***Thandi knocked and Ruslan opened the door and he was naked with his hard dick ready to bust with veins popping….she walked in with her eyes popped out and when she turned he was closer to her and he didn’t waste time….he smashed his lips on hers and they kissed and soon Thandi’s clothes were scattered all over the floor and Ruslan was hitting it from behind…they went on and on until they both came and they laid in bed with Thandi’s head on his chest as they caught their breath***

Ruslan: I love you amour

Thandi: I love you too

*** he kissed her forehead and he breathed in and out***

Ruslan: can you do me a favor?

***she raised her head and nodded while smiling at him and his heart melted because her smiled did things to his heart***

Ruslan: marry me

***her eyes popped out as she looked at him shocked then her phone rang….***

Thandi: umm…can… can I answer it

***he perked her lips and nodded then she took it and breathed out then she answered sitting up***

Thandi: hello

***she heard sniffs**

Thandi: hello

Voice: he’s gone….he’s dead

***she frowned ***

Thandi: Joe?

Joe: yeah….James…James is dead Thandi…..that bitch killed him…she stabbed him to death

***her heart started beating fast and Ruslan saw something was wrong and he also sat up and looked at her curiously ***

Thandi: wha…what?

Joe: that evil baby mama of his stabbed him to death….look as his wife you are expected to sit on the mattress for him and mourn for him the right way…. ooh  and the funeral will be held gae Limpopo….tell the boys and prepare to go to Limpopo…shap

*** he sighed then he dropped the call and tears ran down her cheeks***

Ruslan: amour what’s wrong

***she looked at Ruslan and she wiped her tears off***

Thandi: J…James is dead….hi…his brother said he was stabbed by his baby mama and….God….what am I gonna tell the boys Ruu where will I even begin

***He just pulled her closer and held her tight and she sniffed also holding him tight***





***Castiel was sitting on the ground with a bottle of whiskey on this hand next to  Juana’s grave at their backyard next to Juana’s grave was their baby’s small grave they were both under a huge tree  ***

Castiel: im all alone baby….you left me all alone…..maybe I should just give myself up to the witches council and let them do as they please with me and to think I betrayed my brother to save you and now you left me

***he chuckled bitterly with tears gushing out and he drank from the bottle***

Castiel: I wasn’t ready Juana why didn’t you accept that mmmmh…..why couldn’t you wait a bit 

***he continued to cry…..it’s been three months since Juana died and he looks like shit…..all he does is drink pass out and when he wakes up and he goes hunting….for these three months he has been surviving only on blood and that made his skin look pale….well he’s a hybrid and he survives both on solid food and blood normally he would only feed on blood for two to three times in a week while the rest of the time he eats solid food. That’s why his skin looked light caramel instead of pale when he met Kazi for the first time….he can blend in with humans nicely cause he’s not a full blown vampire his mother was a human witch and his father was a vampire but now that he hasn’t eaten solid food for three months he looks like a real vampire with pale skin and the area around his eyes was dark ***

Castiel: yeah maybe I should just hand myself in to the witches council

***then he felt a hand touch his shoulder and he turned but he didn’t see anyone but then he heard a voice***

Voice: you will never be alone my night rider….i will always be with you and you have Kazi now

***he quickly got up and stumbled a bit since he was a bit drunk***


Voice: I’ll always be with you my night rider and remember you are never alone…

Castiel: Juana show yourself baby….Ju….

***he felt dizzy and fell on the ground and it was lights out…..he woke up when he felt a hand touch his cheek and he looked around and the was no one around….it was starting to get dark so he got up and picked his bottle and walked to the house…he changed his shirt and he ran out going deeper into the woods***





***Well she did find out that she’s pregnant and she decided to tell Menzi cause she didn’t want her kids to grow up without knowing their father just because he’s married to another woman and ever since he knew he’s fussy and over protective of her…..he always wants to know where she is all the time and he spends more time with her than he does with his wife and that frustrates Kazi cause Buhle has called her multiple times warning her to keep away from her husband and when she tries to reason with Menzi he just won’t hear any of it as for Menzi he was glad Kazi is pregnant cause it means she will be bound to him for the rest of their lives and he now had hope that she might even agree to his marriage proposal soon….

