Snippet 6



 Well the following day Thorsten helped Imani pack her clothes that Ntombi went to buy for her a day before she was discharged she only packed clothes that she will need for only two days and Thorsten only packed toiletries and a suit for himself for  Saturday soon they left and the went passed the hospital to see Lefa and he was still the same after an hour of sitting with him they left for Imani’s home and they found the brothers and their wives there waiting for them with guards all over the yard the neighbors where already out watching while others were picking through their windows  wanting to see the state Imani was in since the last time she was here she left in an ambulance with her brother and her mother left in a government mortuary. Anyway they got in the yard and went inside the house with Imani walking slowly and as soon as she got in house her heart started beating fast she stopped on her tracks and  held on to Thorsten as what happened that fateful  morning played in her head.

     “ it’s ok my love its ok”

Thorsten said holding her in a protective manner then he kissed the top of her head as she rested her head on his lower chest and right then Desiree walked in the lounge and when she saw Thorsten she swallowed hard cause he looked yummy and handsome her mind instantly went to when she was still married to him and the amazing and mind blowing sex they used to have with his huge anaconda buried inside of her then she frowned when she saw him holding Imani like that.

      “ Thorsten gosh you are here”

She said looking at him and he frowned looking at her with nothing but disgust displayed on his face he then pushed Imani off him gently and cupped her face ignoring Desiree.

     “ you can do this ok im here for you my love ok”

She nodded slowly and he wiped her tears off with his thumbs and he kissed her forehead and  right then Desiree’s mother walked in the lounge from the bedroom and she frowned looking at Imani being held like that by another man while she’s still married to Ben.

     “ what kind of nonsense is this? IMANI! What rubbish is this?”

She raised her voice and Imani flinched but Thorsten didn’t let her go.

     “ I asked  you a question man who the hell is this? How can you let…”

    “ SHUT UP!”

Thorsten interrupted her and the room went quiet other elders walked in the lounge when they heard Thorsten’s scary voice.

     “ askies?”

Desiree’s mother (Tintswalo) asked with her hands on her hips.

    “ you heard me woman if you have nothing better to say go jump off a bridge or something nx”

He said with a commanding voice but Tintswalo didn’t move an inch.

     “ hai man we are mourning people so stop all this now”

One of the elders said but it fell on deaf ears.

     “ Thorsten don’t talk to my mother like that ok more especially because of this barren thing”

She said with an attitude and Thorsten gave her a death stare while the brothers chuckled shaking their heads cause they knew she fucked up pretty bad by saying that about Imani.

     “ barren?”

Thorsten asked then he looked at his brothers.

     “ did she just call Immy barren fozas?”

He asked them.

     “ yep she did foza”

Snakes said and Thorsten looked back at Desiree.

     “ well at least she’s not a whore like you who sleeps around to a point that she doesn’t even know the real father of the bastard she’s carrying”

Desiree gasped then she swallowed with tears filling her eyes.

     “hey wena my daughter is married to an honorable man who is  the father of her child unlike that slut who’s busy holding on to another man while still married to another one nx”

She said and clicked her tongue and Imani swallowed and tried to get off Thorsten’s grip but he tightened it.

     “ ooh is it did you know she was once married to me and she tried to pin that bastard she’s carrying on me but I saw right through her and I told her to fuck off and divorced her ass”

He said for everyone to hear and there was gasps all around the room while Desiree’s eyes filled with more tears and they ran down her cheeks.

        “ you are lying my daughter wouldn’t get married without my knowledge”

Tintswalo said breathing hard with anger visible on her face.

      “ is he lying Desiree dear?”

Snakes asked her and she didn’t say anything she just cried and mumbles and more gasped were heard around and her mother looked at her.

      “ tell me he’s lying Desiree”

She didn’t say anything she just cried and her mother swallowed.

