***JAY'S POV*** ***i deepened the kiss and thank god she didn't stop can tell by the kiss that she's not experienced but i didn't give a damn...i was more than willing to teach her hand went under her shirt or my shirt carefully then i felt her body tense up and i stopped kissing her and kissed her forehead*** Me: relax themba lam we won't make love i just wanna worship your beautiful and glowing skin and your sexy as fuck body please ***she nodded and i started kissing her again.... after some time i left her lips and i started kissing her neck.. shit i started sucking on it and a moan escaped her lips fuck that made my blood boil and my heart dance with excitement hands went inside my shirt that she's wearing and she wasn't wearing any bra shit i felt my body hands reached her breasts and i squeezed them gently still tracing my tongue up and down her neck then sucking it gently...fuck her moans and her calling my name drove me crazy i pulled her upper body up while i was still between her legs and i pulled her/my shirt up and her nipples were erect yeses i felt my body shake and i started kissing her hard while playing with her erect nipples then my lips left her lips and they went back to her neck licking it and sucking it ...i placed her down and i went to her breasts and i circled my tongue on her hard nipples then i started sucking on them while she moaned loud.... after some time i started kissing and biting her body from her neck going down when i was done with her upper body i pulled both her legs up and i took off my boxers she was wearing and she immediately put her hand on her pussy shutting her legs but i opened them and i got her hands off her punani ......damn my favourite new dish was staring at me shit it looked beautiful as fuck and dripping wet yeses my body shook again and as for my dick it was hard and painful as hell...eish i went up to her face and she had her hands on her face hiding it and i pulled them off with a smile on my face and she looked away*** Me:look at me themba lam ***my voice was deeper than usual then she looked at me*** Me: please don't ever hide yourself from me ok ....look i need you to trust me hlehle cause ill never hurt you intentionally and still even if it happens unintentionally believe me I'll punish myself for that...i love you nomhle and trust me when i say i won't break your virginity unless im 100% sure that you're ready but now sthandwa sam i just wanna explore and worship your beautiful body ok please let me ***she nodded and i started kissing her while squeezing her breasts then i went to kissing her neck and nibbling her ear with my tongue then my one hand traveled down to her nana and i rubbed her clit fuck her moans were driving me absolutely crazy .... some few seconds later she cried out my name and her body shook uncontrollably ...the fuck....did she just come....anyway i smiled then i looked at her....her eyes were shut and she was bitting her lower lip and breathing heavily.....i went back to licking and sucking her neck cause i haven't even started with her yet....i kissed her body all the way to her nana and i licked it causing her to call out my name then i started muffing her... i ate her pussy up hard....i lickedsucked and nibbled her clit like nobody's business...she cried out with her lower body going up and down i used my hands to hold her still and i continued eating her pussy up until she screamed out loud my name and her body shook uncontrollably again while she released on my face.... i licked her clean then i went up to her face and i started kissing her hard making her taste herself then i pulled out of the kiss and i kissed her nose then her forehead and i bit gently her chin*** Me:you ok sthandwa sam ***i asked her with a huge grin on my face...fuck im glad this day finally came *** Nomhle:what did you do to me jay Me: i made you cum and damn my beautiful black pearl it felt good ***i said that smiling and she blushed *** Me:you taste soo good my beautiful angel and i just tasted you only with my mouth i can already imagine how great you'll taste when i taste you with my dick Nomhle:stop it jay man ***she blushed some more and i just chuckled*** Me: i love you nomhle so now please give me my answer ***she looked away*** Me:dont do that nomhle please Nomhle:im scared jay Me: im here for you hlehle and im not going anywhere Nomhle:you promise Me:yes i promise with my life to never let you go or leave you nomhle and to love you unconditionally forever and I'll always keep that promise ***she took a deep breath and nodded*** Nomhle:ok Me: ok what Nomhle:to what you asked me earlier on...yes I'll be yours Me:and? Nomhle: and yours alone ***i smiled like a retard and i kissed her lips and her forehead *** Me:thank you themba lam ***she smiled*** ***NOMHLE'S POV *** ***i swear before my father disowns me him and my brother will kill me first but what can i say or do cause my heart wants what it wants and it wants jay and there's nothing i can do ....yes he's older than me by 11 years but gosh it feels so good being with him and i can tell he loves me dearly i mean he waited almost 3 years for me while i kept on telling him im engaged and scared to disobey my father but now everything is out of my control and hands cause this stupid heart made its choice