***Castiel was at the mall he went to buy groceries since now he can’t only feed off blood since Kazi is there so he’s gonna have to eat solid food for his skin to seem normal…anyway after buying groceries he decided to go buy toiletries and clothes for Kazi cause he can’t stomach the thought of her wearing Juana’s clothes after his shopping spree he felt his presence…his stomach knotted and he swallowed hard his eyes wondered around until they landed on him…He was with two boys and a woman and he still looked good well better than good cause he looked like he’s been hitting the gym for some time then he saw him stop walking as if he’s suddenly frozen and he knew he felt his presence too then he walked away blending in with the crowd making sure he doesn’t see him***

Castiel: fuck he’s here….wait are those boys his and the woman is she his wife…fuck!

***he said to himself but then he stopped as he felt his presence getting closer and closer and he quickly went inside a boutique for woman’s clothes that was closer to him and he hid there with his heart pounding hard against his chest and he pretended to be looking for something to buy….he then peeped to see if he was still around and he saw him standing there looking around and he swallowed hard cause he missed him so damn much but he knew he might kill him if he even shows himself for double crossing him***

Castiel: leave Mahamadou! 

***he spoke with him using his mind something they were taught by their late mother***

Ruslan: so it’s really you….you’ve been here all along you bastard

***Castiel swallowed hard***

Castiel: just go about your business and pretend that this shit never happened

***Ruslan chuckled***

Ruslan: show yourself man or are you now some scared little bitch

***Castiel chuckled***

Castiel: rather a scared little bitch than a dead one little bro

Ruslan: where is the girl Castiel

Castiel: I don’t know what you are talking about

Ruslan: you picked the wrong one and now beasts are after you and you know beasts and vampires don’t mix…now where the hell is that girl?

***Castiel chuckled***

Castiel: there are no beasts here Madou only small town witchcraft and gangsterism  

***Ruslan chuckled***

Ruslan: nope I personally know a family of real beasts and they are looking for that girl

***Castiel frowned***

Castiel: you’re lying man you want me to come out so you can kill me im not stupid Madou ok

Ruslan: her baby daddy is a hitman to the beast family and they are coming for you and believe me its just a matter of time

***Castiel kept quiet thinking***

Ruslan: Castiel!

***he continued to keep quiet***

Ruslan: Cass!

Castiel: why are you telling me all this Madou I mean you hate me

Ruslan: so that I will be the one to kill you that’s why…

Castiel thought as much

Ruslan: now let that girl go

Castiel: I’d rather have the beasts’ blood on my hands than my own brother’s blood 

Ruslan: Cass don’t do this

Castiel: look man im sorry for choosing Juana over you and guess what karma dealt with me by taking her so don’t make me fight you just go about your business and let me deal with my shit

Ruslan: she….she’s dead?

***Castiel chuckled bitterly***

Castiel: yeah and now im all alone…no family…. nothing and that girl can change all that

Ruslan: no no no Castiel listen to me….

***he interrupted him***

Castiel: if the beasts succeed in killing me which I doubt they will then bury me upside down so that the world can kiss my fossil ass….adios brother

***then he looked around the shop and everyone was minding their business then he checked the security cameras and they weren’t facing him then he apparated from where he was to his car in the underground parking lot and he loaded his things in the car got in and drove off***

Ruslan: shit!

***then he took out his phone and dialed Thandi’s phone***

Thandi: hey

Ruslan: amour where are you and the boys now

Thandi: at Woolworths

Ruslan: ok im on my way

Thandi: ok

***they ended the call and he dialed Ray’s numbers***

Ray: bros

Ruslan: I just had a run in with Castiel

Ray: wait what?

Ruslan: yeah…well I didn’t see him but I felt his presence and we mind-communicated and he does have the girl and he doesn’t give a damn that the Khumalo’s are looking for her

Ray: shit!

