***At the Mogapi’s household kitso his father and Mamiki were sitting in the lounge while naledi’s grandmother was sleeping in her bedroom ***

Mamiki: so what can I do for you gentleman

***she asked looking at them***

Tsietsi: we are here because of naledi

***kitso’s father said***

Mamiki: nx what did that girl do now?

***kitso frowned well he knows that Mamiki despises naledi cause he used to console her whenever she would put her down or say something that broke her spirit even more and luckily kitso already told his father of the kind of woman Mamiki is***

Kitso: she didn’t do anything im the one that actually did something to her

Mamiki: I don’t understand

Tsietsi: Miss Mogapi my son kitso is your granddaughter’s father

Mamiki: oooh

***Kitso’s father was surprised by her reaction cause if naledi was his daughter he would be punching kitso’s teeth out by now ***

Tsietsi: yeah ummm look I know my son wronged your daughter in the most despicable way ever but he’s sorry miss Mogapi and he’s here to ask for forgiveness and even pay for damages for impregnating you daughter out of wedlock

***Mamiki smiled when he heard about the “damages” part……. after trying so hard to raise some funds  to pay loan sharks she owes now an opportunity just presented its self just like that ***

Mamiki: wow that’s good a man does that my boy

***kitso clenched his jaw when he saw her smiling like that  cause he knew it was about the damages money that made her smile like a cheap prostitute***

Mamiki: so are you here to pay for the damages

***she asked a bit excited***

Kitso: is naledi here

***Mamiki cleared her throat***

Mamiki: ummm no but don’t worry im sure she won’t mind you paying damages for Lesedi I mean she’s your daughter after all

***kitso got angry looking at Mamiki he wished he could strangle her he remembers how naledi would cry every time she said Mamiki said hurtful things to her***

Kitso: no I need to ask for forgiveness from naledi first and to hear from her that she actually is ok with me paying for the damages and that she’s willing to let me have a relationship with my daughter

***mamiki’s face fell when kitso said that cause that meant for her to get the damages money she  first has to beg naledi to allow kitso have a relationship with lesedi***

Tsietsi: so miss Mogapi can we see naledi so my son can apologise to her and maybe find a way forward with the whole thing

***Mamiki cleared her throat***

Mamiki: well she moved out and I don’t know where she is

Tsietsi: what do you mean

Mamiki: she had a fall out with my late brother some time back and she moved out and I haven’t see her since

Kitso: what did Thabo do to her?

Mamiki: wait you know Thabo?...... anyway  that is not important now

***kitso huffed he prayed Thabo didn’t touch her***

Kitso: I hope he didn’t succeed in forcing himself on her

***he said that looking angry and Mamiki swallowed*** 

Mamiki: what…what do you mean by that?

Tsietsi: son that’s not why we are here please stop ummm miss Mogapi please get in contact with your daughter and please plead with her on my son’s behalf so we can do right by our granddaughter we need to introduce her to our ancestors so they can know her and  protect her 

Mamiki: I know don’t worry I’ll talk to her

Tsietsi: ok thank you you can contact me using these numbers to give me feedback on your talk with her

***he said giving her his card***

Mamiki: ok I’ll do just that

Tsietsi: thank you

***then he stood up and kitso also stood up and they shook mamiki’s hand*** 

Tsietsi: we will wait for your call

*** she nodded then they walked out going to their car***

Mamiki: shit…..nx now i have to beg that ungrateful girl just because I need that money nx and its all thabo’s fault if only he didn’t do what he did and I wouldn’t be in this predicament and mama wouldn’t be in that state she’s in nx I hope he burns in hell for putting mom and I through all this rubbish

***he said that to herself looking angry then her mother slowly walked in the living room***

Koko: who were those people and what did they want 

Mamiki: aarg it was that boy that got naledi pregnant and his father

Koko: what did they want?

Mamiki: the boy said he wants to have a relationship with Lesedi and he also wants to pay damages 

Koko: I hope you told them naledi is no longer part of this family

***she said that sitting down slowly***

Mamiki: mama not now please 

Koko: Mamiki I thought i told you I don’t want your useless daughter in my house ever again 

Mamiki: ma we need that money ok and im sure this might even make naledi to come back home

***she said that trying to convince her mother***

Koko: I said I don’t want her in my house and that’s that….. She chose that boy over me the person that raised her since she was a baby and she had the guts to let that boy insult me in my own house so she’s dead to me!

