***JAY'S POV *** ***its been three days since nomhle was discharged and i must say its been hell for me...well the day she was discharged she asked me what really happened between nolwaza and i that night and i told her that we kissed but it didn't mean anything the thing is i wanted to tell her the truth i didn't wanna lie to her and only to have that coming back to haunt me in the future when we are happy but eish my hlehle got mad and now shes punishing me...its been three days and shes been giving me the cold shoulder she won't even let me kiss her or even touch her and its driving me absolutely crazy i mean how am i supposed to break her virginity if she won't even let me touch her eish ....she even went to my apartment the one she'll be using from now on and because im scared of her being abducted by those old fools i moved in there for the time being since she refused to stay in my house...well i know she said no cause shes just angry at me *** Me:hlehle its been three days sthandwa sam I've suffered enough dont you think Nomhle: please leave me alone jay ok forgiveness is not by force the same way i didn't force you to go play hero to that woman and exchanging spit with her so please let me be ***i sighed and looked at her as shes busy chopping vegetables we were in the kitchen it was around 5 in the afternoon and she was preparing dinner i understand what jase meant when he said he cant function well without his heart's attention and that he cant also sleep without his heart in his arms....ive been having insomnia for the past three days i even assigned a security team to watch her from a distance cause besides being abducted im also scared she might leave me *** Me:hlehle im sorry ok you've made your point themba lam please im not functioning well without your attention and touch please Nomhle:leave me alone jay please ***i huffed and i went to her and i held her from behind*** Nomhle:jay man Me: if you're like this because i kissed another woman i wonder what you'd do if i do worse than that Nomhle: go and sleep with another woman and you'll find out ***ok im seeing another side of nomhle i never knew existed damn shes feisty and a bit scary like kedi when she angry *** Me: I've learned my lesson hlehle please ***she kept quiet *** Me: i love you nomhle only you i know i hurt you with my poor decision making but sthandwa sam I've learned my lesson please I'll never again ***i turned her to face me usually she just turns back and focus on what she was doing or she would just walk out on me but now shes looking at me with tears running down her cheeks... eish that broke my heart *** Me:im sorry themba lam please dont cry Nomhle: jay i love you with everything in me...i chose to give you my heart something that I've never done before....with my father and brother they can hurt me all they want but they've never shown me any love so i expect them to hurt me but with you i dont expect you to do that cause you're supposed to be my safe heaven jay not my everyday pain Me:im sorry babe Nomhle:im not done...i chose to disobey my father so i can be with you something I've never even dreamed of doing before isn't that reason enough that i love you and i want to be with you Me: i know sthandwa sam Nomhle: then why did you see it ok to leave me in your bed and go find comfort in another woman's arms or lips huh Me:ngiyaxolisa srudla (im sorry srudla) ***ok she seems unfazed by me calling her by her clan name... eish ok now i can really see i fucked up big time by going to nolwazi's house and kissing her*** Me:nomhle i know your worth sthandwa sam and im sorry for hurting you ***i sighed *** Me: i acted childish when i walked out on did nothing wrong so instead of me talking to you about what was bothering me i walked out which would never happen again hlehle ngiyaxolisa for making you cry please i cant take this punishment any longer themba lam i miss you ***i wiped her tears and i kissed her lips she didn't kiss me back at first but she eventually did then i immediately deepened the kiss pulling her closer to me and as soon as she moaned i grabbed her ass with both hands and i picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck ....fuck i missed her... i walked to the bedroom with her in my arms then i put her gently on top of the bed and i got between her legs and started kissing her passionately and deeply in my mind Maxwell's a woman's worth was playing cause this kiss right here was slow with soo much passion in it and deep....our souls were moving as one by now.... i could feel our heartbeats beating as one even our tongues were dancing as one i guess nomhle is a fast learner cause damn the kiss was just amazing...i would leave her mouth every now and then going to her neck suckinglicking and biting on it gently ....shit i was feeling things i never felt before even my heart was beating faster*** ***NOMHLE'S POV *** ***God he kept on squeezing my breast then my thigh then he would go to my ass squeezing tight.... Jesus jay was doing things to me even when he muffed me i didn't body didn't belong to me this instance it belonged to him ....he was sliding his hand all over my body squeezing with him groaning every now and then and breathing heavily gosh i was already soaking wet down there... he then stopped and pulled my upper body up then he took off my shirt and also my bra then he came back to my mouth and we continued to kiss passionately then he started kissing my neck while he put me down and he started kissing and biting going down to my breasts....then he started playing with my nipple a bit with his tongue then all of a sudden he started sucking on it while his hand went inside my sweatpants and underwear to my cookie then he stopped sucking my breast and he looked at me with a naughty grin on his face*** Jay: i see you're ready for me ***i just smiled....gosh his voice was deeper and more husky with his now bedroom red eyes gosh he looked sexy as fuck i felt myself getting more wetter mara why is jay doing this to me.... all of a sudden he pulled my legs up and pulled off my sweatpants and underwear at the same time then he came back up and started kissing me hard making me moan louder cause his fingers were rubbing my