Ruslan: I think we should break into the girl’s house and get one of her things that she usually uses so I can use it to track her down and maybe I might find out where she is

Ray: ok I’ll take care of the break in and you’ll handle the rest

***Ruslan sighed***

Ruslan: ok….i gotta go we will talk later

Ray: ok

***then they ended the call and Ruslan went to Thandi and the boys and when Mpilo saw him he ran to him and Ruslan picked him up and they went to Thandi and Mpendulo***

Ruslan: you good

***Thandi nodded and he kissed the top of her head and he went to Mpendulo***

Ruslan: you see anything you like champ

***Mpendulo just shrugged and Ruslan sighed….he was worried about him and the sudden change of his mood….well he knew the reason behind his change of moods but he was worried that his father’s death might turn him into someone bitter and with anger issues cause he hardly says anything these days and he also could see that something else other than his father’s death troubles him then he went to Thandi and he put Mpilo down***

Ruslan: I need to have a talk with Mpe privately….im worried about him

***Thandi sighed***

Thandi: im also worried about him ….he hardly says anything these days

Ruslan: so you’ll be good with Mr Pilot

***she nodded***

Ruslan: ok 

***then he took out his black card and he gave it to her***

Thandi: ummm Ruu I cant….

***he interrupted her***

Ruslan: you not about to reject my money amour just spoil yourself and Mr. pilot here and as for Mpe I got it covered ok

***she sighed and nodded***

Ruslan: call me when you are done

***then he kissed her forehead and whispered to her***

Ruslan: I love you so damn much

***he said with his one hand on her belly and she whispered that she loves him too then he crouched down ***

Ruslan: your mom is gonna buy you anything you want while I take Mpe to the restroom ok

***Mpilo frowned***

Mpilo: is he afraid to go there alone like me

***Ruslan smiled and he nodded***

Ruslan: remember I once told you that there are bad guys that look for kids that walk around alone inside the mall and they steal them

***Mpilo nodded***

Ruslan: so I don’t want them to steal Mpe so im gonna take him to the restroom while you continue to shop with mom ok

Mpilo: ok

Ruslan: and don’t leave her side ok

Mpilo: ok I promise I wont

Ruslan: that’s my boy….and tell your mom to buy you that big toy truck you saw at that other shop ok

***Mpilo smiled wide***

Mpilo: really?

***he said all excited and Ruslan nodded smiling the Mpilo hugged him and Ruslan laughed so did Thandi then she got emotional looking at how happy Mpilo is and how selfless and kindhearted Ruslan is***

Ruslan: im sure you heard that mommy

***she nodded and he kissed her forehead and he went to Mpe who was sitting down playing a game on his phone now***

Ruslan: let’s go champ

***he put a pause on the game he was playing and looked up at him***

Mpe: where?

Ruslan: you’ll see…come lets go

***he got up and followed Ruslan***

Mpe: what about mom and Mpilo

Ruslan: we will catch up with them later

Mpe: ummm ok

***they walked out of the shop***




***they bought everything Mpendulo wanted and now they were sitting at a restaurant Mpendulo ordered a burger and milkshake while Ruslan ordered a meaty meal with a glass of beer….Mpendulo looked excited with what he got and you could tell he couldn’t wait to get home and try on the clothes and the gargets Ruslan bought for him too…as for Thandi and Mpilo they were at spurs enjoying their meal too and she was communicating with Ruslan all along***

Ruslan: champ

Mpe: uncle

Ruslan: what’s wrong

***he frowned***

Mpe: huh? ummm with what?

Ruslan: im not your mom Mpe so you don’t have to pretend with me

Mpe: nothing is wrong with me now can we drop it please

***Ruslan looked at him intensely***

Ruslan: boy when you look at me what do you see

***Mpendulo didn’t look up at him***

Ruslan: hey look at me!

***he said with a stern voice and Mpendulo looked at him***

Ruslan: I know something is bothering you and you gonna tell what it is

***he said with a serious tone and Mpe looked down to his food***

Ruslan: im waiting 

Mpe: I heard mama and gogo talking and mama was crying

*** “shit” is what Ruslan thought***

Ruslan: im listening 

Mpe: that dad’s family cut us off…more like they disowned us because mom didn’t want to do what they want

***Ruslan sighed***

Ruslan: and how does that make you feel

Mpe: angry at mom

***Ruslan frowned***

Ruslan: why?

