Gogo: yini ofuna ukusitshela Thandi? (what is it that you wanted to tell us Thandi?)  

***Thandi cleared her throat and she looked down while playing with her fingers***

Mkhulu: Thandi kwenzekani? (Thandi what’s going on?)

Thandi: ummm ngiyazi ukuthi ngabe nginitshele futhi ngiyaxolisa  (ummm I know I should’ve told you and im sorry) 

Gogo: usitshele ukuthini? (told us what?)

Thandi: ukuthi uJames name sahlukana and that we both even moved on ngaphambi ngokuba afe (ummm that James and I broke up and that we both even moved on before he died)

Mkhulu: heh?

Thandi: he cheated and got Omphile’s aunt pregnant….the same woman who killed him

Mkhulu: ini? (what)

***she told them everything that happened except for her new relationship with Ruslan cause she was scared they might judge her somehow but at least she gave them a hint about both of them “moving on” ***

Gogo: ooh nkosi yam  (ooh my God)

***she said with her hands on top of her head***

Thandi: ngiyaxolisa gogo no mkhulu for not telling you….my mind was all over the place and when they called me and told me James was killed by his girlfriend and that im supposed to sit on the mattress for him that’s when I realized that I should’ve told both families of our break up

Mkhulu: so his family didn’t know about the other woman

Thandi: his brother knew and my brothers also knew but I told them to stay out of it and that I’ll handle it then he left for Limpopo and since then I haven’t seen him

Mkhulu: yeses!

Thandi: then I heard ukuthi he came back but he never not even once came to see the boys he would only call them and make promises that he would come see them then he wouldn’t show up

***she sighed***

Gogo: what did I say to you when you told me James proposed Thandi?

***Thandi looked down and she swallowed hard***

Gogo: ngikhuluma nawe Thandi (im talking to you Thandi)….what did I say?

***she asked her with a raised voice***

Thandi: ngiyaxolisa gogo (im sorry Granny)

Gogo: I warned you Thandi but you didn’t believe me angithi ( right)

Thandi: im sorry

***she said crying***

Gogo: you could’ve avoided everything and now you have James family to deal with and you know how they are and on top of it ugogo wakhe ungumthakathi ( his grandmother is a witch)

***Thandi just continued to cry***

Gogo: heh heh “James and I have been through the worst and we will surely survive whatever is coming”…..are you surviving it now mmmmh?

Mkhulu: mkami yehlisa umoya (calm down my wife) 

Gogo: hai these children baya dina man nx (are too much man nx)

Thandi: ngiyaxolisa gogo….please forgive me im sorry

***she pleaded with her***

Gogo: so what now…..are you going to sit on the mattress like they told you to?

***Thandi shook her head no***

Thandi: no

***Mkhulu sighed*** 

Mkhulu: what about the boys?

Thandi: I wont stop them from paying their last respects to their father 

***Mkhulu nodded***

Gogo: yazi Thandi angazi nokuthi ngithini kuwe ( you know Thandi I don’t even know what to say to you) 

Thandi: ngiyaxolisa gogo (im sorry)  ….i wish I listened to you and mkhulu  and the worst part is I think I stayed with him and took in all his nonsense because I wanted to give the boys a family something I never got to experience when I was growing up and now my sons are heartbroken and were way hurt before he was even killed and I don’t know how to take away their pain

***she said sobbing and her grandmother sighed*** 

Gogo: its ok…come here

***Thandi got up and went to sit next to her grandmother and she hugged her tight and Thandi just let it all out with her grandmother comforting her***






***Kazi moved her eyeballs around for some time with her eyes shut and after some time she slowly opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times until she regained a clear vision and she looked around***

Castiel: take it easy woman….your stitches haven’t healed

***he said getting up and he poured water into a glass and helped her drink some water with a straw and he adjusted the bed and fixed the pillows for her to lay comfortable***

Kazi: where…where am i?