     “ ooh and I divorced her cause she started whoring around sleeping with every man she could find then that fool Ben fell for her tactics when she pinned the pregnancy on him since they were sleeping together behind Imani’s back and he married her and now we are here so next time before you insult and call other women names make sure your own daughter is a saint first cause you just gave birth to a gold digging whore but hey like mother like daughter right I mean you also don’t know who her father is. Anyway  now that’s out of the way he’s a thing Imani is mine now and if anyone has something to say better say it to my face now or forever hold your piece cause if I even hear you said some shit to her I’ll rip your fucken heart out with my bare hands capish?”

Everyone looked at him shocked and the brothers smiled not believing that their brother just dropped that bombshell in front of other family members while their wives looked shocked by the news.

      “ good”

He said when no one attempted to even breath a single word out.

      “ heh nthwe e bodile leganong bathong ( this thing is rotten in the mouth) nx busy talking as if this is his father’s house nx”

One of the male elders said with an angry voice

       “ askies what was that old man?”

Thorsten asked looking at the elder with an intimidating look and he didn’t say anything

        “ I thought as much”

Then he turned to Nomhle as the elders walked out mumbling things.

        “ which bedroom will she use hlehle”

       “ Lefa’s since hers is ‘occupied’ ”

She said the last part looking at Desiree and her mother  then she gave him the keys.

      “ thanks lets go Immy”

He said to Imani and they walked away leaving Desiree and her mother tongue tied as for Desiree the jealousy she was feeling when seeing Thorsten holding Imani like that tore her heart cause she wished it was her he was holding like that even though he just humiliated her like he just did she still had feelings for him and seeing him again just awakened those feelings. Now she regretted cheating and losing him especially after the encounter she had with Ben few days ago then her mother grabbed her upper arm bringing her back to her senses and she dragged her to Imani’s bedroom since they both have been using it since they got here.

      “ what is he talking about Desiree”

He mother asked her with a frown on her face as soon as she closed the door.

      “ im…im sorry mama”

A slap landed on Desiree’s cheek and she held it  looking down as more tears came out.

      “ you got married and you didn’t even tell me Desiree mmmmh?”

      “ im sorry mama”

Desiree pleaded but her mother would hear none of it.

       “ is that even Ben’s child?”

She shrugged her shoulder and her mother slapped her upper arm.

       “ TALK DESIREE! is that Ben’s child?”

Her mother shouted at her.

       “ I don’t know mama”

She said crying and her mother sat on the edge of the bed defeated with her hands on top of her head.

         “ ooh this child has killed me my God this child has killed”

She said with her hands on top of her head and Desiree just cried.

       “ im sorry mama I messed up and I think Ben suspects this child might not be his he even threatened to kill you like he did with aunty Tinyiko”

She told her mother and she looked at her with squirted eyes.

      “ what did you just say? Are you telling me that Ben your husband really killed my sister and it wasn’t just rumors?”

Desiree nodded and her mother held her head busy saying “ no no no” and she fell back on the bed and it was lights out then  Desiree rushed to her and saw that she fainted and she screamed out for help.

Thorsten was sitting next to Imani on the edge of Lefa’s single bed while holding her closer her hands were visibly shaking and the cry she was crying would pierce right through even the coldest heart ever Thorsten was holding her tight as she cried while he clenched his jaws. He let her cry out as she called out for her mother he just wanted her to cry out all the hurt she was feeling so she doesn’t bottle things inside even when Desiree screamed out for help they didn’t move an inch. Then the was a knock on the door and Thorsten told the person to come in and Nomhle did and when she saw and heard  Imani’s heart piercing cries tears filled her eyes and Thorsten shook his head looking at Nomhle and she wiped her tears off with her bottom lip trembling.

       “ you have to be strong for her hlehle please”

She nodded and continued to wipe her tears.

       “ please bring her some water to drink”

Thorsten told her and she nodded and walked out then she walked back in with a glass full of water.

        “ I mixed the water with sugar”

He nodded and she gave him the glass and she walked out as she couldn’t stomach Imani’s painful cries even her voice was almost gone.

      “ drink”

She got off his grip and he helped her drink the water since her hands were shaking then he put the glass down and he wiped her face and he planted a kiss on her shaking lips.

      “ look at me”

She slowly did and her eyes were swollen and red.

