Snippet 4



         “Smiso….. Smiso! ”

Jase called out to him but then he stopped when he heard something growling inside the bathroom.

       “ I don’t think I want to go in there Jase I mean did you hear that? ”

Snakes said 

        “Will you stop being a sissy our brother needs us so we all going in there”

Jase said to him but he just huffed.

     “when I meet mkhulu in the afterlife I’ll ask him what the hell he was thinking coming up with this beast thing nx”

Jase chuckled right then Muzi walked in.

     “where is he?”

He asked them.

    “in there”

Jase pointed at the bathroom.

    “Let’s go in”

Muzi said and he and Jase walked to the door and they opened it and Thorsten was sitting on the floor looking scary his skin had scales on it and it was deformed his nails and his K-9 teeth where long and blood was coming out of his mouth dripping on his shirt and jeans since he was looking down.

     “Smiso look at me”

Jase commanded him and the beast looked at him and his eyes were yellowish he was breathing hard.

    “I know you’re in there Smiso so I’m begging you to fight the beast off don’t let it control you but instead you should control it”

Jase begged him and the beast grunted it was as if it was fighting itself but in actual fact Smiso was trying to fight it it looked back down and continued to grunt and groan while fidgeting.

     “Think of Imani Smiso she needs you now more than ever. When she wakes up she needs to find you there so she can see she’s not alone”

Muzi also tried talking to him but then the beast quickly looked up and snakes took a step back.

    “ Imani….”

The beast said with its scary deep voice and the brothers looked at each other astonished that Smiso was able to talk again whilst in a beast form.

    “ yes Imani your Immy she needs you Smiso so please fight to take control from your beast for Imani’s sake bafo she needs you”

Jase pleaded with him and the beast looked down.

    “ Imani”

The beast said again its breathing pace slowing down.

      “ Imani”

It said again.

      “ yes Imani bafo your Immy she needs you”

Muzi said and the brothers saw that the deformation of his skin was slowing fading away and his skin was going back to normal and so was his nails.

     “ Imani”

Smiso said with his normal voice and when he looked up his K-9 teeth were back to normal so was the color of his eyes.

     “ how… how is she?”

He asked looking at Muzi.

    “ she’ll be fine we sedated her again”

Thorsten looked down again.

    “ I failed her I…. I  didn’t…. protect her like I promised her I…. I would.

He said with a pained voice and his brother’s except for snakes got closer to him and they sat next to him on the cold tiled floor.

     “ we won’t allow you to do this Smiso first of all we are not talking about an ordinary guy here but a psychotic man who finds pleasure in hurting people and secondly the guy is her husband  and not her boyfriend so you had to thread carefully cause it’s  not wise to go after a married woman openly and thirdly we had a plan in motion cause you also had to consider Nomhle’s feelings and happiness too cause she also had her extreme fair share of trauma and unhappiness”

Jase told him and Thorsten sighed.

   “ ummm it is safe to sit next to you Smie im tired of standing man”

They looked at him like “wtf” and he just shrug his shoulders.

    “ what?”

Snakes asked and Thorsten just shook his head looking down.

    “ you know he’s a special case so let’s not mind him”

Muzi said and they laughed a bit.

    “ fsek Muzi”

Snakes swore at him and Muzi showed him the middle finger.

    “ mxm”

Snakes said then he sat down next to them.

    “ so how are you feeling now Smie”

    “ my gums hurts and so are my finger nails Nhlaka”

Thorsten answered him.

     “ mmmmh I can imagine yho mfowethu hai shem your beast is the bomb im telling you besides the fact that it comes in different forms each time it can also talk foza imagine im telling you your beast is the king of all beasts and I cant wait to see it when its finally transformed fully”

Snakes said and the brothers looked at him like he’s crazy or something.

     “ what?”

He asked and Jase chuckled.

     “look at this one fozas he couldn’t even utter a single word when Smiso was in a beast form or let alone come closer but he says he can’t wait to see his beast fully transformed mxm”

Jase said and they laughed except for Snakes.

