***Ruslan continued to hold him tight and Mpendulo also continued to cry out loud….after sometime Ruslan picked him up and he went inside the room and he found  Thandi trying to calm Mpilo down then he put Mpendulo on top of the bed and he put both his thumbs on his forehead then he whispered some spell  and immediately Mpendulo fell asleep….. then he made him sleep properly and he went to Thandi and he picked Mpilo up and Mpilo rested his head on his shoulder crying with hiccups and he went to sit down on the edge of the bed with him on his lap***

Ruslan: my pilot look at me

***he did slowly and Ruslan wiped off his tears and mucus***

Ruslan: it’s gonna be ok im here for you and Im never going anywhere you hear me

***Mpilo nodded sobbing with hiccups ***

Ruslan: your dad is with angels now and he’s looking down on you ok and he loves you very much….and as for me im gonna be here for you im not going anywhere ok

***he nodded***

Ruslan: I love you ok my pilot

***he nodded and Ruslan kept on wiping his tears off and he rested Mpendulo’s  head on his chest and he held him and he looked at Thandi who looked like a beautiful mess…seeing her sons in this state broke her heart into pieces***

Ruslan: you need to be strong for them amour….never shed tears in front of them they are still kids  and they need to see you as their super woman so they can be strong themselves….i know it hurts my love but when they see you coping even though you know that inside it hurts it will show them that all will be well cause mama is holding on and coping…..and this chest is yours to let it all out to cry to scream and to feel and look like shit but the moment you are around them you put up a brave and happy face so they’ll be able to move on from this pain ok

***she nodded wiping her tears off***

Ruslan: you know I got you so be strong for your boys and let daddy handle the rest ok

***she nodded again feeling lucky to have Ruslan in her life***

Ruslan: good

***then he got up with Mpilo***

Ruslan: time for you to rest a bit my pilot

***he said putting him next to his brother and he did what he did to Mpendulo and Mpilo also fell asleep then he covered them with a throw blanket and he went to Thandi and helped her up and he kissed her forehead and led her out of the room and they went to Ruslan’s bedroom and they laid in bed with Thandi’s head on his chest***

Thandi: how did you make them fall asleep like that?

*** she asked with a curious tone and he sighed***

Ruslan: it’s my little secret but don’t worry I’ll tell you all about it after the funeral 

Thandi: ummm why after the funeral?

Ruslan: because after the funeral im gonna get an answer to my marriage proposal and it better be Yes then im gonna tell you all about myself my favorite color food drinks…my favorite sex position the size of my erect dick where my birthmark is and many other things including my “trick” that made the boys to fall asleep that quick

***Thandi giggled and he kissed her forehead***

Ruslan: now its time I do that little trick on you too so you can rest….when the boys wake up they need to find you looking fresh and better ok

Thandi: umm

***he flipped them over and he was on top looking down on her and he smiled***

Ruslan: I love you so damn much and as much as it stings that you cried for another man but I understand cause you’ve been with that man for years and you have kids together…. but I will not…I repeat…. I will not take it lightly if you agree to mourn for him like a wife does for her husband and if they say they want their dowry back tell them its fine I’ll pay double the amount he paid for you ok

***she nodded and he perked her lips and his hand travelled to her stomach and he smirked and bend a bit again and he kissed her for some time…after a while he pulled out of the kiss and he put his thumbs on her forehead looking straight into her beautiful eyes and he whispered the spell***

Thandi: huh?

***she asked cause she couldn’t hear what he was saying then she immediately fell asleep and he kissed her forehead and he went down and also kissed her stomach then he made her sleep comfortably and he covered her with a throw blanket and got out of bed and he walked out going down stairs***




***the guys their wives and kids where still around and now the guys were inside Ray’s study room except for Mj after Ruslan asked them to go there to talk***

Jabu: how are they?

***Ruslan sighed***

Ruslan: it will take time but they’ll be fine

 Ray: well im more worried about you cause we all know those people will do anything in their power to put the blame on Tee for his death cause she left him….you know how grieving families can be and they might even fight her for the cents he left or even force her to sit on the mattress and mourn him like a wife should

Heath: eish plus she once told me how bad they have been treating her ever since she left him

Jabu: ba nyela megwete ya bona nx ( swear words)….. Fucken shit

***Heath and Ray chuckled***

Ruslan: my Thandi is off limits so they better not try that shit or I’ll unleash hell on them

***then he rubbed his head roughly***

Ray: what is it?