clit gently after some time he stopped and got off the bed and took off his shirt and his pants and gosh his dick was pointing north inside his boxers yho geez my heart started raising cause now i could see where this was going....God am i ready or not .... Jehovah he then took off his boxers and it sprung out free pointing north huge as hell with veins popping it was dripping wet...i swallowed hard looking scared he kept on jerking it up and down gently while biting his lower lip then he started smearing that colorless cum all over the tip of his dick while he was holding it then he got on top of the bed between my legs and he looked at me in the eyes and i looked away then i felt him rubbing the tip of his dick up and down on my pussy gently Jehovah of Nazareth it was like i was losing my felt soo damn good guys then he would rub it in circular way on my pussy entrance gosh why is jay doing this to me....i was busy biting my lower lip with my eyes closed all this time gosh it felt soo good *** Jay: look at me mami *** yho ok I'm mami now....i turned my head and i looked at him and he bend down and kissed my lips and spoke between the kiss with our lips still locked *** Jay: i want your approval nomhle i won't do anything without your consent ***i didn't say anything cause i didn't know what to say to him yes my body yearned for him but fear of the unknown was creeping in....he kept on kissing my lips with his dick still rubbing my wet nana*** Jay:i love you nomhle and i wont do this without your go-ahead ***i kept on moaning gosh that felt good then he stopped*** Jay:im waiting themba lam Me:im scared jay ***well i was being truthful *** Jay:trust me hlehle....thats all you need to do and I'll do the rest ***he kissed me again then he raised his eyebrows looking at me and i decided to take that leap of blind faith again with him and i nodded not caring at all about what my father would do to me when he finds out....well atleast I'll die having given my pride to the one that holds the key to my heart*** Jay: i want you to say it themba lam Me: yes im ready jay Jay:you sure Me:yes ***then he smiled showing his dimples and perfect white teeth then he started kissing me then he would leave my mouth and start sucking on my neck and also nibble my ear while whispering things i dont understand....then he came back to my lips and started kissing me again right then i felt him trying to push his dick inside of my nana without his lips leaving mine....gosh i felt my heart raising*** Jay: fuck you're tight hlehle ***he spoke between the kiss then he tried again for a couple of times then finally i felt some pain and i screamed and he stopped*** Jay:look at me mami ***and i did cause my eyes were shut and he perked my lips*** Jay:its gonna hurt themba lam i love you and always remember that ok ***i nodded and he kissed me one more time and he pushed a couple of times until he pushed in hard and i felt something tear inside of me then i felt the most excruciating pain taking over inside of me and i screamed out loud with tears coming out then he stopped and i felt his lips on mine and his thumbs wiping my tears off*** Jay:look at me nomhle ***i didn't tears just kept coming out*** Jay:hey look at me ***i did and he kissed my forehead *** Jay: do you want me to stop themba lam ***i shook my head no then he kissed me *** Jay:i love you ok Me:i love you too Jay: the worst is over shandwa sam now relax your body so it doesn't hurt much ***i nodded then he started moving slow while he was looking into my eyes but i then closed them and clenched my jaws cause this shit was painful as hell....then he started increasing his pace while groaning in my ear and saying things i don't understand...he went in and out of me while his other arm was under my neck and his other arm was under my waist gosh he was going in and out of me fast while saying shit i dont understand as for me i just closed my eyes with my jaws clenched tight with only moans of being in pain coming from me *** Jay: fuck hle...hle you're tight....shit i babe....ahhh fuck warm ....yes babe....ahhh fuck ***that was what he was saying all along...then his arm left my waist and he pulled my right leg up and he went in and out of me faster while groaning loud and calling my name gosh i felt like his huge dick was poking my womb....he kept on going until i felt him poking a sensitive part inside of me and i screamed out his name then i felt him going faster than before while groaning out loud then i felt his body tensing up and his grip on my pulled up leg tightening....then he went so fast that i couldn't keep up with his fast rhythm then he slammed inside me hard while calling out my name loud then it looked like he held his breath for a bit then he let out the scariest growl ever...yho i even got startled a bit it was as if a lion or a wolf or even a bear was in the room anyway then he collapsed on top of me breathing hard*** ***NARRATED *** ***nomhle's father was sitting in his study anxious about tomorrow he was going to fetch nomhle by fire or by force...he wondered if he'll be able to control his anger towards nomhle when he sees her for disobeying him....thats why hes going to Pretoria with his son mehluli so that he could stop him from snapping her neck when he lays his eyes on her cause shes valuable to him alive and not dead....he hoped to find her still sealed cause he couldn't handle the consequences that will follow if shes deflowered but just because the cult leader hasn't said anything about that that means shes still sealed ...right then his phone rang and it was the cult leader then his heart started raising..."shit "he said to himself *** Butho: my great one Voice:YOU'VE FAILED OUR FAMILY MAHLANGU...YOU'VE FAILED IN KEEPING THE CHOSEN ONE PURE FOR THE SACRIFICE NOW YOU HAVE TWO DAYS TO BRING ME YOUR LAST BORN MALE CHILD'S HEAD AND TESTICLES TO BABA OR CONSIDER YOURSELF DEAD....BABA IS THIRSTY FOR BLOOD AND HE CAN ONLY BE PLEASED BY YOUR LAST BORN MALE CHILD'S HEAD AND TESTICLES AND REMEMBER YOU MUST BE THE ONE WHO KILLS HIM AND REMOVES WHAT IS NEEDED ***he then ended the call and Butholezwe sat there with tears gushing out***


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