    “ entlek I wasn’t talking to the two of you but to Smie so wena Mr. tsibinki (Mr know it all) like amatswana like to say why are you even commenting”

Snakes said to Jase and muzi laughed while Jase showed him the middle finger as for Thorsten he was just amused by how Snakes can bring laughter without even trying especially on serious moments.

     “ anyway…..well on a serious note Smie now it’s time to be strong for Immy that girl has been through shit and now she needs Thor the Greek God ngisho yena the God of lightning himself and not some weak man who blames himself for another man’s doings siyazwana angithi? ( we understand each other right?)”

They looked at him astonished.

     “ madoda weeeh  bafo so you can be serious if you want?”

Jase asked him.

      “ fsek nkosi”

Snakes swore at him and they laughed.

     “ I called Jay and told him what’s happening and he said  they’ll catch the next available flight back”

Jase told them and they sighed.

     “all this is messed up you know I knew they were psychopaths out there that’s why I make sure I monitor our family members’ movements all the time but Ben is just on another level all together can you believe he didn’t take his mother and his pregnant second wife along with him”

Snakes informed them.

     “ that bastard only cares about himself as long as he makes it then fuck anyone else including his mother”

Thorsten told them and he stood up and right then he started coughing and he vomited out blood then  he balanced himself with the wall as he felt lightheaded and his brothers quickly stood up and held him and helped him move to the basin and he washed his face and rinsed his mouth with water and they helped him walk out of the bathroom  to the hospital bed  and they laid him down.

         “ do you always vomit out blood and feel lightheaded after your beast has calmed down?”

Muzi asked and he nodded and the brothers looked at each other.

         “ ok lay down a bit and let me organize a bed for you in Imani’s ward and get you a clean shirt”

Thorsten nodded.

        “ let me go take the shirt and you go organize a bed for him”

Muzi nodded and they walked out.

       “I can find him if I want now but that would mean I won’t be able to give Imani my full attention”

Thorsten told Jase.

      “ I know and right now being there for Imani is more important than finding Ben or whatever the fuck his name is bafo”

Jase said to him and Thorsten sighed. Well after some time Muzi and Snakes came back and Thorsten changed his bloodied shirt to Muzi’s clean shirt and they left going to Imani’s ward. They got in and found her lying there peacefully.

     “she’s gonna be ok physically bafo but I don’t know about emotionally”

Muzi said.

     “I’ll make sure she fights and pulls through even if it’s the last thing I do”

Thorsten said and the guys nodded.

     “ mamba don’t keep your eyes off his mother and that bitch Desiree especially his mother even though he only cares about himself but I know deep down he cares about that old witch”

Thorsten told Snakes and he nodded.

     “ why don’t we just abduct her and force that motherfucker out of hiding”

Muzi asked.

     “ cause that’s what he’s expecting us to do im sure he has already prepared a line or two to say to us for when that happens. That thing is a fucken screw up in the head”

Thorsten old them and they just shook their heads.

     “ believe me he’s ready for us now and I won’t have us waste our resources on him just yet I’ve dealt with fuckers like him before and I know how to bring them down to their knees” 

He told them.

      “ ok then we will keep monitoring his last seen movement “  

 Thorsten nodded. Well they stayed with him for like 15 minutes or so then they left but Thorsten just stayed the rest of the night watching Imani sleep.


Ben was sitting in the lounge around 5 in the morning drinking his whiskey when one of his guards walked in.

     “ any news”

Ben asked him and the guard nodded.

     “ there are two bounty out for you from two different people and the police are also looking for you”

The guard told him and Ben chuckled.

     “ ooh is it? and how much are they”

     “ 5 mil each boss”

The guard told him.

     “ mmmmh I see what about my mother and my wives”

      “ ummm your mother is still at her house unharmed so is your second wife but your first wife is in a critical condition in the hospital so is her little brother”

The guard told him and he sighed he hated what psych did but he knew the damage has already been done so what he need to do now is make sure BEAST doesn’t find him.

      “ why haven’t they abducted my mother and Desiree to lure me out what is their fucken plan”

He asked with an angry voice and the guard shrugged.