      “ I love you ok”

Tears fell from her eyes when he said that and he wiped them.

      “ look i used to read about love and I have been searching for it for years and finally now I found it and I can feel it in fact you make me feeling it in here”

He said putting her shaking hand on his left side of his chest.

      “ you melted my cold heart Imani and I know this is not the right time or place to be talking about this but I want you to know that you are the first person more especially a woman I love and will ever love so me saying this Im actually telling you that you are not alone in all this Immy and you’ll never be alone you are part of me now and that makes you family you are not alone you hear me you and Lefa are part of my family now ok”

She nodded and he kissed her forehead and pulled her closer.

     “ you not alone Immy… you not alone”


Well Desiree’s mother did wake up and she had been crying ever since then until they made her drink sleeping pills so she can be able to rest while Imani and Thorsten slept in that single bed cause Imani was scared to sleep alone in fact she begged him not to leave as she said Ben might come and abduct her in the middle of the night and so Thorsten decided to sleep there with her well more like stayed up all night watching over her even though he knew it was wrong to do that cause he knew it will seem like he disrespects this house and its elders and let alone the African culture  but he just couldn’t leave her alone or with anyone else for the whole night well it wasn’t much of a hustle for him to stay up all night watching over her since it’s what he’s used to the thing is he finds it hard to sleep for more than 3 hours straight because of his unstable beast. Every time when the 3rd hour finishes he always wakes up sweating and panting from his usual nightmare in his nightmare he always sees a man being tied to a pole naked with cuts all over his body screaming and calling out Thorsten’s name  pleading with him to help him talk to them not to kill him then out of the blue a scary looking mystical beast that looked like something that is out of this world attacks the man  and rips him to pieces and when it turns to look at Thorsten who’s been standing there frozen on the spot that’s when he wakes up panting with sweat all over the dream is always the same and he always wakes up when the beast turns to look at him so his body now is used to it only having three hours of rest per day. Anyway he checked the time and it was 4 in the morning and he called Nomhle’s numbers and she answered on the fourth ring since they were up all night helping out with peeling vegetables and cooking.

       “ bhuti”

        “can you and the girls come to Lefa’s room”

He told her and she agreed then he ended the call and there was a knock on the door and he told them to come In and they did then he woke Imani up and she did.

       “ I need to go to the BnB and freshen up so can you please help her get ready I’ll be back as soon as im done”

He told them.

     “ it’s ok don’t worry Smie”

Kedi said and Thorsten looked at Imani.

     “ I’ll be back ok”

She nodded looking down and he kissed her forehead and got out of bed and he wore his shoes.

       “ please don’t leave her alone and no pity looks she hates them”

He told them and they nodded and he kissed her forehead one more time and he grabbed his car keys and phone then he walked out.


Desiree bumped into Imani and the girls coming out of Lefa’s bedroom and she frowned with a disgusted look on her face.

      “ mmmmh I see it’s your plan neh I mean eating my left overs since i ate yours”

Imani didn’t say anything she just attempted to walk away but Desiree grabbed her arm with the attempt to stop her but Imani flinched and got startled.

     “ im talking to you bitch don’t walk away when I talk to you”

She didn’t see it coming cause Ntombi grabbed her hand the one that she was holding Imani with and she twisted it making Desiree to scream with pain while Nomhle grabbed her by her weave tightening her grip around it.

       “ touch her again and you’ll vomit out that bastard you carrying instead of giving birth to it uyangizwa lwabishi ( you hear me)”

Ntombi said to her and Desiree nodded quickly.

      “ ooh and just so you know Smiso is not your left overs but you are his instead cause he dumped your cheating ass and I even heard you left without even a penny nx now you better go and find your real baby daddy and leave Imani alone nx”

Nomhle said to Desiree then she let go of her and so did Ntombi.

      “ and when you see her you better look the other way now walk bitch!”

Kedi said and the girls gave her the “ bitch you still here?” look and she walked away like a penguin with her big belly busy brushing her hand with tears in her eyes and they all clicked their tongues.

      “ damn ya’ll are savage as fuck and I love it”

Noma said and they giggled.

