***NOMHLE'S POV *** jay:i asked you a question nomhle who did that to you ***i sighed and sat down on the chair looking down while playing with my fingers *** Me: my father ***he walked out and came back with a chair and sat infront of me*** Jay: why Me: the...the first time i was 8 it was the year my mother died i did poorly at school so my results were bad but atleast i passed but that didn't stop him from wiping me with a belt even though he knew me and mom were close ***gosh he started twisting his knuckles while staring at me with a hard face*** Me: then he would beat me up here and there whenever i became naughty but when i was 16 he did the unthinkable that left me with this scars...i fought with some girl at school when she called me a bastard saying my mother was a hoe that she made my father raise another man's child being me since im darker than my siblings and that the.... ***i had a lump on my throat...tears just gushed out thinking about that day and my mother*** Me:....the aids she died from was good enough reason that she was a whore....i lost it jay and we started fightingi got home and i told ma everything that happened and she hugged me and told me to not listen to her cause im my father's child but later on the girl came with her parents at home and she sugarcoated everything... but when i told my father my side of the story he didn't believe me instead he apologized to her parents and also offered to pay for her medical bill ***then a sob escaped my mouth then followed by loud ones... gosh i couldn't hold it in anymore i just cried thinking about that awful day...jay pulled me to sit on his lap and held me tight and i just cried until i calmed downi could feel jay's body shake a bit and his muscles getting tighter anyway i wiped my tears with the back of my hand*** Me: after they left he dragged me to the storeroom and the next thing he...he punched me on my face...he punched his own daughter on the face jay ***gosh he pushed me off him and stood up quickly with his hands on his waist with a look on his face i couldn't explain in words*** Jay: he...he did what *** my tears were gushing out... i kept on wiping them but they kept on coming out*** Me:after i fell to the floor with blood coming out of my mouth he walked out and cameback with a sjambok and started whipping me with it on my back until i couldn't move...he kept on saying im useless to him like my dead mother maybe if im paralyzed il be useful by bringing in a government grant in the house until it was lights out for me ***i couldn't look at jay all i could hear besides my cries was jay's heavy breathing...the tension in this bedroom was so thick you could cut it with a scissor*** Me: then ma nursed me back to health cause he refused for me to go to the hospital or even to the clinici thought i was going to die jay.... one day ma snuck me out to see a doctor in town cause my jaw hurt and it was swollen and i couldn't move it ***i kept quiet a bit*** Me: i hate him jay my aunt said my mother is dead because of him....i hate him and my brother for every bad thing they did to me but that's all i can do just to hate him cause the truth of the matter is he's my father and mehluli is my brother and there's nothing i can do to changed that and plus im terrified of them ***he went to the closet and came out wearing only a pair of shorts...jesus he was breathing hard and his face was red along with his eyes and vains were popping out all over his body ....he looked scary that i started shaking just by looking at him. He didn't say anything he just took his phone and took the key that was on the door and got out and closed the door then i heard the key turning.... ohh my God did this nikka just lock me in here*** ***JAY'S POV*** ***i felt the beast creeping in trying to take over so i had to get out of that bedroom ASAP and lock nomhle in there so that she doesn't follow me before she sees things shes not supposed to see....well as for nomhle's father he's a walking corpse that's all i can say about him. Now im in the in-house gym trying to punch out all this rage that im feeling so that the beast can go to sleep but is like it doesn't work cause i can still feel him trying to take over so i take out my phone from my pocket and call jase*** Jase:bafo Jay: MY HOUSE NOW ***then i dropped the call and started growling then i picked up the lifts from the table and i threw them to the wall one by one and i flipped the table but this beast is still trying to take over i can tell its baying for blood...i went back to the punching bag and i started hitting it with everything i got but still nothing then i decide to start punching the wall....after some time i started feeling pain on my knuckles right then i knew the beast was going back to sleep so i stopped while breathing heavily....i sat down on the floor with my hands shaking and my knuckles bruised and bleeding and painful as hell. Then jase walked in beathing heavily as if he was running and he rushed to me and crouched infront of me*** Jase:what happened jay....whats wrong Me: he hurt her bafo.... he hurt her Jase:who hurt who Me:nomhle....her back bafo...that son of a bitch called her father wanted to kill her...HE PUNCHED HER KRAY....HE FUCKEN PUNCHED HER ON THE FACE ***jase sighed and sat next to me*** Jase:explain spilo ***i told him everything she told me and he stood up with a hard face