Snippet 2



Ben felt like he was about to lose it so he stood up and walked back to Imani’s bedroom and he found her sleeping and he stood there with tears running down his cheeks. Even though he doesn’t have proof that she’s pregnant but he knew something was off with her now he realizes that she gained a bit of weight and her skin was really glowing and she thought about how lately she has been complaining of a stomach ache and that she has been feeling sick most of the time especially in the morning and he saw her throw up once or twice but he though it’s something she ate. He then wiped his tears and he went to Desiree’s bedroom and he parked his things and also went to Imani’s bedroom and packed her things too and he took the bags and he walked out going to his car he opened the boot of his car and he put them inside and he slammed it shut he saw Desiree walking towards him and he got pissed off immediately.

      “I saw you putting bags in the boot are we perhaps leaving”

She asked looking at him with a straight face”

      “Imani and I are leaving but you are staying behind” 

He said that and walked passed her not waiting  for her reply and she went after him as for Ben his heart was bleeding and he felt like crying and screaming out the pain. He went straight to Imani’s bedroom and he stood next to the bed asking himself where he went wrong he felt like strangling her to death but then the love he has for her stopped him he then shook her and she slowly opened her heavy eyes and she looked up at him.

     “Baby why are you standing there looking at me like that”

Ben just clenched his jaws looking at her”

      “Get up and follow me “

She swallowed hard when she heard the hard and cold tone of his voice.

      “Ooh ok”

She said getting out of the bed and she wore her shoes and she followed him when they got outside she saw him walking to his car and her heart started beating fast then she heard his mother calling out to him and he stopped and turned looking at her.

     “Benjamin where are you going this late”

She asked getting closer to him. 

    “Ma not now please I’ll come see you in three days’ time”

He said coldly and he kissed her cheek and attempted to walk away but then he stopped again when she spoke.

    “What about Desiree I thought we spoke about your treatment towards her you can’t just leave her here and leave with your good for nothing first wife”

She said giving Imani a nasty look and Imani just looked down.

       “I thought I begged you not to get involved in my marital business Ma how I treat my wives is my business and if  Desiree has a problem with it after giving birth to my son she can voetsek ( fuck off)”

He said with an angry voice and Imani knew what will happen to her tonight if it’s not the  extremely rough sex then she’ll end up in the “Vault”.

     “Benjamin Desiree is pregnant for God’s sake she doesn’t need all this”

Ben looked at Desiree who was standing not far from them with an angry look on her face.

    “Well if you think running to my mother every time I do something you don’t like makes you think I’ll love you or even worship the ground you walk on then girly you clearly don’t know the man you are married to” 

Then he clicked his tongue and turned to Imani.

    “Get in the car and let’s go wena”

He said to Imani.


His mother called out to him but he ignored her and Imani got in the car and Ben drove out well the ride was silent and Imani just looked outside the window all the way busy  asking herself what made him angry. Soon they arrived at home and ray told Imani to go inside and he’ll bring in the bags and she did when she got in the house she went straight to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of cold juice and when she turned to go to the lounge she was met by a gun pointed at her and the glass she was holding fell to the tiled floor.

       “ ba…baby wha…what are you doing”

She asked with a trembling voice.

      “ what’s his name?”

He asked with rage all over his face and Imani just stood there frozen with nothing but fear on her face.

     “ wh….who?”

She asked shaking.


He roared and Imani jumped a bit.

     “Who’s that bastard that you let enter my sacred place!”

Imani just cried because she just realized he knew she found comfort in another man’s arms.

    “Im not gonna ask you again Imani”

He warned her crocking the gun and Imani cried out loud.

    “ TALK MAN!”

He shouted at her and she just continued to cry.

    “ fine you don’t wanna talk don’t worry I’ll make you talk”

He said that and walked to Imani and he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the basement when he got there he threw her on the wet cold floor and he took off his belt.

      “ take off your clothes”

He ordered her and she just cried.

       “ Ben please!”

She pleaded with him but it fell on deaf ears as he swung the belt and it landed on her bare legs and she screamed out in pain.


He said with an angry voice and Imani took off her clothes and was left with only her bra and panty and as soon as Ben’s eyes landed on her stomach his blood boiled some more.

        “ why is that bra and panty still  doing there TAKE THEM OFF TOO NOW!”

And she did then he picked her clothes up and walked out locking her in then soon he came back with a bucket of cold  water and unlocked the door and found her curled up on top of the dirty sponge mattress and he went closer to her and poured the cold water on her.

      “ now let’s do this one last time who entered my sacred place”

He asked her while crouching next to her.

      “No one did”

She said while crying.

      “Mmmmh so Jesus is the one that got you pregnant right?”

