***NOMHLE'S POV *** ***jay and his brothers have been in the study for like forever and now its getting late well atleast i cooked for them and they ate even though they all ate in that study of his anyway now i just showered and im in my pjs and ready for bed cause tomorrow is Monday (back to work) im about to close my eyes the bedroom door opens and i sit up gosh his face is red so is his eyes i haven't seen him since they went to his study even after i send him an sms that food is ready his two brothers are the ones that came to take the plates and now he's here looking like this ai... Jay:you ready for bed already ***he said that avoiding eye contact*** Me: yeah....are you ok Jay: I'll be ok once i hold you in my arms ***ummm ok khante what's going on...he walked to the bathroom and i heard the shower running ai i just slept. Then i woke up to him getting between my legs and i felt his lips on my neck and he continued to suck on it gently while his one hand is inside my pyjama top on my breast while other one was squeezing my thigh*** Me: jaay Jay: mmmmh ***he continued to suck and lick my neck then he stopped and stared at man something is not ok with jay*** Jay: i want you nomhle Me:huh Jay: please ***he didn't wait for my answer he just smashed his lips on mine and kissed me deeply that i started getting wet down there by the time i came back to my senses it was when i felt his tongue on my cookie i dont even know when he took off my pyjamas but gosh he ate it hard....he was doing things to me that i didn't know was possible to do to a womans pussy with his tongue then all of a sudden that feeling i felt that time washed over me so hard that i screamed out his name and my body shook uncontrollably....then he came back up and started kissing me hard making me taste myself then he stopped and stared into my eyes*** Jay: i want you nomhle Me: are you ok jay Jay:yes im just hungry for you ***ok something is definitely wrong with jay cause he promised he'll wait until im ready *** Me:jay i can see something is wrong talk to me please Jay: is it wrong for me to wanna make love to my woman ***he looked annoyed *** Me:no but im not ready jay and we talked about this ***he just stared at me for some time then he got off me without saying anything gosh he was naked and his huge shaft was pointing north hard as hell with veins popping then he walked to the bathroom after sometime he walked out and went to the closet and after sometime he came out dressed in sweatpants and a vest and sneakers and he took his phone and walked towards the door*** Me:jay ***i swear i wanted to cryhe turned and looked at me gosh he looked pissed or irritated.... God what's wrong with jay*** Me:where are you going Jay:out i need some air ***then he walked out and my tears just ran down my cheeks why is jay being like this....he said he'll wait until im 100% ready and now this anyway i wore my pyjamas and tried to sleep but i just couldn't i kept tossing and turning until i decided to call him but he didn't answer....i called him again but still nothing then i decided to call him one last time and he answered*** Jay:hlehle Me:where are you jay ***he kept quiet for a bit*** Jay: I'll be home just now Me: i asked you where you are Jay: and i said I'll be home ***tears just ran down my cheeks and i sniffed then i heard a woman's voice in the background*** Woman: baby come back to bed im not done with you and your delicious dick ***i swear i felt like someone just stabbed me with a sharp knife on my heart i just dropped the call and just busted out in a loud could jay do this to me heh after i disobeyed my father so that i can be with him and he just do this to me i mean we just made things official yesterday and the following day he cheats.... mxm now he keeps calling me nx so i decide to switch off my phone and i went to the door and i locked it and searched for my prescribed Ambien sleeping pills and panado for this headache that just started in my hand bag and i took two sleeping pills and two panados and i went to the bathroom to drink water on the tap and i went back to bed and i tried to sleep.... ill deal with jay in the morning for now i need to rest cause this headache is killing me ....after some time i started feeling drowsy then it was lights off*** ***JAY'S POV *** ***i swear my heart nearly stopped when nolwazi said that nonsense while i was talking to hlehle on the phone....well after listening to that recording my beast almost took over but i fought hard and it finally went to sleep with jase's help.... i couldn't believe nomhle's father would do that to her own daughter i swear in my life I've never lost control like this before im always in control of my emotions and i always put spilo on a tight leash unless im underground so me being this out of character