Snippet 1





Well people say marriage is a sacred and a binding union that is blessed by God himself but sometimes other people feel like their marriages are blessed by the devil himself instead of God. That is what Imani Nkateko Tau is feeling now about her marriage her once gloomy marriage has turned from heaven to hell for her and her once loving and good husband has turned into the devil himself. She remembers the first year in their marriage she was treated like an egg by her husband Ben Tau to a point that anything or anyone that made her cry or sad he would literally skin them alive but now it’s like he finds joy and pleasure seeing her hurt or in pain. She has begged him to let her go but he blatantly said “over his dead body” he always tells her that he loves her and that she’s his life but then he turns around and hurt her tremendously. Besides beating her to a pulp he also punishes her by locking her in the basement that he calls “the vault” for days with two meals a day while sexually assaulting her every now and then. His apologies don’t mean anything to her anymore because she knows few hours later or days later he will hurt her again. Well it all started two years back when she went to see a fertility specialist about the fact that she couldn’t fall pregnant even though her and Ben don’t use protection and she’s also not on any contraceptives then the doctor checked her and confirmed that she’s fertile and suggested that she brings her husband Ben to get checked too cause it might be that he’s the one with the problem since she’s fertile. Well she got home that day and later on at night she spoke to her husband about her visit to the specialist and also told him her results and Ben was happy and relieved that she was fertile but then things went south when she suggest that he also go for a check-up to make sure that they are both ok and well Ben lost it and slapped her across her face and started shouting  and swearing at her and also threatening her that if she speaks of such nonsense again he will show her the other side of him that she will hate and well that is when all  the abuse started. Now things are worse for poor Imani cause in the eyes of everyone else he’s a saint but a monster behind closed doors.


Anyway back to the present day Imani her husband and sister wife who is her blood cousin were at their mother in law’s house where there was a family gathering and as a wife in the family she had to come whether she wants to or not and as for her sister-wife she is heavily pregnant and everyone is treating her like an egg while they treated her like some contagious thing cause she can’t fall pregnant. She held back her tears and she breathed out loud trying by all means to be strong and not cry in front of everyone because their nasty comments and them whispering behind her back was getting to her then her mind started running wild and it stopped on the day her husband Ben told her he wanted to take a second wife she remembers she received a message from her husband that fateful afternoon and he said he has something important he wanted to talk to her about. She didn’t know that what he wanted to talk to her about was gonna break her already broken heart into tiny pieces.


She remembers sitting in the lounge that afternoon watching her favorite Telenovela drama when the door opened and Ben walked in looking like he held the whole world on his shoulders and Imani stood up and she went to him and they kissed and she took his laptop bag and they went to sit down.

“you look exhausted love”

She remembers saying that to him while brushing his shoulder.

“you have no idea my love”

She remembers him saying that to her then leaning back on the couch and also kicking his shoes off and he put his feet on top of the table and breathed out loud.

“Let me bring you your food then I’ll prepare you a bath”

She remembers saying that trying to stand up but Ben held her hand and he pulled her to sit down.

“Sit so we can talk first”


She remembers sitting down and Ben standing up and he sat on top of the table facing her and he held her hands and he breathed out loud Imani remembers seeing that whatever he wanted to talk to her about was huge then  her heart started to beat fast.

“ I have something to tell you my love”

“ok im listening”

“ i…. I have decided to…. To take a second wife”

“askies? (what?)”

She said that and pulled her hands away from his grip with her eyes popped out she couldn’t believe her own husband just said that to her.

“A what?” 

She remembers asking him with her bottom lip trembling. 

“a second wife it’s a good decision any wise man can take when under the circumstances I face myself with”

He said with no care what so ever and Imani just sat down with tears running down her cheeks.

“Please Ben don’t do this to me we…. we can adopt ok we can…”

He interrupted her.

“Adopt my black ass listen here Imani I want to be a father to children who will have my blood run through their veins so don’t tell me that shit ok”

She remembers he said that with an angry voice and she just kept quiet looking down because she knew a slap might land on her cheek since his face was turning pink by now.

“Look I love you Imani…fuck God knows I love you but I also want kids ok and ever since you miscarried you haven’t fallen pregnant again and I want to be a father so me taking a second wife is the best thing and plus that might stop my family with the insults they shower you with”

He said that and sat down next to her.

