***I walked to the door and I took deep breath and opened the door and when my eyes landed on which of my brothers was here I just froze with fear***

Me: “ooh God not him please God not him maybe im dreaming and he’s not here”

***I thought to myself with my heart beating out of my chest I swear im gonna pass out any minute now***

Me: bh….bhut smiso

Smiso: my princess can I come in

***Gosh he wasn’t even smiling….. I just bit my lower lip to prevent it from trembling with fear ooh Lord im scared I think im gonna pee on myself….yho now I regret being here….God I shouldn’t have come why did I come konje…anyway I made a way from him and he walked in with his dark aura all over him and I swallowed hard and he walked around in the lounge***

Smiso: mmmmh it doesn’t look like a slumber party is held here maybe nhlaka was wrong he didn’t hear you correctly…. And this apartment doesn’t look like a young lady lives in it but rather a man

***he said that checking out the apartment in the lounge and he turned to look at me and his look….Jesus….. I don’t know what happened but I found myself feeling dizzy and I held my head and soon I saw myself going down and it was lights out***




*** I woke up when I felt what felt like some drops of liquid falling on my face and I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a few times and when I looked on my left side I found him sitting on top of the table looking at me with a serious look and I swallowed hard…. “Gosh Mbali get a grip on yourself he’s your brother for God’s sake” I thought to myself***

Smiso: sit up

***he said with a firm tone and I swallowed again and slowly sat up and I fiddled with my fingers looking down***

Smiso: guess what I went to buy my wife her hot wings at KFC and I saw that girl that is  your best friend…. What’s her name….. Phumzile or Phindile 

*** nx that backstabbing bitch I wonder what she said to him….ooh God ***

Smiso: and well she came to me and asked about you and she said she hasn’t seen you in a while since you started dating 

***I clenched my jaws that fucken bitch nx***

Smiso: and guess what again she didn’t know about any slumber party and any of your friends also didn’t say anything about it so Mbali what the hell is going on I want the truth now before I get mad

***God why my bottom lip was trembling so was my hands the thing is I started getting really scared of bhut smiso one time when all my brother’s wives and their kids with me included we were kidnapped four years back by some guy who called himself psych or psycho when they finally found us and budged in the warehouse we were held in just as one of psych’s guards was trying to force himself on aunt nomhle while other two guards where there cheering him on I remember hearing shots being fired and we covered the kids so they don’t see all that but I forgot to also close my eyes and I regretted not doing so I remember seeing bhut smiso rushing to the guard that wanted to rape aunt nomhle and he grabbed him by his throat and he ripped his throat off ( yeah he did)  and blood oozed from the guy’s neck and he snapped his neck and tossed him on the floor and I just passed out right then and there. He looked scary and even though they found a therapist for me to speak to about the trauma I experience and even took a trip for two days with just me and him so we can talk about what I saw well the thing is im still scared of him but that only happens when he’s angry or pissed off. When he’s happy and jolly im not scared of him in fact he’s funny and fun to be around but when he starts getting angry yeses all that fear comes rushing down to me like a tornado…..look I know he can never hurt me but that day he looked scary people and that image I saw that day will forever be imprinted in my mind. Anyway here goes nothing…..****

Me: bh…bhuti …….Phindile and I are no longer friends she….. ummm that guy I was dating and you said I should stay away from well the thing is even though I went to him after that hijacking attempt well we had broken up cause I found out that he was sleeping with Phindile and that  she’s pregnant with his child

***he didn’t say anything he just looked at me…. I guess he wants me to continue…. Lord help me*** 

Me: she wasn’t invited to the party cause our friends know about what she did

Smiso: then where are your friends 

Me: to…to buy drinks and snacks

Smiso: Mbali

Me: bhuti

Smiso: when you look at me do you see a fool

***I swallowed hard***

Me: no bhuti

Smiso: then why are you lying to me

***tears streamed down my cheeks maybe my tears will make him stop interrogating me***

Me: im not bhuti  

Smiso: mmmmh ok now tell me why does a bag with man’s clothes doing in the main bedroom’s closet and that love bite on your neck what is it doing there and don’t tell me you were bit by a mosquito not forgetting those beer bottles in the fridge and the empty beer bottle in the trash bin that smells like it was opened and drank a few minutes ago ooh and not to mention that man’s shirt in the closet that has your scent all over it and a man’s perfume too 

***can I just die already…. I just cried… Gosh im dead***

Smiso: so you have the guts to lie to nhlaka through your teeth now Mbali

Me: im sorry bhuti

Smiso: who is he?