and jay has it safely under his care and guard atleast I'll die with a happy heart that it found love and its owner before baba kills me.... anyway as for what jay did to me Jesus it was like i was in another world where nothing and nobody mattered yho i won't lie and say otherwise cause that felt like i was on heaven... even though i felt uncomfortable at first but after what he said to me i just decided to take a leap of blind faith and just trust him with my body. Heeh i used to hear my female colleagues at work talk about their boyfriends eating their punani's and it felt good but yho i didn't know it was this good anyway now jay went to the bathroom and lord have mercy yho his dick looked bad inside those shorts hes wearing and i saw that they were also soaking wet where the tip of it was....i think i dozed off while waiting for him cause im waking up to him sucking my breasts and a moan escapes my mouth then he stops and comes up to my face and we kiss after some time we pull out of the kiss and he stares at me with a serious face... and now?*** Jay: i love you nomhle too much and im scared of what I'll do if you decide to change your mind when mounting pressure comes from both your father and brother Me: you said i should trust you and that's what im trusting you with my heart jay so please keep it safe and please don't break it ***i sighed *** Me:yes im shit scared and also scared that there's a high possibility that by agreeing to be yours i will loose my family but this feels right jay and atleast if he kills me this time around for disobeying him I'll die knowing that i tasted love before i died and... ***he interrupted me*** Jay: stop ok please stop nothing will happen to you infact i make it my life's purpose and mission to always protect you hlehle Me: you dont know him jay Jay: and he doesnt know what im capable of ***he said that while having a scary frown on his face and i just i gave him the "wtf" look but he just kissed me instead with his softjuicy and thick lips then he pulled out of the kiss and got off the bed and he went back to the bathroom and came back and scooped me up bridal style and we went to the bathroom..... Jesus Christ of Nazareth when he took off his shorts so he can join me in the shower i saw his huge dick and i swallowed hard but only to choke on my spit geez it was huge and long.... he brushed my back gently while i coughed my lungs out when that spit went through the wrong pipe mxm he was laughing i think at my reaction when i saw his huge hard shaft....anyway i stopped coughing and we had a naughty shower without sex involved of course yho i dont think my tiny pussy can handle that anaconda *** ***I've been sitting in the lounge watching tv after eating my scrumptious brunch but i think this tv is watching me cause my mind is all over the place busy thinking about what jay did to me earlier was soo good that i get a tingling feeling down there thinking about it anyway im waiting for jay to comeback he went to get me some clothes at my place and also pass by his brother's place (nhlakanipho)he said he urgently needs to discuss something with him...hes been gone for two hours now and gosh he call me every 15 minutes just to check up on me and i must say im falling for him every passing minute cause I've never been anyone's first priority before and with jay he makes me feel like im his first priority infact he always made me feel like im his first priority ever since we started hanging out even though i always pushed him phone rings disturbing me from my thoughts it was senzo's father *** Me:baba Gerald: where are you Me: ummmmh at my friends place Gerald: if you're at your friend's place then who's moving things out where you live ***Jesus jay mara mxm*** Me:ummm im moving out baba ***im gonna kill jay for this mxm for putting me on the spot like this *** Gerald:askies what ***i took a deep breath...its now or never *** Me:i.... i .....i can' sorry i cant marry your son ***he kept quiet for a bit*** Gerald:what did you just say Me: i dont wanna marry senzo i dont love him and i will never love him baba Gerald:WHO IS HE ***he shouted...gosh *** Gerald:WHO'S THAT SON OF A BITCH BUSY FILLING YOUR HEAD WITH NONSENSE Me: please don't call him that baba Gerald:YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO DEFEND HIM TO ME NOMHLEKHABO ***he roared... God *** Me:please underst.... ***he clicked his tongue and dropped the call and i sighed with my heart beating fast after 5 minutes or less my phone rang again Jesus it was baba im sure senzo's father called him....eish nkosi yam*** Me:ba....baba Baba: PACK YOUR DAMN CLOTHES NOW AND CATCH THE NEXT AVAILABLE BUS HOME OR I'LL COME THERE MYSELF AND DRAG YOU BACK HERE AND YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN....I WILL NOT HAVE A WHORE AS A DAUGHTER DO YOU HEAR ME... MSUNU KA NYOKO NX ***then he dropped the call and i just cried with my body shaking....God he's gonna lend me in ICU or better yet in a mortuary this time .... did i make a good choice by choosing jay or was it the biggest mistake I'll live to regret even in death cause i know jay won't let me go and that will make baba kill me for sure then my phone rang it was jay *** . . . ☆☆☆ A LEAP OF BLIND FAITH ☆☆☆


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