“If I disagree will you still go ahead with it?”

 She remembers asking him hoping and praying that he will say no but well his answer broke her tiny heart to pieces. 


 She remembers him saying that to her coldly and more tears rushed down her cheeks as that answer cut right through her heart

“ I want kids Imani and you can’t seem to get pregnant it been five years five fucken years and you have nothing to show for it as a woman so this is the best thing for us especially you since the attention will move from you to the other wife”

She just continued to cry and Ben stood up and he took his car keys and walked out. She remembers sitting there and crying her eyes out with what Ben told her still ringing in her ears. She also remembers sitting there not believing what Ben just said to her she knew she hasn’t fallen pregnant ever since she miscarried on their first year of their marriage but for him to want t take a second wife was just too much for her even his harsh words towards her pierced right through her fragile heart. If only she knew that the second wife is her blood cousin Desiree.


        “Imani Imani are you ok”  

Someone shook her and Imani snapped out of her thoughts it was one of Ben’s female cousins

       “Ummm yeah I was just lost in my thoughts sorry did you say something”

She said that trying to gather herself

      “Yeah your husband is looking for you he said you should come to your bedroom”

      “Ok sesi thanks”

Imani said that and she stood up and went to their bedroom passing Desiree her sister-wife by the door she was holding a plate of food she was busy eating while walking and Imani just walked passed her and went to the bedroom she uses when she’s here. She opened the door and found Ben lying in bed  and she immediately got bored thinking maybe he wants sex well ever since she slept with thorsten she doesn’t enjoy sex with her husband anymore. She fakes moans and orgasms and its becoming a struggle for her cause now all she feels for him is pure hate but she knows she can’t leave him because he blatantly told her if she even attempts to that he’ll just kill her mother and little brother. So since she can’t lose them then she told herself she will endure all the abuse and torture she receives from him.

      “Love you called for me”

She said that closing the door and going to sit down next to him.

     “Yeah Imani what’s going on with you?”

Her heart started beating fast and she swallowed hard thinking maybe he knows about what she did with that guy Thorsten.

     “I… I don’t know what you are talking about”

She said that looking down.

     “Don’t give me that ok I can see something is bothering you or better yet distracting you so now talk or do you want me to beat out the fucken truth out of you”

He said that with an angry voice and she started getting scared.

     “No please don’t i…i”

She thought of a lie fast.

     “I… I want a baby”

She said to him and he frowned looking at her.

     “I want to adopt but you said you want your own blood so I know you won’t agree”

Then she sighed.

     “I want a baby Ben I know I can’t fall pregnant but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be a mother”

She then swallowed hard hoping and praying he believes her.

     “It hurts seeing Desiree carrying your child Ben I wish it was me”

 Tears ran down her cheeks and Ben sighed then he moved to sit next to her and he gave her a side hug.

     “Ok you can adopt”

She looked at him not believing what she was hearing and he wiped her tears.

     “I know you’ll make a great mother so you can start with the adoption process after the birth of my son you can’t steal Desiree’s shine right”

He said that smiling at her and she nodded while forcing a smile on her face with her heart breaking some more because of his choice of words.

     “Good now smile and look happy I don’t want people thinking you are not happy with me”

She forced a wide smile and he kissed her forehead and yes she’s wasn’t happy with him at all in fact she has already dreamed of a thousands ways to kill him in his sleep but she doesn’t have even the slightest gut to do it.

     “ I love you ok Mrs. Tau I know things are not like the way I promised you they will be when we got married but believe me everything will be good soon just hold on ok”

 He said that to her and he kissed her cheek well as for Imani she wanted so bad to spit on his face and tell him to go fuck himself but she knew better than to make him angry.

      “Ok my love and I love you too”

She said that to him and he kissed her lips and she responded the kiss went on and on and he pushed her down to the bed and he got on top of her and she immediately felt sick to her stomach but she also knew never to stop him when he wants sex unless she’s on her monthly period and with that he checks if she really is. Anyway he pushed up the bed and took off his shirt and continued to kiss her hungrily until they heard a knock on the door and Ben cursed pissed off.


