Snippet 3



 He felt like his heart was about to explode it was beating so fast so he stood up and walked outside he walked around in the parking lot trying to control his breathing. He blamed himself for what happened he kept on thinking that  if only he didn’t take long to save her from that abusive marriage then maybe things would be different then again he thought of how he  couldn’t spoil Nomhle’s wedding cause she also has been through hell and back so he wanted her to plan her wedding in piece because he knows how Ben is like he would have ruined nomhle’s wedding as his way of revenge and he wouldn’t be able to live with himself especially because of the promise he made to himself and Nomhle’s late father who was his uncle. Anyway his phone rang it was his brother Nhlaka also known as Snakes so he answered.


He said with his voice full of a mixture of pain and anger.

     “Smie listen ummm should I tell the police what happened”

Snakes asked.

       “Yeah I want everyone to look for that motherfucker including the police “

He said that then he clenched his jaws.


Then they ended the call and Thorsten called one of his boys.


That’s how he answered.

     “Listen here I want you to send a Red alert (emergency code) out for Ben aka Psycho with a 5 million rand reward to whomever brings him to me alive”

Thorsten told him

     “Ok sir I’ll get right on it”

    “And that doesn’t mean you should relax you should also do your bit to find that motherfucker capish”

He told him with a stern voice.

    “Ofcourse sir”

Then he ended the call and he went to sit on a bench that was not far from where he was standing and he took a deep breath and dialed Bab’dlamini’s numbers.

Well Bab’dlamini is the family’s traditional healer and a very close family friend in fact he’s more like a trusted grandfather to the brothers and everyone else in the family that’s how much they trust him anyway he answered on the third ring.

      “Smiso my boy”

Its Thorsten’s African name and Thorsten sighed heavily when he heard his voice. 

     “She… he…will she make it baba”

He asked him with a pained voice and Bab’dlamini sighed.

     “Yes she will make it but she won’t be the same again Smiso that devil broke her”

He told Thorsten.

    “Then I’ll make it my mission to help her deal with everything”

    “But remember that it won’t be easy my boy”

Thorsten sighed

    “What about her brother”

Thorsten asked him and Bab’dlamini sighed”

   “ his ancestors are with him now fighting and also  making sure he makes it out alive lets hope he’s strong enough to make it out cause it’s not clear if he’ll make it or not”

Thorsten huffed and he brushed his head roughly.

    “he…he said she’s pregnant”

He said with a pained voice hoping Bab’dlamini will say she still is

    “ im sorry my boy that devil knew what he was doing and he succeeded in doing so just take heart cause Imani is gonna need you now more than ever”

Thorsten clenched his jaws as reality hit him that Imani was really pregnant with his first ever child and Ben killed him/her just like he said he would.

     “ smiso now it’s time to focus and not break down now listen we are on our way and Langa ( his grandfather) has already send out his boys to look for that devil for now just concentrate on your chosen one”

    “ ok baba”

He said that with a low tone.

        “Good cause now it’s time to show ubudoda bakho  my son ( now it’s time to show your manliness my son)”

The old man told him.

      “ I hear you baba”

     “ good Qina ndoda( be strong)”

The old man said and Thorsten sighed

    “ ok baba”

Then they ended the call and he looked down and clenched his jaws…. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder it was Jase and he sat next to Thorsten and they stayed in total silence until Jase broke it after some time.

    “ I send word out to our boys and also a reward for whomever brings him to us alive”

Jase said and Thorsten just nodded.

    “ she’ll make it bafo”

Jase said trying to comfort him.

    “ she’ll never be the same again Jase that bastard broke her …. I shouldn’t have taken long to save her if only i….”

Jase interrupted him

    “ noo I won’t let you blame yourself for what that piece of shit did that bastard is sick in the head bafo what kind of a man would do what he did to the woman he claims he loves. No no no he’s sick and it’s a good thing we know how to deal with the likes of him yes the damage has already being done but all is not lost cause im sure Imani will make it and so will her brother”

Thorsten sighed.