***she said with a husky voice and Castiel just put his hands inside his pockets and looked at her***

Kazi: you….i remember you…..the elevator

Castiel: sharp mind I see

***he said with a straight face***

Kazi: where…where am I and…and who are you

Castiel: well you in my house and im Castiel

***her heart started beating fast and her hand went to stomach***

Castiel: they didn’t make it

***her eyes popped out as she looked at him and her bottom lip trembled and tears started coming out with her chest visibly moving up and down***

Castiel: and to clear things up….im not responsible for your miscarriage “if I may call it that” your baby-daddy’s wife is the one responsible….she send thugs to kill you and your now dead babies

***tears continued to run down her cheeks until she let out a heart breaking cry….she screamed holding her stomach not even caring about the pain then Castiel just walked out leaving her crying her eyes out***




Castiel: eat!

***he said giving her a plate with some home cooked meal and she didn’t move an inch or even look at him…it was late in the afternoon***

Castiel: lady I said eat!

***she continued to stare into space and he clenched his jaws getting annoyed***

Castiel: fine…. but just know that you have a few hours to stay like a zombie just  like you are now but tomorrow if you ignore me like you are doing now I’ll literally force food down your throat and if you think im joking just know that I don’t joke around

***then he put the plate on top of the side drawer and he walked out then Kazi blinked and she inhaled loudly as tears gushed out and she just let it all out crying painfully….

Downstairs Castiel watched Buhle on his laptop packing her clothes in a travelling bag and he knew what she was about to do…then he took his burner phone and he dialed her number and watched as she picked her phone and hesitantly answered it***

Buhle: hello

Castiel: how does it feel to have blood in your hands Buhle?

***he watched her gasp with her hands shaking and he chuckled***

Buhle: who…who are you and what the fuck are you talking about?

Castiel: that’s not important lady but what is important is me having a recording of one of your hitman confessing before he died painfully

***he lied to her and he saw her sit down on the edge of the bed and he smirked***

Buhle: i…I don’t know what you are talking about….if you have nothing to do with your life then go masturbate or something nx

***she dropped the call and Castiel laughed then he watched her pacing up and down with her hands on top of her head then he send her a message and it read; 

“since you think im kidding then how about I send the recording to your dearest husband and lets see if he’ll have the same thoughts as you….just so you know Kazi’s babies died so you are a dead woman lady….i mean  D…E…A…D  dead!”

***then he also put in laughing emojis and he send the sms to her and watched her sink down to the floor as she read the sms….the two guys she hired to kill Kazi were killed brutally and she knew its possible that they confessed to be spared cause whoever killed them seemed dangerous that even the police are shocked at the state the bodies and the car were…then his phone rang and he chuckled and answered it***

Castiel: lady im not done with jerking myself up you know

Buhle: what…what do you want? 

***she said with a low tone***

Castiel: I’ll let you know in due time so in the meantime don’t even think of running away cause I have eyes and ears everywhere….just be a good wife to that bull of yours and pray he doesn’t find out that you killed his babies…you better answer the call when I call or else….

***he chuckled then he dropped the call and he watched her crying with her body shaking and he closed his laptop and he sat back and smirked then he closed his eyes***

Castiel: Juana you better talk to that useless woman YOU forced me to nurse back to health to eat or she’ll join you wherever you are and you know im not joking….talk to her or I’ll traumatize her to a point of no returned nx

***he said still with his eyes closed***

Castiel: and tell her im not a nice man and when I say I’ll do something I do it for real so if she doesn’t snap out of it by tomorrow….