***she said that with a firm voice***

Mamiki: mama we need her ok please just let her come back this once I really need that money

Koko: if you want that money then go hold that meeting at your house and not here

***she said that and slowly got up and she flinched with pain then she slowly walked to her bedroom and Mamiki sighed frustrated then she took her phone and called naledi and she didn’t answer her call but then she tried again and still nothing….. She tried once more and luckily naledi answered this time***

Naledi: Mamiki

Mamiki: naledi we need to meet and talk

Naledi: talk about what

Mamiki: about Lesedi

Naledi: what about her

Mamiki: lets meet and talk don’t make beg naledi assomblief ( please) 

Naledi: well I can’t meet up with you so it’s either you say what you want to say over the phone or forever hold your piece

Mamiki: o nale lleme nou mogirl neh? ( you talk to me like that  now naledi)

Naledi: im my mother’s daughter after all now bua (talk) or hang up cause I don’t have all day Mamiki 

***she said annoyed and Mamiki laughed a bit as she couldn’t believe that naledi was the one  talking to her like that but then she decided to leave the issue for another day and focus on an important issue being the moola ***

Mamiki: ok then your baby daddy was here with his father 

Naledi: askies what?

***she asked shocked***

Mamiki: yes and he wants to have a relationship with Lesedi I mean he’s even ready to pay for damages

***naledi laughed not believing what she was hearing***

Mamiki: I know you are still hurt by what he did to you but girly you should be grateful that he saw the light and he’s willing to right his wrongs unlike your useless father who’s enjoying his life with that fat ugly bitch instead of looking for you

***naledi swallowed hard as Mamiki said that cause this thing about her father was still painful to her***

Naledi: look I want nothing to do with kitso Mamiki you hear me

Mamiki: stop being selfish man nx why are you preventing Lesedi to have a relationship with her father or keng ( what) you want her to despise you when she’s old and she learns that you are the one that kept her from having a relationship with her father cause believe me girly  I’ll make sure she knows you refused point blank

***she said that with no care whatsoever***

Naledi: ooh please Mamiki we both know all you want is the money and nothing else so stop pretending as if you care it doesn’t suite you

***she said with an annoyed voice***

Mamiki: mxm  well you are right girly ……. well since I know no one will ever marry you then  its better I get the damages money as consolation of sending money for your upkeep when you were growing up

***she said that with no care in the world*** 

Naledi: WOW!

***she said that hurt a bit***

Mamiki: look man tell your blesser gore kuku eo ya gao ga e tshabe ( that your vagina is not going anywhere) that you have some things you need to take care of for Lesedi  im sure he will understand

Naledi: Mamiki I don’t want that bastard near my daughter you hear me so tell him to take his fucken money and fuck off

Mamiki: heeh ebile o kgona le go rogana ( you can even swear) this days….. Anyway listen here mogirl lesedi need to be introduced to her father’s ancestors so they can know her and protect her or else she will get sick as time goes on or get bad luck for the rest of her life just like you or even die now listen here you are not doing this for that boy but for Lesedi unless you are prepared to lose her to death then cool…… cause  as for me I’ll just find another way to raise money 

***naledi kept quiet not knowing what to say***

Mamiki: I may be a bad person and mother to you mogirl but I never stopped you from finding your father even though he hurt me badly so stop with your selfishness and let lesedi have a relationship with her father man jealousy ke ya eng( why are you jealous) just because papagao ke setlaela sa monna le pipi enyane ( your father is a fool with a small dick) it doesn’t mean you should punish that boy even though he realised his mistakes while lesedi is still young

Naledi: yho bye Mamiki

***she was just enough with her***

Mamiki: hey wena naledi im still talking to….