    “Bab’dlamini said her brother doesn’t look good and he’s not sure if he’ll make it but he said his ancestors are fighting hard to make sure he does”

Thorsten said to Jase with a pained voice he wished all this was a dream but he knew it wasn’t.

       “ now you see not all is lost so you need to be strong for Imani bafo”

Thorsten didn’t say anything further he just continued to look down with his elbows on his thighs while he popped his knuckled with his jaws clenched.


Its been hours now and even now Muzi hasn’t come out to tell them how Imani and her brother are baba and bab’dlamini called Jase to tell him that they landed and asked how Imani is but since Muzi hasn’t come out to tell them how she is well he couldn’t tell them anything. Anyway the brothers were now siting at Muzi’s office in total silence even Snakes has joined them and he was busy on his laptop trying by all means to track Ben then the door opened and Muzi walked in looking drained and tired and the brothers stood up.

      “ how is she”

Thorsten asked and muzi sighed as he sat down and he rubbed his neck.

     “ she’ll live bafo but…”

Muzi answered but then he stopped and clenched his jaw.

     “ you know we have female kids in our family and I swear on everything I hold dear that if any of them go through even a pinch of what Imani went through im going on a killing spree not caring if I end up in jail or dead”

He said that with an angry voice.

     “ the bruises on her entire body Smiso will make your body cringe and im not even talking about her face we need to find him fozas that bitch nigga need to be tortured immensely before he’s killed”

He said that looking at his brothers with an intense look on his face

      “ we won’t find him now trust me cause he knows we are looking for him high and low I know how he operates so looking for him now is a total waste of time for us. We should let our boys look for him while we cross reference his last seen locations and try to pin point where he might be headed”

His brothers nodded they were impressed with his suggestion cause if it was them only they would be looking for Ben high and low busy wasting their resources in the process but at the same time they were worried with the way he’s holding it together all they see on his face is anger and not hurt which was odd for them cause Imani is his chosen one and they are pretty much sure Ben made sure she lost the pregnancy so if it was any of them they would be looking miserable.

    “ how is her brother bafo”

Thorsten asked and Muzi sighed.

     “ he’s in a coma bafo well we managed to remove the bullet on his chest and luckily his small  lungs didn’t collapse but eish I can’t promise anything with him it’s a 50/50 chance cause  now machines are the ones helping him to breath for now so eish “

Thorsten clenched his jaws and he looked down.

     “ and….she… she lost the baby bafo im sorry that bastard fed her abortion pills and as if that wasn’t enough he kicked her on her stomach and back multiple times”

Muzi said looking down then he clenched his jaw and just continued to look down..

     “ can I see her”

He asked Muzi and Muzi looked up and nodded.

    “ follow me”

Muzi said standing up and he walked out and Thorsten followed him.

     “ I don’t feel right with the way he’s calm”

Snakes said that with a worried voice.

    “me too but maybe he switched to his special ops mode and he stopped himself from feeling pain”

Jase said and he huffed.

    “ you know bafo Thorsten is our brother and all but I just realized something today”

Jase said

    “ realized what bafo”

Snakes asked him.

     “ that we actually don’t know what he’s capable of when he’s pushed to the limit I have a feeling Ben is gonna curse the day his mother gave birth to him”

Jase said.

    “ mmmmh we should embrace ourselves with fireworks when he gets his hands on him”

Snakes said and he smirked a bit.

    “ heeh dai moeskond uzovuna lokho akutshalileyo (that bastard is gonna reap what he sow)”

Jase chuckled

    “ myeke Mamba ozokhomba umzi onotshwala ( leave him Mamba he’s gonna pay)”

Jase said and snakes sighed

    “ you know bafo I feel sorry for him”

Snakes said.

    “ sorry for who Smiso?”