Anyway her phone rang and she rolled her eyes and answered***

Kazi: im parking outside my yard and about to open the gate Menzi…..can you please stop calling me every second and concentrate on your marriage for goodness sake

Menzi: my marriage is my business Ntandokazi and those babies in your womb are my business too

***she sighed***

Kazi: fine….let me open the gate shap

Menzi: I hope you have started packing cause on Saturday you are moving in

***well he bought her a house she tried to protest but with Menzi being Menzi she ended up giving up***

Kazi: im almost done Menzi

Menzi: good and im sleeping over tonight in fact im on my way now

Kazi: Menzi im not your wife or girlfriend so you cant just tell me ukuthi you are sleeping over

***she said with an annoyed voice****

Menzi: well you are my baby mama so I can….shap im almost there

***then he dropped the call and she huffed angrily  then she got out and went to the gate but before she could open it she felt like someone was watching her then she quickly turned around and there was no one….the was a car parked on the other side of the road but it looked like no one was inside but that feeling of being watched was still there…. she felt the hair on the back of her head stand then she decided to go back to her car and drive around until Menzi comes but as she took a step towards her car a gun went off and she fell on the ground…. then a force moved to the car that was on the other side of the street as the driver was starting the engine  ready to drive away from the scene and it ripped the driver’s door off the car and threw it away then it pulled the driver out and ripped his throat off his neck and it dropped his body on the ground and went to pull out the passenger that was also inside the car out of the it and it ripped his heart out of his chest and it dropped the body on the ground….the next thing Kazi was no longer on the ground and you could hear dogs bucking vigorously around the neighborhood…even the neighbor that was walking to lock his gate ran inside the house when the gun went off…..5 minutes later Menzi parked the car in the middle of the street when the lights of his car hit a body on the ground and he quickly got out and rushed to it with his heart beating fast and he sighed with relief when he saw that it wasn’t Kazi but the state the body was in….was gut-wrenching ***

Menzi: ooh God Kazi….Ntandokazi!

***he called out to her rushing to her car and he saw her car keys on the ground and blood next to her car keys then he started to panic***

Menzi: Ntandokazi! Where are you….Kazi answer me baby!

***he said running around calling out her name and she was nowhere in sight then he saw legs showing on the other side of the other car and his heart stopped beating for a sec and he slowly walked there and he sighed with relief when he saw that it was a male figure and not Kazi and he made a disgusted face when he saw what looked like a heart not far from the body***

Menzi: Kazi ukuphi? (where are you?)…ooh God……

***he went back to her car and her handbag was there then he put his hands on top of his head cause it was clear she was abducted…..he then took out his phone and made an important call to his boss asking for help before he called the police net for control nje***

                           ***** THE END *****











***He put her on top of a bed and he looked at his bloodied hands and his eyes changed and his fangs got longer then he pulled his hands closer to his mouth and he licked the blood off his hands hungrily…he did it so fast while making moaning sounds cause her blood tasted good and fresh until he heard a soothing voice whisper close to his ear**

Voice: Castiel stop…..you need to save her!

***he looked around and it was just him and Kazi then he sighed and he looked at a bleeding and passed out Kazi***

Castiel: sssss……my wife is no fun damn

***then his fangs went back to normal so did his eyes and he went to wash his hands and he took his medical tools and removed the bullet that was stuck deep inside her stomach and he stitched her up then he also cleaned her womb since the twins didn’t make it…

He then took her to his “white” room and he connected her to machines and he also connected an IV on her filling it with a perfect dosage of morphine and he sat down on a chair and stared at her***

Castiel: mmmmh I wonder who tried to kill you…..or was it your useless mother and step father since I told them that I want half of my money back since you are pregnant and they decided to kill your babies or your baby daddy’s wife?.....mmmh

***he said that and he frowned then he got up and he walked out of the room all the way to the front door***




****Joy switched the side lamp on and she got out of the bed ready to go to the bathroom when she saw a male figure standing and leaning on the closed bedroom door and she screamed then her husband also got up***

Mthembu: what is it Joy

***then his eyes popped out as his eyes landed on Castiel who was covered with blood***

Mthembu: M…Mr. G 

Castiel: did you do it?

***he asked with a scary voice***

Mthembu: i…I haven’t gotten the money yet but ummm you’ll get it by the end of the day  tomorrow

***he took a step forward and Joy covered her face looking scared cause Castiel looked like something out of a vampire movie….his clothes where covered in Kazi’s blood and he looked pale with dark circles around his eyes***

Mthembu: ooh God….ooh God

***he said shaking ***

Mthembu: please don’t hurt me Mr. G….please don’t hurt me and my wife im begging you

***he pleaded with him***

Castiel: im gonna ask this for the last time…..did you send those men to kill her and her unborn kids?

Mthembu: wh…who are you talking about

Castiel: her daughter

***he said pointing at Joy and she uncovered her face with her eyes popped out and he saw right through them that it wasn’t them….he could also read their thoughts***

Joy: you mean to tell me my…my daughter was almost killed?

