*** They finally arrived at Adanma’s fathers’ house and they got out of the cars and Adanma ran to the door***

Ray: let me guess she’s going to cry to daddy and mommy

Mr.masden: Ray behave please

***ray smiled***

Ray: ofcourse father

Nomvula: yeah right

***she said that rolling her eyes***

Ray: father please tell your wife not to start with me please I don’t have the energy for her

***Mr Masden just huffed and walked to the door leaving them and Nomvula followed him and  Diego just chuckled***

Ray: we won’t take long 

***Diego nodded he knew he had to remain in the car…. Well Ray went after his parents…. they finally got inside and a house maid showed them to the lounge and they sat down***

Maid: Mr and Mrs Nwokoye will be with you shortly

**** Mr Masden nodded and the maid walked away***

Nomvula: and ray you better sit there quiet and let me and your father handle this ok

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: only father has a right to tell me that dearest mother

Nomvula: and im your mother Raymond in case you have forgotten 

Ray: ooh who can forget to have a mother like you

***he said that to Nomvula and her eyes popped out then she frowned looking hurt and angry*** 

Mr.masden: enough you two!

***he warned them***

Mr.masden: chai….  (God why?)…….. Can’t you two at least pretend to tolerate each other until we leave this place for Pete’s sake?

Ray: sorry father

*** then he smirked at his mother who was breathing heavily with anger brewing inside of her as she looked at her son she knew he lived to make her suffer for cheating on her husband and she had learned to ignore him but it’s like every time he’s around he has a new way of getting to her….. Anyway Mr and Mrs Nwokoye walked in the lounge with Adanma who looked like she was busy crying a river and they sat down***

Mr.Nwokoye: mike is this why you called for this urgent meeting to bring back my daughter whom the two of you came here in my house and claimed that you want her to be your daughter in law

***he asked with an angry voice***

Mr.masden: can you just give me a chance to explain things Jasper 


***she said that looking angry***

Ray: with all due respect Mrs whomever your surname is don’t raise your voice when you speak to my father if your husband is used to you disrespecting him well do that to him and not my father I hope we understand each other

***he warned her and she looked at him with an angry face***

Mrs.Nwokoye: heeeeh…. Repeat what you just said to me

***she said that holding her ear dramatically waiting for ray to repeat himself***

Ray: in simple terms what I said is respect yourself or some of us will teach you how

***Mr Masden just shook his head defeated at Ray and Mrs Masden just threw her hands up also defeated***

Mrs.Nwokoye: boy do you know who the hell I am who do you think you are talking to me like that in my house!

***she said that looking like she’s ready to skin Ray alive***

Ray: well Madam  are you the president’s wife perhaps?  

Mr.Nwokoye: ENOUGH!

***Ray gave him a bored look***

Mr.Nwokoye: if you have nothing better to say just shut up or better yet leave my house…. You won’t come to my house and insult my wife you hear me

Ray: ooh but its fine for your wife to disrespect my father

Mr.masden: Raymond please my son stop

***he pleaded with him as he could see that he was getting angry and Ray clenched his jaws looking at Adanma’s father with deadly eyes***

Mr.masden: Jasper I called for this meeting so I can bring back your daughter cause my son rejected her and there’s nothing I  can do to change his mind you see my son is already engaged and the girl is pregnant for him so that’s why we are here

Mr.masden: is this a return goods address mike

***Ray wanted to say “YES” but he held himself***

Mr.masden: ofcourse not Jasper but there’s nothing I can do he made it clear that he doesn’t want her

***he said that with an annoyed voice*** 

Mrs.Nwokoye: so Rain (Nomvula) you failed to keep your promise mmmmh

Nomvula: I tried Joy ok but I don’t know what that girl fed my son bu…..

***Ray interrupted her***

Ray: I see  that gun that was pointed at you didn’t make you put a tight leash on your mouth 

***he said that to his mother***

Adanma: she’s right that sick whore bewitched him I mean why would he choose an albino girl over all this mommy

Ray: because you are a useless whore who sleeps around

***everyone gasped and her eyes popped out***

Mrs.Nwokoye: don’t talk to my daughter like that ok my girl respects herself

***Ray laughed out loud***

Mr.masden: son what’s going on

Ray: well dad you know im a man right and you also know that when a naked woman stands in your opened door way naked what happens to little man below our belts

Mr.masden: AKUNNA!

