*** Well after Jabu blew Scar’s brains out and the rest of the squad shot dead all the remaining gang members they left the pub painted red with blood before the cops arrived. They drove to Ray’s warehouse and Ray sedated Kitso and they locked him up in a room that had a sponge only while tied up and they all retired to their homes to rest. The following morning they all met up at the warehouse and Kitso was still out of it so they took him to a room where all the action will happen his hands were tied above his head and the chain was hanging and tied to a steel roof truss while he stood on his toes he was also naked***

Ray: now let’s wake this fucker up

***and Jabu poured Kitso with cold water but he didn’t wake up and Heath slapped him a couple of times on his face until he opened his eyes slowly he was still a bit drowsy***

Ray: ok now here’s a thing bros you have 2 hours tops to have fun with him but make sure you don’t kill him I have some experiments I need to do on him

Heath: what experiments big Ray

Ray: the ones that will make him  end up paralyzed permanently and I need to wipe off some of his memory to see if my experiment worked

Jabu: shit!

***he said looking at Ray with a smile on his face***

Heath: so you gonna go La Parca on him

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: well The Grim Reaper aka La Parca kills bros so I’ll go semi La Parca on him

***They laughed***

Ray: ok then have fun but not too much fun abi?

Heath: just go man

***he laughed and walked out with Mateo while Jabu and Heath were left alone with Kitso who was now aware of his surrounding and he looked shit scared…. then Heath wore his steel knuckles on his right hand and he walked closer to Kitso who looked ready to shit himself***

Kitso: please man im sorry ok I wasn’t thinking straight

*** Heath just punched him on his stomach and he groaned and started coughing out hysterically and Jabu laughed***

Jabu: damn just one punch on your stomach and already you act like someone kicked your balls

Heath: give him a break bros you can see he’s one of those weak cheese boys

Jabu: cheese boy or not Mshikaro die laaitie is ń moeg (this boy is a fool) and a drama queen I mean he doesn’t even qualify as a drama king man

***Heath chuckled while shaking his head***

Jabu: die ding ke a disgrace to die ntwana tsa di gang leader ka ochaela Mshikaro I mean bona le pipinyana ya gae nx  (this thing is a disgrace to gang leaders’ children im telling you Mshikaro I mean even look at his small dick nx) 

***Heath laughed out loud***

Heath: eeh Javas wag man toe (wait man please)

***he said laughing***

Jabu: hey wena keng die ding? (what is this?)

***he asked pointing at Kitso’s flaccid dick***

Jabu: gape I can already see gore ge e tsogile ke e kanang kanang heh o ja byang dicheri ka selo se  (I can already see how long it will be when its erect how do you fuck ladies with this thing)

***Heath just laughed while Kitso was crying as those steel knuckles did a number on him***

Jabu: no offence Mshikaro but no man…. imagine die laaitie ka ntswitswi ee  mo leshanda pha la go tshwana le Naledi no man bona I know it gets a woman pregnant I mean Lesedi  ke proof mara no man ntwana selo se a se pipi o tlhabisa di kgala man heh I mean go nale bo Mma Max ko kasing la gao why o saya ko yena a go tshwara ka seroba mpeto le serathafatsa kuku wa nwa and wa ba monate e seng gore o nne ka die dang man  (  imagine this boy with this little dick on a beautiful woman like Naledi no man look I know its gets a woman pregnant I mean Lesedi is the proof but no man boy this thing is not a dick you should be ashamed of yourself heh I mean there is Mma Max at your hood why didn’t you go to her so she can give you erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement herbs to drink and not for you to stay with this thing)

***Heath was now bend over with his hands on his knees laughing his lungs out***

Heath: whoooh Jabu whoooh enough man yeses

***he said trying to catch his breath but he couldn’t stop laughing***

Jabu: antlek ya nkwatisa die laaitie….waitsi keng Mshikaro antlek mo mure goet for the fact that o busy o tibisana le jou vrou ka pipinyana ee gape ke an insult to you imagine Lesedi was conceived ka ntswitswi ee nx mo mure Mshikaro  ( this boy is making me angry you know what Mshikaro just panel beat him for the fact that he’s busy after your wife with his small dick it’s an insult to you imagine Lesedi was conceived with this small dick nx panel beat him Mshikaro) 

***Heath was busy laughing….he laughed until he calmed down and he wiped his tears off his face and he looked at Jabu***

Heath: you need gogo’s prayers wena 

***Jabu chuckled and Heath shook his head with a smile on his face then he turned to Kitso***

Heath: now back to you Mr…..  