Mpe: because if she did what they wanted her to do they wouldn’t have disowned us

***Ruslan sighed***

Ruslan: tell me here….whenever you don’t do what your mom wants you to do does she disown you or “cut you off”

***Mpe shook his head no***

Ruslan: do you even know what they wanted her to do

***he shook his head no***

Ruslan: so if they told her to strip naked and run around the street just so they don’t disown you three she should do it or if they said they want you and your little brother to move to Limpopo for good without her she should agree

Mpe: no….no she shouldn’t 

***he said with a frown on his face***

Ruslan: Mpe you are the eldest son to your mom and it should be your job to make sure she’s always happy and that no one makes her cry….do you like it when she cries

***he shook his head no***

Ruslan: remember you once told me you once heard your granny from your father’s side of the family swearing at your mom over the phone when it was on loud speaker and after the call she cried

***Mpendulo swallowed with tears filling his eyes when she remembered his grandmother’s words and her mother’s sobs***

Ruslan: so now you can imagine what they said to her this time but instead of being there for her you are angry that she didn’t do what they wanted her to do

***Tears ran down his cheeks***

Mpe: i….i

Ruslan: shhh its ok…..listen here my boy im not gonna beat around the bush and lie to you…. your father’s family don’t like your mother cause they think she was with your dad for his money and they forgot that your mother’s brothers swim in money….she accepted your father the way he was and she lived in a two bedroom house cause that’s what your father could afford to buy and she never made him feel less of a man because of that….your uncles could’ve brought her a big house with a swimming pool and many bedrooms but she loved your father and didn’t care about material things

***Mpendulo swallowed hard***

Ruslan: but your father’s family doesn’t see that all they want is your father’s money and they are doing extreme things to make sure they hurt your mother because of that…. look your mother is a special woman she’s one in a million and she needs to be appreciated and not hurt ok

Mpendulo: ok

Ruslan: as for them disowning you don’t worry they’ll change their mind and I’ll make sure of that and it looks like your other grandfather doesn’t agree with them disowning you and your brother so relax

Mpendulo: im…im  sorry

Ruslan: hey look just love your mom and never let anyone come between you your mother and little brother protect them and make sure they are always happy and you’ll shame the devil ok

Mpendulo: ok

***then he brushed his head***

Ruslan: I love you ok champ 

Mpendulo: I love you too uncle

Ruslan: and always come to me whenever something is bothering you don’t ever keep things to yourself or else you’ll die in silence where else I could’ve helped you ok

***Mpendulo nodded wiping his tears off***

Ruslan: good now let’s eat so we can go join your mother and little brother





***Castiel Walked inside the room Kazi was in and he went to open the curtain and window and he put shopping bags that had her toiletries and new clothes on top of a table***

Castiel: have you snapped out of it lady?

***Kazi swallowed hard and she didn’t answer him….she wondered how does this guy expect her to snap out of losing her unborn babies just like that and why did he help her and save her life…. she wondered what he wanted from her cause he doesn’t look like a “father Theresa” who goes around helping people without wanting anything in return***

Kazi: are you going to kill me?

***he raised his one eyebrow looking at her with a smirk on his face amused by her question***

Castiel: should i?

***she swallowed hard….”who says that” she thought***

Castiel: should I?

***she shook her head no***

Castiel: ok then I won’t….for now….so have you snapped out of it?

***she nodded lying I mean who snaps out of losing their babies***

Castiel: even though you are lying but I’ll let it slide cause I have a lot on my mind

***she swallowed again***

Castiel: it’s time for your bath….you fucken stink….im sure it’s that pad you are wearing it’s probably full by now….you didn’t even try to get out of the bed to go change it what kind of a woman are you yeses

***tears ran down her cheeks as he helped her sit up….she flinched with pain but he didn’t care***

Castiel: take it out…im going to run a bath for you

***he went to the en-suit bathroom and she let out a sob feeling embarrassed hurt sad angry and broken***




***she was now clean and the bed sheets were also changed and she was eating slowly as he watched her***

Castiel: why a married man?

***she stopped eating but she didn’t raise her head to look at him***

Castiel: I ask and  you answer lady…. trust me you don’t wanna make me angry

***she closed her eyes then she opened them again***

Kazi: I didn’t know he was married 

Castiel: bullshit

Kazi: I found out when I showed my now ex friend his picture and she said he’s her cousin’s husband

Castiel: damn and let me guess she turned on you

***she didn’t say anything***

Castiel: but then im sure you continued to fuck him even after finding out he’s married right

***she didn’t say anything***

Castiel: typical cliché stories of desperate bitches…. I mean couldn’t you find someone single

***tears ran down her cheeks***

Castiel: and now the wife is gonna go to jail or probably be killed by that bull of hers just because she acted without thinking….i mean you were fucking her husband for fucks sake and you even fell pregnant as if you didn’t  know about fucken condoms or what you wanted to trap him with a baby?….. and now she’s the one that’s going to pay…nc nc nc 

***Kazi continued to cry as his words pierced through her already shattered heart***

Castiel: you and that bull should be the ones going to jail for hurting that woman but no…. no wonder Juana refused to continue to live in this fucked up world it’s because of people like you nx

***then he looked at her***

Castiel: eat!

