*** RAYMOND***

*** well it makes me happy to see my brother happy and Im not gonna lie I was surprised that the woman he loves is actually an albino but damn she’s a beautiful one at that I mean even her body is fine I must admit and I can see that Ezeh most of the times in fact all the time he’s possessive when it comes to her and I don’t blame him I also would be if I were in his shoes. Well I must say im proud of him because he chose well and well as for saving that girl Mbali I must say whatever happened to me that night is still a mystery to me even now. That feeling I had that edged me to take that short left was just creepy if I may say well she’s one beautiful young lady in fact she’s extremely beautiful and im glad I was her knight in shining armour last night but I was disappointed when I learned which family she belongs to but hey I’m La Parca and I always get what I want and this time I think I want her even though she’s way younger than me cause since she left my place she’s all I think about I just hope she doesn’t mess up and mention my name to his crazy brothers cause now I don’t have the strength to deal with them. Anyway now im on my way to Tsholo and John’s place ( princess O’s mother and step father) with Diego while Mateo with stay behind and deal with some things well jabs gave me their home address and I’m just gonna pay them a little visit before we head for the airport cause we are flying to Nigeria tonight with my father and his “wives” like Mj said……well we finally arrived and we parked outside the yard and we both went inside and I knocked on the front  door and Tsholo opened and the shocked look on her face was just priceless***

Tsholo: R…Ray

Me: the one and only….. can we come in?

***she swallowed hard and made way for us to get in and we did mmmmh this bitch‘s house is  actually nice***

Me: this is my friend Diego and bros this is Tsholo princess O’s mother

*** and Diego just nodded and we sat down***

Me: where is your husband?

Tsholo: he’s resting ummm this is a shocking surprise so what are you doing here

Me: be a sweetheart and call your husband for me will you

Tsholo: why

***I gave her the look***

Tsholo: hey he’s my husband so I want to know why my ex’s brother wants with him

Diego: esta perra está tan llena de ella y su jefe molesto (this bitch is so full of herself and its annoying boss) 

*** I chuckled***

Tsholo: what did he say?

Me: he said he wishes to fuck you senselessly 

*** Diego laughed ***

Tsholo: askies?

Me: yeah so are you gonna call him or should I go wake him up myself

Tsholo: mxm

***she stood up and walked down the passage***

Diego: what drug was your brother smoking when he got this shit of a woman pregnant boss?

*** I laughed***

Me: maybe she used witchcraft Diego I mean I wouldn’t put it passed her

*** we chuckled and soon she came back with her dick of a husband and he greeted us and also sat down and I looked at Diego and we spoke with our eyes and I looked at my watch and he stood up and locked the door and stood there***

John: what the hell are you doing?


*** I indicated that they should shut up but the bitch decided to talk nx***

Tsholo: you know I knew you brought nothing but trouble here now get the fuck out of our house

*** I chuckled***

Me: john tell me who’s a man between you and her cause now I have a feeling she calls the shots in here

John: im the man and I also say leave my house

Me: not convincing I mean when she said it it sounded masculine but with you you sound like a horny bitch 

***Diego chuckled***

John: who the fuck do you think you are coming to my house and insult me you bastard

Me: still sound like a horny bitch to me….. Estoy en lo ciento Dee mi hombre? (am I right Dee my man?)

Diego: sí jefe ( yes boss)

*** he said that and chuckled***

Tsholo: you know what im calling the cops

Me: go right ahead I mean I wonder what they will say about your husband molesting a child more over your own daughter….. mmmmh I wonder what the press will say 

*** john’s eyes popped out and Tsholo swallowed hard…. All along I was smiling at them but deep inside I was fuming I wanted to chop this motherfucker to pieces but nope I couldn’t do it I had a mission at hand and plus heath was right death is too easy for this piece of shit I want the both of them to suffer first***

Diego: they will have a filled day with them boss

***he said that with his Spanish accent and he chuckled***

Diego: imagine this boss: husband rapes step daughter and the girl’s mother cheers him on….mmh mmh mmmmh

*** he said that and laughed and I joined him he can be crazy when he wants to***

Me: mmmmh lovely heading Dee my man

*** they didn’t say anything all I saw is Tsholo’s skin turning pale and john looking like he wants to die***

John: what do you want?

