Snippet 5



It’s been 5 days since Imani and her little brother were admitted in hospital and she was getting better physically but emotionally it was another story altogether she only felt safe with Thorsten around and she didn’t know why cause he’s also a man and he can hurt her like her husband Ben did but she couldn’t help it but feel safe with him around. She has now accepted that her mother is gone and her little brother is fighting for his life and all that was done by her own husband what she felt for Ben now was just pure hate and she couldn’t help but also despise and partly blame her aunt (Desiree’s mother) cause she’s the cause of all this she saw Imani as her meal ticket and she also used her mother’s  illness to her advantage so she sold Imani to Ben so she can score herself her lobola (dowry) money. 

Anyway Imani was now sitting on a chair next to a window in her private ward lost in thoughts she was thinking of the fact that if only Desiree’s mother didn’t force her to marry Ben so he can help save her mother’s life her mother would have died and rested in peace with her husband in heaven  then and she wouldn’t have married Ben she wouldn’t have endured the physical psychological emotional and mental abuse she suffered in the hands of Ben. She would have accepted things back then and she would’ve found herself a good job and taken care of her little brother in peace but no her aunt made her feel like her mother’s death would be her fault  if she dies while she  could’ve done something to save her she assured her that Ben is a good man from a good family and that he will take good care of her and she believed her like the naïve girl she was. She remembers the first time he beat her up and locked her in the “vault” she went to her aunt and told her what was happening and her aunt’s response was that firstly she should never tell her mother about it cause it might slow her recovery process and secondly that she should never discuss her marital problems with a third party and that she should stop making her husband angry and also stop complaining when he disciplines her she went back home feeling hurt and disappointed at her aunt cause she just told her that her husband was abusing her and her reply was “ she should stop making Ben angry and also stop complaining when he disciplines her” so front then on she kept the abuse to herself until she met Thorsten. 

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she froze with fear while her whole body visibly shook all of a sudden all she could see was darkness around and not a pinch of light until he heard his voice but it sounded far.

       “breathe baby….breathe it’s me Smiso…please breathe”

Thorsten pleaded with her until she calmed down and she closed her eyes and when she opened them she could see clearly.

    “you calm now?”

She nodded and he kissed her forehead and he took a chair and sat next to her.

      “what were you thinking about I called you a couple of times but it’s like your mind wasn’t  even here and when I touched you you just froze”

She looked down and played with her fingers.

     “ Immy look at me”

And she quickly did and swallowed slowly cause her throat was still scratchy and painful his voice was calm but it carried a lot of authority.

    “ talk to me”

He said that looking straight into her eyes and she looked down.

    “ Desiree’s mother is the one that forced me to marry B….him I didn’t want to but she said if mama died and I could’ve done something about it she will never forgive me”

She swallowed slowly again.

     “ I went to her when he first beat me up and she said I should never tell mama and also not to complain when ‘he’ disciplines  me as my husband so I never told anyone until I met you”

Thorsten clenched his jaws looking at her and he held her hand and pulled it to his lips and planted a kiss on the back of it.

     “ and guess what?”

She looked at him.

     “ she married her precious daughter to the same monster she forced you to get married to because of her love of money now your cries have been answered even though you had to lose your mother and our unborn baby first but you are safe now Imani I’ll protect you with my life or else this world will be too small for me and the person that will pose a threat to you you hear me?”

She nodded and he kissed the back of her hand again.

     “ do you want to see Lefa today”

He asked her and she sighed looking down then she shook her head no.

    “ you know I want you to talk to me Immy you know our rule we communicate always and whenever you don’t like something or you feel like crying or screaming or even if you just want me to cuddle you let me know and I’ll make it happen we talked about this right?”

She nodded.

      “ yes”

She answered him.

      “ now talk to me”

He said to her.

     “ I hate seeing him like that it’s my fault that he was shot”

She said with her eyes full of tears.

      “ is your name Benjamin  psychopath Tau?”

She shook her head no.

      “ do you own a gun perhaps?”

She shook her head no looking down.

     “ now why are you taking someone else’s  blame as yours?”

He asked her and she kept quiet a bit.

      “its my fault cause he told me what would happen if I double crossed him and I did”

She told him and she swallowed hard fighting back her tears.

    “ tell me here when your father was alive did you see him ill-treating your mother or beating her up or have you seen your mother with suspecting bruises on her body or her being unhappy?”

He asked her and she shook her head no.

   “ no”

   “ then if your father never did any of those things to your mother why do you think its ok for them to be done to you by some dickhead I mean even if your father did that  it doesn’t mean you deserve to be abused Imani no one deserves to be abused you get that Ben is a sick bastard and he’s been one before he even met you can you believe when we were still in the military deployed in Congo he once wiped out a village of male children for his own fucked up reasons”

She looked at him shocked.