       “ we are the Khumalo wives after all and  we have to be savage every now and then just to prove a point”

Ntombi said and Noma just shook her head with a smile on her face as for Imani she was just standing there looking down lost in thoughts she was thinking about her mother and the good times they shared before her step father died and her mother suffered stroke and also before Ben came into the picture she then came back to her senses when Nomhle brushed her back gently while her other hand wiped her tears.

        “ all is gonna be well Nkateko believe it it might not be now but it will someday it might not be now but it will someday now  let’s go they are about to start”

They walked out and as soon as they got outside people stared at her while giving her pity looks and she just looked down until they got to the tent that was outside the gate because of the norm or myth that most black people believe in  that when someone dies by being shot being stabbed or involved in a car accident and dies he or she is not supposed to enter the yard as a corpse unless they want to collect his or her  soul if that person got killed inside the yard or house  so that’s why the tent is outside the yard so is her expensive dome casket covered with a brand new blanket with flowers surrounding the casket on the floor anyway Thorsten walked to them along with his brothers and they hugged them except for Imani who was holding on to Thorsten with her body shaking.

      “ whats wrong Immy”

Thorsten asked her

      “that… that guy that is wearing a brown leather jacket with a white shirt works for him I’ve seen him in the house a couple of times Smiso”

Imani told him then she hid her face in his chest visibly shaking and he wrapped his arms around her.

      “ he’s here he’s here to take me he’s going to kill me Smiso please don’t let him take me please I promise I’ll be a good girl I won’t cry anymore or look depressed I’ll be strong for Lefa just don’t let him take me please”

She cried shaking and Thorsten looked at his brothers and they nodded.

      “ we got this”

They said looking angry cause her pleads and cries touched the depth of their hearts as for the wives they were busy wiping their tears off. The brothers walked away going to the guy and Thorsten bent and whispered to Imani’s ear.

       “ I’ve rather die than to let him or anyone take you or hurt you while I just watch ok I love you now calm down cause I got you”

He kissed the top of her head and looked at the girls.

     “ go sit down and when it’s time to go come to us you are driving with us ok”

They nodded and Kedi held Imani closer and they went inside the tent and sat down on the front row and when Imani and Nomhle saw the coffin they sobbed and Ntombi Noma and Kedi comforted them. And outside the tent the brother’s alerted the guards and they apprehended the guy and shoved him in a car with some people watching and the car drove off and the brothers went to stand next to the tent looking at the girls.


They were now at the cemetery and the brothers and the guards were on the lookout as the bad feeling they had was now strong and Jase jay and Smiso’s beast were restless Imani and the girls were sitting down inside tent as the pastor was busy preaching they made sure the girls wore bulletproofs when they were inside the car driving to the cemetery they were wearing  winter jackets since it was a very cold morning so no one was gonna see the bulletproofs since they buttoned  them all the way up.

      “ be on the lookout fozas something is about to happen I can feel it”

Jay said and they nodded

The pastor went on and on until the coffin was lowered into the grave and Imani screamed out loud “MAMAAA….MAMA PLEASE DON’T LEAVE  ME AND LEFA ALONE PLEASE MAMA” she stood up and run to the open grave while screaming “ DON’T PUT HER IN THERE SHE’S GONNA WAKE UP PLEASE STOP MAMA WAKE UP” and Nomhle stood up too and ran after her and held her from behind stopping her from getting closer to the open grave and Thorsten rushed to her but stopped moving when he saw a shiny and bright abject on the right far end of the cemetery sticking out behind a tall tombstone and his beast grunted then he shouted with a beast voice.

      “ GET DOWN NOW!”

He said running to Imani and Nomhle but a bullet had already hit Imani on her chest and she froze for a bit then she fell back as people started screaming  and hid for cover luckily Nomhle held Imani not caring that she might also get shot and she went down with her and as they were about to fall on the ground Thorsten caught them both and covered them with his body as for his brothers they ran to Noma Kedi and Ntombi as they were lying flat on the ground now as more shots were fired.