***he chuckled a “she doesn’t fucken know how I can get” chuckle ***

Castiel: she needs to heal fast because I want that baby so talk to her

***then he hummed an ancient song his mother used to hum whenever she was trying to calm herself down***





***Three days ago James’ aunt called gogo and told them they are coming for a meeting with the vilakazis since Thandi told her when she called to ask why she haven’t arrived as yet in Limpopo and Thandi told her she won’t sit on the mattress for James cause she broke up with James  so the aunt told Gogo they will arrive three days later to hold a meeting with them… and now its three days later and they are all sitting in the lounge it’s the Mashabas ( James aunt Joe his eldest brother Jackson and James’  two uncles ) and the Vilakazis ( gogo mkhulu Jabu Ray Heath and Ruslan) Thandi’s mother refused to come to the meeting cause she said she used to warn Thandi about James but she thought she knew it all so she’s not getting involved cause she has never acknowledged their “supposed” marriage and she didn’t even chow her lobola money so those who did ( being gogo and mkhulu) they should see how they handle everything…..As for Ruslan well he didn’t give a fuck about not being family….he just came in and sat down leaving Jabu and Heath chuckling while Gogo and Mkhulu saw right through him and they just shook their heads and let him because deep down they knew he and Thandi were seeing each other and that he’s stubborn….as for Gogo she knew he practiced white-witchcraft and that deep down he’s a good man so she decided to stay out of it and let fate play its part ***

Mkhulu: now that we are all here we can start

***Joe cleared his throat***

Joe: askies madala ( sorry old man) but I know everyone here except for this guy is he family?

Ray: are you here to get to know our family members or something else brought you here man

***he said with a firm tone and Joe raised his eyebrow at him***

Joe: look here man we are all family here so I wanted to know if he’s also family

Jabu: o reng wena snai….o family ya mang wena….bona mo o sa tsamaya o botsa batho gore o family ya rona verstaan ntja and dai man ke family ya rona so zipa dai molomo wa gao ( what are you saying you fool….you are part of who’s family?....look here don’t go around telling people that you are part of our family do you understand dog and that man is our family member so shut up) and let’s get this over and done with nx

Joe: don’t talk to m…

James uncle: Joel miyela man ( keep quiet man)

***Joe kept quiet and so did Jabu but they gave each other nasty looks and Heath chuckled*** 

Uncle1: you can continue Vilakazi

Mkhulu: well since you all called for this meeting Mashaba you should start

Aunt: im the one who called for this meeting so I’ll speak…..what I want is for Thandi to tell me to my face why she isn’t in Limpopo as we speak mourning for her husband like she should 

***Ruslan looked at the aunt and he immediately disliked her….the aura around her felt evil and as for Thandi she looked at her grandma and her grandmother nodded then Thandi cleared her throat  and looked at James’ aunt***

Thandi: like I told you aunty I cant sit on the mattress for James cause we broke up way before he was killed by HIS BABY-MAMA 

***she emphasized the last part***

Aunt: broke up?….is that your excuse 

Thandi: its not an excuse aunty it’s a fact…you can even ask Joe cause he knows we broke up

***the aunt clapped her hands once laughing and Ruslan clenched his jaws looking at her***

Aunt: yah neh hai James otese xilo ntsena a re yi ngwansate wa yena….xilo ntsena ai…. yeses voJames na vona va famba va doba doba man yeses nx (James brought us a useless thing as a wife….a useless thing….yeses James decided to go around picking useless things man) 

Jabu: askies

***He said moving to the edge of his seat***

Jabu: uthini? ( what did you say?)

***he said looking at the aunt and she made a disgusted face***

Gogo: hai Jabu

Jabu: wooh gogo let this kokwane repeat what she said about Thandi

Uncle2: can we stop all these and go back to the reason we are all here assomblief (please) 

Jabu: wooh uncle vag (uncle wait)…..

***then he looked at the aunty***

Jabu: eeh kokwane ( ey old lady) I said repeat what you said about Thandi

Jackson: don’t talk to my aunt like that boy

***he said with a scratchy voice and Jabu looked at him with a pissed off look***

Mkhulu: ok boys stop it assomblief ( please)….this is not the time or place

Jabu: fine Khulus but die mense ba sa tla mo from Giyani ba kgokgolloga ka maShangaan bag a bona batlo re tella mo….a se Giyani mo a re loye hierso…mo re go tlhaba ka bullet wa no swa once (these people shouldn’t come here all the way from Giyani with their Shangaan bag to come mess with us…this is not Giyani we don’t do witchcraft here….we shoot you and you die immediately)

Joe: wanyela san (fuck you boy)

Heath: go nnyela mmao san ( fuck your mother boy )

***he said with a straight face and Joe got up***

Joe: o reng ka my oulady san ( what did you say about my mother boy)

***Heath also got up and Jackson got up too and so did Ray…as for Ruslan his eyes were on Thandi the whole time reading her emotions cause he wanted her as calm as possible***

Heath: wena o reng ka broer ya ka ( you…what did you say about my brother)

Ray: ok ya’ll need to settle down…now!