He asked her with his eyebrows raised and she just looked at him with her eyes popped out.

      “ wha…what? Im not pregnant”

      “ mmmmh so if I buy you home pregnancy tests and they come out positive what should I do to you then”

She didn’t say anything.

      “You know I should applaud you for that Day Spa trips you convinced me to let you go to them I really should but then you’re not that good cause now I know what you’ve been up too”

Imani just silently cried as she realized her life was over and she didn’t even get a chance to warn Thorsten. Then Ben stood up and he swung the belt and it landed to Imani’s bare back and she cried out loud.


She didn’t say anything she just cried out loud and he swung the belt again and again and again and again  busy shouting that she should tell him the name of the guy but Imani didn’t budge she just cried and not said anything and that got him more angry.

      “Mmmmh you don’t wanna talk right well don’t worry sweetheart you’ll talk once im done with you”

He said that breathing heavily and he walked out and Imani continued to cry with her body aching then soon the devil himself came back with a long rope and he tossed it over the steel roof bars then he tied Imani’s hands  with the other end and pulled Imani up by pulling the rope and as she stood up on her toes he went to tie it to the door handle and he went back to Imani.

      “Still won’t talk?”

He asked her rubbing her cheek gently.

      “Please Ben im sorry ok please forgive me”

She pleaded with him.


He shouted at her grabbing her by her hair tight.

     “ WHO IS HE?”

He asked while shouting and Imani just cried.

     “ fine!”

Then a hard fist landed on her face and he grabbed her by her  hair again  as blood came out of her mouth.

     “ his name Imani or else I’ll do this all night until you talk then I’ll go pay your crippled mother and dumb brother a visit “

She cried.

     “ please Ben leave them out of this im begging you please kill me instead ”

She pleaded with him and he just laughed and when he stopped his eyes where now darker and he had a creepy smile on his face.

     “ uh uh princess Ben doesn’t want you dead but he wants the name of the fucker that you gave his pussy to or im going to put a bullet through your mothers skull”

Imani just sobbed painfully.

      “ now what’s his name”

He asked running his hands on her breasts and he pinched her nipples hard and she screamed out loud with pain.

      “ that was nice right?”

He asked with a smile on his face.

    “ Ben please im sorry i…. I didn’t mean to hurt you”

A punch landed on her stomach and another one and another one and  she coughed out painfully. 

     “ HIS NAME NOW!””

He ordered her

    “ fine….fine its… its Thorsten”

He stood still and looked at her with a frown on his face.

     “Which Thorsten?”

He asked with that frown still on his face.

     “ De…Desiree’s ex-husband “

His eyes popped out looking at her and a slap landed on her face and she cried out loud by now she had slight cramps on her belly.

      “ you stupid whore how could you mmmmh doesn’t Ben give you everything you want I mean he even takes care of your useless mother and brother and you decide to pay him back with a plate full of your smelly shit heeh?”

He asked her holding her tight with her hair with the most scariest look ever  on his face and Imani just cried.


     “ im sorry please forgive me im sorry “

She pleaded with him but it fell on deaf ears then he started whipping her with the belt all over her body until Imani’s body felt numb and he stopped breathing heavily and he spat on her.

     “ you know I warned him when that traditional healer told him he can never get you pregnant to let you go cause I had a feeling that things won’t end well but because he loves you he said he can never let you go now look at all this you turned into a whore and worst part you had to sleep with his worst enemy “BEAST” 

He clicked his tongue.

     “ of all the men you had to fuck him and I thought maybe just maybe you are different but no you are no different to a common prostitute”

He said that with a disgusted face then he took out his phone and dialed a number.

     “ yah listen carefully I want you to bring me abortion pills to my house ASAP “

He said to his doctor friend.

     “ what? Why? Please don’t tell me you want to give them to your second wife man”

The doctor said that with a worried tone  and that made psych angry.

     “ do I pay you to ask me stupid questions man!”

He asked him with a cold tone and the doctor cleared his throat.

    “Im sorry man ummm ok I’ll bring them just now”

The doctor said as he didn’t want to get in Ben’s bad books.

      “Make it snappy you have only half an hour to get here”

He said to the doctor then he dropped the call and looked at Imani.

