*** she kissed him back when he sucked on her bottom lip slowly she wanted to stop him so bad but the way he was holding her tight and the way he was kissing her just drove her crazy the kiss got heated and Ray grabbed her ass and picked her up and Mbali wrapped her legs around his waist and Ray went to the bedroom with her while they continued to kiss they got in the bedroom and Ray put her on top of the bed gently and he got on top of her and they continued to kiss. Ray was busy touching and squeezing her body while groaning here and there yes he has been with different woman from different countries and races but what he was feeling was just foreign to him. He was feeling things he has never felt before by just kissing and touching her so he wondered what he will feel once he’s inside her he then stopped kissing her lips and he went to her neck and he sucked on it going down with Mbali moaning loud he then bite her chin gently then he stopped and he took her shirt off and she wasn’t wearing a bra and he cursed***

Ray: fuck……

***then he also took off her jeans along with her now wet lacy thong and as soon as his eyes landed on her freshly shave pussy his body shivered as for Mbali she had her hands covering her eyes….. then ray went up to her face and took off her hands and planted a wet kiss on her lips***

Ray: are you a virgin my flower

***he goggled the meaning of Mbali…. Then Mbali blushed and she shook her head no and he perked her lips again***

Ray: is that boy the reason you are not

***she bite her bottom lips looking away embarrassed and she nodded and Ray clenched his jaw then he kissed her jaw line***

Ray: ok so let me make this clear to you my flower you are about to lose your real virginity now and I hope you are ready

Mbali: huh?

*** he kissed her chin***

Ray: I said you are about to lose your real virginity now….. cause that boy was just paving the way for a real dick to enter you all along

***Mbali looked at him shocked by his statement…. She swallowed hard and Ray smirked***

Ray: fuck im gonna enjoy this

***Mbali swallowed hard again then Ray kissed her again and as soon as she got in the mood he left her lips and he kissed her going down on her with Mbali moaning loud while grabbing the bed sheets he kissed and gently bites both her inner thighs. And when he got to her nana he blew cold air on it and he licked it with Mbali moaning out loud then he gently sucked on her pussy lips and that made Mbali to lose it he would leave the other one and suck on the another one gently for some time then he would stop and lick her nana again and blew cold air again. He then started sucking on her clit gently while his hands were holding his waist tight stopping her from jerking up and down he would bite gently and suck making Mbali to lose her mind. Then she felt his tongue pushing it on her entrance and she just lost it she grabbed the sheets tight moaning out loud as she felt extreme pleasure take over Ray did things to her pussy that made her come hard on his face and he licked her clean and he went to her face and she had her eyes closed with her lips patted a bit while she breathed heavily***

Ray: look at me my flower

***she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him***

Mbali: what… what did you do to me?

***he smirked and kissed her lips***

Ray: I just simply took you to muff town my flower and now im about to take you to paradise 

Mbali: huh?

***he just kissed her making her taste herself while rubbing her clit….. all this time Ray was still dressed in his jeans. After some time of kissing hungrily he pulled out of the kiss and he got off the bed and took off his jean and when Mbali saw the bulge of his erect dick printed on his now wet briefs she froze and when he took off his briefs she swallowed hard with her heart pounding hard against her chest with her eyes popped out***

Ray: you look scared my flower

***he said that while jerking his huge and hard anaconda up and down with a smirk on his face***

Mbali: i…. maybe we shouldn’t….. I mean i…

***she stammered and Ray got on top of the bed between her legs and he rubbed her pussy entrance with the tip of his dick and she moaned out loud***

Ray: are you on any contraceptives my flower

Mbali: ummm ye....yeah….injection

Ray: good cause I wanna have you raw don’t worry im clean and I hope you clean too

***she just nodded that’s all she could do she was at his mercy and there was nothing she could do she wanted to tell him she cant do this but it was like something inside of her stops her every time and her seeing the size of his dick wasn’t helping… he then smashed his lips on hers and they kissed hungrily he then tried to push himself in but she was just too tight he tried two times and he couldn’t get in so he resorted to fingering  her for some time with her moaning out loud  then out of the blue he stopped and  he pushed himself in and Mbali shut her eyes tight as she felt some pain when her walls expanded…. Ray groaned and cursed when he felt her warmth and tightness around his shaft***