***I just continued to cry***

Smiso: I asked you who he is damn it!

***he raised his voice and I jumped from my sit and continued to cry***

Smiso: I asked you a question mbali

Me: it’s….. It’s some guy from varsity bhuti

***I lied***

Smiso: so you move from one guy to another now Mbali within a short period of time mmmmh? is that who you have become now is that how you were raised!

***he said shouting a bit and I just cried out loud***

Me: no bhuti

Smiso: then what is it

Me: im sorry bhuti

***I was crying hysterically now***

Smiso: didn’t we agree that if you give us a degree we will back down a bit and let you live your life the way you see fit

Me: you did bhuti

Smiso: now what’s all this why are you jumping from one guy to another like it’s a new fashion trend and you even have the guts to lie to us

***I just cried I was standing at the far corner by now *** 

Smiso: are you even still pure Mbali

*** he asked with his eyes squirted and I didn’t answer him I just cried and he just shook his head disappointed and he stood up***

Smiso: now go and take your bag we are leaving

Me: bhuti please i…. the…. The pyjama party

***yho Ray said I shouldn’t leave for God’s sake***

Smiso: so you still have a mouth to talk about your fake pyjama party heh?

***I shook my head no quickly….. Gosh I can’t believe he saw right through me***

Smiso: now go in there and take your bag and let go

*** he said with an angry voice and I tried by all mean to walk properly going to the bedroom and I took my bag and packed my things I even put Ray’s shirt inside my bag  and I also took my car keys and I went to the lounge and took my phone and we walked out…..I locked the door and put the key under a flower pot that is next to the door and I walked behind him trying so much to walk properly my nana was sore people….. We got in the lift and it stopped on the ground floor and we walked out and he walked to his car while I walked to mine but he stopped me***

Smiso: where do you think you’re going?

***his voice startled me and I quickly turned looking at him***

Me: to…to my car

Smiso: give me your car keys

***I did***

Smiso: let’s go someone will bring your car to your place

***I nodded and we went to his car and got in then we drove out of the complex…..i saw that my phone was off even though I don’t remember switching it off anyway I switched it on and send Ray a message telling him that im sorry but my brother  saw right through me but I didn’t gave up his name and that he’s taking me back home I waited for his reply until we got to my place but dololo….i swear that hurt***




**** NARRATED****

*** they went up to her apartment and as soon as they got in Mbali  rushed to her bedroom and she just threw herself on top of the bed and she just cried  the disappointment on his brother’s  face is what got to her more than his anger….. then the door opened and smiso walked in and he sat on the edge of the bed***

Smiso: sit up I wanna talk to you

*** she did…..her face was pink and her eyes were swollen and red ***

Smiso: look I know you are growing up and that you feel like we are suffocating you most of the time and being unfair to you but it comes from a good place….. princess by now im sure you can tell that we live dangerous lives and we have enemies out there the purpose of knowing your whereabouts is to make sure you are safe all the time and with that attempted hijacking that happened  we  know we slacked cause we didn’t know about it until the next  day  so that’s why we are being hands on now  cause uncle Ty trusts that we will make sure you are safe at all times

***he sighed***

Smiso: you are a khumalo princess and you have crazy brothers so lying to us makes us lose trust in you and believe me if the others learn about your recent stunt they will make sure you go back to KZN and travel from home to varsity every day and believe me that’s worse than us keeping tabs on you while you’re here cause you’ll have MA and baba on your neck everyday  

***she swallowed hard***

Smiso: so do yourself a favour and stop lying to us and focus on giving us that degree ok

***she nodded and he sighed***

Smiso: I won’t tell your other crazy brothers about your recent shenanigans especially nhlaka and Jay and I hope I won’t regret my decision

Mbali: you won’t thank you bhuti

***she said that with a low voice….she hated disappointing her brothers especially her dad grandparents and nhlaka ***

Smiso: now do me a favour 

Mbali: ok

Smiso: never attempt to lie to me ever again cause I won’t be this nice next time

***she nodded quickly***

Smiso: and stay away from fuckboys your best friend and boyfriend betrayed you now you should be healing from that and not jumping to another fuckboy cause that makes you seem loose and unlady like cause  my princess is a lady and she knows her worth