      “ we don’t know boss and we can’t even find someone from the inside to spy on us all those stupid niggas are just too damn loyal or too scared to betray them”

The guard told Ben and he huffed frustrated.

      “ they are planning something I can feel it I know Beast he won’t let me go just like that especially after killing his unborn baby”

He said now pacing around the small lounge then he stopped moving and looked at the guard.

       “you said the police are also looking for me”

The guard nodded.

       “ then get me a burner phone and let me call my mother”

       “ ok boss”

Then the guard walked out and came back with a  phone and he gave it to Ben and he walked out well Ben dialed his mother’s numbers and she answered on the fouth ring.

      “ Ben my son is that you?”

That’s how she answered her phone and Ben sighed.

       “ yes Ma how are things”

He asked her.

       “ ooh thank God you are ok my son please tell me what they are saying you did is not true”

Ben sighed he knew lying to his mother is not good cause if Imani makes it then she will tell them the truth about what happened and the boy too and plus his mother knows some of the bad things he’s done before so it’s no use lying to her.

       “ she was really pregnant  for another man Ma worst part my enemy and I was really hurt and I still am I just wanted to hurt her and I know she loves her mother dearly so yah”

His mother started crying.

     “ ooh God what have you done Benjamin now the police where here looking for you. What about Desiree and your unborn son”

     “ Ma I just lost it ok I swear I didn’t mean to do what I did but I did and I can undo it now”

He said and his mother continued to cry.

     “ where are you do you even eat where you are”

He sighed.

      “ im fine Mama I just wanted to make sure you are ok”

He told her and she sniffed.

      “ what about Desiree and your baby do you even eat where you are”

He sighed.

      “ im fine Mama I just wanted to make sure you are ok”

He told her and she sniffed.

      “ what about Desiree and your baby don’t you care about them”

      “ Ma look I have to go and ooh im gonna send guards to make sure you are safe while im gone so please don’t give them troubles and Desiree must not leave your sight until she gives birth”

He told her.

       “ did you call her cause she has been worried about you”

His mother told him and he sighed the truth is he doesn’t give a damn about Desiree ever since Thorsten told him that she wanted to pin the pregnancy on him first so he started doubting the baby’s paternity so now he’s just waiting for her to give birth so he can do a DNA test on the baby and if he’s not his then Desiree is in deep shit cause she’ll curse the day she met him.

       “ I’ll call her Ma now stay safe and don’t trust anyone”

He told her and she sighed.

      “ should I go to the funeral?”

She asked him and he clenched his jaws.

     “ no please don’t go I don’t think Imani will appreciate seeing you there”

He said that with a painful voice and his mother could sense regret in his voice.

      “ you regret it right?”

She asked him

     “ yes cause I still love her so much Ma and the fact that she’s still alive and that bastard will have her now makes me more angry I should have killed her at least that way none of us will have her”

He honestly told her and she gasped.

       “ hai Benjamin don’t talk like this man you should be remorseful for what you did and not busy talking all this rubbish look now you are a wanted man and your other wife is stressed and it’s not good for your unborn baby. O batla go mpolaya ka pelo Benjamin ( you want me to die of a heart attack Benjamin) is that it?”

She said crying and Ben sighed.

     “ mama stop crying im sorry I disappointed you but I love her mama and I can’t help it I just wanted Desiree to give birth and I’ll raise my son with Imani without Desiree in the picture I only wanted a child from her and nothing more. I didn’t mean to push Imani away and make her seek comfort in another man’s arms and now all this shit happened and I just don’t know how to fix things”

He said that with a pained voice with tears coming out and he wiped them off and sniffed and his mother sighed.

      “I know she hates me but I cant let her go my heart won’t let me I swear I just lost it and did the unthinkable I just wanted her to feel the pain I was feeling but now I think I went overboard and I don’t know what to do”

     “Desiree loves you Benjamin just take her and your son and leave the country I’ll be the one to come visit you”

She pleaded with him.