He clicked tongue and he got off Imani with a really bad boner and he went to the door while Imani fixed herself he opened the door and Desiree was standing there busy brushing her big baby bump.

     “What is it Desiree”

He asked her annoyed as hell.

    “Your mother is looking of you”

She said and as soon as her eyes landed on his boner her face changed to anger.

    “Tell her im coming”

He tried to close the door but she blocked it

    “Now Ben”

    “I said im coming now fuck off from here”

He said that through his tightened jaw.

    “So that barren thing is now more important than your own mother?”

She asked with an angry voice and Ben grabbed her by her dress and pulled her closer to him roughly with an angry look on his face

   “Call her that again and I’ll make sure you vomit out this baby you are carrying instead of giving birth to him!”

He warned her with a firm voice and she nodded looking scared trembled.

   “Now be a good wife and go tell my mother im coming”

He let her go and she turned and walked away with tears running down her cheeks and she quickly wiped them off and continued to walk and back in the bedroom bed turned after closing the door to find Imani busy wiping her tears off and he sighed.

    “So every time someone says something hurtful towards you or about you is always gonna be this you crying mmmmh?

She shook her head no and she continued to wipe her tears off

    “Now why are you crying?”

He asked and she didn’t say anything and he sighed and walked to the bed and took his shirt and wore it.

     “Imani you are my first wife and you are the woman this cold heart of mine loves and beats for and know this there’s nothing that will change that ever so now I want my tough baby now and not this weak thing you hear me Desiree might be pregnant with my child but she doesn’t own my heart you do and only you so next time she tries to be smart with you tell her I said that ok”


Imani said that looking down.

   “Come here”

He said that extending his hand to her and she got up and went to him and he cupped her face

    “Good Lord you are beautiful woman and I can’t believe you are mine all mine”

She smiled a bit exposing her deep dimples and Ben smiled like a retard even today he still can’t believe how beautiful Imani is and how their kids would have looked like with her beauty and his bright complexion.

    “I love you ok Montleza (nickname meaning beautiful)”

She blushed a bit.

   “I love you too my husband”

He perked her lips 

   “Let me go Ma is calling me and we will definitely finish things later on ok”

She nodded.


She said and he kissed her forehead and walked out and she sat on top of the bed and she breathed out loud she suddenly felt light headed and she laid down and her mind drifted off to “Thorsten” her dream man she remembered the first time she met him for the first time at a restaurant when Desiree came to her house when they were still close and she begged her to give him a letter. The thing is thorsten and Desiree where married in secret without her family knowing and since Thorsten is loaded with cash she forgot why they got married in the first place and she concentrated on his money and fame and forgot about her end of the deal. The deal was for Desiree to make Thorsten fall for her and to be a good wife to him since that is what he’s being longing for being “love” but then she let fame and fortunes got to her head and she started cheating recklessly and also used his money recklessly too with Imani’s husband being one of the men she slept with. Well Thorsten got fed up and divorced her and she didn’t even get a cent from him since she stupidly signed a prenuptial agreement before they got married so when she found out she was pregnant the truth is she didn’t know who the baby’s father was and since she hadn’t been intimate with Thorsten for weeks then she knew he wasn’t the father. So before running away she begged Imani to give a letter to him that asked for forgiveness and all because she was afraid Thorsten might come after her cause she knew she didn’t keep her end of the deal and he told her point blank that she will be sorry if she doesn’t but what she didn’t know was he didn’t care for her that much to even be bothered about her cheating and breaking the deal between them so he just destroyed the letter after reading it. So when Imani met up with him she was captivated by his handsomeness and dark skin and besides being embarrassed by the fact that he saw all the bruises she tried so hard to hide with make-up and a long sleeved shirt she was also impressed that he was actually paying attention to her. She remembers feeling embarrassed but pretended to not know what he was talking about when he pointed out her bruises and since then she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She then saw him again at some function she went t with her husband and that’s where she found out that her dearest sister-wife/cousin was actually married to him and no one in the family knew about it she then got to spend some time with the mysterious Thorsten when she walked out of the woman’s restroom and found him waiting for her. She was truly smitten by him and his bold self especially his deep rocky voice she remembers walking down some passage in the building while holding down a conversation and at that time instead of feeling uncomfortable and scared she actually felt safe for the first time in a long time and she wished she could spend more time with him but she knew Ben would kill her if he were to find out that she was busy talking and taking a walk with another man. That night she remembers she couldn’t sleep because she kept tossing and turning thinking about him then some day he called her checking up on her and that’s when everything started. He became her escape as she couldn’t wait to talk to him over the phone then some day he called her checking up on her and that’s when everything started. He became her escape as she couldn’t wait to talk to him over the phone and she would feel much better or be in a good mood and he also would get mad when a day passed by without them talking and he would get more mad every time she would tell him that Ben locked her up in the “vault” or that he beat her up since they talked about everything cause she felt safe telling him things. Anyway one day he told her he wants them to meet and well she agreed and he came up with a plan that they should meet at one of his brothers’ wife’s Day Spa and she hesitantly agreed and when they met for the third time well let’s say one thing  led to another and they made love. She knew very well what she was doing was wrong because she was married and to a psycho at that but she couldn’t help it because she felt free and  safe with the guy but scared suffocated and terrified with her own husband. And even though he has never told her that he loves her but his actions showed he really cared for her deeply and her wellbeing.