*** she swallowed hard and nodded…. Well that hit home cause it was the truth she just jumped from one dick to another just like that***

Smiso: now pull yourself together and stop crying you’ll have a headache  

***she wiped her tears off***

Smiso: now come and lock up I need to go home before your aunt skins me alive for taking long with her hot wings

***she smiled a bit and got out of bed and walked after him making sure she doesn’t limp and he opened the door and turned to look at her***

Smiso: I can’t believe you fainted like that

***he said that with a smirk and one eyebrow raised and Mbali sighed relieved that at least he’s smirking***

Smiso: no more lies ok

***she nodded and he kissed her forehead***

Smiso: you’ll get your car later today ok

Mbali: ok bhuti

Smiso: and I love you ok

Mbali: I love you too bhuti

***he kissed her forehead again and he walked away and she closed the door and slid down on it and she hugged her knees as tears ran down her cheeks***




*** At Kitso’s house he was sitting in his lounge lost in thoughts he was angry because of the talk he had with heath it still wouldn’t register to him that naledi was married and his daughter uses another man’s last name. He felt like shit in fact he felt like a failure if only he didn’t abandon naledi when she was pregnant and she and his daughter would be in his life now. The fact that he can’t get close to naledi now broke his heart because he wanted her and Lesedi back into his life that he even filed for divorce and even kicked the wife out. Well his phone rang and it was his father***

Kitso: thaima (father)

Tsietsi: my boy I got your message I was in a meeting that’s why I couldn’t answer your calls

Kitso: its ok

***then he sighed***

Tsietsi: so he said you should only communicate with him and not with naledi with regards to Lesedi

Kitso: yes but im never doing that never!

Tsietsi: but kitso you should be grateful that they even let you be part of lesedi’s life

Kitso: thaima Lesedi is my daughter and naledi is her mother so that moeskond can’t tell me shit  

Tsietsi: kitso look you….

***he interrupted him***

Kitso: no thaima naledi and Lesedi belong with me and we gonna be a family one day I don’t care if she’s married to him but divorces happen you know ….. look I know I messed up big time and she probably hates me but I won’t rest until I right my wrongs with her I’ll have my family back together just wait and see 

***his father sighed***

Tsietsi: kitso they just let you have a relationship with Lesedi just focus on building a strong relationship with your daughter man and let that nonsense go

Kitso: well dad naledi and Lesedi are a package I can’t have one without the other 


Kitso: I know she still loves me thaima I just need to remind her of how we were before I messed up and maybe she might give me a chance cause I still love her thaima….. I was a fool but now im grown and wise I need her in my life

Tsietsi: you know you sound crazy right

Kitso: crazily in love with her yeah…… thaima you know  I always go after what I want and now naledi and my daughter are what I want and need to have in my life for now and forever ever since I abandoned her nothing works out for me even my business has gone down and if it wasn’t for you I don’t know what I would have done

***his father sighed cause he could tell what kind of path kitso was taking now***

Tsietsi: kitso think carefully about what you are about to do

Kitso: thaima I was once blind but now I see clearly naledi and Lesedi belong with me and I’ll make her forgive me and we will be a family like we were supposed to be before I messed up

***his father just sighed heavily defeated cause he knows how stubborn and hard headed he is ***




*** Back at mbali’s apartment she was now asleep when she heard  a knock on the door  and she got up and limped to the door ***

Mbali: who is it

Voice: open up my flower 

***she swallowed hard and opened the door  and he was standing there with frown on his face but when she saw her pink face and swollen eyes his facial expression softened***

Ray: my flower

***she walked inside and went to sit down and  ray got in and he closed the door and went to her and sat next to her***

Ray: my flower what’s wrong…. What happened?

***she didn’t say anything***

Ray: mbali

Mbali: he saw right through me im a bad liar Ray and he’s good at reading people and finding out things

***Ray sighed***

Ray: it’s ok come here

***she shook her head no***

Mbali: I can’t…. I can’t do this Ray I know I promised to hold on but I can’t keep disappointing my brother’s like this and I have a feeling that im gonna keep disappointing them if we continue with this

***Ray clenched his jaw looking at her he knew she was gonna crack and want to give up but not this quick***

Ray: mbali

***she didn’t say anything***

Ray: I said come here

***she got closer to him and he pulled her to sit on his lap and he looked at her***

Ray: you break promises now

***she just looked away***

Ray: mbali

Mbali: mmmmh

Ray: kiss me

***she looked at him surprised***

Ray: I said kiss me 

***she looked down and bit her lower lip***

Ray: mbali I said kiss me!