Jase asked him and snakes shook his head

    “ Ben10”

Snakes answered him and Jase chuckled

     “ why though”

Jase asked

      “ because his head is gonna end up as  decoration inside the witchdoctor’s cave once the mighty beast gets its hands on him”

Jase laughed and snakes just smile

    “ im telling you man did you see all those skulls in there heeh I wonder if it will rip his head off first or his insides or it will just snap his head and rip it off”

Snakes said and Jase frowned

     “ hai Mamba man”

Jase said and snakes chuckled

    “What? But it’s how the beast deals with its victims mos….. ummm wait should I call them victims or volunteers?”

Jase laughed

    “Volunteers bafo our beasts don’t kill innocent people so its bad guys volunteering to get ripped apart by our beasts”

They laughed


Well concerning the “beasts” they are talking about the thing is the is an ancient secret in the Khumalo family that only male figures knew about but now even their wives know about it the thing is all the male figures in the family have a spiritual “beast” or half human/half animal beasts in them and it’s been there from generation to generation. The beast is dangerous because when it takes their bodies it racks havoc it can kill within a second and you would swear that that person was ripped apart by a wild animal. It is triggered by extreme anger or being in danger well they don’t zone out when it takes over and attacks in fact they see everything but then at least when it takes over it twitches off their conscience totally. Even when they regain control of their bodies they don’t feel bad or guilty in any form it is as if they didn’t just kill somebody. Well the story behind the beast thing is the brothers’ great great grandfather once met a beautiful woman and fell in love with her  and soon they got married

unbeknown to him that he married the devil’s daughter instead well let’s say she showed him her true colors.

 She slept with almost every man in the village she was disrespectful towards him and she even hired people to kill him one day when he went to the farm so that she can inherit everything and enjoy those things with her endless boyfriends but luckily those men failed. A month or soo later he met a beautiful young maiden by the stream who later became the Khumalo brothers’ great great grandmother you see at first he was skeptical about her he feared that maybe she will change like his first wife did but he couldn’t ignore the fact she had a pure soul and that she was kind hearted so he took her as a second wife. Well things went from bad to worse especially when the second wife fell pregnant the first wife poisoned their husband and luckily he didn’t die but he became bed ridden instead  then she  just took all the valuable things in their  huts and also sold her husband’s cows then she ran away with her lover leaving her husband and the pregnant second wife with nothing. But one thing for sure is the second wife never left her bed ridden husband’s side she worked on other people’s farms to provide for the both of them and their infant child. Well eventually her husband got better and that’s when he realized that he needed to find a way to protect his next generations of males  from women like his first wife so he went to a cave where a powerful witch doctor resided and he asked him to place a protection curse to all the male figures from his lean-age with isilwane( a spiritual or mystical half human/half animal beast) to protect them from harm’s way and for the beasts to choose the right woman for them who has a pure soul and kind heart like his second wife and the curse should run until the end of time starting with his already born son. And he also asked the witchdoctor to make sure the curse should never be able to be lifted off in anyway or by anyone  the witchdoctor agreed but he first wanted a sacrifice for what he was about to do and the man sacrificed his eyes and legs and manhood( meaning he could never impregnate his wife) but then he also asked the witchdoctor to protect his son from harm’s way until he gives him grandchildren and he agreed. Well the most important thing about the beast is it can never harm its chosen woman in any way or another man that has the same beast in them. 


Inside Imani’s ward Thorsten was sitting on a chair next to the bed and he was holding her hand while looking down with his heart throbbing with pain he has been sitting there like that for some time. He wanted to talk to her to tell her that he’s sorry he took his time with saving her from Ben but words failed him every time he tried his face showed nothing but anger but deep down inside he was in pain. He stood up and leaned forward and kissed her forehead and he whispered in her ear.

     “ im going to find him Immy and torture him in the most cruel way then kill him in a more fucked up way and have his corpse eaten by wild animals I promise you”

Then he kissed her dry and cracked lips and he went to stand by the window fantasizing about ways he’s gonna deal with Ben when he gets his hands on him. 