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: ok ok…. Well Adanma here came to my room last night and asked me to have sex with her and I did

***everyone gasped***


***she said that with a shaky voice then Ray took out his phone from his pocket and he played the recording and as soon as they heard her voice and the things she said before they started fucking they all gasped with shock….. as for her father he stood up while her mother was in tears***

Mr.Nwokoye: enough switch it off!

Ray: wait for the part when she starts screaming my name


***he shouted and Ray did***

Mr.masden: nx now I see why my son rejected her your daughter is loose ad im glad Ezeudo saw the woman she is and rejected her who would want her a wife

***he stood up***

Mr.Masden: let’s go

***he said to his wife and son and they also stood up***

Mrs.Masden: ooh and Joy I’ll see you at the woman’s league and I hope my new seat will be waiting for me

***she said that smirking at her and Ray just shook his head as he saw what his mother just did…..by now Mr Nwokoye walked out of the lounge going upstairs embarrassed as hell and Mr Masden was already by the door and he walked out  and his wife also walked out***

Ray: word of advice to the two of you whatever diabolical plan you had with my family you better abort it this minute or else this recording will be send to your husband’s associates  with your daughter’s face plastered all over it…..ok

***all this time Adanma was busy crying and Ray walked out and he got in the car and Diego drove out of the yard***

Nomvula: wow that went well


***he warned her and everyone went silent in the car even Ray***


***He roared leaving everyone in the car shocked***

Nomvula: w….what?

*** that came out like a whisper***


Nomvula: you…you are just angry my love you don’t mean it

Mr.masden: oooh I mean it Nomvula im taking a second wife and that’s that and if you have a problem with that then take your shit and leave my house I see you have forgotten who I am Nomvula and that you are taking an advantage to the fact that I love you and that I will do anything for you 

***he said that with no care in the world and a sob escaped nomvula’s mouth***

Mr.Masden: and if you know what’s good for you you will accept Ezeudo’s fiancée and treat her good or else you’ll know me nx

*** and silence filled the car…….well soon they arrived at home and they all got out and went inside the house Diego and Ray went upstairs to get ready to leave while Nomvula went after her husband and she found him in his study pouring himself a drink***

Nomvula: my love please let’s talk about this look I know im difficult sometimes and im sorry my husband I love you Michael please don’t do this

Mr.masden: are you done?

***he asked not even looking at her***

Nomvula: Michael please im sorry ok

Mr.masden: Nomvula please leave my study I need to call my elders about the second wife issue

***tears ran down her cheeks***

Nomvula: Michael if you take a second wife I swear I’ll kill myself

Mr.masden: and don’t worry I’ll mourn your death now leave I have an Important call to make

Nomvula: Michael plea…..

***he interrupted her***

Mr.masden: LEAVE WOMAN!

***he roared and she got startled a bit***

Mr.masden: I SAID LEAVE!

*** he roared again and she walked out crying she couldn’t believe Michael was doing this to her…… she never thought he would speak to her like that or let alone take a second wife she now realised that she pushed him too far but one thing that she will never let happen is another woman coming to reap where she didn’t sow***




*** Upstairs ray was with Diego in his room they just got off the phone with Mateo***

Diego: do you think the old man was serious jefe?

Ray: to tell you the truth I don’t know he sounded serious though……  but whatever decision he makes I’ll support him he deserves some happiness and respect too even if it’s from a second wife cause for years now mother has been calling the shots without father even being aware I just hope he get a tough and fearless woman cause I don’t think mother dearest will accept all  that just like that

*** Diego chuckled***

Diego: yeah you’re right….. mh mh mh there’s gonna be world war 15 in this house if he’s serious about the second wife issue im telling you jefe

*** Ray chuckled***

Ray: true…… I just hope his heart will be able to handle all of it …… anyway give me the burner-phone and let me call Deshaun

***he handed him the phone and Ray dialled his numbers and he answered***

Deshaun: yeah

Ray: is that how you answer your phone now Dee?

***Deshaun chuckled***

Deshaun: SAM BULL ( Sambulo) my man

***he said that with a happy tone… well he calls him that***

Ray: yeah….. how far naw ( how are you)

***he asked with a cold tone***

Deshaun: im kickin and screamin my man and you

Ray: well im surviving

Deshaun: what’s up Sam bull you sound cold or is it me? 