***tuh tuh tuh tuh….. naledi hanged up***

Mamiki: nx

***she clicked her tongue and threw her phone on top of the sofa***   




**** well naledi sat there in the lounge as tears  streamed down her cheeks she didn’t understand why kitso was now interested in Lesedi cause he point blank said she should abort and now he’s back wanting to claim her…. She then wiped her tears and sighed deeply she was a bit down cause since yesterday Heath has been distant emotionally it was like something was bothering him but he refused to tell her. He kept on saying that its work related and that she shouldn’t worry about it but she worries cause he looked really troubled even this morning he didn’t have breakfast saying he has an early meeting…… anyway she decided to take lunch to him since he didn’t eat his breakfast so that she can tell him about mamiki’s call cause even though she despises her and that she’s a coin lover but some of the things she said made sense……. So she took a shower again and changed her clothes then her driver drove her to Heath’s company……..they finally arrived and she got off and went inside well it’s her first time here and she was mesmerised with how the place looked professional and upper class is what the inside of the building looked like….. anyway she walked to the reception area and she told the lady that she’s here to see the CEO and since the lady sees naledi’s portrait in heath’s office whenever he summons her to his office she didn’t give her problems she told her where heath’s office is and naledi thanked her and went to the elevator and it took her to his floor…… when she got to that floor it was quiet in the far corner there were cosy couches and a table in the middle  and she also saw  a desk not far from the door and she concluded it’s the PA’s desk but it was empty so she walked to the door and it was slightly opened and she heard a woman talking and heath replying so she decided to eavesdrop on the conversation with her heart beating fast  cause the way they spoke was suspicious even heath’s voice was soft and the lady was busy sniffing as if she was crying***





***well im at work and it’s been hectic since I got here my business is doing so well that im thinking of expanding it and as for obim and I things are great between us I love that woman people and I thank God every day for bringing her into my life. Im a happy man and my wife and kids are also happy so I can safely say that “ God don butta my bread ooo” (God has answered my prayers)  im just on top of the world…… but last night I think  I got her worried because of my sour mood well the thing is yesterday I decided to do some research on her absent father because of the dowry (lobola) issue cause I know for a fact that her granny and mother will never accept dowry for naledi  from me and what I found out just shocked me to the core and it also got me worried. Well obim once told me her father’s name and surname and even though she said his name is James Moeketsi I never thought for a moment that it will be lerato’s father because I mean there are many James Moeketsi’s out there. Now I don’t know how to go about it cause guys I just realised that I dated two sisters and married one of them it’s just fucked up cause I was sure I was done with lerato but now I just found out that she’s my sister in law and I don’t even know how to tell obim…… mxm all of this is just fucked up im telling ya’ll. Anyway im now laying on the couch taking a break before my next meeting and I hear a knock on the door and it opens I sat up straight and it was Jolene my PA… she was holding a brown paper bag it’s probably my lunch***

Jolene: your food sir

***I smiled***

Me: thanks 

***she put it on top of the table and I opened it and it was pork ribs (my favourite) and French fries and I saw her looking at a huge portrait of naledi that is on the wall with a pained look on her face….. ummm ok***

Jolene: she’s beautiful 

Me: yeah she is

***I said that smiling***

Jolene: ummm can I sit down for a minute sir

Me: umm sure

***ok she looked a bit down now***

Jolene: so your ring…does it mean you are married now

***I looked at my ring ***

Me: yeah

Jolene: and I didn’t get an invite I thought I meant something to you sir

***ok what is all this now***

Me: it was an intimate thing but don’t worry you’ll be invited to the white wedding

Jolene: ok….ummm sir can I ask you something and please be honest

Me: sure

Jolene: am I attractive 

***I cleared my throat….what sort of a question is that***

Me: ummm yeah you are I thought I meant something to you sir

***ok what is all this now***

Me: it was an intimate thing but don’t worry you’ll be invited to the white wedding

Jolene: ok….ummm sir can I ask you something and please be honest

Me: sure

Jolene: am I attractive 

***I cleared my throat….what sort of a question is that***

Me: ummm yeah you are why are you asking me that?