***he said with firm voice and she swallowed and brought her face closer to his and perked his lips***

Ray: I said kiss me not perk my lips

***she got closer and kissed him and Ray kiss her back the kiss went on and on until Mbali felt Ray’s dick growing under her and she pulled out of the kiss***

Ray: never try that shit again you hear me

***she looked at him ***

Mbali: but ray?

***he interrupted her***

Ray: or what? you want me to take you to the bedroom and fuck you until you pass out for trying to break up with me

***she swallowed and shook her head no when she thought of how sore her pussy is ***

Ray: now never do that shit again you hear me

***she sighed and nodded***

Mbali: im sorry I just….i feel bad that im caught and my brother said something to me which hit home cause it was the truth

Ray: what did he say?

Mbali: that I shouldn’t have had a new boyfriend before healing from my heart break with Kyle

***she half told him the truth about what he said***

Ray: well I don’t do that 90 day shit rule or take a girl out to 50 dates first before I hit it because I believe if a guy only wants sex from you and not interested I having a relationship with you then he will go to those 50 dates with you and pretend to like you then ditch you after getting the cookie

Mbali: ooh 

Ray: yeah and im older than you so you should listen to me cause im wiser

***he said with a smirk and Mbali lazy smiled***

Ray: so my flower even if we waited to make love or you told me you not ready and you prefer us to be friends first until you heal from your heart break well I was still gonna hit it raw and claim you as mine and also get hooked on your nana and still want to wife you after your graduation

*** her eyes popped out***

Mbali: you want to….. wife me

***he kissed her cheek***

Ray: yeah and have 5 kids together 

Mbali: ummm wow

Ray: mmmmh in other words what im really trying to say to you my flower is that I love you

*** she smiled then bit her lower lip***

Mbali: you…you do

Ray: yeah my flower and I can’t help it

***she smiled wide cause when someone says you are his it’s one thing but for that person to say he loves you it’s something else altogether***

Ray: and also thank you for not telling your brother my name it clearly proves that you are loyal to me and my flower your loyalty to me is greatly appreciated cause loyalty means everything to me

Mbali: but im scared Eze m what happened just proves that they’ll never accept our relationship

***she said with a worried tone and he turned her face and kissed her lips***

Ray: don’t worry yourself my flower they will

Mbali: you don’t know them Eze m they are….

***he interrupted her by perking her lips***

Ray: do you trust me

***she sighed and nodded***

Ray: you know I want you to say it

Mbali: I do

Ray: good then trust what im saying…… your brothers will accept our relationship when the time is right ok

***she sighed again and nodded and he kissed her lips ***

Ray: you know when I came here I was mad that you left with your brother even though I specifically told you not to but when I saw your face I don’t know what happened to me if he wasn’t your brother he would be counting his teeth on the ground by now 

***she smiled and  just rested her head on his shoulder and he held her tight***

Ray: im sorry I put you in that position my flower I just didn’t want you to be banned from seeing me on the day we made our relationship formal

Mbali: I was scared Ray I even fainted when I saw that it was bhut smiso and not bhut nhlaka

***he pushed her off him gently***

Ray: you fainted?

***he asked with a frown on his face and she nodded***

Ray: you really are scared of him abi

***she nodded and he sighed and kissed her lips***

Ray: don’t worry you’ll ever find yourself in that position alone ever again ok

Mbali: ok

***he kissed her lips again***

Ray: let’s go to the bedroom so you can lay down im sure you have a headache with the way your eyes are swollen

Mbali: ok

***he stood up with her in his arms and they went to the bedroom…… well he knew mbali’s brothers were tracking her every move and he knew about the tracker on her car  and the one that is on her phone and he switched off her phone cause he knew they won’t be able to track it but the fact that her brother still knew which apartment she was in it meant she has a tracker chip in her body like he suspected she has but one thing for sure is he knew that no one will separate them ever including  her brothers and father even her mighty grandfather….. he just won’t let it happen not when he has already marked her***





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