Ray: what have you done Dee?

***he asked him with a serious voice***

Deshaun: what are you talking about man?

Ray: how long have we been friends and brothers Deshaun?

Deshaun: like forever man

Ray: so now why would you betray me man

Deshaun: what are you talking about I don’t get you man? 

Ray: well I found out who snitched on us and guess who that person is

Deshaun: I hope you not saying it’s me Ray you know I also invested millions in those containers so I also stand to lose if the authorities don’t release them

Ray: I didn’t say it was you who snitched but someone close to you did

Deshaun: what? Who?

Ray: Derrick

Deshaun: which Derrick

Ray: your right hand man

***then Deshaun chuckled***

Deshaun: no no you are mistaken man Derrick would never do that to me

Ray: im not asking you Dee im telling you and if you don’t sort that piece of shit out know that im coming there and I’ll do it myself and you know how I roll his family will also suffer 

***Deshaun breathed out***

Deshaun: I’ll handle him you don’t have to come man

***he said that defeated***

Ray: you are getting soft Deshaun and your enemies might strike when they learn that….. pull yourself up and stop letting boys do as they want right under your nose you are becoming a fucken liability and that’s not on man pull your fucken self-up or im coming that side and I’ll beat you right back to your fucken senses nx

***then he dropped the call looking angry*** 


*** well I have been good and im trying to pick all the pieces of my broken heart and also trying to put them together slowly but surely and  im sure I’ll get there soon mmmmh well yesterday I had a chat over the phone with “just ray” and I must say I enjoyed our conversation. He’s a funny man and I couldn’t believe that he’s actually Nigerian because he looks coloured or something mmmmh well yesterday I had a chat over the phone with “just ray” and I must say I enjoyed our conversation. He’s a funny man and I couldn’t believe that he’s actually Nigerian because he looks coloured or something aarg well I also look coloured or white and im actually a Zulu lady so I understand…. Anyway I can’t wait for our lunch date today I know he’s way older than me but I can’t help it cause he’s just handsome and again there’s something that pulls me towards him even though I try by all means to hold myself and I can’t explain it and again besides the fact that he looks way younger than his age there’s something about him that just make me want to know him more ( Gosh my brothers are gonna skin me alive)……anyway the doorbell rang and I got up to open it and booooom Kyle was standing there looking like he hasn’t slept for days***

Me: what are you doing here?

***I asked him with a frown on my face***

Kyle: can we talk please

***he pleaded***

Me: I have nothing to say to you Kyle so please leave

Kyle: im not going anywhere until we talk princess im sorry ok I know I messed up big time and im sorry my love but please forgive me

Me: Kyle please leave ok I have nothing to say to you so leave and go to your baby mama

Kyle: I can’t princess I love you and only you  ok and not her

Me: then why did you sleep with her if you loved me mmmmh tell me Kyle what is it that I didn’t give you that made you cheat mmmmh

***i said that with tears in my eyes***

Kyle: nothing baby im…

***i interrupted him***

Me: if it’s nothing then why did you cheat?

Kyle: I was drunk princess ok I know it’s not excuse for what I did but I was drunk

*** I wiped my tears as they fell uncontrollably***

Me: so what you are saying to me is every time you are drunk I should expect you to cheat mmmh ?

***I asked him getting angry now that hurt I felt was slowly being replaced by anger****

Kyle: ofcourse not baby look I’ve learned my  lesson ok I swear  I’ll never cheat on you ever again my love please forgive me baby im nothing without you

Me: just leave Kyle we are over and the sooner you accept that the better

***he then grabbed my arm as I was about to close the door and he tightened the grip ***

Kyle: you are mine Mbali you hear me we will never be over and the sooner you accept that the better for you

Voice: you wanna bet boy

***gosh I know that voice….. and he soon stood next to Kyle by the door and my eyes popped out ….. Kyle looked at me and  then he looked at me wait what was he doing here I thought we were meeting later anyway I quickly freed my wrist from Kyle’s grip and i wiped my tears off gosh I look like a mess***

Ray: move boy

***he said that with a straight face and I swallowed***

Kyle: baby what’s going on who’s this

***I kept quiet cause first of all im no longer his baby and secondly im still surprised by “just Ray’s” unexpected visit***

