me: yebo Srudla i understand
Dad : you know what will happen if you disobey me right
Me: you’ll disown me… i know baba
Dad: good now behave and take care of yourself and stay away from boys remember you’re someone’s fiance
Me: i don’t have time for boys baba I’m concentrating on my job and studies
Dad: good
***then he ended the call and i sighed deeply and i thought of my miserable life and how i wish my mother was still alive….mxm anyway Nomhlekhabo Pearl Mahlangu is my name im a daughter to Butholezwe Tumpana and Hilda Nyeleti Mahlangu my father is ndebele and my mother is tsonga…i was born and bread in a place called kwaMhlanga in mpumalangai have three half brothers and yes I’m the only girl in the family…well my father was married before marrying my mother and they had a son named Mehluli but unfortunately the wife was hit by a car and she died so dad married my mom and they had me then mom died when i was 8 and he married my step mother and they had khanya and Thabani who are also boys***
***going back to my mother my aunt Tenyeko from my mother’s side who is her younger sister told me a painful story of how and why my mother died when i was 21 after i found out from my father that I’m betrothed to his friend’s son senzo…. apparently mom was raped by some thugs on her way to the bus stop to catch a bus to work one fateful morning she said they dragged her to the bush and forced themselves on her then after they were satisfied they left and she managed to walk back home and told dad what had happened and my father warned her not to tell anyone about that and also prevented her from going to the clinic or hospital to be checked saying it will tarnish the family name since everyone knows his family….after some time she started getting sick and months later she died of full blown aids aunty said she told her all that on her death bed….well it started to make sense to why aunty Tenyeko hated my father soo much and and still does …. i must say i despise him also anyway after mom died he remarried again my current step mother and i must say shes been good to me shes not like all the step monsters out there shes actually the sweetest of them all and she always tries by all means to have my back but with my heartless father as her husband shes limited cause shes also scared of him ….i may despise or even hate my father especially for what he did to my mother but the truth is I’m terrified of him and my elder brother mehlulihe installed fear in me for him and my brother mehluli by the way he raised me and treated me ….yes whenever i messed up which hardly happened he would beat me up and lock me in the storeroom without food for the whole day and i have scars on my lower back to prove that ma would beg him to let me out and he would warn her to not get involved in how he disciplines me and focus on being a good wife….i don’t know if he lays his hands on her cause I’ve never seen any bruises on her but hey you never know with him….anyway about the “betrothed ” issue the thing is i don’t like senzo infact i dont see myself as his wife cause he’s arrogant and rude and a womanizer ….he has two children from different mothers and he’s a coin loverbut eish i don’t have a choice cause my father made it clear that if i disobey him he’ll not think twice to disown me and make sure that no one in the family speaks to me….i mean who in their right mind would say that to their child…..i don’t know how its like to be loved by my father or how his hugs feels like or him saying he’s proud of memaybe he treats me like this because im darker in complexion i mean the rest of my siblings are yellowbones while im darker…. yes i inherited my mothers skin colour but sometimes i wish i was lighter in skin and just maybe my father would have treated me better….as if all of that is not enough he takes me for virginity testing every three months to some old woman’s house in our neighbourhood and Jesus Christ its painful as hell….i wouldn’t be surprised if one day I’m told that I’m not biologically his daughter and i can also tell that there’s a lot that’s going on behind my back but what i know is nothing stays hidden for long under the sun….aaarg im brought back from my zoned out moment which regularly happen by my phone ringing its a friend of mine called nono ***
Me: hello
Nono: hey girl you ok ?
Me: yeah what’s up
Nono: im just reminding you about tomorrow
Me: i think i won’t be able to make it nono
Nono: please don’t start with me ok ….you need to get out more nomhle and tomorrow you gonna do that
Me: mara
Nono: no mara…..tomorrow we are going out to a club and you gonna have fun
***i just sighed deeply ***
Nono: nomhle you are young and beautiful you need to stop hiding yourself in that apartment and go out and live a little
Me: ok ok I’ll see you tomorrow
Nono: good now sleep tight lovie tomorrow it is
Me: sleep tight too
***i put my phone under the pillow and try to sleep until it rang again it was senzo’s father***
Me: baba
S.father: ntombenhle how are you
***mxm he calls me that i just don’t get why he call me almost everyday and he used to send me money when i arrived here until i stopped him and also him and my father persuaded me to stay at one of his apartments while his son never calls not even once since i found out im betrothed to him ***
Me: im ok baba and you
S.father: im good now that im talking to you
***yho ok***
S.father: look i was just checking up on you and to say good night
Me: ummm ok
***he cleared his throat ***
S.father: ok good night ntombenhle
Me: good night baba
***then i ended the call and sighed deeply…yah neh LIFE…..mxm only God knows why all this is happening to me and why my father treats me like a possession and not like his daughter anyway walk this rough path with me as i take you through my not so nice life***


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