***he said warning them and Mkhulu shook his head looking down and they all sat down giving each other nasty looks***

Uncle1: ok lets discuss what brought us here so we can leave before things get out of hand

***he was one of those sophisticated men and he was well off***

Aunt: wait bhut Mzamane…..jaha leri rere yini yi sisi wa mina? ( wait brother Mzamane…what did this boy say about my sister)

***she said getting up taking off her shoulder scarf ( a don’t touch) and she tied it around her waist***

Mzamane: will you calm down!

Aunt: calm down?....calm down? look here I won’t sit here and listen to this thugs insult my late sister while I sit around

Heath: so what are you gonna do mmmmh….fight us

***he said with a bored look on his face and the aunt chuckled***

Aunt: heh heh ok..ok…well then listen here little girl

***she said looking at Thandi***

Aunt: ….this house belongs to my late son so is the car you are driving so get up and pack you rugs and get the hell out!

Gogo: woah stop right there….first of all your son wasn’t rich and that car you claim as your son’s was bought by my grandson Heath and he gave it to Thandi as a birthday gift and everything that is inside this house most of them were house….heh Thandi what do they call it again?

Thandi: house warming gifts gogo

***she said with a low tone***

Gogo: ehe khona lokhu….house warming gifts so don’t talk as if your son was some rich guy my granddaughter was feeding off  

***she said getting worked up***

Mkhulu: mkami yehlisa umoya (my wife calm down)

Gogo: baba I won’t sit and watch this woman attack my granddaughter…..i kept quiet when he kept on hurting Thandi countless times and his family did nothing about it and I thought maybe is because she was a girlfriend and now even though he came and paid ilobolo for her he still hurt her by sleeping around and he also got the girl pregnant and instead of understanding why she can’t sit on the mattress you come here to insult her

Jabu: batshele gogo!

Aunt: maybe she wasn’t woman enough that’s why he went outside

***Thandi closed her eyes tight as that hit her hard and Ruslan got up***

Ruslan: ENOUGH!

***he said looking angry***


*** He said looking at the aunt and they all kept quiet…..he also kept quiet a bit trying to calm himself down***

Ruslan: first of all your son was a useless piece of shit he hurt Thandi more than you can even count…he was a serial cheat and you as his family never called him to order he even hurt his sons  by constantly lying to them about coming to see them so don’t come here and talk nonsense!

***he said with an angry voice and Thandi wiped her tears that kept falling***

Ray: Ruu…

Ruslan: you should be here begging Thandi to help ya’ll  hide the kind of man your son was which is a useless no-backbone whatsoever weak piece of shit  and not what you are doing now

Mzamane: she should help us?….hey wena she’s our daughter in law so don’t stand there and talk nonsense 

***Uncle number two got up***

Uncle: excuse me I need a smoke

***then he walked out shaking his head***

Mkhulu: people please calm down!

Aunt: calm down for what…..you are all sitting there pretending as if Thandi is the first woman to get hurt…we all know marriage is no walk in a park….yes James hurt her so what!


Jackson: don’t talk to my aunt like that boy this is your final warning!

Jabu: or what?

***he said getting up***

Jackson: ni ta ku tshova nenge mfo ( I’ll break your leg man)

***he threatened him***

Ruslan: hey…..just because you have muscles doesn’t mean you are strong and just because you are an ex-military man doesn’t mean you are all that….there are useless and dumb stupid men in the military so shut the hell up and sit down!

***Jackson took a step closer to Ruslan and Ruu clenched his jaws***

Ruslan: Ray take this cockroach off my face before I squash it

***he said through his teeth and Ray got up and stood between them***

Ray: sit!

***he said to Jackson***

Jackson: don’t fucken tell me what to do 

Mzamane: Jackson tshama hanse man (Jackson sit down)…sit!