on and he walked out then he came back with my first aid kit and a bottle of my fine scotch. I gulped it down then jase took it from me and poured it on my bruised knuckles(fuck the pain i felt yeses)after that he smeared some antiseptic lotion and bandaged me and we left the gym going to the lounge*** Jase: you know we cant take him out now infact at all right much as nomhle hates him as she claims he's still her father and if she ever finds out you took him out she might leave you bafo and we cant take that chance.....this shit is way different to kedi's shit cause we're not talking about her uncles and aunts here we are actually talking about her father the only parent she has left and plus we still need that bastard for lobola negotiations ***well jase was right but i just wanted him dead and thrown in that bone and flesh eating acid....i swear one way or the other he's gonna pay for what he did to nomhle I'll make sure of it*** Me:i know bafo but he's abusive towards her jase her back has scars and.... ***i sighed feeling my rage starting to build up again *** Me:im just glad i fought against my beast from taking over Jase:but your in-house gym fell victim Me:eish yah but it needed some renovations after all so i did it a favour by trashing it ***we both chuckled *** Jase: how is she Me: probably sleeping eish her sobs and cries are still ringing in my head Jase: im still confused as to why shes still not yours bafo its like you enjoy this cat and mouse game shes playing with you Me: well its about to come to a stop cause im making things official before night falls Jase:good cause i was starting to get worried now and remember you're not getting any younger jay ..... well once you've come up with a plan on how to teach that old fool a valuable lesson without taking him out let us know Me:sure ummm i want you to do something for me.....nomhle's friend nono i want you to teach her a lesson she'll never forget for pimping nomhle up to her now dead friend Jase:she did what ***he looked shocked *** Me:yeah that's why my friends are my brothers....big joe the bouncer at club Quirox told me last night when i entered the club after nomhle send me an sms asking for help that he overheard that dead bastard shouting that he paid that bitch nono for nomhle Jase: nx stupid bitch don't worry I'll take care of it....she wont know what hit her nx and since when does nomhle go clubbing Me:you can ask that question again bafo ***then his phone rang and he answered *** Jase:my heart ***he listened *** Jase: nah he's ok now ***he listened *** Jase: its ok my heart im on my way ***he listened *** Jase:i love you too ****then he ended the call*** Me:is she ok Jase: yeah she was asking if you're ok and that i should bring her some hot wings and that shes horny ***i smiled shaking my head *** Me: atleast this time around her pregnancy hormones are nicer ***we laughed*** Jase:yeah i have a feeling shes carrying a girl cause shes not violent meaning there's no beast in there Me:don't be too sure its still early bafo wena just make sure you hide your gunsknifesgolf sticks and baseball bats for just in case *** we laughed again then he became serious *** Jase: you'll be fine? Me:yeah Jase: don't worry bafo he'll pay for what he did to her we'll all make sure of it....wena just claim your territory with her and stop playing around *** i looked down and he stood up *** Jase: I'll have a chat with muzi and mamba wena pull yourself together and take care of my kotiza *** i chuckled while he smiled and we arm bumped and he walked out ...... i went upstairs and i unlocked the door and my black pearl was sleeping i got into bed and i held her tight from behind and she moved a bit*** Nomhle:jay ***she said with a low voice*** Me: sthandwa sam Nomhle: do you still feel the same about me now that you've seen my ugly scars Me:my love for you just escalated to another level hlehle Nomhle: why do you keep loving me even though i keep pushing you away Me:and that pushing me away game you like playing with me stops are mine from now onwards nomhle and mine alone and you'll call your father and tell him that....that bogus engagement is over and you'll move into one of my apartments cause i know the one you live in belongs to senzo's father ***she didn't say anything *** Me:i hope i made myself clear nomhle ***she nodded then i heard her sniff*** Nomhle:he'll disown me jay and make sure ma never speaks to me Me: fuck him nomhle i know hes your father and im supposed to respect him but il never respect anyone who hurts you do you hear me..... he's lucky hes your father or else i would squeeze his life out of him with my bare hands for what he did to you ***i felt myself getting angry again then i sighed*** Me: as for your mother I'll make sure you keep in contact with her no matter what happens Nomhle: how jay Jay:i have my ways hlehle don't worry ***i turned her to face me and shit her eyes were swollen and red*** Me:always remember nomhle that blood only makes you related but loyalty makes you family.....your father and brother are not loyal to you but your step mother is loyal to you as if she gave birth to you.....i love you ngelosi lami (my angel) please just trust me and say yes to being mine and I'll do the rest ***then i kissed both of her swollen eyes and i smashed my lips on hers ***


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