 He even promised her he’ll do whatever it takes to save her from her abusive and psychotic husband and she has been waiting patiently for him to do that because she can’t take it anymore him forcing himself on her even though she’s not in the mood or ill and him locking her in the basement in their house that he calls the “vault” for days when she does something that pisses him off or when he had a bad day or even when Desiree “the second wife” made him angry was just too much for one person to bare so she couldn’t wait for Thorsten’s plan to take place. She’s close to giving up because the last time she in the vault it was really bad cause first  she was not feeling well she kept on throwing up and feeling dizzy and also she had stomach cramps but since Ben her husband is a psychotic human being he didn’t care all he wanted was to quench his thirst of punishing and torturing someone when he found out his shipment was seized by the local authority when it arrived in the country meaning someone snitched on him and wellbeing a mentally unstable coward that he is he took out his anger on Imani. The thing is Ben suffers from a multiple personality disorder that he created himself knowingly when he was still  in the army him and Thorsten where both in the south African army deployed in Congo in their 20s  and that’s when he created them cause everyone knows being in the army is no child’s play the things you see and experience there can damage you mentality and psychologically  so for him to survive he created a second personality named “psych” and that same psych did unspeakable things he once went on a killing spree in one of the villages there and  he killed male children in cold blood and his reason was that the same boys where gonna turn into rebels when they grew up  so he was preventing a catastrophe from happening he was then arrested and was even send for mental evaluation and since he’s one sly bastard he put up an act and was send to a military psychiatric institution for years until his sentence was done and he was released when he miraculously “healed” mentally. He does love Imani so much and deep down he doesn’t want to hurt her but he can’t help it because now he can’t always control “psych” he has become strong over the years and he’s more in control than Ben and Imani is the one who’s suffering.


Well back to Imani she decided to rest a bit since it was already late in the afternoon and everyone has eaten and the dishes have been washed people were now drinking alcohol and dancing busy enjoying themselves she knew she’d rather stay in her room than to go out there to those people who treat her like some contagious disease and also being treated badly. She just curled herself into a ball and she just cried herself to sleep.





In the lounge Ben found his mother sitting there drinking tea and he sat next to her.

     “You called for me Ma”

He said that and laid back on the lounge.

     “Yes son I have something I need to ask you”

     “Ok ask away my first lady”

He said looking at her.

     “Do you love Desiree?”

She asked honestly and he frowned looking at her.

     “Why are you asking me that question ma?”

     “Because you don’t treat her like your wife she always complains that when Imani is around you don’t give her your attention and son when you are in a polygamous marriage you need to treat your wives equally for peace to rein in your household”

She told him and he clenched his jaws looking down


He said still looking down he was angry cause ever since he married Imani and psych hurt her she had never complained to his mother not even once and Desiree who became his wife two seconds ago complained to his mother about him not giving her attention when Imani is around he took a deep breath to calm himself and he looked at his mother.

    “So answer my question”

She pressed and he cleared his throat.

    “She’s carrying my child and I married her so what does that say to you Ma”

He answered her and she sighed because that answer was clear he married her because of the baby.