Me: to divorce this bitch ASAP

Tsholo: WHAT?

Me: mmmmh and you should contact your lawyer before midnight and tell him to start with the procedure immediately 

John: you are fucken crazy I won’t divorce my wife you hear me

Tsholo: yes tell him baby

Me: 1 million Rands cash

*** he kept quiet a bit***

John: what?

Me: R500 000 after signing the papers and making sure she does too and another R500 000 after the divorce is finalised 

***he swallowed hard***

Tsholo: baby tell him to fuck off

***the nigga kept quiet….mmmh got him exactly where I want him nx fucken pussy and Diego chuckled***

Diego: oh oh he’s thinking about it jefe

***I just smirked looking at him believe me if you see Diego fooling around know that he’s amused as fuck***

Tsholo: baby…. John tell him to fuck off

John: will you keep quiet please im trying to think eish!

*** he said that with an annoyed voice and I looked at Diego and he smirked while holding a laugh***

Me: so?

***he brushed his head looking down***

Tsholo: jo…john tell him to leave us in peace please

***she said that with a shaky voice and I smiled….” Mmmmh it hurts right bitch when someone you love chooses another thing over you mmmmh” I thought to myself….. nx he’s taking too long to think about it so let me add more gasoline on the already burning fire***

Me: look I know your business is liquidated and your money was stolen or something like that and you are in debts man I mean Kenny also wants his money so think about it carefully this bitch is a liability to you and she’s what’s standing between you and a million Rands chale 

John: how…how do you know about money being stolen from my company and Kenny? 

Me: I have eyes and ears everywhere so what is it gonna be make it snappy  I have a flight to catch

Tsholo: john I love you please don’t give in to this can’t you see what he’s trying to do

Me: well I want him to divorce your fucken ass that’s not a secret 

***she cried and I sighed annoyed***


***I shouted annoyed***

John: im…. Im sorry Tsholo but i…. I need the money

Tsholo: john don’t do this please

***she said crying***

Me: 109876…

John: fine I’ll do it I’ll divorce her

*** I smirked***


***she shouted crying looking hurt and angry…..mmmmh good….pain I like it***


***he shouted back and I smiled like a retard I guess my job here is done and I stood up***

Me: I’ll transfer half of the money once you two have signed and the divorce is filed

***I took out my card and threw it at him***

Me: remember I have eyes and ears everywhere and Tsholo is not nice abi when someone you love is choosing something else over you mmmh but hey its life right just like you chose to save your marriage over believing and protecting your own daughter well he also just chose to save his ass over you and that makes me fucken happy

***I sad that and I smirked at her she was busy crying and I just walked to the door and Diego unlocked it and we walked out***

Diego: and i thought we were gonna beat him until he agrees or even threaten to kill his children

Me: john loves money more than anything oooh and little girls too so I knew he was gonna do as I said but he doesn’t know he won’t even enjoy a cent from that money 

***we laughed driving away***

Diego: I wish I did the same thing to Ricardo 

*** I sighed***

Me: well this is nothing compared to what you did to him

Diego: he broke her boss when I met her she was just a shell 

Me: but you brought her back to life and today you are married to her and you even have kids together and she’s happy and that bastard was raped until he died of a heart attack in prison

Diego: and I wouldn’t have done it without you

Me: well even though you and Mateo call me jefe (boss) but the three of us know we are brothers and we got each other’s backs always remember only death will do us apart as brothers

Diego: hear hear!

