid him to find men to do it

Menzi: im gonna kill her

***then he dropped the call and he rushed upstairs and when he walked in he found her on the floor with her eyes and mouth opened and she wasn’t blinking she was bleeding from her mouth and nose ….he looked besides her and saw a box of rat poison and a paper under it…he sighed and went to pick the paper and she wrote something on it ….it read;

“ im sorry for hiring that guy to kill Kazi and her unborn babies. I could see it in your eyes that you in love with her and I knew that if I didn’t know your deep dark secret you would’ve divorced me long ago. Im also sorry for sleeping with your father I fell in love with his money and what I didn’t think about is when he dies you’ll inherit all his money and it will also be my money since im your wife so yah im dumb like that. The love for money and material things were my downfall and if I became loyal and faithful to you im sure we would be happy by now but no I screwed it up I guess my mother was right about me despite all the shitty things I did that hurt you but I have always loved you despite what you may think.

Thank you for accepting Ntwentle as if she’s yours even though she’s your father’s please take care of my babies and always tell them that I love them and im sorry I had to resort to this because of shame and fear. Talking about fear the guy that has Kazi and killed those guys called me and threatened to expose me by sending you a recording of one of the guys confessing that I was involved and he has her he even said the babies didn’t make it im sorry. I saved his number as the kidnapper im sorry Menzi please find it in your heart to forgive me…..love Buhle”

***he stood there with his hands shaking his eyes welled with tears and he let them fall….then he started kicking her body over and over until he got tired then he stopped and he grabbed her phone and walked out wiping off his tears***  





***it was the day of the funeral and Thandi and her brothers sons Naledi and Ruslan slept at a nearby BnB and now they are standing outside the yard while people and the casket are inside the tent where a ceremony was held….Ruslan has his arm around Mpendulo who keeps on wiping off his tears while Ray was holding Mpilo and Naledi was standing next to Thandi….they saw uncle Gezani walking to them he shook their hands and stood next to Jabu***

Gezani: im sorry about all this the boys should be inside there but because some people are evil they are standing out here like it’s not their father who’s laying inside that coffin

Heath: it’s all good uncle as long as they are there when their father is being buried 

***the uncle nodded***

Gezani: where is your grandfather I thought he’ll come

Jabu: di high high di namelletse so re mochaetse gore a blome gae le magriza (his blood pressure is high so we told him to stay back with granny ) and we will come instead and plus they are looking after Heath’s kids 

***the uncle nodded***

Jabu: ka bona gore ebile ba chunne monyanya wa leso hierso ( I see they threw a party-funeral here)

***they chuckled***

Jabu: mmmmh bo stretch tent le di catering as if o tla tsoga e be a re “yeses auntiza yeer go pila mos mo….ai motho tshwanetse a swe mo often mos mo” (mmmmh stretch tent and catering as if he’ll wake up and say “ jeez  aunt its beautiful here….i guess a person needs to die more often”) 

***they laughed***

Uncle.Gezani: wa bona wena Jabu….number one!

*** They continued to laugh***

Ruslan: you ok champ

***Mpendulo nodded and he kissed the top of his head then Jackson walked to them with a frown on his face***

Jackson: what are you doing here I thought we told you never to set your feet here

Jabu: hei wena changaan man ke strata sa papao se? ( hey Shangaan man is this your father’s street?)

Jackson: o vholavhola na mena wena san? ( are you talking to me boy) 

Jabu: no im talking to your shadow jou bleksem …ofcourse ke ova le wena ntja (ofcourse im talking to you dog)

Thandi: Jabu there are kids here please

Jabu: then botsa Mr Steroids here a fotseke mo unless papae a owner this street ( then tell Mr. Steroids here to fuck off from here unless his father owns this street)

***Jackson chuckled***

Jackson: remember this is Giyani and not where you come from mfo

***he said with a smirk on his face***

Heath: are you threatening us man

***he said getting closer to him with a scary frown on his face***

Jackson: take a step back boy

Heath: I asked you a question you piece of shit

Ray: Ezeh not here man

***then Heath smirked looking at Jackson who was itching to beat the shit out of Heath***

Heath: damn you just got saved again….you lucky son of a bitch….but remember luck sometimes runs out man and I’ll be there waiting for you

Jackson: I can’t wait for that day where I’ll teach you what we do to bitches like you in the military

***Heath smiled wide in a creepy way and Jackson frowned ***

Ruslan: not in front of the boys 

***he said through his teeth with a  warning tone***

Caesar: damn I cant wait….we should make it soon cause im sure you also can’t wait

Ruslan: I said not in front of the boys are you both deaf!

***he said with a stern voice***

Ray: Caesar calm down

***he said through his teeth and Caesar raised his hands up with that creepy smile on his face and he took a step back then he put his hands inside his pockets and he looked over at Naledi who had a frown on her face and Caesar winked at her with a side smile on his face and Naledi swallowed hard***

Caesar: sorry about that Obi m

***Ruslan just shook his head then Jackson looked at Thandi and his face softened***

Jackson: after the funeral we need to talk you and I its about the boys

***Ruslan frowned***

Thandi: I have nothing to say to you 

Jackson: look its at the best interest of my brother’s sons we talk after the funeral ok

***Thandi huffed and she looked away while Naledi was giving him nasty looks scanning him up and down with a disgusted look on her face***

Ruslan: move along Mr steroids!

***he said with a serious tone and Jackson chuckled then he looked at Thandi again***

Jackson: I’ll call you after the funeral don’t leave without us talking

Ruslan: I said move along!