Ray: fuck….. you are tight my flower

***he said that and started moving slow and he groaned from deep down his throat ***

Ray: look at me my flower please

***he begged her and she did and he kissed her lips while moving slowly and she moaned when he went deeper she dug her nails on his back as he moved at a slow pace but deeper. He was groaning from deep down his throat he then pulled her right leg up and he went in and out of her increasing his pace a bit she was moaning out loud….. He increased his pace going in and out of her fast and she screamed out loud as felt extreme pleasure kicking in as for Ray he was in his own world. He went faster and faster and Mbali screamed out loud ray’s name as an orgasm hit her out of the blue and well Ray stopped and pulled out then he got out of bed and pulled Mbali to the edge of the bed and he got between her legs and spread them wide and he entered her again and a loud groan escaped his mouth while Mbali just gasped her body was numb from that orgasm that hit her but when Ray started moving again her body came back to life….. All this things she was feeling were foreign to her cause she has never experienced any of them when she was with Kyle the way he held her and the way he moved his waist and  the size of his dick just drove her crazy by now Ray was fucking her senselessly while holding her waist tight he was going so deep that she felt like his shaft was poking her womb. He was going so fast that Mbali would lose her breath every now and then and when she caught it she would scream out loud and the slapping of their bodies and Ray’s loud groans was just out of this world. Well a second orgasm hit her and her whole body shook and her toes curled up and she screamed out loud his name and Ray stopped moving with sweat dripping from his body he pulled out and he pushed the mattress off the base a bit and made her kneel on the base of the bed and he spread her legs apart and he slammed into her and started moving by going faster and faster making Mbali to lose her breath. His grip on her waist was getting tighter and tighter as he fucked her hard***

Mbali: goshhhhhh Rayyyyyyy

*** she screamed out loud when another orgasm hit her and Ray this time fucked her through it as he felt his build up***


**** he said that getting nearer to the finishing line and he just fucked her hard and way faster and he quickly pulled out ***


**** he cursed with his deep voice  as he shot his cum on her back then he cursed again and gasped for air for some time then he stood there for some time trying to catch his breath with his knees shaking then he pulled out***

Ray: don’t move ok im coming

***he said to Mbali and she nodded then he went to the bathroom and he came back with a wet towel and he cleaned himself and Mbali’s back and her nana too and she got off the base and she balance herself with the side drawer as her knees were failing her and after Ray was done they got into bed and Ray pulled her to lay on top of him with both their hearts beating too fast***

Ray: are you ok my mamiwota

*** Mbali laughed a bit with a tired voice then she nodded***

Ray: I hope I didn’t hurt you

***she shook her head no but yho her pussy was on fire it was burning***

Ray: you sure?

**he asked her then she sighed***

Mbali: my nana is burning up

Ray: nana?

***he asked with an amused voice and Mbali giggled***

Mbali: yeah I mean pussy

Ray: mmmmh well I told you you were about to lose your virginity for real today

***she giggled***

Mbali: “just ray”

Ray: mara mma? ( beautiful?)

***she giggled again***

Mbali: why did you…. You know I mean it was our first date so I thought maybe we will get to know each other first but we…you know

***ray chuckled then he cleared his throat***

Ray: well do you regret what just happened

Mbali: umm no I don’t 

*** then he flipped them over and he was on top looking down on her***

Ray: well im glad and to answer your kinda confusing question or rather your kinda confusing statement……well my flower this is me meaning im a different breed all together I don’t do things like ordinary men do im me and I do things my way when I want to do them and whenever I wanna do them

***she swallowed looking at him***

Ray: so you my flower you need to keep up cause firstly I love sex and now I think im addicted to your “nana” and secondly like I told you I hate sharing and you don’t even wanna know what I’d do to you if you were to give another nigga what’s mine