Ray: yeah Jackson you heard your uncle…sit!

Aunt: whose side are you on Mzamane heh…so you’re ok with these thugs disrespecting us like this?

Mzamane: we didn’t come here to fight man…we came here to know why Thandi refused to mourn for her husband not all this fighting

***the aunt clapped her hands once and she chuckled ****

Mkhulu: thank you Mashaba….Sambulo no Ruslan sit down too

***they slowly did looking at Jackson who was angry cause Ruslan disrespected him***

Mzamane: now Thandi you do know traditionally that you are still our daughter in law so the fact that you and James broke up doesn’t mean anything when you two broke up you should’ve informed both families first

Thandi: if I was the one dead would you say the same thing to James uncle?

***she said looking at him and Ruslan smirked***

Thandi: Joe here knew everything that was going on between James and I and as an elder brother he didn’t even bother calling James into order or to even call a family meeting for us….when he called to tell me about James’ passing he said his baby mama killed him that she finally killed him meaning he knew where James was all along…

Joe: hey don’t blame me for your failed marriage ok

***Thandi laughed bitterly***

Thandi: you all never liked me or accepted me as James wife…..

***she turned to the aunt***

Thandi: you aunty you used to insult me every chance you got 

***then she looked at Joe***

Thandi: and you Joe you used to remind me how your family warned James about marrying someone like me and that I don’t “fit” in your family

***she said with tears running down her cheeks and Ruslan’s hands started shaking with anger cause he doesn’t want to see Thandi cry and Ray saw him then he whispered that he should calm down***

Thandi: and now you are here forcing me to mourn for a man that never respected me that never even acknowledged my worth

***the aunt laughed***

Aunt: vona la sesinyana you are not the first bride to be hated by the in laws and you are not the first bride to be hurt by her husband and you also are not the first and wont be the last bride to be cheated on…now here is the thing it’s either you accept to do right by your late husband or we disown you and your kids and im sure you know what that means

Mkhulu: haibo!

***he exclaimed***

Gogo: mihlolo!

***Heath chuckled shaking his head and Jabu shook his head not believing what she was saying and as for Ruslan he was looking at Thandi while Ray was looking at him to see his reaction***

Thandi: you can’t do that

Aunt: yes we can now what is it gonna be?

Gogo: niya hlanya  manje….what kind of a family are you mmmmh?

***she said getting worked up***

Aunt: now what is it gonna be sesinyana and know that us disowning you and your sons means even if your boys someday will need an ancestral ceremony to be done for them we won’t do it in fact you will be banned from setting your feet akaya (back home) 

***then Thandi started crying***

Gogo: so now you are using her children to do what you want uyiskhohlakali somfazi wena…..a despicable woman!

Mkhulu: Mashaba 

***he said looking at uncle Mzamane but the uncle just raised his right eyebrow with an attitude then Ruslan got up***

Ruslan: gramps leave them….these people came with an agenda in fact they came with plan A and plan B….with plan A they used James house and other stupid things to make Thandi agree to what they want and they failed cause she’s not budging…..and their plan B is using her sons which is low even for useless people like them

Jackson: just shut up and sit down man cause you talking nonsense

***Ruslan gave him an intimidating stare until Jackson looked away***

Jabu: Mshikaro waitsi leShangaan le le thoma go ntlatsa phinya le melomo ekare o sunne mbaola (Mshikaro this Shangaan is starting to piss me off with his big lips as if he kissed mbaola “a metal container for holding burning coals” )

Ruslan: from what I know gramps is that this ugly woman as James’ mother can sit on that mattress if Thandi refuses right

***Mkhulu nodded***

Gogo: yes my son she can so I don’t understand why she’s doing all this nx….uyi skhohlakali somfazi lo nx (she’s a despicable woman)

Ray: that’s because she’s power hungry and a control freak 

Aunt: askies?

Ruslan: and she holds all these men by their balls

Jackson: fuck you…you hear me fuck you!

Joe: how dare you insult us like this?