***he said now with a pissed off tone and Jackson chuckled again and he walked away and Thandi and Naledi clicked their tongues ***

Ray: calm down man

***he said to Ruslan who seemed angry***

Uncle.Gezani: I need a DNA test done…I can’t be related to these people….maybe im the neighbor’s child no man vanhu la vha vhanyanyesa man nx

***Jabu chuckled***

Jabu: sure uncle

***then people inside the tent stood up and some got out of the tent and Jabu told Thandi to get inside the car and she did and closed the door and as soon the coffin was carried out of the tent to the hearse Mpendulo started crying and Ruslan held him tight while inside the car Thandi kept looking up to stop the tears…..she was hurt that after all the years she suffered fighting James’ side chicks and forcing him to grow up and to take care of his boys  ended here with him inside a coffin she wished she never agreed to marry him cause if they never married traditionally she wouldn’t be expected to sit on the mattress and his sons wouldn’t have been disowned by the family….if only she listened to her grandmother’s warnings but she knew that now it was too late for regrets….even though she is hurt that he’s dead at the same time she despised him for what he’s putting her through even in his death…..anyway the casket is now inside the hearse with people singing gospel songs and off it went slowly to the graveyard where he will be laid to rest and cars followed it***  





***Thandi remained inside the car while her brothers the boys Ruslan and Naledi went to the burial site and stood there and watched the family cover the casket with a blanket and the pastor started the burial ceremony…..Mpendulo was busy crying with Ruslan holding him tight and the congregation started singing as the casket went down slowly and the aunt cried out loud then others followed*** 

1.Oho Yesu Ndza ta Sweswi

O ndzi amukela

Ndzi tisane hi swivi swa nga

U ndzi amukela.

2.  Ndzi xisiwile hi nala

Masiku hinkwawo

Kunene a ndzi lovile

Ndzi nga voni chumu.

3. O namuntlha ndza tisola.

U ndzi amukela

Ndza ta Hosi hi mihloti

U ndzi amukela.

4. Hlantswa mbilu ya nga Hosi

Ndzi hlayise Yesu.

Moya lo'wu hanyisaka

Tirha masingita.

5. Ndza ta Hosi Ndzi mudyohi

U ndzi tsetselela

Ndzi kombela wena Hosi

U ndzi amukela.

6. O Moya wa Pentekosta

Xika hi marimba

Hi ve timboni ta wena

Hi nga chavi nchumu

***they sang and Ruslan clenched his jaws as Mpendulo and Mpilo’s cries touched a sensitive part in his heart and he swallowed hard…..after the casket was now inside the grave Ruslan whispered to Naledi that she should take the boys back to the cars and she nodded and held their hands and she went back to the cars with Mpendulo sobbing painfully and Ray watched Ruslan move to the other side of the Burial site and he whispered to his brothers***

Ray: brace yourselves

Them: huh?

Ray: don’t freak out ok

***the congregation started humming a slow sad song with the pastor reciting a “ashes to ashes and dust to dust” prayer in Xitsonga…. then Ruslan’s eyes changed from its normal color to cloudy eyes and he recited a spell and dust wind started filling the burial site and people screamed women where holding their dresses wigs and skirts down as the dust-wind blew all over then all of a sudden it stopped and people started mumbling dusting themselves and when the pastor continued with the “ashes to ashes and dust to dust” prayer they heard something hitting hard inside the grave and they all stopped…..the sound got louder and louder and people started freaking out cause it was clear the sound was inside the casket***

Jabu: what the fuck!

***Ray looked over at Ruslan and he knew it was him even though he was wearing shades…..he was waking James from the dead well more like using James’ corpse to do whatever he wants it to do***

Woman:  Jesus o koma a ha hanya a ndzeni ka bokisi (Jesus I think he’s still alive inside the coffin)

***she said with her hand on her chest***

Woman2: ooh my God!

***they said looking freaked out while others were moving to the back cause they were scared….then someone went to the family and told them what was going on as the sound was getting louder and Jackson Mzamane the aunt and Joe got up and went closer to the grave next to the pastor while everyone else inside the tent also got up***

Pastor: I don’t know what is happening but there’s a banging sound inside the casket

Aunt: ooh my God…. o hleketa kore….. (do you think…)

***Jackson rushed closer to the grave with other people taking videos while others where already by the pavement far away from the grave site***

Heath: don’t tell me its what I think it is

Jabu: shit…shit…no he fucken didn’t!

***he said with his heart pounding hard and his hands shaking***

***anyway Jackson went inside the grave ***


****the banging sound continued and he remembered that the casket was locked then he asked someone to hand him a rock and they quickly did….well everyone was shocked including the funeral palour guys to a point that one of them was even taking a video to show people so they’ll believe him when he tell them what he saw….

Anyway Jackson broke the lock and he balanced himself with the walls inside the grave and he quickly opened the casket and James corpse was looking at him with its eyes opened and the eyeballs were also cloudy in colour just like Ruslans and Jackson swallowed hard as he felt chills run down his spine…..he slowly bend backwards since he was bending forward after he opened the coffin***

Aunt: Jack o pfukile James?....n’wana mina o pfukile? ( Jack is James awake…is my child awake?) 

***then the corpse slowly sat up straight like a robot well the corpse was doing exactly what Ruslan was commanding it to do with his mind…. anyway Jackson told them to get him out immediately and Joe grabbed his hand and pulled him out….then the corpse stood up from the coffin and Ruslan recited another spell and it started climbing out of the grave fast without any difficulty and people screamed and they ran away with others falling and other women running in heels as if they are wearing flat shoes screaming***


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