***NOMHLE'S POV *** ***its friday afternoon and im sitting in the lounge after a long day from work... thank god im not working tomorrow then my phone rang it was jay...well jay is is a brother to doctor Ntuli whom i work with or work for since he owns some shares in the hospital anyway back to jay well he's a persuasive guy and i must say we click and we have this unexplainable chemistry happening between us but hey for me it ends there cause im engaged to be married...thats why i friendzoned him so yah we've been friends since i met him almost three years agowe're not that close or anything since i try by all means to keep away from him since i have this strong and unexplainable feelings towards him and plus my father and brother would kill me if they find out im seen around with another man*** Me: hey Jay: my black pearl ***i smile like a retard when he calls me that and his reason for calling me "his black pearl" is that black pearls are rare jewels unlike white pearls aaarg so yah *** Jay: how was work today ***he spoke with his deep and hoarse voice*** Me:it was just ok and wena how's your business trip going Jay: it went well Me: went well? Jay: yeah im on my way home i landed 15 minutes ago Me: ooh ok you must be tired neh Jay:you have no idea....ummm so can i see you tomorrow since its late now and dead tired ***i keep quiet cause i don't think its a good idea to be spending time with him since I'll soon be someone else's wife*** Me:jay i.... ***he interrupted me *** Jay: nomhle please....i haven't seen you in almost a month... the first week you went home nge weekend and I've been away for almost three weeks now so please Me: but jay its ok for friends to not see each other for weeks Jay:says who and i warned you about you friendzoning me Me: but jay we keep going around in circles know im someone's fiance... ***he interrupted me*** Jay: I'll come pick you up around 11 in the morning and i better find you ready ***then he dropped the call and i just sighed...jay is making things difficult for me i cant disobey my father and be with himhe'll disown me and i can't have that......and its like he doesn't even care mxm then my phone rang it was my friend nono *** Me: chomi Nono: lovey im reminding you about tonight be ready by 9 ok Me:nono i don't feel like going Nono: nomhle we are not going to argue about this... we are going out tonight Me: mxm shap I'll see you later Nono: and wear something sexy please remember you have a beautiful skin and body so flaunt them Me: but i don't have anything sexy to wear nono Nono: don't lie ok wear that sexy number i bought as your birthday gift last year Me: haaah nono that dress is too short i mean it practically shows my butt cheeks Nono: you're exaggerating now nomhle... look be ready by 9 ok mwaaah love you ***then she dropped the call....God why did i agree to this mara eish.... anyway i stood up and went to the bedroom to take a nap since i won't sleep tonight*** ***JAY'S POV *** ***the name is Jayden Nkosenye Khumalo and im a son to Tyrell and the late Charlene khumalo and my grandparents from my father's side are still alive while from my mother's side they are late both of them.... i have a twin brother named Jason who's married and two more bothers(adopted) named Muzikayise and Nhlakanipho who are also married.... well the four of us have an unbreakable bond that even witchcraft cant break let me just say im very lucky to have the three of them in my life... well i also have a younger sister named after my late mother shes 17 years of age and she doing grade 12 and a lil bro named Brandon but we don't share the same mother he's 9 years of age and he's a handful that one and well his mother died last year after pops had her burned alive after she and the man she was cheating on pops with exposed some drugs to Brandonapparently they left a plastic with cocaine in it and Brandon being a child he ate it thinking it was something sweet since he saw his mom rubbing it on her teeth i guess he didn't see the sniffing part....fuck he almost died but luckily he made it then pops did what he does best he burned both Brandon's mother and that son of a bitch she was fucking alive so now Brandon lives with our grandparents .... anyway im the only single one amongst the four of us but well not for long cause i met isiphalaphala se ntombi (a beautiful girl)named nomhle.... she a fine dark beauty who drives me absolutely crazy. A minute can't pass without me thinking of her and now that its been almost a month without seeing her my mind is not functioning well.... I don't even give a fuck that shes engaged and i can also see that shes trying to pull away from me because of that but i won't let hersee I've never fallen in love before until i met her yes i had casual sex with different women from different races and shapes but not even once have i fallen in love with either of them including Nolwazi who's my current no strings attached fuck buddy for almost a year now.....well im still fucking her cause im a man and i need to release every now and then and since nomhle is still playing the "im engaged" card on me so I've just been keeping myself busy with Nolwazi but all this will come to a stop soon cause im tired of playing cat and mouse with her so tomorrow we gonna have some serious talk.....what i know is that nomhle is gonna be mine and mine alone come rain or sunshine even that old man Gerald shes engaged to unknowingly won't stop me from making her mine i don't mind spoiling blood for her.... that's how much i love her*** ***NOMHLE'S POV *** ***we are now at the club and we are sitting at the VIP section with nono's "blesser" and his two friends i dont remember their names and nono's trashy friend i don't get along with named Precious....and this other guy has been eyeing me since we got here and its making me uncomfortable*** Nono: will you just relax and stop pulling your dress up every now and then just relax please Me: nono i shouldn't have agreed to come here or wore this tight dress ...this is not me nono Nono: nomhle you promised to atleast try mara Me: eish fine I'll try ***the guy who's been eyeing me came and sat next to me*** Guy: are you ok beautiful Me: yeah Nono: I'll leave you two alone ***i gave her a death stare but she smiled and stood up and went to sit next to her "blesser"*** Guy: you're really beautiful princess ***mxm*** Me: thanks Guy: so nono tells me you're a nurse... well I've never seen a nurse as sexy as you ***Lord have mercy on me*** Me: and im engaged Guy: well i don't see a ring Me:i don't need a ring to be engaged Guy:anyway forget about all that today i want you to have fun i wanna spoil you baby girl ***geez this guy*** Me:no thank you i can buy my own drink Guy:come on baby girl i don't mind infact i insist Me: ok but if you want something in return don't even bother buying me a drink ***he just chuckled shaking his head....well he brought me a bottle of champagne while he continued to drink his brandy or scotch or whiskey....after some time i started feeling tipsy and bored as hell as for nono she didn't even come to check on me she was busy exchanging spit with her "blesser "then i felt his hand on my bare thigh and it was going up so i quickly stood up*** Me: what do you think you're doing Guy: we are having fun relax will you Me: is it because you bought me that champagne you think you have a right to touch me Guy: VOETSEK sfebe(bitch) ... do you think that same champagne is bought with rocks? look I've been patient with you since we got here and now im getting pissed by your fucken attitude ***i got scared and i stood there looking at him shaking...God what have i gotten myself into *** Guy: i paid a lot of money to your friend there to enjoy tonight with you now sit your fine ass down and drop that fucken attitude ***i looked at nono and she looked away quickly then i sat down can nono do this to me i mean i thought we were friends and she knows im a virgin and engaged and now i find out she pimped me to her blesser's friend...... as for nono she kept on stealing glances at me nx bitch .....i took out my phone with my shaking hand with tears coming out and send jay an SOS message telling him i need his help and the name of the club and prayed that he got my message cause it was around past 1 at night....then my phone rang it was him*** Me: ja...jay ***i said it in a low voice *** Jay: im on my way my love stay put I'll find you ***he was breathing hard and heavily and his voice was deeper than usual then he dropped the call and i sat there watching them dancing and enjoying themselves after dropping that bomb on me....khante why do people i love and hold dear keep hurting just thankful this guy didnt spike my drink ***


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