***she asked with a shaky voice***

Castiel: I don’t even know why I came here you two are just useless 

***then he opened the door and turned to look at them***

Castiel: my money by the end of  the day tomorrow or I’ll finish her off and start off with your children too Mthembu

Mthembu: you’ll…you’ll get it by the end of the day tomorrow please don’t hurt my kids

***then Castiel looked at Joy***

Castiel: he’ll do anything for his kids including selling your daughter to pay off his debt and you chose him over your own blood and they call me a monster

***he shook his head and he walk out and soon after they heard dogs bucking in the neighborhood….then Joy sat down with tears running down her cheeks***

Mthembu: shit….did you see how he looked baby….is this boy even human I mean he looked like a ghost or something…..God what have I gotten myself into

***Joy didn’t say anything as what Castiel said rang in her head***

Mthembu: baby?

***he said getting out of bed and he went closer to her and he tried to touch her but she pushed him away and she got up and rushed to the bathroom and she locked herself inside and she just cried…..Mthembu swallowed hard and he sat down with his head bowed***





***The Khumalos left and it was now the Owoh-Masdens and the Vilakazi’s sitting on the lounge with Ruslan pacing up and down….Thandi told them about the call***

Ray: Ruu sit please….you making me dizzy man

***he stopped and he turned and looked at Ray and everyone swallowed hard…the look on his face was deadly and bone chilling***

Ruslan: what have you all decided?

Heath: she’s still his wife by tradition Ruslan

Ruslan: you are not answering my question….i said what have you decided!

Ray: she’s the only one that can decide on what to do

***he then looked at Thandi and she was looking down while playing with her fingers***

Ruslan: amour look at me

***she swallowed hard***

Ruslan: amour I said look at me

***she did slowly***

Ruslan: what have you decided?

***she swallowed hard***

Thandi: the elders don’t know that we broke up so I don’t think they’ll be happy if I refuse to sit on the mattress for James and plus we have kids together

***he licked his lower lip then he chuckled and he shook his head***

Ruslan: you are not answering me

Jabu: man look this is a complicated issue ok….traditionally she’s still his wife and now he’s dead and…

***Ruslan interrupted him***

Ruslan: amour answer my question

***he said ignoring Jabu***

Thandi: if…if my elders say I should I’ll have to Ruu

***he swallowed hard and he walked to the door and Thandi quickly got up and she went after him calling his name but he ignored her and kept on walking out***

Ray: fuck….this shit is fucked up

Heath: Ruslan needs to understand that no one except for us knew that they broke up 

Ray: you’ve seen La Parca right….well guess what he’s the only one I know that can summon and control him so be ready for anything cause Ruslan loves Thandi he won’t take this lying down

***The guys swallowed hard except for Mj cause he didn’t know about the real La Parca***

Mj: summon and control him?....what are you talking about Big Ray

***Ray just ignored him and he asked Mbali to get him a glass of cold water***


***outside Thandi caught up with him and she grabbed his arm and he stopped walking***

Thandi: Ruu please understand

Ruslan: get your hand off me!

***he said it with a firm voice and Thandi flinched and she let go of him with tears running down her cheeks***

Thandi: what should I do then Ruslan mmmmh tell me I know what the elders will say ok 

***she said sobbing and he kept quiet with his jaws clenched***

Thandi: tell  me what to do and I’ll do it but please don’t walk out on me

***he sighed and turned to face her and his face softened when he saw her crying….he went closer to her and he pulled her in for a hug and she just cried on his chest***

Ruslan: shhh….im sorry for walking out on you amour please stop crying.. you breaking my heart please

***he said brushing her back gently….after some time she calmed down and he cupped her face and wiped her tears off with his thumbs then he perked her lips***

Ruslan: im sorry ok

***she nodded and he perked her lips again and also her forehead***

Thandi: tell me what to do Ruu and I’ll do it but just know his family will force me to sit on the mattress and mourn for him

***he clenched his jaws***

Ruslan: I don’t have a problem with you going to his funeral to support the boys…I’ll also be there with your family to support you and the boys’ amour but I will not have my woman mourn for another man that i won’t take lightly….you are mine Thandi and mine alone so you better make it clear to them that you have a man in your life and he doesn’t take shit when it comes to you and the boys so they better bury their son in peace or I’ll bring hell to them specially!