It was now midnight and Thorsten was sitting on the couch that a nurse got for him since he was spending the night in Imani’s ward he was sitting there remembering how his life was before he met Imani. He remembers where it all began with the beast thing and the cold heartedness and he remembered the exact day it was the day he found out his step mother is the one that killed his mother. He remembered hearing her father and some man talking in his father’s  study the door was slightly opened and he was about to knock and walk in to ask his father if he could sleep over at his friend’s place he remembers it was months after his mother passed on or better yet killed.

 He heard the other guy telling his father that all the evidence points to his first wife that she’s the one that paid some guy named Wole to tamper with the brakes of a car his second wife was driving. He remembers losing it and budging in the study feeling nothing but extreme anger the guy excused himself and he walked out quickly he remembered his father begging him to calm down and allow him to handle things  and well that got him more angry cause he knew that it meant he’ll call the police on her and she’ll go to jail that she’ll get to live while his mother was dead. He remember seeing his father’s shocked and terrified face and the next thing he saw everything happen as if it was a 3D movie he could see his step mother’s heart being ripped out of her chest and her head also being ripped off her neck then the next thing he was in a dark place with no light but he could here and sense what sounded like a while animal breathing hard and also granting next to him. He was terrified and he kept on trying to call out to his father but every time he tried the animal would grant angrily and he would just cry what he didn’t know was that he was in a beast mode for three months and his father and some witchdoctor where trying to bring him back to normal but everything they tried became futal. They even ended up sacrificing a human being after the witchdoctor was advised by another one so that his beast can let him go back to normal but what they didn’t know is they were messing up his life some more now he can’t sleep for more than three hours straight always on the third hour he wakes up panting  with his heart beating fast out of its rip cage to a man’s voice crying  and begging him to tell them not to kill him then he would see a man being tied to a tree and a half human/half man beast ripping him to pieces  well it’s always been the same nightmare since they brought him back to normal many years ago. That’s how his life has been since that time his father and the witchdoctor brought him back to normal his heart has been immune to pain love and happiness since then and now after so many years he can love and feel pain again but now he’s sitting there staring at the person that managed to melt his cold heart just because some dickhead who thinks he’s above everything anything and everyone where else he’s not even close to being all that just decided to play God with her.


Well he came back from his wild thoughts when Imani started fidgeting in her sleep then she started screaming and the machines started going crazy making loud sounds.

       “ MAMAA….LEFAAA….NOOOO.....”

She screamed and Thorsten stood up quickly and went to her and he pinned her down as she was busy fighting in her sleep.

    “ Immy…baby wake up you are dreaming”

He pleaded with her but she didn’t stop


She was busy crying in her sleep saying those words and right then nurses rushed in and they asked Thorsten to wait outside and he did while they sedated her. As soon as he got outside he screamed out loud while swearing. 


Then he punched the wall hard with his fist and small cracks were left were his fist landed. He was breathing heavily then he started feeling some typa way and when started granting he knew his beast wanted to come out for the first time ever he felt his beast trying to take over and he didn’t know how to deal with it or how to make sure it doesn’t so he quickly took out his phone and called his brother Jase and he answered on the fourth ring.

     “ yah”

He answered with a sleepy voice he didn’t check the screen of his phone before he answered.

    “ jase come… the… its…I can feel it bafo…. Its”

Then Jase growled a bit over the phone as his beast warned him that another one was awake or trying to wake up.

     “fuck im coming bafo remember no one is supposed to see you in your beast form so try to find a private place and stay there im on my way and don’t worry I’ll find you…… and try to fight it back bafo try hard by calming yourself down remember it feeds on your anger so please try to calm down  please”

Then he ended the call and quickly got off the bed and he went to get dressed quickly while trying to call his other brothers as for Thorsten he found an empty single ward and he got in and stumbled on things until he got to the en-suit bathroom and he got in and locked the door and he sat down trying by all mean to fight his beast from taking over but what he didn’t know is its no child’s play fighting it back.

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