***he said turning to face Kitso***

Jabu: Mr ntswitswi

***Heath laughed***

Heath: yeah Mr. ntswitswi…. now tell me what compelled you to kidnap my pregnant wife whom you once reject cause she has albinism I mean she still has it even now so why 

***Kitso sniffed and Heath punched him on the face and he heard his jaw crack and blood came out of his mouth***


***he roared***


***he said hold Kitso’s jaws tight and he nodded whilst in pain***

Heath: I can’t hear you bitch

Kitso: ye…yes

***he said crying with blood coming out of his mouth***

Heath: good now answer my fucken question

Kitso: I… I still love her 

***and Heath punched him on his stomach multiple times then he stopped and he took a step back and looked at him while adjusting his knuckles***

Heath: now refrain from that answer and give me a befitting one

***Kitso was just crying with blood dripping from his mouth***

Kitso: im sorry man ple…please let me go and…and I’ll stay away from Naledi I promise

***Heath went to his back and he punched him a couple of time and he stopped and went to his front and he held Kitso jaws tight making Kitso to look at him***

Heath: now answer my question

*** and Kitso just cried***

Heath: im waiting man

Kitso: I don’t know I just wanted to talk to her alone and apologize to her for all the bad things I have done to her

Heath: and you thought she would be happy that you kidnapped her so you could apologize and she would take you back with open arms mmmmh?

***he didn’t say anything he just continued to cry and Heath chuckled***

Heath: well listen to me boy….Naledi is mine and mine alone she’s my wife and she’s carrying my babies…..ooh and Lesedi is my daughter I mean she even calls me daddy and we will tell her who her sperm donor is when she’s old enough and she will decide if she wants you in her life or not and in the mean time you are her uncle I hope im making myself clear

***he nodded even though that’s not what he wanted****

Heath: and you gonna introduce her to your ancestors ok

***He nodded while sobbing and Heath slapped his cheek***

Heath: good boy

***then he turned to Jabu who was sitting on a chair busy playing bubble witch game on his phone***

Heath: Javas you want to exercise a  bit with your feasts on this boy

Jabu: ema nyana ( wait a bit)

***he finished his game stood up and he put his phone inside his pocket and he went closer to Kitso***

Heath: you want this?

***he said pointing at his knuckles***

Jabu: nah I want to feel my knuckles on his body

Heath: ok then

*** then Jabu folded the sleeves of his shirt and looked at Kitso***

Jabu: yah Mr. ntswitswi (small dick)

***Heath laughed***

Jabu: well you are just a small boy and I don’t have time for pathetic weak and stupid boys so im gonna make this quick and smooth ok….good now this is for getting Naledi pregnant  

***he threw in two punches on Kitso face***

Jabu: and this is for abandoning and rejecting  your own child before she was even born

***he punched him a couple of times on his ribcages***

Jabu: and this is for having a small dick

***then he spat on his face…. all this time Kitso was crying and in excruciating pain***

Jabu: and the kidnapping and sending that bastard after naledi well Heath moered you ( beat you up)  for it 

***then he turned to Heath***

Jabu: im done Mshikaro die laaitie ( this boy) is a small fish in an ocean full of sharks and killer whales  and I don’t have time for small boys

Heath: yeah he’s useless I mean he doesn’t even attempt to act touch I mean look at him

Jabu: mara yeer o mo murile yeses (but jeez you fucked him up) im sure you broke a couple of bones on him even his face is all swollen

Heath: he should be lucky that’s all Im prepared to do to him

***then he went closer to Kitso and he grabbed his jaws…both his eyes were swollen and closed in fact his face looked fucked up with blood all over it***

Heath: you should thank my wife and daughter Lesedi that you are still alive or else I would beat up until you take your last breath you piece of shit nx

***he let him go and he went out and came back with a bucket full of water and he poured it on him and him and Jabu walked out….they got in the Ray’s office and found him and Mateo eating and they sat down***

Ray: had fun?

Heath: aaah we tried but he was busy crying like a bitch I felt like I was beating the shit out of a woman

***they laughed***

Mat: im sure you were disappointed

Heath: you have no idea man

***he said taking a piece meat from Mat’s food***

Ray: here’s your own food

*** they took the takeaways opened them and started eating***

Jabu: did I tell ya’ll how small his dick is

***they looked at him and laughed***

Heath: Jabu stop it man

***they laughed again***

Jabu: mxm …..anyway big Ray you ready for him

***he nodded***

Ray: yeah I want to leave him paralyzed and impotent opened them and started eating***