like this is just stressing the shit out off me amongst other things that are stressing me out..... anyway after we tried to come up with ways to deal with this shit the was only one thing that we agreed that it should be the first step to defeating those two bastard and their stupid cult being breaking nomhle's thing i know is that its too early i mean we just got official yesterday and im just expected to just break my promise to her and fuck her where else i know shes not my mind was just all over the place so when we got intimate she reminded me that shes not ready and i just got frustrated and i felt spilo trying to take control so i knew i had to go outside for some air and gather my thoughts and put my A game on cause nomhle's life is in danger cause me breaking my promise to her is nothing compared to what those two old bastards have in-store for her......then i received a call from nolwazi she sounded scared she said she thinks someone is trying to break in so i went to take my car key in the house and i rushed to her house only to arrive at her house to be welcomed by a naked nolwazi standing at the door ....i tried to fight the urge to fuck her brains out since i havent had some in three weeks but then she grabbed my already hard dick and i just found myself exchanging spit with her while rubbing her freshly shaved pussy but when she pulled down my sweatpants along with my boxers shit i came back to my right senses cause nomhle's face flashed on my mind and i swear my dick went back to sleep instantly.....i pulled my pants up quickly feeling like shit...that shouldn't have happened infact i shouldn't have come here i should have told her to call the cops instead but no jay wanted to play hero and now I'll be in deep shit with nomhle if she ever finds out....baba always taught us to always learn from each others mistake(me and my brothers) but atleast i didn't sleep with her now im here looking at this bitch while shes on the floor after my hand landed on her face after that stunt she pulled while i was on the phone with nomhle . I slapped her so hard she fell on her butt on the floor i should also just put a bullet on her fucken head for lying to me over the phone nx *** Me: YOU'RE LUCKY YOU'RE STILL BREATHING FOR THAT FUCKEN STUNT YOU JUST PULLED YOU STUPID BITCH *** i roared *** Nolwazi:im sorry jay i was just playing around ***she was crying holding her cheek*** Me: you know what were done dont ever call me or even think about me do you hear me Nolwazi: im sorry jay please dont leave me Me: im gonna overlook that fucken lie you just said to me of someone forcing entry in here because i can see you're just a stupid bitch with no brains now stay the fuck away from me again and you'll see what im capable of nx ***i walked out trying to call hlehle but she didn't pick up....the third time i tried he phone was off fuck i drove straight home like a maniac....i arrived and i packed my car and i rushed inside straight to our bedroom and i tried to open the door but it was locked so knocked and knocked but she didn't answer i even called out her name but she still didn't answer eish i started having a bad feeling so i picked the lock and i got in and i could see she was sleeping then i went to her side and tried to wake her up just so i can clear things*** Me:hlehle ***she didn't say anything or even move*** Me: nomhle *** still nothing....i shook her roughly this time but she still didn't open her eyes i swear i felt my heart stop for a second....i quickly checked her pulse it was there but a bit weak*** Me:NOMHLE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE....WHAT DID YOU DO .... BABY WAKE UP PLEASE IM SORRY OK PLEASE WAKE UP ***i shouted then i pulled the covers off her and i picked her up and i rushed out of the house to my car and i put her in the back seat and i got in and drove out in speed busy dialing muzi's numbers*** Muzi:foza Me: im on my way to the hospital i dont know what nomhle took cause shes not waking up Muzi: did you check her pulse Me: yeah it was there but it was a bit weak Muzi:ok we will meet there concentrate on the road il call jase and snakes Me:ok ***then i dropped the call and increased the speed with my heart beating out of my my chest. .. i arrived and i got out and got her out of the car and i rushed inside with her on my arms and put her on top of the stretcher with the nurses asking what's wrong with her with me busy telling them i dont know they rushed away with her....i know i fucked up but couldn't she wait for me to comeback home and atleast try to explain things..... anyway i saw jase and snakes rushing towards me and i knew I'll probably get a punch from jase and a lecture from snakes about nolwazi once i tell them what happened eish ***


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