***she swallowed hard cause he said that with a smile on his face but the tone of his voice was scary***

Ray: look I’ve never been in a committed relationship before in fact I never thought I’d be in one ever but now here I am now so be you and never change yourself for me cause I think I prefer this you let me just say you are a fresh of breath air  but one thing you should never do is to cheat on me my flower cause you’ll regret it ok

***she nodded right after swallowing again***

Mbali: and I hope you won’t cheat on me too cause I can go crazy if I want to remember the same blood that runs through my brothers veins also run through my own veins too so I can go savage if Im pushed

***Ray smiled wide at that impressed by her then he kissed her lips***

Ray: mmmmh I like that

***she smiled a bit***

Ray: another thing I hope you’ll never run away or give up on us when your family learns about us

***he asked her with a raised eyebrow and she sighed***

Mbali: konje there’s still that

Ray: yeah so?

Mbali: well know that im not gonna run or give up but I’ll probably pee on myself when my brother smiso learns of us

Ray: scared of him?

***she nodded***

Ray: mmmmh so do you promise

***she nodded***

Ray: I want you to say it my flower

***she sighed***

Mbali: I promise

Ray: good and stop calling me “just Ray”

*** she giggled*** 

Mbali: ok so what would you like me to call you?

Ray: Eze m

Mbali: ohk so what does it mean?

***he perked her lips and smiled***

Ray: my king

***she smiled wide***

Mbali: wow ok Eze m

***Ray chuckled and Mbali giggled***

Ray: and as for me besides calling you my flower I’ll also call you Eze nke obi m

Mbali: wow ummm what does it mean though?

***Ray looked at her with a serious look***

Ray: queen of my heart 

***she swallowed and blushed looking away***

Ray: look at me my flower

*** and she did***

Ray: look I know im way older than you but know that im young at heart and I’ll try to be romantic like all those small boys are you are now my priority Mbali and I just marked you by hitting it raw which is something I’ve never done before with any other woman so promise me that you’ll hold on and never let go

***she swallowed and nodded***

Mbali: I promise Eze m ( my king)

***Ray smiled***

Ray: good and we will go get tested next week Monday cause im never using a rubber with you

***he said that and got between her legs and they started kissing until Mbali pulled out of the kiss***

Mbali: im sore down there Ray

Ray: I’ll be gentle my flower I promise

***he said that entering her slowly and she closed her eyes shut as she felt a bit of pain but when he started moving she started moaning and he smirked and smashed his lips on hers they kissed passionately as he moved in and out of her slowly yho the pleasure she was feeling was just out of this world even with Kyle she has never felt anything close to this. The way he holds and squeezes her body drove her absolutely crazy and not to mention the way he moves his waist when he goes in and out of her it was clear that he knows how to please a woman in bed. Anyway they made slow passionate love and they both came at the same time and this time he came inside of her***

Ray: remind me to get you morning after pills in the morning just to be on the safe side ok

***she nodded and he kissed her forehead and pulled out slowly and he went down to her nana and he kissed it ***

Ray: now let me go prepare us a bath then we will go eat alright

***she nodded and he went up to her face and perked her lips and got out of bed naked and he went to the en-suite ****





*** fuck I feel like shit now cause obim is distance when we got home and she just asked me to fetch the kids and she went upstairs to our bedroom and she has been napping ever since. i know I didn’t cheat but she shouldn’t have walked in on that I mean she’s been through hell and I promised I’ll never hurt her and now I just did unintentionally but I know I’ll make things right cause I don’t think I’ll cope with her being distant cause her attention and smile are my daily source of energy so I need to make her happy again and also reassure her that her heart is safe with me. Anyway earlier I called some dude who owes me a favor he owns an advertising company so I want him to hire Jolene in his marketing department since she studied marketing in college and he agreed to hire her since the was already an opening and I also called HR in my company and told then to send me top five candidates who qualify to fill In as my new PA and that they should be male preferably gay and I’ll have obi m interview them for me or we will do that together. I know Jolene is gonna get hurt when I let her go but my wife comes first so she’s gonna have to be strong at least i got her another job so not all will be lost for her. Well now im sitting in my study lost in my thoughts im trying to find a way around Lesedi’s issue I mean I can’t let that dickhead pay damages money for my daughter never! Lesedi Is mine she might not have my blood flowing through her tiny veins but she has naledi’s blood and whatever belongs to obim also belongs to me so she’s also mine. Anyway I decided to call my gran cause I believe she’s the only one who can give me a sound advice about this it rang twice and she answered***

Gogo: shaka my baby how are you

*** I smiled wide God I love and appreciate this old woman***

Me: my love im good and you?