    “ yeah and he was even admitted in a military mental institution cause they thought he lost his mind but he was totally faking losing his mind and a few years later he was released saying he was now ok mentally I don’t even know how that happened but it did and now we are here”

She closed her eyes then she opened them again not believing what she was hearing.

      “ so stop taking blame for what that psychopathic bastard did ok you should concentrate on burying your mother and being there for your brother and also getting better and leave everything to me cause once I get my hands on him I’ll literally skin him alive and use his useless skin as my own fucken door mat”

He said that with an angry voice and he stood up.

      “ come “

She took his hand and he helped her stand up and he cupped her face but she looked away ashamed of  her bruises on her face.

    “ look at me Immy”

She did slowly and he planted a kiss on her lips and stared into her eyes.

    “ these bruises will heal and a laser treatment will make these scars to fade away so please don’t hide away from me because of them cause remember what I once told you that they are a reminder that you went to war with Lucifer himself and came out alive and stronger even though you don’t feel like it now ok”

She nodded and he kissed the tip of her nose and her forehead.

     “ you do know that you turning me into a softy right I mean this nose-tip kissing thing  and forehead kisses I’ve accustomed to now are totally new to me  I’ve never done them before not forgetting even this Dr Phil thing I have going on is new to me”

He smiled at her and she lazy smiled and that made him happy that he made her smile.

    “ now let’s go see your brother he needs to keep hearing your voice so he find his way back using it ok”

He told her and she nodded she took her scarf and she wore it like mourners do so she can hide her bruised face and they walked out slowly he didn’t want her to use a wheelchair because he wanted her to exercise by walking to Lefa’s ward whenever they went to see him. Another thing is he’s giving her these small talks and encouraging her to talk about things so she will be able to talk to a professional when she’s ready to cause for now the other  person she trusts a bit and even let him touch her besides Thorsten is her doctor being Thorsten’s brother Muzi and that’s it so he’s preparing her to be open to talk to a profession when the time comes cause now he can see she’s not ready and he doesn’t want to force her.  


They were now back from Lefa’s private ward and Imani was now sleeping with her head on Thorsten’s chest that’s how she sleeps now cause when she’s not she always wakes up screaming and panting from her nightmares it’s like him holding her as she sleeps chases away her nightmares. Anyway she was now fast asleep when his phone rang he got her head off him gently and laid it on a pillow and he got out of the bed and he took the ringing phone  out of his pocket and it was a restricted number but he answered anyway.

    “ yah”

That’s how he answered and the caller chuckled and right then he knew who it was.

    “ mmmmh what a nice surprise Benjamin”

He said that looking at the sleeping Imani.

     “ let me guess you have been waiting for my call mmmmh?”

Ben said with an amused voice but Thorsten kept his serious tone.

     “ now why would I do that when I have Imani to take care of by nursing her back to health mmmmh? ”

He said that knowing it will tick him the wrong way and guess what he got her head off him gently and laid it on a pillow and he got out of the bed and he took the ringing phone  out of his pocket and it was a restricted number but he answered anyway.

    “ yah”

That’s how he answered and the caller chuckled and right then he knew who it was.

    “ mmmmh what a nice surprise Benjamin”

He said that looking at the sleeping Imani.

     “ let me guess you have been waiting for my call mmmmh?”

Ben said with an amused voice but Thorsten kept his serious tone.

     “ now why would I do that when I have Imani to take care of by nursing her back to health mmmmh? ”

He said that knowing it will tick him the wrong way and guess what it did.

      “ so you gonna rub it in now”

He said with an angry voice and Thorsten chuckled.

     “ she’s mine now Benny so a man has got to brag you know”

    “ fuck you Beast you hear me Imani is mine and she’ll  always be mine…. I mean even her last name is Tau “

Ben said with an angry voice.

      “ you do know she can change back to her maiden name or even my own surname right I mean you are a wanted man for first degree murder attempted murder domestic abuse and many other charges laid against you so she can have your sham of a marriage annulled”

Ben was now breathing heavily over the phone and Thorsten was chilled as hell.

      “ Imani would never do that she knows she’s the one that pushed me to do what I did so she can’t have our marriage annulled”

Ben said and Thorsten just chuckled baffled by what Ben just said.

     “ and here I thought maybe just maybe  you are faking this whole psychotic thing only to find out now that you are actually mentally disturbed for real”

Then he chuckled.


Ben snapped and Thorsten smiled cause he knew he ticked him off.

     “ you Benjamin I mean only a mentally unstable man can do what you did and still blame the victim no normal person would say what you just said man”

Thorsten said with a smirk on his face.