Jolene: cause ever since that time we slept together I’ve…. I’ve been in love with you but you don’t even notice me

***the fuck?***

Me: Jolene…

***she interrupted me***

Jolene: I know it’s inappropriate to say all this cause you clearly told me you love someone and I shouldn’t catch feelings and the fact that you are my boss and now you are married but I…I just had to tell you how I feel cause after lerato I thought maybe you’ll see me and notice I how much im in love with you but you didn’t and now you are married

***I sighed God not this please***

Me: look Jolene you are a beautiful girl and you have an amazing body and a kind heart  but I don’t see you like that im sorry you feel like that but I don’t 

***a tear escaped her eye and I got closer to her and I held and she cried fuck why is Jolene doing this to tell you the truth I never knew she felt this way…. I mean not even once has she seduced or even fluttered with me after we fucked one time  when I was at my lowest that time when  naledi broke up with me after lerato beat her up***

Me: look I need you to do me a favour

***she nodded***

Me: I want you to bury or get rid of those feelings cause I belong to someone else now Jolene and I love her with my all and I can never cheat on her no matter what

Jolene: don’t you think I tried Heath but every day they grow stronger

***fuck no***

Me: then im afraid I’ll have to let you go then cause I can’t give you what you want and I also can’t have an awkward working relationship with my PA

*** she sighed looking down and I lifted her face up and looked in her eyes….shame she’s hurt ****

Me: we’ve come a long way Jolene please don’t do this cause I would hate to lose a good PA like you over some one sided feelings

***tears ran down her cheeks and I wiped them****

Me: please

Jolene: ok I’ll try harder

***it came out as a whisper and I sighed with relief and I held her as she sobbed….the truth is I don’t have time to be looking for another PA and still give the new PA time to get used to how I do thing already work is piling up so I need Jolene I mean this girl has been with me for years and she has been good to me and she’s also been doing an amazing job as my PA***

Voice: wow this looks cosy

*** I swear my whole body froze and I let go of Jolene slowly….. I looked at the door and obim was standing there with tears in her eyes fuck I can already see on her face what she’s thinking***

Me: obim it’s not what it looks like

***she didn’t say anything she just walked in and put the basket she was holding on top of the table and she walked to the door…. I got up and ran towards her and I grabbed her arm with my heart beating fast***

Me: let’s talk please

***she swallowed looking away with her bottom lip trembling and I know that happens when she’s extremely hurt or angry……I turned to look at Jolene who was standing there while whipping her tears***

Me: Jolene excuse us and reschedule the rest of my meetings today to another day

Jolene: but sir you….

***I interrupted her***

Me: now Jolene! 

***I said that with a firm voice ***

Jolene: ye….yes sir

***she walked out and closed the door then naledi yanked her arm from my grip and she attempted to walk out but I grabbed her arm again***

Me: obim its not what you think ok…look at me please

Naledi: let go of me heath

*** this is not happening***

Me: look naledi I was just comforting her ok nothing more

***she turned her head and looked at me***

Naledi: when you look at me do you see stupid written on my forehead

Me: ofcourse not obim i…

***she interrupted me***

Naledi: I heard your little chat ok!

***she yelled and I sighed***

Me: so you eavesdropped on our conversation tell me what where you hoping to hear mmmmh

Naledi:  wow you are just unbelievable….. just let go of me please

*** she said that with a breaking voice***

Me: no we gonna sit down and talk like married couple should

***she’s not going anywhere until we resolve this***

Naledi: I have nothing to say to you now let go of me

***I clenched my jaws while looking at her intensely***

Me: naledi listen carefully cause im gonna say this once….. we are not going to fight over Jolene cause besides the fact that she’s just my PA she’s not an important factor whatsoever! 

***I warned her and she just kept quiet***

Me: im not cheating on you and I’ll never cheat on you cause I love you and you know that

***she rolled her eyes…. Wait did she just roll her eyes at me***

Me: do that again just roll your eyes at me again and you’ll see what I’ll do to you!

***I warned her and she looked away***

Naledi: just let go of me Heath 

***she said that trying to wiggle her arm out of my grip but I didn’t let her go***

Me: what do you want me to say to convince you that nothing is going on between me and her?

Naledi: nothing you don’t owe me any explanation I mean it’s your life and you can do whatever you wanna do with it

***I was getting upset cause I can see what she’s trying to do…… so I let her go and I went to lock the door and I put the key in my pocket and I looked at her….. she looked upset and I sighed feeling like shit cause im the reason she is***

Me: naledi…..