      “ Well it’s time we got rid of that rubbish in your stomach sweet cheeks cause you belong to Ben and since that womb of yours can’t carry his seed then it will never carry another man’s seed too especially the seed of that piece of shit Beast”

Then he untied her and she fell on the floor and he walked out leaving her like that then after some time he came back and he found her on the same position he left her then he forcefully made her drink the abortion pills and even checked if she really drank them then he went out and came back with a chair and he sat next to her and watched her as she held her stomach crying. The following day in the early hours of the morning Ben/psych was still sitting on the chair with a smirk on his face watching Imani scream out loud as she felt excruciating pains  as if someone was ripping off her insides forcefully inside her stomach with lots of blood coming out between her legs she then passed out after some time and Ben/psych stood up and checked her pulse and she was still alive. He then sat down and continued to watch her as he fought the edge to finish her off but he knew he couldn’t cause that will hurt Ben to the core cause he loves her then after two hours he stood up and walked out and came back with a bucket of water and he poured it all over Imani and he picked her up and walked out with her going to their bedroom and he dressed her up in sweatpants and a hoody only and he also changed his clothes and he called one of his boys to come to the house and soon the guy arrived and Ben/psych  carried Imani to his car and he put her in the boot and they drove out.

Well Ben arrived at Imani’s home and the opened the gate and drove in  and he got out of the car and went inside and he found Imani’s mother sitting in the lounge and her little brother eating breakfast he was ready to go to school he’s doing grade 3. Well Ben/psych walked in and he walked passed Imani’s mother without acknowledging her presence and told the house help to take her things and leave immediately and the house help did as she was told since she works for him he was ready to go to school he’s doing grade 3. Well Ben/psych walked in and he walked passed Imani’s mother without acknowledging her presence and told the house help to take her things and leave immediately and the house help did as she was told since she works for him then he walked out ignoring Imani’s mother as she called out at  him then he went to take imani out of the boot and she was now awake but weak and he carried her inside and put her on the cold floor while his guy stood by the door. Imani’s mother cried out when her eyes landed on her daughter and the state she’s in but then she got the fright of her life when Ben/psych pulled out a gun and instructed her to shut up.


 That’s all Imani managed to say and her mother just cried holding Lefa now who looked scared then Ben/psych  took out Imani’s phone and dialed Thorsten’s numbers. 





 At Thorsten’s house him and his brothers Jase snakes and Muzi are sitting in the lounge discussing their plan of “kidnapping” Imani’s mother and brother before “rescuing” Imani in two days to come then Thorsten’s phone rang on top of the table disturbing them from their discussion and as soon as he saw who the caller was he smirked.

      “ mmmmh the only person who makes you smile like that is none other than Mrs. Beast aka Imani ”

 Jase and muzi laughed and Thorsten just showed him the middle finger and he answered the call.

     “Me Ahofe (my beauty)”

He said that with his deep voice and a smile on his face.

   “Well well well if it isn’t the mighty Beast himself”

 Ben said walking around in the lounge with a gun on his hand and a creepy smile on his face and on the other hand Thorsten’s smile faded immediately when he heard Ben’s voice  and he quickly put the phone on loudspeaker for his brothers to listen too.

      “What is it Benjamin”

He said that without even a pinch of panic in his voice while his brothers were surprised.

        “So you thought we wouldn’t find out mmmmh that you are fucking Ben’s wife”

 He said that and laughed an evil laugh his guard was now holding a bashed up Imani by her hair as she sat on the cold floor covered in blood while her mother was crying silently and her brother holding on to their mother scared.

       “Ooh I guess this is psycho and not Ben mmmmh”

 Thorsten asked with a calm voice and Ben laughed.

       “Mmmmh I like that you have a sharp mind my man”

      “So what can I do for you psych”

Thorsten asked with an annoyed voice.

      “ I have someone here who would like to say hello…. Say hello sweetheart”

He said getting close to Imani who was busy crying and he pointed a gun on her head and he hit her on her already pounding head with the back of the gun indicating that she should speak then Thorsten and his brothers heard a cry in the background right then Thorsten’s heart started beating fast.

      “Smi… smiso hel….help me pleaseeeee”

She said that while crying and Thorsten quickly stood up.

       “So I guess you were serious when you said and eye for an eye that day mmmmh?”

Ben said that and a chuckle escaped his mouth.

      “And here I thought you are as dumb as they come but no you are just slow in the head”

Thorsten said that and he chuckled too.


 Thorsten frowned and he looked at his brothers while Imani just continued to cry in the background.

       “What baby?”

Thorsten asked and he quickly took Jase’s phone and he typed “Imani’s mother and brother” and he grabbed his car keys and wallet and rushed outside with his brothers following him.

     “Ooh so you didn’t know she’s pregnant…. Mmmmh interesting I must say”

Then he crouched next to Imani and he looked at her with a smirk on his face while on the other end Thorsten threw the car keys to Jase and they got in the car and Jase drove out in total speed with Thorsten’s heart beating fast but he kept his cool.

      “It could be yours you know”

Thorsten said that because it was clear now that he knows about him and Imani and his brothers looked shocked by how calm he was cause if it was one of them they would be throwing threats and insults at him and also panicking.