***she quickly picked her fork and continued to eat with tears all over her face***

Castiel: if it’s not your mother and stepfather selling you to me it’s you fucking married men but then I guess you took after mommy cause she also fucked a married man and now she’s married to him as the second wife…..wait was that your plan too

Kazi: please stop

***she said with a breaking voice and he chuckled***

Castiel: why im only telling you the truth

Kazi: plea….

***she stopped and looked up at him***

Kazi: wait  my….my mother and stepfather sold me to you

***he chuckled***

Castiel: yeah that’s why you are here I own you….isn’t it lovely?

***he laughed and he got up and walked out leaving Kazi frozen….he went downstairs and cold air passed him and he stopped walking***

Castiel: Juana…baby?

Voice: I have always seen the good side of you even though everyone saw a monster and it pains me to say that today I finally saw you for who you really are a monster

***she whispered on his ear and he frowned***

Castiel: wh…what?.....you don’t mean that

Voice: you didn’t have to say all that to her and just so you know….you hurt me more than you hurt her when you said all that to her…I can’t believe I fell in love with a heartless person like you

***he swallowed hard***

Castiel: Juana you don’t mean that


Castiel: Juana?….baby?

***still nothing***

Castiel: JUANA!

***still nothing then he got angry***

Castiel: fuck you Juana you hear me fuck you….im busy doing all this shit because of you I saved her life and im also taking care of her for you so what more do you want mmmmh….what the fuck do  you want from me you dead bitch!

***he shouted looking angry and also hurt by what she said….she has never called him a monster before when she was alive***

Castiel: im a monster right?....then watch as this monster deal with that fucken bitch

***he turned and went back upstairs and he walked in and found Kazi crying and he grabbed her by her throat and his eyes changed color and became all black  so did his skin it became pale instantly and his long fangs came out and Kazi screamed***


Kazi: Cassstiel you….you are scaring me

***she said shaking with fear then he squeezed his hand tight around her neck and she tried fighting him off but he was just too strong…she struggled breathing until she saw her whole life flashing in front of her and her eyes rolled back then he opened his mouth wide ready to feed on her then a force hit Castiel hard and he flew across the room and he hit the wall hard and he landed on the floor and passed out immediately….Kazi then took the IV off her wrist and she got off the bed and limped to the door….she opened it and got out then she walked down the stairs slowly until she reached downstairs and she rushed to the door and after she opened the door she froze….the house was surrounded by thick trees and outside it looked like some ancient abandoned building it was like one of those house you see on horror movies….her body shook as she looked at her surrounding and she limped through those thick trees hoping that she will find a road ahead or find any help from anyone*** 




***Ray was busy pacing up and down***

Ray: so he’s really here and he has the girl….fuck!

Ruslan: we need to find her man I tried to warn him but it was like I was talking to a brick….now he’s gonna be ready for the beasts and I know it won’t end well….imagine a vampire who is also a wizard man

Ray: this shit is getting complicated each second

Ruslan: yeah 

***he rubbed his head and he sat down***

Ray: why did you warn him…..i thought you hated him and wanted him dead 

***Ruslan didn’t say anything***

Ray: let me guess no matter how fucked up he is and no matter how much of a nuisance he is he’s still your elder brother right

***Ruslan didn’t say anything he just clenched his jaws***

Ray: you don’t want him dead do you?

***Ruslan sighed***

Ruslan: can we not talk about that son of a vampire and let’s talk about my plan for James‘ family

***Ray sighed***

Ray: I’ve come through for Heath so many times that I’ve even lost count whenever he fucked up pretty bad while we were growing up….i have wished so many times to put a bullet on his forehead each time he messed up bad cause I was the one cleaning up his mess but I couldn’t cause at the same time my love for him as my little brother and the bond we share grew stronger every time and I wouldn’t trade him for anything man so I understand and I got your back in whatever you decide to do even though is to help him

***he sat down too***

Ray: so what do you have planned for the Mashabas

***Ruslan smirked a little***

Ruslan: im gonna traumatize them for eternity and the world will never forget James Mashaba’s funeral ever

Ray: what do you mean by that?

***he smiled***

Ruslan: watch what I do to those who hurt Thandi and the boys


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