***she interrupted me***

Naledi: you know I knew you were too good to be true but because im a fool I fell for your charms

***I gave her the “wtf” look…fuck I sincerely  hope it’s her hormones that made her say that to me ***

Naledi: I mean why would a guy like you fall for an albino girl like me mmmh

***I closed my eye while clenching my jaws getting pissed off by the second now***

Me: naledi!

***I warned her but she continued***

Naledi: I mean my own mother despises me my father wanted me dead my baby daddy abandoned me and the only person I trusted with my life chose his son who tried to rape me over me and then disowned me when I tried to stand up for myself ….. I mean why would you stay faithful to a damaged thing like me i….

*** I interrupted her***


***I roared and she kept quiet with tear running down her cheeks***


***I said that breathing heavily***

Me: if you’re saying all this to hurt me naledi know that it’s working ok its fucken working!

*** she didn’t say anything she just looked away while breathing heavily*** 

Me: look it might have been wrong of me to console Jolene I get that and im sorry ok 

***she continued to keep quiet then she went to the couch and sat down and she buried her face in her hands I sighed and i went to sit next to her…… im not fighting with my wife because of my PA NEVER!***

Naledi: do you have feelings for her

***she finally spoke***

Me: no I don’t I’ve never looked at her like that before obim

Naledi: if so then why is she still your PA

*** I sighed***

Me: cause she’s good at her job naledi and I don’t have time to be looking for another PA

Naledi: please open the door I wanna go home

Me: naledi!

Naledi: please heath I don’t wanna be here ok I shouldn’t have come in the first place

Me: you are not leaving this office until we solve this 

Naledi: heath please

***she said standing up and she wiped her tears***

Me: im dead serious naledi we’re not fighting because of Jolene

***she kept quiet and sat down again and I sighed***

Me: obim im sorry you walked in on that I swear with all my kids’ lives im not cheating on you or even have feelings for her….. I love you naledi only you

***she looked away and I got closer to her***

Me: I love you obim please let’s not fight over this you’re not supposed to stress you’ll upset my kids please

***I said putting my hand on her belly*** 

Naledi: you once got mad when kitso called me and you even told me to stay away from him and I did even though he’s my baby daddy and now I find you holding your fuck buddy and im supposed to smile cause im the wife and she’s a non-factor 

Me: ofcourse not obim 

Naledi: then what is it heath how do you think it makes me feel to find out that you once slept with your PA and she’s still working for you and now she just confessed her undying love to you

***I looked down…shit she heard the whole thing***

Naledi: I came here to have lunch with my husband only to find another woman in his arms how do you expect me to feel heath mmmmh

Me: im sorry obim….. I love you naledi and only you

Naledi: please open the door I want to leave

Me: obim please

Naledi: you’ll find me at home please open the door 

***I sat there looking down…. Fuck she’s hurt***

Naledi: its either her or me heath im tired of  always being someone’s second best or being  forced to understand certain things even though I don’t….. I want you to make your decision now so I know where I stand with you





*** heath looked at naledi with a pained look cause he just realised that naledi doesn’t believe how much she means to him for her to be making him to choose between his PA and herself***

Heath: naledi

***he called her name and naledi didn’t even look at her***

Heath: do you even know how much you mean to me

Naledi: I thought I did but not anymore

***he swallowed***

Heath: the fact that all that rubbish that happened with Jolene made you doubt my love for you it means you don’t know how much I love you and live for you

***she didn’t say anything***

Heath: fine I’ll fire her but know that im disappointed at you

*** she continued to keep quiet…. Then he remembered his granny’s words when she told him about the obstacles they will face before they reach the end of the tunnel and he sighed***

Heath: I love you ok and im sorry you walked in on that obim

Naledi: Mamiki called

***she said not even looking at him and he frowned looking at her***

Heath: your mother

***she nodded***

Heath: what did she want?

Naledi: kitso and his father went to see her and he convinced her to try and convince me to let him have a relationship with Lesedi 

*** Heath chuckled not believing what he was hearing***

Naledi: why is It that every time im happy people try to ruin it

Heath: obim!