Jabu: did I tell ya’ll how small his dick is

***they looked at him and laughed***

Heath: Jabu stop it man

***they laughed again***

Jabu: mxm …..anyway big Ray you ready for him

***he nodded***

Ray: yeah I want to leave him paralyzed and impotent there’s some experiments I wanna try on him so let’s hope they don’t kill him oooo

***Heath raised his eyebrow at him***

Ray: what? look im not doing this to kill him but if it happens that he doesn’t make it then it will be his time to die and none of us would have killed him but a failed experiment would have

***Heath shook his head defeated while Jabu and Mat chuckled***

Ray: and don’t worry about Star your conscience will be clear I mean you only beat the shit out of him and the rest will be done by me so relax and plus he’s a waste of breath bros I mean im not even that excited about experimenting on him cause he’s weak

Jabu: and he has a small ntswitswi big Ray

***heath laughed***

Mat: what’s that Jabs

***Jabu laughed***

Jabu: ntswitswi is a small dick Mat

***They laughed***

Heath: why are you worried about his small dick javas

Ray: good question Ezeh

Jabu: eeeh my bras you Can’t and I repeat you Can’t chase a goddess like Naledi whilst you know that you have ntswitswi what the fuck are you gonna service her with

***they laughed out loud***

Mat: im stealing that name jabs….nswiswi

***he said it with his accent and Jabu chuckled***

Jabu: ntswitswi Mat man and not nswiswi

***they laughed***

Mat: don’t worry I’ll practice until I get it right

***they laughed again until Ray’s phone rang and it was an international number***

Ray: yah

Mr.masden: Akunna I want you and your brothers and Ezeudo’s wife in Nigeria this weekend 

***Ray cleared his throat looking at Heath***

Ray: ummm dad what do you mean Ezeh’s wife

***Heaths’s eyes popped out so did Jabu’s and Ray put the phone on loud speaker***

Mr.masden: don’t piss me off Akunna im not in the mood now all of you better be here by Friday evening or you’ll regret it nx…..and tell your brother that he better have a perfectly good explanation on why in God’s name made him get married without informing me or his elders 

***then he dropped the call and Heath buried his face in his hands***

Jabu: yaqala inkathazo madoda ( trouble has began)

***they stayed quiet for some time until  Ray checked his time and he stood up taking his phone and car keys***

Ray: im going to see Mbali I’ll see ya’ll later and keep my subject alive until I come back….ohh and untie him and tie him to a chair

Jabu: shap o groete your flower (say hi to your flower)

Ray: sho

***then he looked at Mat***

Ray: get the boys up to date with everything

Mateo: sí jefe (yes boss)

***then he walked out***

Heath: fuck that old man is gonna eat me alive

Jabu: eish

Mat: I don’t wish to be you right now bros 





***Well Heath has been gone for some time now and im busy ironing his clothes in the laundry room yes we have a house help but I prefer to wash and iron his clothes cook and clean our bedroom myself and the maid can do the rest of the house chores I just don’t trust house helpers even though she’s older than me and Heath but still I  just don’t trust them that’s why she doesn’t even stay with us the driver picks her up in her house every morning and also drops her off later. Anyway about all the guards in the yard well even though I hate it but I trust Heath with my life and im not gonna be all up in his face concerning them I’ll just wait until our lives gets back to normal cause all these things are happening because of my baby daddy so I have to suck it up and be an understanding wife to him…..anyway I heard the intercom ring and I switched the iron off and went out rushing to it and I answered it***

Me: hello

Voice: mam there’s a man here by the name of James Moeketsi he said he’s your father and he would like to see you

***I swear my throat dried up instantly and I cleared my throat*** 

Me: ummm give me a sec and let me call my husband first

Voice: ok Mam

***I put it on my chest covering it so they don’t hear my conversation with Heath and took out my phone from my pocket and called Heath and he answered on the third ring***

Heath: Obi m are you ok

Me: yeah ummm Heath Lerato’s father is here and he wants to see me

***he kept quiet a bit then he cleared his throat***

Heath: you mean your father Obi m

Me: please don’t Heath ok

Heath: look my love whether you like it or not or you forgive him or not the fact remains that he is your father Obi m….. anyway look if you want to hear what he wants to say then let him in and make sure you  are with a guard when you are with him and again if you don’t want to see or talk to him tell him to fuck off 

***I sighed***

Heath: it’s all up to you just don’t get all worked up and upset yourself and my babies  please

***I sighed again***

Me: ok then bye

Heath: you sound upset 

Me: im not

Heath: yes you are now talk  im listening

***he said with a firm tone and I huffed it’s his way of telling me to tell him how im feeling***

Me: I don’t think im really for him Heath

Heath: why? I mean im sure you have been dreaming about this day for years

***I sighed***

Me: I don’t know ok I just…… maybe im scared to hear him tell me to my face how much he didn’t want me and still doesn’t 

***I said with a low tone and he sighed***

Heath: but something in you wants to hear what he has to say right

***gosh this man knows me***

Me: and how did you know?