     “ im not mad ok I love her and she just pushed me to the limit by fucking you”

     “ and before she fucked me how did she push you to do what you did to her”

Thorsten asked him and he kept quiet for a bit.

    “ I don’t owe you any explanation Beast I just wanted to tell you to stop playing hero to my wife cause it won’t be long before we are reunited again”

Thorsten chuckled.

     “ you see why I said you are mentally disturbed just focus on that bitch called Desiree and that bastard child she’s carrying “

      “ look you can say what you….”

Thorsten interrupted him.

       “ooh shut up Benjamin and end this fucken call Immy needs my undivided attention”

Thorsten said and that made Ben angry to a point that even psych took over.

      “ keep talking shit Beast and I’ll wipe out your entire family like I did with those boys in Congo”

Psych said.

      “ finally damn I was wondering when you’ll take over cause Ben is just a pussy man”

Thorsten told him.

      “mxm  I see you got our present that came with the flowers”

      “ mmmmh but it was just too predictable you are losing your touch man”

Thorsten said to psych still looking at the sleeping Imani and psych just chuckled.

       “ I told Ben that you’ll find the chip but hey he planted it anyway you see he maybe a pussy but he’s stubborn as hell”

Psych told Thorsten.

     “ mmmm so what…. ”

Thorsten said but got interrupted when he saw Imani fidgeting in her sleep.

     “ look man my woman needs me so we will chat some other time….. ooh and be ready you might be sitting there drinking your cheap whiskey not aware that im actually watching you”

Right then there was a knock on Ben’s door and he froze.

    “ is that you beasty?”

Psych asked taking out his gun and Thorsten chuckled then he became serious.

    “ open and find out…. Remember you can run but you can’t hide from me you son of bitch”

Then he dropped the call and got closer to Imani and he kissed her forehead.

     “ Immy wake up”

He said shaking her and she quickly opened her eyes breathing heavily and when she saw Thorsten she tried to calm down.

      “nightmare again?”

He asked her and she nodded then he perked her lips and got into bed and she rested her head on his chest and he held her and kissed the top of her head.

     “ you are safe now ok”

He told her and she nodded.

    “ now rest my love”

She just closed her eyes feeling safe now.

Meanwhile Ben opened his door slowly with his finger ready to pull the trigger but stopped when he saw his guard standing there.

      “ shit are you fucken crazy couldn’t you call out to me instead of knocking and keeping quiet I could have killed you you dumb ass”

Psych said to the guard looking pissed.

     “ so…sorry boss”

    “ nx”

Psych clicked his tongue and he disarmed his gun and when to pure himself a glass of whiskey and he gulped it all down at once and he went to sit down and looked at the guard.

      “ im listening”

He said to the guard.

     “ ummm your second wife  left your mother’s place “

     “ what?”

Psych said standing up and he took his burner phone and dialed Desiree’s numbers and she answered on the third ring.

      “ hello”

     “ nyello…nyello that’s all you good at nx”

Psych said and Desiree gasped.

      “ Ben?”

That’s all she managed to say.

      “voetsek! Weren’t you told not to leave the house you stupid bitch?”

She swallowed feeling offended that after so many days without even calling her and now he calls to insult her.

     “ you have the nerve Ben after all the shit you have done disappearing on me and all that you were accused of you still have the guts to insult me”

Ben chuckled.

      “ the fact that I didn’t even call you shows that you mean shit to me the only thing that matters to me is that baby in your womb and that’s if it’s mine”

Psych told her and she swallowed.

     “ how…how can you say that to me Ben”

She said to him with a breaking voice.

     “ ooh suck it up we both know you are not sure of that baby’s  identity now shut up and  go back to Ma’s place before you fucken regret it nx”

She started breathing hard as anger took over.

     “ fuck you Ben you hear me fuck you and I hope the police find you and lock you up for killing my aunt nx”

Psych laughed.

    “hey watch it bitch I killed the mother of the woman who owns Ben’s heart so imagine what I might do to yours I mean that old whore called your mother  loves money so much that it will be easy to get to her”

Then he laughed as Desiree gasped with shock.

      “now if you know what’s good for you you will go back to Ma’s place and go be a good bride and don’t make me call you again or else I’ll do worse to you than what I did to Ben’s love Imani ok”

Then he dropped the call and Desiree parked the car on the side of the road and just cried as Ben’s words played in her head.