***he said that with a straight face and firm tone and Thandi swallowed hard…..she could see that this wasn’t the ever laughing and joyful Ruslan but another dark version of him…a version she wishes to never see again cause even the aura around him was tense and dark***

Thandi: i hear you

***she said with a low tone***

Ruslan: good now let’s go tell the boys 

***she swallowed hard looking down and tears welled her eyes and he lifted her chin up so she looks at him and he stared into her teary eyes***

Ruslan: I got you….you won’t ever do or face anything alone ok

***she nodded and tears ran down her cheeks and he wiped them and perked her lips***

Thandi: thank you for choosing me Ruu and for loving me

***he kissed her forehead and he pulled her into a tight hug and they stayed like that for some time until Ray walked out and he found them in that position….he went to them and he looked at Ruslan***

Ray: you good?

Ruslan: I am now

***he said with a straight face and Ray nodded and he looked at Thandi***

Ray: you good too Tee?

***she nodded***

Ray: so we telling them to fuck off?

***Thandi nodded ***

Ray: tomorrow I’ll go pick gran and gramps for a meeting so you tell them what’s been happening and that you can’t mourn for James before those barbarians (his family) come to cause trouble

Thandi: ok

Ruslan: let’s go tell our boys

***she sighed and they all walked inside and as soon as Naledi saw her she got up and went to her and they hugged tight***

Naledi: o shap? (are you ok?)

***Thandi nodded***

Naledi: ok

***she hugged her again***

Ruslan: excuse us for a minute Star we need to tell the boys

***Naledi swallowed hard and she nodded and they walked away***

Jabu: he’s suddenly different big Ray

Ray: I know….the last time I saw him like this was when Castiel…..

***he then kept quiet and he sighed***

Heath: who is Castiel?

Ray: someone who betrayed him….well he didn’t have a choice but him running away instead of explaining things to Ruu so he understands why he did what he did almost turned Ruu into a bad….

***then he kept quiet and he cleared his throat***

Ray: why did that bastard James have to die now nx

***he got up and walked away and Mbali also got up and followed him***




Mpendulo: Ma what’s going on….you’ve been crying….uncle Ruu

Thandi: ummm i…..i just received some bad news my boy

***Mpilo sighed dramatically***

Mpilo: let me guess…. dad won’t be able to come as always

***Ruslan sighed***

Ruslan: listen here boys….me and your mother love you very much and we will always be here for you so will your uncle Ray uncle Jabu uncle Mj and Uncle Heath and so will all your aunts ok 

***they nodded***

Mpendulo: Ma what’s going on?

***tears ran down Thandi’s face***

Thandi: your…your father is gone….your Uncle Joe called me and told me that your father passed on

***the boys froze as they looked at Thandi***

Thandi: im sorry my babies…im so sorry but your dad is gone…he went to heaven

***tears ran down Mpilo and Mpendulo’s faces as their bottom lips trembled***

Mpe: no he’s fine….he….wait he….noo….mama he’s….

***he spoke fast with his heart beating fast***

Thandi: im sorry baby

***she said getting up to go hold him and he quickly got up and rushed out but Ruslan acted quickly by chanting a spell of illusion and he blinded him and that made Mpendulo to stop on his tracks outside the room and he rubbed his eyes trembling….Thandi wanted to run after him but Ruslan stopped her***

Ruslan: I got this

Mpendulo: my…my eyes

***he said rubbing them and Ruslan rushed out to him and he held him tight and whispered in his ear as Mpendulo was crying and Thandi was hugging a crying Mpilo inside the bedroom***

Ruslan: calm down my boy…calm down

Mpendulo: my…my eyes…i…I can’t  see

***then Ruslan removed the spell and Mpendulo started seeing***

Ruslan: can you see now

***Mpendulo nodded repeatedly***

Ruslan: good now listen to me…. your father loves you dearly and he may have passed on but he’ll live forever in here

***he said pointing at Mpendulo’s left side of his chest***

 Ruslan: its ok to cry to shout and to feel hurt and sad but never ever do what you were thinking of doing…. do you also want to lose your mother too mmh?

***he shook his head no crying***

Ruslan: you running away will kill your mother is that what you want

***he shook his head no still crying***

Ruslan: good now listen here….im here for you your brother and mother…I’ll never let anything happen to either one of you and I’ll skin alive anyone who even attempts to hurt you….i’ll always be here for you and your little brother and im not going anywhere you hear me

***he nodded crying***

Ruslan: you may not be mine biologically but I take you as my son and your little brother too I take him as my own so cry champ its ok but never ever think of running away or harm yourself in any way you hear me

***Mpendulo nodded crying and Ruslan pulled him closer and he held him tight as he cried loud***



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