***he chuckled***

Heath: you are my better half Obi m and remember im you and you are me

***God I love this man with my all***

Me: ok ummm I’ll tell you how it went

Heath: ok and remember no stressing and if you feel like you getting overwhelmed tell him to leave

Me:  ok I will

Heath: good I love you ok

Me: i love you too onye m

***I could tell he was smiling then he ended the call and I breathed out loud and I put the intercom on my ear***

Me: ok let him in and a guard should come in with him

Voice: yes mam 

***then I put it back to its place and I sighed and waited for them after some time the doorbell rang and I breathed out and opened the door and gosh there he was I made way for him and the guard that came with him and I closed the door after the walked in***

Me: ummm let’s go to the lounge

***He followed me and all this time my heart was pounding fast…. I sat down and so did he and the guard was standing not far from us***

Me: can…. can I get you anything to drink

Mr.moeketsi: ummm a glass of water will do

***I nodded and as I was standing up the guard spoke***

Guard: relax mam I’ll get it for him

Me: ok thank you

***I sat back and the guard went to the kitchen and we sat in total silence…then the guard came back and gave him a bottle of still water and a glass then Mr. Moeketsi opened it and poured it in a glass and drank from the glass and he put the glass down and he rubbed his hands together and cleared his throat***

Mr.Moeketsi: i… I know you have a lot of questions for me and im ready to answer them now

***he didn’t even look at me nx***

Me: did I say I have a lot of questions for you sir

***he looked at me and sighed***

Mr.Moeketsi: look  I was just  trying to save my marriage which I regret now the thing is I had an affair with Mamiki your mother cause I was having troubles in my marriage she was a breath of fresh air and I enjoyed her company a lot then one day she told me she was pregnant and that it was mine….. to tell you the truth I got scared cause by the time Mamiki told me she was pregnant me and my wife were working on fixing our marriage so I panicked and told her to abort but that didn’t mean I didn’t want you I was just scared of losing everything

***I laughed heh this old man is telling me bullshit nx***

Me: when you look at me to do see fool written on my forehead

***he frowned and he looked down***

Me: I asked you a question Mr 

Mr.Moeketsi: ofcourse not

Me: then don’t treat me like one ok…..i know you didn’t want me and that’s enough for me so your stupid lies don’t mean shit to me so keep them to yourself…..you had fun with Mamiki and when you planted your seed inside her “when you too were having fun” you ran like a coward and abandoned me your seed so don’t tell me bullshit

***I was now getting angry so I took a deep breath***

Me: do you know what I went through when you were busy enjoying your life with your wife and kids Mamiki treated me like shit and always reminded me of what kind of a useless father you are she hated me and still does because of you…..i don’t know how it’s like to have a father because you rejected me….I was almost raped cause you weren’t there to protect me like a father should to his kids you were busy enjoying your life with your precious family ankere…..i was treated like a curse by society because of my albinism and you weren’t there to comfort and protect me and tell me im beautiful no matter what people said about me…..i went through hell and back and you weren’t there cause you rejected me so don’t give me your fucken excuses!

***I said with an angry voice with tears running down my cheeks and he was looking down all along***

Me: you failed me and the only decent thing you can do for me now is to introduce me to your ancestors so they can be with me and protect me at least since it’s not their fault that you rejected me cause other than that there’s nothing you can do to make it up to me and that’s if you even care to

Mr.Moeketsi: im sorry Naledi…im really sorry I know I failed you but please forgive me….forgive me my daughter

***he said with a breaking voice he was crying***

Me: you should ask forgiveness from God and if he forgives you then I will too

***then I stood up and I looked at the guard***

Me: please see him out

***he nodded and I went upstairs and I got in our bedroom and I got in bed and hugged a pillow and I just let it all out….i cried hard  letting out all the hurt I have been carrying in me for all those years I cried until I had hiccups then after some time I calmed down and sobbed silently then my phone rang and it was Heath so I answered***

Me: Heath

***I said trying to sound ok***

Heath: Obi m how did it go?

***I sniffed when I heard his voice and a lump was slowly growing in my throat and more tears came out***

Heath: shit ok im on my way ok calm down please I love you

***I just nodded forgetting that he can’t see me and before I could say anything he dropped the call and I continued to hug the pillow while I sobbed silently*** 

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