Ruslan: I think there’s foul play here….something possessed the chick to kill him

***they looked at each other***

Heath: nah I don’t think so Portia is ghetto like that and she’s just trash I mean she’s worse than Omphile’s mother

Jabu: heh I can’t believe James ne a ja sefebe sele Portia (heh I can’t believe James was fucking that bitch Portia)

Heath: mmmmh remember if you fuck a bitch you’ll also die by one

***they laughed***

Ruslan: im dead serious man….James and the chick are victims on this something forced the chick to kill James now my question is who or what did that and why

***they all looked at him surprised***

Ruslan: what?

Heath: why do you care about who or what killed him

Ruslan: cause even though I hated the nigga but he’s Mpe and Mpilo’s father and they love him dearly even though he was a shitty father lately…. they are broken man and I hate seeing them like that….i was willing to let him live after he hurt Thandi because of those boys 

***they all nodded***

Jabu: now understand why you said you’ll handle him your way

Ray: so what do you wanna do?

Ruslan: I’ll get to the bottom of it for the boys and give you feedback

Heath: ok 

***he got up***

Heath: this is our queue to head home im sure my wife and kids are tired….we will see ya’ll tomorrow 

Jabu: we are also vayiying too ( leave too)

***he said getting up too and Heath and Ray laughed***

Jabu: tomorrow gents (guys)

***they all fist bumped and walked out then Ray got his tablet and he got busy on it and gave it to Ruslan***

Ray: I bumped into the story in the morning I was waiting for us to be alone so I can show you

***he read the headlines and continued to read the rest of the story and he frowned and looked up at Ray***

Ruslan: he’s here?

Ray: his last known location was Sierra Leone where he lived with Juana

Ruslan: this can’t be…. maybe it’s the Beasts

***Ray shook his head***

Ray: it’s not I asked Mateo to do some research about the incident and he found out that the girl that is kidnapped is a girlfriend to one of Baba’s hitman Menzi or Manzi  and the guy contacted Baba after she was taken probably to ask for help cause the search is on for her and it’s  Khumalo’s men searching for her all over 

***Ruslan got up still holding the Tablet***

Ruslan: so he’s here….he’s been here all along

***Ray sighed***

Ray: it looks like it but my question is why her and why did he kill the guys in that manner

Ruslan: he’s a vampire so he’s supposed to suck their blood so why did he kill them like that cause the last time he killed someone like that it was that guy that once kidnapped Juana that time….its like he was angry or…

Ray: protecting the girl from the guys cause Mat found out that the guys had guns on them and one of the guy’s gun was fired on the scene cause a neighbor confirmed that he heard a gunshot….then the blood on the ground is probably hers and her belongings were found on the scene

***Ruslan sighed rubbing his head***

Ruslan: they say the car door was ripped off the car and thrown miters away from the scene….shit he’s here….that son of Vamp is here

Ray: but why though and where is Juana

Ruslan: he always wanted a child what if he kidnaped the girl to bear him a child cause if he changed Juana then she won’t be able to bear him children or Juana fell pregnant and the child killed her…fuck I don’t know

Ray: shit…yeah it could be but Juana is a sweetheart man she wouldn’t do that to another woman…..we both know his seeds are toxic man….maybe his child killed her

Ruslan: people change man….i mean look at Cass that motherfucker was my brother and I trusted him and what did he do he fucken betrayed me for a woman so he probably changed her to be like him nx ungrateful bastard

***Ray sighed***

Ray: we both know why he did what he did Ruu

Ruslan: fuck him….that bitch-ass-nigga had a choice….he could’ve told me and that would’ve showed that he doesn’t wanna do it and that he can’t betray me or lose Juana and we would’ve found a way for him to give the Brethrens what they want and for him to also save Juana but he chose to betray me instead….so much for brotherhood fucken piece of shit!