      “I know she can never bare Ben children beast my man cause his traditional healer said only the one chosen by her ancestors for her will be the only man who will get her pregnant and guess what Ben is not the chosen one so since she confessed to fucking you after I beat the truth out of her ( he said that moving the gun on her face)…. I guess you are the guy we’ve been looking for since we found out the news about the chosen one bullshit”

Thorsten swallowed hard then he clenched his jaws while Jase was driving like a mad man on the road.

      “ So let me guess you gonna kill her and send her body to me right ”

Thorsten asked with a calm but yet angry voice.


His brother Snakes whispered to him cause he was worried about his reaction to this whole thing that is happening he was way too fucken calm for his liking.

       “ nah we love her so killing her will be like killing our inner selves and remember Ben once told you that she has the ability to calm his demons one of them being me  so im just gonna teach her a lesson and  kill the bastard in her womb if he/she isn’t already dead you know”

He said that and winked at Imani and Thorsten on the other side clenched his jaws some more and he hit the head-rest of the car seat with a fist then he sighed calming himself down.

     “Do you know what an egg once said psycho my man”

His brothers looked at him with that “really” look on their faces and he just ignored them.


Ben asked clearly confused .

     “It said:  im authority if you crush me I break and if you let me go I fall and break into pieces on the ground and well my dearest retarded Ben or psycho the moral of this proverb in simple terms for the likes of you is power needs to be handled carefully my man. So every decision you make from now on you better be ready for the extreme consequences that will follow”

He said that to him with a serious tone and Ben on the other side got angry and his face turned hard instantly. 

       “Well Beast im not scared of you so bring it on bitch ooh and just so you know this is all your fault…. And ooh since Ben has a conscience then I’ll do the honors myself”

Then two bullets were heard fired over the phone well  Ben/psycho shot Imani’s mother on her forehead and her little brother on his chest and Imani screamed out loud with the little strength she had left.


And she released a loud heart-piecing cry while Ben was laughing and Thorsten just clenched his  jaws with his eyes closed while looking down the anger he was feeling was indescribable even  his hands were shaking with anger and he could feel his muscles get tight all around his body and his heart was beating as if it was on his throat ready to come out he opened his eyes still looking down and he saw the skin on his hands was hard and  it had scales on it and right then he knew his beast was awake as for his brothers they looked shit scared cause the beast they were seeing now it wasn’t the one they saw that time it killed Buhle and Bongani. 

Then Thorsten and his brother’s heard what sounded like someone or something being kicked with Imani’s loud screams also heard and it was Imani being kicked hard on her stomach repeatedly by Ben/psycho and Thorsten shouted out loud at Ben.


He said that to Ben over the phone with his voice scratchy and scary and Ben aka “psycho” stopped kicking Imani and he just laughed out loud.

     “Catch me if you can Beast and ooh if she makes it tell her Ben is coming back for her she’s his wife after all”

Then he dropped the call while Jase was driving in high speed on the highway as for muzi and snakes even though they looked shit scared they knew deep down that Thorsten’s beast won’t harm them in anyway so they were busy begging him to calm down. They finally arrived and got out of the car and ran inside while pushing people out of the way who were standing outside the yard watching as police officers where all over the yard and house well neighbors called the police when they heard gunshots in the house. The police tried to stop them from entering the house but the brothers just pushed them aside as if they are nothing and they ran inside and found paramedics busy with Imani and Lefa while Imani’s mother was sitting on her wheelchair with a bullet wound on her forehead and her eyes opened.

    “You can’t be here you need to leave this is crime scene!”

One police officer said with a firm voice to them but when his eyes landed on Jase he kept quiet since he’s also part of the Khumalo’s payroll anyway Muzi told the paramedics he’s a doctors and they let him help them with Lefa since his wound was bad and he was losing lots of blood and in fact he wasn’t looking good at all while Imani just passed out after her loud scream when Ben/psych shot her mother and brother and she was also not looking good. As for Thorsten he was standing by the door with his eyes on Imani the pain fear and extreme rage he was feeling was beyond measure his whole body was visibly shaking and his eyes where blood shot red then Jase quickly went to him when he saw him in that state.

      “Bafo calm down please you can let your beast out in front of all this people now Imani needs you more than ever please fight back the beast please I know it’s hard but please fight it back”

He pleaded with him and when he saw the paramedics were ready to wheel Imani and her brother out he went to snakes and whispered to him he told him to take care of things here and he’s gonna go with Thorsten to the hospital to keep an eye on him and snakes nodded then he pulled Thorsten out and the paramedic along with Muzi wheeled Imani and Lefa out of the house to the ambulance while Thorsten and Jase went to their car and also drove away right after the ambulance drove out.

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