    “look son I will never tell you how to run your household but son Desiree is carrying your heir and even though you don’t love her like you love Imani can you at least give her your attention and time remember stress is not good for the baby and son that baby is my first grandchild from you and I’ll be dammed if anything happens to him”

She said that to him with a serious tone and he sighed.

      “I hear you Ma I promise I’ll do better”

He said that with his jaws still clenched.

     “Good now that’s my boy and about Imani have you seen anything different about her?

She asked taking a sip of her tea and Ben sighed.

    “Yeah she’s a bit distant but don’t worry I talked to her about that and now she’s ok”

She shook her head.

     “No I mean physically”

He frowned.

    “What are you talking about Ma?”

He asked confused.

    “I think she’s pregnant”

She said straight up and Ben laughed then his face became sad

   “No she’s not in fact she can never be pregnant Ma?”

He said that looking sad because he would give anything to have her carry his child but he knew that will never happen.

    “Since when are you God Benjamin I mean maybe God has finally answered your prayers son”

Ben shook his head remembering what the traditional healer he went to see some years back said to him.

     “She can’t get pregnant by me Ma and believe I know it’s hard to believe it because I also took over a year to actually accept that the traditional healer I went to see was actually telling the truth”

    “What are you talking about Benjamin?”

 She asked concerned.

    “Let’s go to your bedroom and talk there”

He said that standing up and his mother followed him and they got in her bedroom and she closed the door and they sat on the edge of the bed and bed sighed looking down.

  “ a year into our marriage Imani couldn’t fall pregnant or at least  suffer a miscarriage so she went to see a specialist and they told her there is nothing wrong with her well I also secretly went to get checked out by a specialist and he said the is nothing wrong with me too so after a few months of her not falling pregnant even those she drank fertility pills I decided to go see a traditional healer called  Ntatepule in Majaneng at Hamanskraal  and he told me something that broke my heart Ma he said the only man that will successfully impregnate Imani is her chosen one he said she’s not supposed to be mine to begin with so she will never bear me a child”

He said that with a heavy heart because he would give anything for the love of his life to carry his child.

“What are you telling me Benjamin?”

He sighed.

“He said her ancestors and other ancestors which he thinks are the guys are the ones preventing her from getting pregnant he said she doesn’t belong to me because already her ancestors chose a husband for her and it’s not me”

“Modimo wa khotso (God of peace)”

She exclaimed with her hands on top of her head.

“So now you know why I say she can’t be pregnant”

“Well if you can’t make her pregnant son then someone else did because I know a pregnant woman when I see   one”

She said that with a serious face.


 He asked with a frown on his face.

“She’s pregnant I saw her throwing up and she’s been complaining about food not smelling good and she’s suddenly gained some weight I mean she’s even glowing”

His mother said.

“Imani would never cheat on me Ma she knows what will happen if she does and plus she’s always in doors she only leaves the house when…..”

He kept quiet with his eyes popped out when he started thinking about her visits to the Day Spa.

“She wouldn’t do that to me Ma she wouldn’t hurt me like that”

He said that with a trembling voice

     “Just take her to the doctor tomorrow and he’ll tell you exactly what im telling you”

He shook his head continuously not believing what she was saying.

      “She won’t do that to me Ma she knows I love her more than I love myself so she won’t hurt me like that”

He said that with a shaky voice and his mother sighed.

     “Just take her to the doctor because im telling you she’s pregnant I mean even your aunt Kenosi saw her and she asked me and remember she has 8 children “

Ben said nothing because the pain he was feeling was beyond measure….






 At Thorsten’s house him and his brothers Jase snakes and Muzi are sitting in the lounge discussing their plan of “kidnapping” Imani’s mother and brother before “rescuing” Imani in two days to come then Thorsten’s phone rang on top of the table disturbing them from their discussion and as soon as he saw who the caller was he smirked.

“ mmmmh the only person who makes you smile like that is none other than Mrs. Beast aka Imani ”

 Jase and muzi laughed and Thorsten just showed him the middle finger and he answered the call.

“ Me AhofꜪ ( my beauty)”

He said that with his deeper voice and a smile on his face.