Naledi: I was happy heath for the first time in my life I relaxed and let my guard down and let all the happiness I was feeling take over then kitso happens and he’s trying by all means to push his was into my life after breaking me and then I come to seek comfort from my supposed husband and I find him with another woman in his arms what have I done to deserve all this heath am I such an abomination that happiness refuses to stay with me

***she said that crying and heath held her tight feeling like someone just punched him below his belt***

Heath: im sorry obim….. im really sorry I promise I’ll fix things please don’t cry

*** she just cried on his chest as mamiki’s words played in her head….. heath then cupped her face and planted a kiss on her lips***

Heath: I’ll fire Jolene and I’ll have a talk with that dickhead ex of yours ok….. please don’t stress ok

***she nodded***

Heath: and im sorry you found me comforting another woman and I swear on my unborn babies never again my love ok

***she nodded and he kissed her forehead***




**** well Mbali was attending only two lectures today and she was done with one and she was on her way to another one when her phone rang and it was Ray…. She smiled with her heart beating fast then she answered***

Mbali: hey

Ray: princess change of plans Im gonna send you a knew address where we gonna meet

Mbali: ooh ok

Ray: yeah you know how your brother’s are so meeting in public might get you in trouble and we don’t want that right

Mbali: ummm yeah sure

*** she said disappointed “so he doesn’t wanna be seen in public with me” she thought to herself***

Ray: ooh and pack an overnight bag cause you gonna need it tomorrow morning and don’t forget your books cause you’ll leave from here to your lectures tomorrow morning

Mbali: huh? But I though we are just gonna have lunch

Ray: just pack an overnight bag princess I’ll see you in three hours’ time and please don’t be late

Mbali: oh ok

*** she said confused a bit then he dropped the call and soon her phone beeped and it was an address and the apartment number she sighed and dialled her brother nhlaka’s numbers ***

Nhlaka: baby girl

Mbali: bhuti unjani( how are you)

Nhlaka: im good my love and you

Mbali: im good too…..ummm bhuti tonight im gonna go for a pyjama party at one of my friends place it’s her birth day and that’s how she wants to celebrate it instead of going to a club or something

Nhlaka: mmmmh

Mbali: so im going and I’ll come back tomorrow

***she said that crossing her fingers***

Nhlaka: what about your lectures princess

Mbali: i’ll attend bhuti I’ll go  straight from her place

Nhlaka: alright and you better call me if something happens ok

Mbali: I will bhuti I love you and thank you

Nhlaka: I love you too and take care of yourself ok

Mbali: I will bhuti bye

Nhlaka: bye

***then he  ended the call and she breathed out loud her hands were even shaking and she felt bad lying to her brother like that but she also was curious of how her date with Ray will be like…. Anyway she went to attend her last lecturer*** 




*** Well she arrived at the address Ray send her and she was nervous as hell she drove in and found a parking spot and she got out and also took out her over-night bag and she locked the car and walked in she got in an elevator and she got off on the second floor and walked to the door and she knocked then ray opened he was shirtless and Mbali swallowed hard when her eyes landed on his hard abs ***

Ray: princess come in

***he said that with a smile on his face and she did and when she turned around to face him she found him standing behind her with his hands in his pocket***

Ray: hey

Mbali: hi

***she said shyly and Ray got closer to her and he took her bag and put it on the floor and he put his big hand on her waist and cupped her face with another one and he planted a wet kiss on her lips***

Ray: thank you for coming

***she just nodded with her cheeks turning red and Ray leaned in for another kiss and this time he deepened the kiss making Mbali to moan softly his hand that was on her waist travelled to her ass and he squeezed it tight and he groaned as he pushed her closer to his body and she felt his boner……..she pulled out of the kiss and looked down shyly***

Ray: I cooked something for us but for now I just want to bury myself inside of you 

***he said that and kissed her forehead and Mbali just swallowed hard at that statement***

Mbali: huh?

***she asked confused and Ray kissed her forehead and he smirked***

Ray: what did I say earlier on today at your apartment?

***she swallowed***

Mbali: that…that im yours and you hate sharing

Ray: mmmmh and now I just wanna bury my face between your legs then have you for dessert  

***he said that and smashed his lips onto hers and she just stood there frozen***


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