***he said looking angry and Ray sighed again***

Ray: calm down

***Ruslan huffed and he put the Tablet down***

Ruslan: he’s gonna kill that girl if he wants her to carry his child….and Juana how could she let that happen…..fuck

Ray: wait what if all the women that went missing here in South Africa are all his victims

Ruslan: shit…..I need to find him before the Khumalos does cause they’ll kill him man….we both know he won’t go down without a fight and he’s a fucken lunatic he might kill them even

***Ray got up and he started pacing around***

Ray: then Mbali will be shattered and Saint will come out and shit will hit the fan…..yeah we need to find him cause it says on the article the woman is also pregnant and since the hitman is loyal to the Khumalos they’ll do anything to find her and when they do its gonna be a blood bath that will affect everyone including us man…..Saint will go berserk for his mother so we need to find him man….and we cant tell the Khumalos cause you know how the brothers are





***Menzi has locked himself inside his study ever since he came back in the morning he’s busy calling in favors and also doing anything possible to find Kazi but nothing tangible was coming out of it and as for Buhle she’s upstairs in their bedroom worried as hell….she’s rereading the story of Kazi’s kidnapping for the umpteenth time….she can see how her kidnapping affected Menzi he’s a mess…he hasn’t slept bathed or eaten anything and she’s worried about him…. then the door opened and he walked in and he went straight to the en-suit bathroom and she heard the shower running then she sighed….less than five minutes later he got out and he dried himself and put lotion on his body and he got dressed as she watched then he walked to the door but then he stopped midway and he turned to look at her with a frown on his face***

Menzi: if you had anything to do with her kidnapping then you better commit suicide or bring her back alive with my kids still safely in her womb before I find out….she’s carrying my kids and….

***he swallowed getting more angry and emotional at the same time***

Menzi: the blood found on the ground indicated that she was shot on the stomach area and if….if anything happened to my kids and you are involved im going to give you a slow and painful death just like I did to your shuga daddy….i hope you aren’t involved Buhle cause I’d hate to make you meet your ancestors in a most cruel manner

***then he walked out slamming the door leaving Buhle shaking with fear***





*** The following day Castiel was busy cleaning around the house when he heard someone moaning in pain (he has super hearing abilities)  then he left what he was doing and he went to the room Kazi was in  and he found her moaning in pain…..she still had her eyes closed but she was feeling extreme pain. He then took the Morphine drug and he injected it on her IV and as soon as the morphine entered her body she stopped moving and moaning in pain and laid still he then  threw away the used syringe and he huffed looking annoyed and he walked out*** 

Castiel: Juana better be in  hell so when I get there when I finally die I’ll give her a piece of my fucken mind

***he said to himself pouring himself a glass of whiskey and he gulped it all down ***

Castiel: I don’t even know why I saved her…..i mean now I have to wait until she heals for her to fall pregnant again….useless….that’s what she is…..fucken useless! 

***he put the glass down***


***he shouted looking angry then he sighed and he took his laptop and he sat down….he switched it on and he tapped on a folder and a live stream video was playing….he watched Buhle pacing up and down in her bedroom then he chuckled shaking his head***

Castiel: wrong choice little girl….that hitman of yours is gonna kill you I mean he killed his own father so imagine what he would do to you

*** he said looking at Buhle pacing up and down then he went to the video that showed Menzi’s study room and he saw him on the phone busy pacing up and down shouting and he shook his head***

Castiel: pussy! if you killed that bitch along with your father none of this would’ve happened…wait what am I saying Kazi belong to me…I fucken own her so tough boy

*** he laughed a bit then he went to the kids room and they weren’t there then he went to the play room and they were watching cartoons on Tv with the nanny watching them then he swallowed hard and he closed the laptop….his mind went to his late son…. to how he made another bad choice….first he chose Juana over his brother Ruslan and then he chose Juana again over his son and now she’s dead leaving him all alone…..he wished he made different choices but it was too late and also impossible to go back in time to rectify his mistakes***

Castiel: fuck….