“Well well well if it isn’t the mighty Beast himself”

Thorsten’s smile faded immediately and he quickly put the phone on loudspeaker for his brothers to listen too.

“What is it Benjamin”

He said that without even a pinch of panic in his voice while his brothers were surprised.

“So you thought we wouldn’t find out mmmmh that you are fucking Ben’s wife”

 He said that and laughed an evil laugh.

“Ooh I guess this is psycho and not Ben mmmmh”

 He asked with a calm voice and Ben laughed.

“Mmmmh I like that you have a sharp mind my man”

“So what can I do for you psycho”

He asked with an annoyed voice.

“ I have someone here who would like to say hello…. Say hello sweetheart”

Then they heard a cry in the background and Thorsten’s heart started beating fast.

“Smi… smiso hel….help me pleaseeeee”

She said that while crying and thorsten quickly stood up.

“So I guess you were serious when you said and eye for an eye that day mmmmh?”

“And here I thought you are as dumb as they come but no you are just slow in the head”--- Thor

He said that and chuckled.


 Thorsten frowned and he looked at his brothers

“What baby”

He quickly took Jase’s phone and he typed “Imani’s mother and brother” and he grabbed his car keys and wallet and rushed outside with his brothers following him.

“Ooh so you didn’t know she’s pregnant…. Mmmmh interesting I must say”

Thorsten threw the car keys to Jase and they got in the car and Jase drove out in total speed with Thorsten’s heart beating fast but he kept his cool.

“It could be yours you know”

He said that because it was clear now that he knows about him and Imani and his brothers looked shocked by how calm he was cause if it was one of them they would be throwing threats and insults at him and also panicking.

 “I know she can never bare Ben children beast cause his traditional healer said only the one chosen by her ancestors for her will be the only man who will get her pregnant and guess what Ben is not the chosen one so since she confessed to fucking you after I beat the truth out of her…. I guess you are the guy we’ve been looking for since we found out the news about the chosen one bullshit”

Thorsten swallowed hard then he clenched his jaws while Jase was driving like a mad man on the road.

“ So let me guess you gonna kill her and send her body to me right ”--- Thor

“Smie!”--- Snake

He whispered to Thorsten cause he was worried about his reaction to this whole thing that is happening he was way too fucken calm for his liking.

“ nah we love her so killing her will be like killing our inner selves and remember Ben once told you that she has the ability to calm his demons one of them being me  so im just gonna teach her a lesson and  kill the bastard in her womb if he/she isn’t already dead you know”

Thorsten clenched his jaws some more and he hit the head rest of the car seat with a fist then he sighed calming himself down.

“Do you know what an egg once said psycho my man”

His brothers looked at him with that “really” look on their faces

“What?”--- Ben

“It said:  im authority if you crush me I break and if you let me go I fall and break into pieces on the ground and well my dearest retarded Ben or psycho the moral of this proverb in simple terms for the likes of you is power needs to be handled carefully my man. So every decision you make from now on you better be ready for the extreme consequences that will follow”

“Well Beast im not scared of you so bring it on bitch ooh and just so you know this is all your fault…. And ooh since Ben has a conscience then I’ll do the honors myself”

Then two bullets were heard being fired over the phone and Imani screamed out loud.


And she released a loud heart-piecing cry and Thorsten just clenched his  jaws with his eyes closed while looking down the anger he was feeling was indescribable even  his hands were shaking with anger and he could feel his muscles get tight all around his body and his heart beating as if it was in his throat ready to come out he opened his eyes still looking down and he saw the skin on his hands was hard and  it had scales on it and he knew his beast was awake as for his brothers they looked shit scared cause the beast they were seeing now it wasn’t the one they saw that time it killed Buhle and Bongani. 

Then he heard what sounded like someone or something being kicked with Imani’s loud screams also heard and he shouted out loud at Ben.


He said that to Ben over the phone with his voice scratchy and scary and Ben aka “psycho” just laughed out loud.

“Catch me if you can Beast and ooh if she makes it tell her Ben is coming back for her she’s his wife after all”

Then he dropped the call while Jase was driving in high speed on the highway as for muzi and snakes even though they looked shit  scared they knew deep down that Thorsten’s beast won’t harm them in anyway so they were busy begging him to calm down. 

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