Gogo: hai man stop lying to me shaka what’s wrong?

*** I sighed loudly***

Me: naledi Is mad at me in fact she’s hurt gogo

Gogo: what did you do?

Me: she…. She found me comforting my colleague or rather my PA it was a harmless hug but I get why she’s hurt cause I would have probably landed the guy in ICU if I were in her shoes

Gogo: well im glad you can put yourself in her shoes cause it means you will never do what you did again and also you know what to do to make her forgive you right?

*** I sighed***

Me: yeah gogo

Gogo: good now what is really troubling you shaka

***you know sometimes I forget that she’s a seer***

Me: Lesedi’s biological  father is the problem gogo he just came out of nowhere and now he wants to have a relationship with her after hurting naledi like he did and abandoning her when she needed him the most i….. I just want an advice on how to handle the issue gogo cause what I have in mind with lead to a blood bath between him and i

***she sighed***

Gogo: shaka listen to me carefully what you need to do is to put lesedi’s interest first and on this instance her health is at stake

Me: what do you mean gogo

Gogo: you need to make sure Lesedi is introduced to her biological father’s ancestors  for them to know her and protect her

Me: but gogo…….

***she interrupted me***

Gogo: no shaka she needs to be introduced to them don’t get me wrong im not saying give Lesedi to him all im saying is Lesedi needs to be introduced to her father’s ancestors and the good part of all this is since you are married to naledi then he can communicate directly to you so you have the upper hand  

***I swallowed hard because of that “married to naledi “ part***

Me: ummmm how did…..

*** she interrupted  me again***

Gogo: we will talk about that some other time when I’ll pinch those big ears of yours for doing things behind our backs but for now you need to deal with lesedi’s issue in the right way

Me: ummm ok

Gogo: shaka you better stay away from that girl that you were comforting she’s one of those obstacles I told you about 

Me: yeah I already figured that out gogo

Gogo: good and my boy never trust lesedi’s father with naledi cause as much as naledi despises him but now that he knows her worth now and the fact that she’s a rare precious jewel and he will try his luck with her

Me: if he knows what’s good for him then he better stay away from naledi gogo

***I said that with an angry voice I felt myself worked up with what she just said I swear someone will die first before I lose obim***

Gogo: calm down shaka remember naledi is yours and only you can make her leave you

Me: huh?

Gogo: look I have to go you know what to do now do it cautiously and remember he may have gotten naledi pregnant with lesedi but you are her father and nothing is gonna change that….. Bye my son

***she just did that “changing topic” thing of hers***

Me: ok bye gogo

***we ended the call well what she said before changing the topic hit home but I guess she’s right only I can make naledi to leave me so I need to pull myself together and do right by her and to never entertain other woman no matter how innocent our encounter is anyway I went through my contacts on my phone and I called the numbers that i saved as “dickhead”  and he answered on the third ring***

Kitso: hello

Me: yah its naledi’s husband can you talk

Kitso: naledi’s what?

Me: dude if you are slow in the head just let me know so I can send you a message instead and you’ll keep on reading it over and over until you understand it

Kitso: don’t fucken insult me you bastard

***I chuckled***

Me: ok then slow learner listen carefully if you are serious about doing that fucken ceremony for my princess Lesedi then you will communicate with me about everything and not naledi

***he chuckled***

Kitso: wa gafa ( you are mad) naledi and I share a baby together so I have nothing to fucken discuss with you

Me: ooh is it which baby are you talking about is it the one you told her to abort or is there another one I don’t know about

***I could hear him breathing hard nx ***

Kitso: look I don’t give a fuck who you are but naledi is my baby mama and I’ll communicate with her with regards to our daughter and not with you

Me: well boy guess what naledi is my wife and Lesedi’s surname on her birth certificate is my own meaning im her father now if you want to have a relationship with her then you’d better abide by my rules or fuck off

Kitso: what….what do you mean naledi is your wife her mother never said anything about her being married

Me: well they disowned her when her uncle almost raped her so they weren’t invited 

Kitso: wha…what?