The guards were trying to see where the gunshots were coming from but they couldn’t see anything because of people who were busy  running away from the burial site screaming  with other’s falling and others lying flat on the ground while covering  their heads it was just chaos everywhere so as soon as it was clear of people running around  Thorsten shouted at the guards.


He pointed at it and the guards started shooting towards it but then the sniper shot three guards and the other guards shot back at the direction of the huge tombstone and now no shots were fired back at them.

     “ CHARGE NOW!”

Thorsten said and the guard shot towards the tombstone moving towards it and as soon as they got there there was no one behind it now.

       “ CLEAR BOSS! ”

They shouted back and checked around for the shooter but nothing. Well Thorsten was now kneeling next to Imani who was lying there with blood coming out of her mouth with Nomhle in Jay’s arms crying her lungs out. He checked her pulse and he couldn’t feel it then he quickly ripped opened her winter jacket and took off her bulletproof that had a sniper bullet stuck on it and he ripped open her shirt and she had a dark red bruise on her chest that looked bad and he breathed out and did CPR on her with the brothers and their wives who were crying hysterically were watching the third time he did CPR  on her right after  he did Mouth to mouth she started coughing out loud and also trying to catch her breath.


Thorsten said now holding her upper body in his arms and once she caught her breath he kissed her lips and looked at Jay.

       “ I’ll be back look after her”

He told him with a tone they’ve never heard him use before.

      “ Smie where are you going “

Jay asked him as he took out a gun on his back and he crocked it.

      “ I’ll be back”

He got up and rushed away as the brothers looked at each other and  Muzi got closer to Imani and he checked her bruised chest then they heard a loud scream it was Desiree.


She screamed out loud as her mother screamed for help blood was coming out between her legs and she was in pain. Muzi ignored her pleas and he focused on Imani.

      “ guards go take her and rush her to the hospital and take the injured guards also”

Snakes told them as he knew it will take time for help to get here and other guards rushed to Desiree while others carried the injured guards and they rushed to their cars.

     “ we need to rush Imani to the hospital she could be bleeding internally”

Muzi told them

      “ I’ll stay behind for Smiso ya’ll go”

Jay said and they nodded he kissed Nomhle and Muzi carried Imani and they rushed to the car right as the car that had Desiree in drove away quickly.


Thorsten was now rushing to the other direction where the shooter was with his gun ready he was busy looking around to see any movements.  The yard of the cemetery was huge so he was trying to cover as much ground as he possibly can while looking around for any movement and Jay was behind him as backup even though he wasn’t aware. As he was moving forward he saw a busy road at the far end of the cemetery and he knew unless the shooter has already left the cemetery by now  then he will try to escape going that way over the removed asbestos blocks  to his getaway car so he concentrated looking around while moving forward slowly then he saw a male figure holding a big black  sports bag with a phone on his ear on his far left side it looked like he wasn’t in any rush to get away cause he was just walking to a whole where an  asbestos block was removed and not running then Thorsten heard some movement coming from behind him and he quickly turned to see Jay and he indicated he should keep quiet and he went after the suspected shooter and making sure he doesn’t make noise and the guy didn’t even sense that he was being followed since he was busy talking on the phone.

Thorsten got closer and he pointed the gun at him at a fine distance and he whistled cause his “war” motto in life is “ a real man doesn’t shoot another man on his back that is cowardice in his eyes so he makes sure he faces his opponent face to face before killing them” so when he whistled he wanted him to turn and yep he did and when he saw the beast himself standing there pointing a gun at him then the guy tried to get his hand gun from his back.

       “ aah aah aah don’t even try it”

Thorsten said to the guy and the guy stood still and he smiled nervously.

       “ you can kill me but I did what I got paid to do beast”

The guy said and Thorsten shook his head.

      “ and the fool  knows who I am and he still tried to kill my woman ( he sighed)….ooh and before I forget you missed cause she’s still alive just bruised a bit that’s all”

The guy’s smile faded and his eyes popped out.