     “ my heart beats for Imani mama and no one else can’t you see I had everything planned for us and Desiree was just a pawn and nothing else and now everything is ruined because of that bastard Thorsten im sure he went after her knowing fully well she’s mine and because she was vulnerable to this whole shit of me taking her cousin as my second wife so she fell for his shit he’s gonna pay and there’s no way in hell he’ll enjoy her while im still alive”

He told his mother with an angry voice.

      “Benjamin stop all this please just take Desiree and build a family with her and leave Imani alone she’s already lost so much”

She begged him.

    “IMANI IS MINE MA SHE’S MINE AND MINE ALONE AND I WON’T LET THAT BASTARD HAVE HER SHE’S MINE MA. I… I know she still loves me and she’ll forgive me she knows she’s the one that pushed me to do what I did so she has to forgive me she’s my life so she has to forgive me”

His mother cried because she could see that what her son was feeling for Imani was just extreme obsession and when someone reaches this level of obsession then there’s nothing anyone can do to change that person’s mind set.

      “Benjamin please listen to….”

He interrupted her.

       “ I have to go ma I’ll call you some other time and remember Desiree mustn’t leave that house until she gives birth”

Then he ended the call and he sighed and cleaned his face and called the guard in.

     “ boss”

     “send flowers to Imani’s ward lilies to be specific she loves them with a listening chip planted on the flowers with a card written “ Im sorry” ok ”

The guard nodded and he walked out and Ben sat down and he poured himself another glass of whiskey and he gulped it down.

    “ what the fuck are you planning Beast you fucken moeskond ” 

He asked himself and poured himself another glass.


Thorsten was standing next to the window lost in thoughts it was in the morning around 8 and he just came back from home he went to shower and change clothes and Snakes told him his wife Ntombi will go buy pyjamas and toiletries for Imani so he was waiting for her to bring them  then he heard a low cough and he quickly turned and he saw Imani awake and he rushed to her.

      “ hey”

He said but Imani wasn’t concentrating on him but on her surroundings and when her eyes landed on Thorsten’s face her bottom lip started trembling with tears coming out and Thorsten held her hand tight.

     “ shhhh its ok baby its ok you’re safe now he won’t hurt you anymore”

He assured her.

     “ am….am  I dead did…. Did he kill you… too”

Thorsten swallowed.

     “We are not dead baby you’re in hospital but you gonna be ok”

He assured her again and wiped her falling tears off gently with his thumb.

     “ ma…mama and Le…Lefa?”

She asked with a low tone and Thorsten looked away then back at her.

      “ Lefa is also admitted in his hospital but as for your mother im sorry baby she didn’t make it”

He told her and she just cried out loud painfully  until the machines connected to her started beeping loud then nurses rushed in and they sedated her.

 Two hours later Ntombi came with Imani’s things and she left now Thorsten was busy on his laptop returning emails from his clients then  Imani woke up again and Thorsten put his laptop away and he stood up and got closer to her and he held her hand.

      “ hey”

He said and she didn’t say anything she just stared into space and Thorsten just kissed her forehead and he whispered in her ear.

           “ look at me”

She didn’t and he put his finger under her chin looking at her.

         “ I said look at me Imani!”

He commanded her with his deeper and husky voice and she moved her eyes to look at him her right eye was swollen and slightly closed so was her upper lip and most parts on her face.

       “listen and listen very well i won’t let you sink  into depression because of that psychotic bastard if you want to scream shout curse do so ok  even if you just want me to hold you tell me and I’ll do it but one thing I won’t let you do is sink into depression cause when Lefa wakes up he’s gonna need you and I also need you to pull through”

She looked away and swallowed slowly.

         “  I said look at me Imani”

She did and he sighed and perked her swollen lips.

        “ I love you and just know that once I find him im gonna make sure he pays for all the years he abused you im gonna burn him alive right after torturing him for months if not years”

Tears came out of her eyes and he wiped them.

       “ you will pull through and I’ll be next to you all the way you hear me”

She didn’t say anything.

      “ I said do you hear me”

He asked her and this time she nodded slowly and he kept on wiping her tears off.