Ray: I thought I just said move little boy

***he said that taking one step closer to kyle’s face and I saw Kyle swallow and he  moved out of the way and “just Ray” walked to me and  within a blink of an eye he kissed me….. his one hand was cupping my face while his other hand was holding my waist tight…..gosh I found myself kissing him back with my eyes closed after the sweetness off the kiss washed off all that shock I had when the kiss started well that’s  until he violently moved away from me and I opened my eyes to find  Kyle holding his expensive suit jacket violently and my eyes popped out with shock***


***he roared and “Just Ray” chuckled***

Ray: well I must commend you for your guts but boy boy if you don’t get your filthy hand off my expensive jacket I’ll break it into pieces

***he said that with a chilled voice which held so much authority in it and I swallowed hard***


*** Well out of the blue “just Ray“ grabbed Kyle with his throat and he roughly pushed him to the wall and Kyle hit it hard with his back and I saw “just Ray” squeeze his hand tight around Kyle’s neck…… I could see he was struggling  to breathe and I just stood there frozen I couldn’t even utter a single word ***

Ray: first thing first you should never in your fucken life touch me like that  ever again and secondly you gonna be a little good boy and walk out of here and never set your little feet here again or I’ll chop of that little dick that you go around drilling in every hole you meet do I make myself clear?

*** Kyle was busy chocking trying to free “just Ray’s” hand from his neck but his attempts were just futile so he quickly nodded and “just Ray” let him go the truth is I wanted to go to Kyle and help him up from the floor as he slid down coughing hysterically but I couldn’t cause “just Ray” looked deadly***

Ray: now get up from that floor and get the fuck out from here before I fucken kill you this time!

***he said that with a chilled voice again and I swallowed hard again….. I’ve seen this “chilled voice” thingy with my brother Smiso and I know when he’s like this he’s extremely angry and I think the same thing was happening with “just Ray”***

Me: Kyle please go

***I said that with a low voice and he looked up at me with a shocked expression but I looked down***

Ray: let’s get in princess

***then he looked at Kyle***

Ray: when I come out I better find you gone cause  if you don’t pick your teeth on the floor one by one  you’ll fucken end up in ICU if not dead 

***then he pushed me inside gently and he also got in and closed the door and he locked it and turned to look at me and I looked down …… I then felt his long fingers under my chin and he lifted up my face and I looked up and our eyes locked….. gosh what’s happening to me I suddenly felt my knees go weak….” Mbali he’s way older than you” is what was playing in my head but my heart was busy beating fast out of its rib cage***

Ray: did he hurt you

***I slowly shook my head no and he breathed out***

Ray: ok anyway something told me to come passed by your place before heading for my meeting and im glad I listened to it

***I tried to swallow but I couldn’t  gosh my throat just decided to be dry all of a sudden and I didn’t know why and as for my pounding hard heart im not even gonna say anything about it now***

Ray: call me if he troubles you again ok

*** he said that  with a soft voice with his eyes still locked with mine and I nodded like a small child then he got closer and he kissed my lips then my forehead and the tip of my nose***

Ray: I’ll see you after my meeting ok

Me: Ooohk

***I said that in a whisper then he whispered to me***

Ray: you better stay away from that stupid boy cause you are mine now and I hate sharing

***he kissed my forehead and he walked out leaving me shocked to the core…… I managed to walk to the couch slowly and I sat down and I exhaled loudly gosh I didn’t even realise that I was holding my breath***

Me: ooh my God what just happened

***I said that to myself not believing what just happened I mean “just Ray” kissed me on my lips and not once but twice or is it three times…no I think it was twice ***





*** well after ray left Mbali’s apartment he went to his car with a smile on his face and Diego drove to Jase’s company for the meeting Ray had with him…..soon they arrived and Ray got out with Diego and they went inside they got to his floor and they found his PA busy on his computer and Ray told him about his appointment with Jase and after making a call to Jase he allowed him to go in while Diego waited outside on the couches***

Jase: La Parca himself

***they shook hands***

Ray: mmmmh Kray my man howzit? 

Jase: surviving man and you

Ray: also surviving man you know how the jungle is out there

***Jase chuckled***

Jase: I hear you man so when did you arrive this side

Ray: well it’s been days now

Jase: mmmmh you know I was shocked that you made an appointment to come see me where else you could’ve just called me

Ray: I decided to do things that normal people do like making an appointment to see someone

***they both laughed***

Jase: drink?