Mzamane: now I see why you told James not to marry this thing nx

Aunt: well since it looks like you made your decision sesinyana I want you to pack maguja a wena (your things) and get out of my son’s house

***Ruslan chuckled and Mkhulu shook his head and he got up and walked out then Ruslan went to a crying Thandi and he helped her up and he went to gogo and helped her up too***

Gogo: uyabona wena skhohlakali somfazi (you see you evil woman)….your day will come you…

***Ray interrupted her***

Ray: Gogo don’t exchange words with witches…you are prayerful woman and a respected one at that so don’t taint yourself with this dirty thing


Ruslan: Tee go with gogo and pack your clothes and the boys clothes too 

***she nodded while wiping her tears as they kept on falling and Gogo went with her to her bedroom***

Jabu: lena le le three le marete ( you three dickheads) you gonna pay for this….le e gatile ko moseleng dimpya ke lena( you messed with the wrong one you useless dogs)…. by the time he’s done with you…

***he pointed at Ruslan***

Jabu: even your ancestors won’t recognize you….and the fact that im telling you all this ka sekgowa means im dead serious 

***then he walked out***

Jackson: cockroaches don’t scare us boy ha te doomer te fa ( we spray them with doom and they die)

***he said looking at Ruslan and Heath laughed then he got up and started whistling with his hands in his pockets***

Heath: you know big Ray im trying to calm down so Caesar doesn’t come out but this fucker keeps on pressing my wrong buttons 

***he said chuckling***

Heath: but its all good….our day will come right?

Ray: you bet it will

***then he went after Thandi and Gogo leaving Ruslan Ray and the Mashabas***

Aunt: you don’t scare me boy

***she said looking at Ruslan***

Ruslan: በጣም ጥሩ የሆ ነመ ሰብሰያለ! (you should be scared)

***he said in the forbidden language and his eyes changed from his normal colour to light green then they went back to normal and the Mashabas felt cold shills run down their spines***

Ray: you shouldn’t have used the boys to hurt Thandi….you shouldn’t have

***then he leaned back on the couch and he looked at them as they looked at Ruslan looking a bit spooked**





Jabu: dimpya tse (those dogs) don’t know me Khulus…especially lebrakane le le ba reng ke Jackson le seriba sa mpya gape le melomo ekare o gotse a letsa diprompeta nx rubbish ( especially that small dog called Jackson with a big forehead and big lips as if he grew up blowing on trumpets ) 

***Mkhulu just looked down and he shook his head laughing and James’ uncle joined him…they were standing together on the veranda with James’ uncle smoking***

Uncle2: be careful man…valoya vano lavaya ( they do witchcraft)

Jabu: mxm a dinchikini dimpya tsele nna (mxm they don’t scare me)

Mkhulu: like Ruslan said they came here with an agenda Jabulani

Uncle2: and the only reason im here with them is because our mother forced me to be part of all this nonsense….and those two don’t even like me they just tolerate me cause we shared the same womb…a ne loye mina ( I don’t do witchcraft) so I don’t qualify to be in their circle 

***Jabu looked at him surprised***

Uncle: my advice….give them James’ things since Thandi refused to do what they want or to be controlled by them or else they might hurt Thandi using the boys remember those boys have James’ blood running through their veins so its easy to bewitch them

***Mkhulu sighed***

Mkhulu:  yeses angikholelwa ukuthi lokhu kwenzeka  (I can’t believe this is happening)

Uncle: money or peace of mind your choice…. and even if you choose peace of mind still make sure Thandi and the boys are protected and I hope you know what I mean

***then he continued to smoke with Jabu staring at him shocked*** 





***Kazi was just staring into space after her crying session when she heard a voice whispering next to her***

Voice: Kazi!

*** she blinked and turned her head and the was no one then she sighed thinking she was now losing her mind but then the voice whispered again***

Voice: Kazi…. everything is going to be alright please eat….

***she quickly looked around but she was all alone….her heart then started beating fast***

Voice: eat or he’ll kill you you are no use to him when you are weak….eat please….

***she tried to move but she felt pain and she laid there shaking with her eyes wondering around***  


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