***he said rubbing his face then he laid on the couch and he closed his eyes and imagine his life before he met Juana***





*** Mbali was busy preparing lunch for Ray Ruslan Mj and Mateo and herself when Mj walked in the kitchen and he cleared his throat….he still couldn’t believe how beautiful and young Mbali was yes he has a crush on her but that’s where it ends cause he knows Ray will literally kill him if he even try that shit on her cause he has seen how much he loves her and how obsessed he is with her and plus his heart beats for someone else***

Mbali: hey you good

***he cleared his throat again***

Mj: ummm yeah

Mbali: oohk but it looks like something is troubling you…..you do know that a problem shared is half solved right

***she said smiling at him and his heart melted and he found himself smiling too then he quickly stopped smiling and he cleared his throat***

Mj: i….its complicated

Mbali: then uncomplicated it for me then

***she said raising her eyebrow at him and he swallowed hard cause she looked hot doing that***

Mj: umm its….ummm ok fine….the thing is back home im in love with some girl 

***she smiled-frowned at him***

Mbali: how is that complicated….wait….ooh my God don’t tell me she’s pregnant…ooh my God your brothers are gonna skin you a….

***he interrupted her***

Mj: what?....no…no…no its not that geez

Mbali: phewww ok umm so what’s wrong

***he sighed***

Mj: well let’s say her family and my own hate each other

Mbali: ooooh I see

Mj: yeah so ummm next year she’s also gonna come study this side and I wonder how will my brothers take it when they find out about us

***Mbali sighed***

Mbali: well Ray and I have been there…done that….owned it and now we good 

Mj: wait your family hated Big Ray too

***he asked surprised and she laughed a bit which made him smile a bit looking at her***

Mbali: hate is an understatement Mj….one time they even shot him when they found out about us

***Mj’s eyes popped out and she laughed***

Mbali: mmmmh but we never gave up on us and look at us now

***he sighed***

Mj: I don’t wanna get shot or beaten up Flower… I bruise too easily

***Mbali laughed out loud***

Mbali: well if you truly love her then it will all be worth it Mj….you might even take a bullet for her

***he shook his head dramatically***

Mj: and put it where? im sorry but im not a movie star or a white man Flower im black so no taking a bullet for a girl or moving mountains for her or even swimming to the middle of the ocean for her….im too cute to be doing all that 

***Mbali was busy laughing***

Mbali: ah ah Mj 

Mj: what?….look a no be Romeo na any of those fools that died for love ooo….do you know how delicious yam fufu pepe soup and many other Nigerian foods are….no no no and not forgetting plain pap sour pap chicken feet and tribe and skop (sheep head) ooh and cho….chot low (chotlo - traditionally cooked red stew meat)

***Mbali was in stitches….he let her laugh until she calmed down and she wiped off her tears***

Mj: you done laughing at me now

***she laughed***

Mbali: I can’t with you Mj….damn you are crazy and I like it

***he laughed and she joined him***

Mbali: so what happened between your families?

***he sighed***

Mj: umm her sister….ok let me put it this way…mom and dad once married a wife for brother Heath without his knowledge and when they brought her here all hell broke loose….then they took her back to her parents’ house and it got heated and apparently words and insults were exchanged and now they hate each other to a point that they even don’t do business together anymore

***she frowned at him***

Mbali: wait you mean that Nigerian girl Naledi told me about

Mj: ummm yeah

Mbali: mara Mj

Mj: its this stupid heart Flower… 

***he said beating his chest***

Mj: I tried to fight it but damn this stupid thing just won’t listen

Mbali: OMG Heath is gonna flip

***well she didn’t know so will Ray cause he once slept with Adanma*** 

Mj: well he’s not into her at all

Mbali: but she made Naledi cry dude and worse part she was pregnant 

***he sighed***

Mj: but Mercy is not like that Flower….she’s humble loving and kindhearted….well she’s more like you sister Star and sister Amo so she’ll fit in nicely

Mbali: ok but the big question is….is she really worth it and if she is then I’ll support you and try to protect you from your brother but if not then don’t open old wounds because of someone you don’t see a future will

***he sighed and he sat down then she patted his shoulder***

Mbali: its part of growing up dude ask me I’ve been there

***then she continued to prepare lunch as he sat there thoughtfully…..then he looked at her and his eyes landed on her appetizing ass and he swallowed hard and quickly looked away***

Mj: ummm thanks for the talk I’ll…I’ll surely think things through before I do something I’ll regret

Mbali: good

***she nodded looking at him with a smile on her face*** 

Mj: ummm I’ll…I’ll just go to the…to the guys

***then he walked out and breathed out loud then he went upstairs***

Mj: shit I need to leave this house


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