It’s now two days before the funeral and Imani was discharged earlier in the morning and she was now in Thorsten’s house she’s gonna go home tomorrow which is gonna be a day before the funeral cause the elders advised that Nomhle (her cousin who is also married to Thorsten’s brother Jay) should speak to the doctor to discharge her so she can come bury her mother they don’t even know she was discharged cause none of the elders including her aunt ( Desiree’s mother) have  bothered to go visit her in hospital or to even visit Lefa and that made Nomhle to not bother herself by telling them she’s discharged. Anyway Nomhle once went to visit Imani in hospital and she couldn’t believe the state she was in. they both cried until tears couldn’t  come out anymore and she promised Imani that she shouldn’t worry about anything that has to do with the funeral cause she’ll take care of things and Imani was grateful cause she wasn’t in the right state of mind to arrange a funeral. Well the khumalo wives especially Nomhle have been hands on with the funeral arrangement whilst Imani was still in hospital Desiree’s mother tried to control things but Nomhle wouldn’t let her cause her husband warned her  about her and her daughter Desiree they once even exchanged words but Nomhle just told her off as if she wasn’t her aunt. As for Thorsten he has been there for Imani and he’s the only thing that stops her from being depressed cause he talks to her and most importantly he doesn’t pity her which is something she hated being pitied that is.

Now Imani and Thorsten were lying in bed with her head on his chest ( her safe heaven) and his arms were around her tiny body in a protective manner.

      “ I want you to do me a favor Immy”

She nodded.

     “whenever you don’t feel safe or you feel suffocated tomorrow and Saturday  you should tell me ok” 

She nodded.

     “ and I know that it won’t be easy being there especially since Nomhle said Desiree and her mother  have been there since last week so I want you to ignore them and concentrate on burying your mother ok”

She nodded again.

      “ good now rest and when you wake up and im not here know that im downstairs since my brothers are on their way here”

He told her and she shifted uncomfortably.

      “ you gonna leave me here alone?”

She asked with a shaky voice and Thorsten sighed and he gently flipped them over and he was now looking down at her.

     “ you are safe here Imani this yard is full of guards to make sure you are safe no one will ever hurt you Immy no one ok”

He told her and she nodded and he laid back on his back and pulled her to him gently and she laid her head on his chest again and she closed her eyes feeling sleepy she drank her pain medication and it was making her drowsy. After an hour he got out of bed and covered her with a fleece blanket and he walked out leaving the door wide opened and he went downstairs and he found his brothers in the lounge watching tv while eating.


He greeted them and they greeted back and they also fist bumped then he sat down and sighed.

    “ how is she?”

Jay asked.

     “ always scared that fucker installed so much fear in her that I don’t even think she get better any time soon but it’s all good cause im not going anywhere and neither is she”

The brothers nodded.

     “ so any word on that crazy bastard”

Thorsten asked well he already told them about the call he received from Ben.

     “ well no one has found or seen him but ever since we increased the reward money well the underworld has been going crazy everyone is looking for him and im sure that will make him want to move from his current hiding place to another one and bam we got him”

Snakes told him.

     “ yeah I know him he’s about to panic and we might even be lucky and have one of his guards betray him I mean 10 mil is a lot of money”

Thorsten said and they nodded.

      “ I saw Desiree and yeeer bafo why would you decide to choose a jezebel a as wife mmmmh?”

Snakes said and they laughed.

     “ please don’t start snakes especially with that thing”

Thorsten told him and he sighed.

     “ im just worried about Imani’s safety from tomorrow and her state of mind with Desiree and her stupid mother there”

    Thorsten said and he leaned back on the couch.

     “ well as for her safety its sorted we all will be there along with the guards who will try to blend in with the crowd so that they won’t be spotted easily and as for her state of mind well Nomhle and the girls will have her back we already talked to them and they know everything and what to do”

Jase told him.

     “ ok I just have a bad feeling about Saturday”

Thorsten told them

    “ yeah the feeling is there with us too foza”

Jay said and the brothers nodded agreeing with him.

     “ you know if it were up to me Imani wouldn’t  even go to the funeral but she has to be there to say her final goodbyes to her mother so im gonna make sure she wears a bulletproof for just in case ”

Thorsten told them.

     “ you think he might want to finish her off Smiso?”

Muzi asked Thorsten and he nodded

    “ psych might not Ben I picked that up when he called me that time he’s unstable and his mind is fucked up cause im sure the reason he let her live is because of Ben but now that she’s in my care he knows that Ben might do anything in his power to try and talk to her which will make him give away his location in the process unknowingly so the best way for psych might be to eliminate her Im not sure but hey anything is possible with that fucker“

Thorsten told them and they kept quiet thinking hard about what he just said. Well they stayed for some time then they left and Thorsten went upstairs and found Imani fidgeting in her sleep so he got into bed and held her from behind and her body was tense he then kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear.

     “ you are safe Immy now relax”

Her body then relaxed a bit and Thorsten felt it.

     “ good now rest im here ok”

She nodded still asleep and he pulled her closer and he closed his eyes too taking his usual 3 hours sleep before he wakes up sweating and panting like he usually does.

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