      “this wounds will heal  physically and even though they will take some time to heal psychologically know that it’s because they will be a reminder that you went into war with the devil  and came out alive and again always remember that you are not a victim Immy but a survivor you hear me”

She swallowed slowly again and also nodded slowly while tears were gushing out right now she wanted to be alone and cry her eyes out while blaming herself for her mother’s death and her brother being shot but by the looks of things she could tell Thorsten won’t let her do that cause besides the fact that he’s scary and intimidating she could feel that his aura around him was darker than usual and scary in away so she knew telling him to fuck off and leave her alone was a no no. Anyway a nurse walked in holding a basin with sterilized water inside.

      “ morning sir ooh good you are awake”

She said with a smile looking at Imani but she didn’t return it.

    “ ummm im here to help you bath before the doctor comes”

Imani looked at Thorsten and not at the nurse feeling uncomfortable about what she said she didn’t want to be judged by her or have her talk about how her body has scars everywhere and stuff to her colleagues while with Thorsten she feels a bit comfortable cause he has seen her naked before and he knows what she’s been through so he won’t give her pitiful looks or ask stupid questions well Thorsten could see she was uncomfortable so he cleared his throat.

    “ would you feel comfortable if I helped you bath?”

He asked her and she nodded slowly and Thorsten looked at the nurse.

    “ I’ll take it from here”

The nurse wanted to say something but the look on Thorsten’s face made keep it to her.

    “ ummm ok press that thing if you need assistance “

He nodded and she put the bowl down and walked out.

    “ I got you ok whatever you want and need you’ll have it you hear me”

She nodded slowly and he kissed her forehead then his phone rang and he looked at Imani.

     “ let me take it I’ll be outside the door ok”

She nodded again and he walked out and stood next to the guards that were stationed outside her ward and he took it out of his pocket and answered it.

      “ talk to me”

     “ he called his mother but I couldn’t trace the call meaning he was using a burner phone”

    “ ok what else”

Thorsten asked him.

    “guards have been send to her mother’s house”

The caller said.

      “ mmmmh so that means he’s not far and he’s panicking cause im sure he expected me to attack his family by now so since I didn’t he’s not sure what’s going on or what im planning or when im planning to attack”

Thorsten said pleased cause he knew he got him where he wants him.

      “ok then send some guys and shoot at the guards and make sure they kill two or three and make sure one of our boys takes that job as one of his guards so we can know what’s happening in there in fact give Agent X that mission cause he’s good at blending in and acquiring valuable  Intel and keep me updated”

He told the caller.

     “ roger that sir”

Then they ended the call and right then a delivery man walked to them holding a bunch of flowers and he greeted them.

     “ im here to deliver this flowers for Mrs. Tau and im told his is her ward”

The delivery guy said looking scared as the guards and Thorsten had hard looks on their faces.

     “ who are they from”

Thorsten asked him and the poor guy swallowed hard.

    “ I don’t know sir im just a delivery guy”

He said and thorsten took the flowers from him and one of the guards signed for them and the guy walked away quickly thorsten checked the card and it was written “ im sorry” and it clicked to him instantly that they might be from Ben.

     “ hold them for me”

He told one of the guards and he got away from them and he called Snakes.

    “ smie”

He answered.

    “ mamba come to the hospital now I think Ben just send Imani some flowers so I need you to check if he didn’t plant a listening chip or something on them”

    “ im on my way”

Then they ended the call and he went back to the guards and whispered to them.

    “ keep them safe Snakes is on the way for them”

They nodded and he went inside and he found Imani looking scared she was holding the covers tight closer with tears gushing out and Thorsten rushed to her.

      “ what’s wrong Immy”

She didn’t say anything her bottom lip was trembling and Thorsten just kissed her forehead.

      “ you are safe now Immy ok im here now and im not going anywhere ok”

She nodded slowly and he wiped her tears off and kissed her forehead again.

     “ now let’s get you cleaned up I’ll be gentle ok”

She nodded slowly looking at him she was glad he wasn’t giving her pitiful looks cause she hates them and that he was here for her cause she knows that for as long as she’s still alive and Ben is still out there he will damn sure come after her.

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