Me: well look  im prepared to be civil with you for my princesses’ sake so if you overstep your boundaries even by an inch you are dead capish?

Kitso: are you threatening me man

Me: I don’t do threats boy Im merely promising you that if you come after my wife then consider yourself dead….you can save this numbers and contact me using them

***then I dropped the call and sighed heavily this nigga better stay in his lane or he’s dead…. Anyway I checked my watch and I had 30 minutes before I have to go and pick my princesses up so I went out of my study room and I heard some noise in the kitchen and I went there and I found obim busy chopping some vegetables***

Me: hey

***she looked up and our eyes locked and she quickly looked down ***

Naledi: hey

***she continued chopping and I went closer to her and snaked my arm around her waist and I turned her around to face me and cupped her face***

Me: I love you obi m

***she sighed***

Naledi: I love you too heath

*** she said that and I smiled but the sadness in her eyes broke my heart*** 

Me: so am I forgiven obi m

***she nodded looking away***

Me: look at me

***she did and I perked her lips***

Me: never again ok never again…… now I know that if I were in your shoes someone would have lost his teeth or  even end up in ICU if not dead so im sorry obi m

***she sighed***

Naledi: its ok heath I know you are sorry and I have forgiven you

Me: then prove it prove that you have forgiven me

***she raised her eyebrow… fuck she looked cute doing that and I just found myself smiling like a retard while looking at her***

Naledi: how should I prove it to you mmmmh?

Me: go out to dinner with me tonight I’ll have jabu look after our princesses 

***she bit her bottom lip***

Naledi: ohk 

*** and I just smashed my lips on hers and we kissed passionately…… well I know she forgave me but I also know that she doubts my love for her and I don’t blame her after all she’s been through she shouldn’t have walked in on me holding another woman like that but I’ll prove it to her that her heart is safe with me***




**** Narrated****

*** Ray and Mbali were now in the lounge and they just finished eating and Mbali was laying on top of Ray wearing only his shirt and Ray was laying on the couch on his back he was busy brushing her hair gently while they watched a movie…. Then Ray’s phone rang and it  was  Mateo so he answered***

Ray: Mat

Mateo: jefe you need to get out of there now….. princesses’ brother just parked in the parking lot there

Ray: what?

***he said that with a frown on his face***

Mateo: yes jefe  now you need to leave that apartment as in now cause he can’t know you are seeing her younger sister before they help release our containers 

Ray: yeah you are right where is he now?

Mateo: he’s walking towards the building

Ray: ok

***then he dropped the call and quickly but gently  got Mbali off him and he cupped her face***

Ray: listen and listen good my flower you brother is downstairs coming up here 

Mbali: wha…what?

***she said with her eyes popped out and fear written all over her face***

Ray: now listen to me I want you to put on your best act for him im going outside so he doesn’t find me here now go change out of my shirt  and wear something else and my flower you better make sure you don’t leave with him cause you are sleeping over now show daddy what you are made of

*** he then kissed her lips for some time and he rushed to the bedroom and he wore a shirt and hid his bag and he wore his shoes took his phone car keys and wallet and he walked out going to the opposite direction from where the lift was as for Mbali well she got hold of herself and limped  to the bedroom and quickly changed as she remembered telling her brother that she’s going to a slumber party and she tried to walk normally as  she walked back to the lounge and she got rid of the beer bottle ray was drinking from and she cleared the plates and almost immediately she heard a knock on the door and her heart started beating fast with her hands shaking*** 

Mbali: oooh shit Mbali…. You can do this I know you can

***she said that to herself and she swallowed hard***

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