Ray: of course

***Jase went to pour them drinks and Ray went to the wall where different pictures of the khumalo family members were and he saw princesses pictures and he smirked admiring her beauty***

Ray: nice family you have here

***he said receiving a glass from Jase***

Jase: yeah but they are a handful I must say

Ray: I know what you mean man

***they went and sat down on the couches***

Jase: so what’s up 

Ray: im here to cash in on that favour you owe me

***Jase raised his eyebrow***

Jase: ooh

Ray: yeah

***Jase sighed***

Jase: ok im listening

Ray: my containers are being held by authorities off shore in Cape Town so I really need them released as in yesterday

Jase: ooh ok what happened don’t tell me your papers weren’t  straight man that’s so unlike you

Ray: nah it’s not that someone snitched on me

Jase:  and who’s that fool

Ray: someone who’s about to regret it so?

Jase: how long have they been in customs?

Ray: a few days

Jase: ok I can work with that

Ray: so how long will it take?

Jase: two to three day

Ray: ok not bad

Jase: so are you thinking of moving this side

Ray: I haven’t decided yet but lately I think I found a good enough reason to make me want to move this side

***Jase raised his eyebrow***

Jase: a woman?

***Ray chuckled and he gulped down his drink and he stood up*** 

Ray: yeah the future Mrs La Parca

***he said that with smirk on his face and Jase laughed***

Jase: mmmmh I hope I’ll get the wedding invite to come see you being tide down by a woman with my own eyes

***Ray laughed***

Ray: believe me you’ll definitely get one

Jase: good

Ray: ok then Kray my man let me get going I’ll wait for your call

Jase: yeah

***they shook hands again and he walked to the door and he stopped and turned***

Ray: marriage life suits you chale I mean we had a decent conversation without you insulting or threatening me  

***Jase laughed***

Jase: fuck off Ray man

***Ray laughed***

Ray: oops I guess I spoke too soon

***they laughed and Jase showed him the middle finger and Ray walked out laughing….. then Jase dialled his brother’s numbers and he answered on the third ring***

Snakes: bafo

Jase: foza guess who just left my office

Snakes: Ray

Jase: yeah and he came to cash in on that  favour I owe him

Snakes: ok what did he want?

Jase: his containers are being held by authorities off shore in Cape Town so he needs them released ASAP

Snakes: at least he didn’t want us to help him win a war or something

Jase: yeah at least

Snakes: so why are his containers held in custom

Jase: someone snitched on him and he said his papers are legit 

Snakes: then it won’t be a problem I’ll handle it

Jase: thanks foza

Snakes: sho….ohh and did you get my messages

***Jase chuckled***

Jase: those messages about shamba or simba the lion that was killed for attacking its owner

Snakes: mmmmh our brother from another mother was killed man taken down in cold blood for defending our land from the white man

***jase laughed*** 

Jase: what are you talking about now mamba?

Snakes: shamba the lion bafo

Jase: ok a lion is our brother from another mother?

Snakes: yeah I mean we have half human half animals in our family so in a way he’s our brother from another mother you get me

****jase laughed out loud*** 

Jase: you are sick mamba seriously sick

***he continued to laugh and snakes joined him***

Snakes: yeah you should have seen the condolences on new24 pouring in for shamba’s family it was hilarious bafo others were even claiming to rename itiger (R10) after shamba 

***Jase continued to laugh*** 

Snakes: they even said Kruger national park should be named Shamba national park

***they laughed***

Snakes: im telling you south African are messed up in the head bafo I mean no one cared to ask about the white dude shamba attacked they only send  #RestInPeace messages to shamba praising him about the battle he fought with the white man

Jase: snakes stop please

Snakes: dude even Julius malema said an inquiry should be opened for the authorities to investigate further cause shamba was defending himself from the white man that wanted to take his land

***jase was now in stitches***

Snakes: eish shambiro tried but he failed foza I also say he must rest in peace at least he died trying to take his land back from the white man so my respect to him

***they both laughed jase even had tears running down his cheeks***

Snakes: eeh shap bafo let me get back to work 

Jase: sha…shap…..

***they ended the call and Jase continued to laugh

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