      “ what? No I never miss”

      “ I wasn’t asking you but telling you so I guess you not as good as you thought you were mmmmh ”

Thorsten told him and he saw the guy looking behind him and he knew it was Jay.

      “ you got this Smie”

Jay asked him and he nodded.

      “ yeah and ooh tell this bitch that my Immy is still alive so he’s not that good”

Thorsten told Jay and Jay looked at the guy.

     “ you not that good man she’s alive and kicking”

The guy swallowed hard with a feeling of failure washing over him. 

      “ let me guess Ben send you”

The guy nodded with his jaws clenched as he knew it was the end for him.

     “ how much did he pay you”

Thorsten asked him.

     “ half a mil”

He said sweating now.

     “ mmmmh now look me in the eyes since you thought  you can take the mighty beast on”

Thorsten said with a commanding voice and the guy did and Thor pulled the trigger and shot him right on his forehead and the guy fell back on the ground and Thorsten and Jay walked closer to him and Jay kicked him.

     “ nx msunu (vulgar word)”

 Jay said.

    “ talk about kicking a donkey while its down”

Jay laughed and Thorsten took out a handkerchief from his pocket and crouched next to the bag and he unzipped it using the handkerchief to touch the zip and he found a sniper rifle inside and he zipped the bag while Jay was busy searching the guy and he only found a phone and a gun on him then they got up and Jay kicked him again.

      “ only found a phone and a gun  on him”

Jay told Thorsten.

     “ mamba will check the phone out leave the gun let’s go bafo”

They left the body there and walked back to where the shooting scene happened and Thorsten took out his phone and called Jase cause it’s not wise to call Snakes on times like this cause he might just pull one of his “ too soon” moment and Thorsten is just not in the mood for that now he needed to focus Jase answered on the second ring.

      “ did you find him?”

Jase asked.

     “ yeah and Ben is the one that send him how’s Immy?”

Thorsten asked him and Jase sighed.

    “ Muzi is still busy with her he wants to make sure she’s not bleeding internally”

     “ nah she won’t I’ve seen those bruises before and had them too before so she’ll be ok cause luckily the bullet got stuck on the bulletproof vest so the impact it was hurt her”

Thorsten told him.

     “ ok so what about the grave who’ll fill it up since people ran away”

Jase asked him.

    “ Jay and I and the guards will fill it up”

Jay gave him the look and Thorsten chuckled.

     “ nah wena come to the hospital to be with Imani and the girls and Snakes and I will come and help Jay and the guards to fill it up”

Jase told him and Thorsten smirked.

      “ ok tell Mamba I have a little present he needs to look at it it’s with Jay”

Thorsten said.

      “ ok bafo”

Then they ended the call and Thorsten looked at Jay.

    “ you Snakes and Jase and the guards  will fill up the grave while I go be with my Immy”

He said with a smirk on his face and Jay showed him the middle finger and Thorsten chuckled then Thorsten’s phone rang and he looked at it and cursed.

     “ fuck its baba”

Jay chuckled.

      “ and karma just visited you within second of hearing my cries damn I love that bitch she’s always spot on”

Jay said and he laughed.

     “ up yours man”

Thorsten said showing  him the middle finger then he answered.

     “ baba”

     “ I hope your chosen one is not harmed in anyway”

His grandfather said and Thorsten sighed.

      “ she’s only bruised baba she’s gonna be ok”

Thorsten said.

     “ I hope so or the five of you nizonya( you’ll shit yourselves) when I get there Dlamini and I are coming tomorrow so you better have solid  solutions for me and not assumptions or stupid theories concerning that demon that killed your mother in law”

Then he dropped the call.

       “ why can’t this old man just enjoy his pension years gracefully like other old people do instead on keeping us on our toes like this mxm”

Jay laughed.

     “ believe me he’s gonna be the most hard working ancestor when he finally joins his ancestors busy ordering us around while he’s in the ancestral land you know what they say about the wicked that they never rest mfowethu and that’s baba for you”

Jay said and Thorsten chuckled while Jay laughed.

      “ no one should name their babies after him please only one Langa is enough to ever exist in our family no no no”

And Jay laughed out loud. 

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