Me: yeah now let’s stop with all this emotional talk shit before we start crying like little bitches

***we laughed***

Diego: yeah we should stop

*** well Mateo and Diego may call me boss but we are more like brothers we even went to some witch doctor in the deep woods in some village in Congo and took an oath of loyalty they even have some shares in my businesses  so forget about this jefe(boss)  business they just used to being my bodyguards and calling me jefe that I got tired of telling them to stop well the thing is I saved them from some  drug lord in Cuba  after they failed their mission that was given to them by him he wanted to execute them and something in me told me to save them and I did and I don’t regret my decision even today and  since then they just behave like they owe me their lives even though I told them they don’t….anyway  we continued to laugh and we conversed about other things until we arrived at the airport and we took our bags and went to my private jet and we got in and found father and his “wives” waiting and Diego and I went to sit with him mother was busy reading a book while Adanma was sleeping***

Dad: you took your time

Me: was busy dealing with some things

Dad: what things

***I sighed***

Me: Tsholo’s husband molested princess O weeks ago and that retarded bitch called her a liar and chose her husband over her own daughter

Dad: WHAT?

Me: its ok dad relax will you Heath Jabs and I got this he’s gonna pay more than he already is now so relax remember you have a plastic heart it might start melting now if you heat up

*** Diego chuckled and dad smiled looking at me***

Dad: you do know you are not too old to be butt whipped right?

***we laughed**

Me: ooh please you only did that once and I didn’t speak to you for like two days and you couldn’t handle my silent treatment and you got sick

***we laughed again***

Dad: fine I can just pay junior 200 000 naira just to annoy the hell out of you and I’ll be happy

*** we laughed again***

Me: don’t even dare it father please that son of yours can be a sharp thorn in the butt….. Mmmmh You can even ask your “first” wife over there

***I whispered the last part and we cracked up with laughed….. Well we changed our topic to business and soon the jet took off***

***well the name is Raymond Sambulo Akunna Owoh-Masden (pheew) I know its three fucken names and it’s all mother’s fault for opening her damn legs to every Dick and Tom she meets ( well except for my father Michael) well im the first child to Michael Owoh-Masden and Nomvula Owoh-Masden and well concerning the Zulu name that I never use is because im not Michael’s biological son. Many years back my mother met a married Portuguese man from Portugal who came to south Africa for business and well they fucked and when he was done with his shit in south Africa he went back to his home country to the comfort of his flat ass wife and he left his fucken sperms in mother’s womb  and nine months later I was born then when I was four or five months old the old lady did the unthinkable again and she met another foreigner a Nigerian this time in the country for business. Well this time she was working at a hotel as a cleaner and well she got lucky cause he didn’t just tap it and move on like my fucken sperm donor Michael actually fell in love with her and they dated and eventually got married and he took me and mother to his home country and raised me as his own the old man loves me people im not even gonna lie not even once did he treat me otherwise he always treats us equally. I may not tell him but he’s my hero my mentor and my sanity this man knows me more than I know myself and vice versa  so that’s why I knew that  this whole Adanma bullshit wasn’t his idea. Well as for the beef have with my  mother well it started when I caught her cheating on my father me and her we were once close I was actually a mama’s boy in a way but when I saw her and that man kissing and him grabbing her ass walking out of a hotel I lost all the respect I have for her I remember it was Friday in the morning when I landed in Lagos from the US where I was studying medicine and I was early since I took an earlier flight without telling them cause I wanted to surprise everyone and I immediately called my “ friends with benefits” girl and met up with her at a hotel so I can get some cause I missed her like crazy… we booked in and I had some and as we were about to walked out I head her laugh I knew mother’s voice  even in my sleep cause we spoke on the phone almost every day. So when I heard what sounded like her voice I quickly turned only to be met by the horror of her kissing some pitch black motherfucker with a potbelly I quickly pulled the girl I was with to hide and I decided to take a video of themafter I was done I went straight home. 

 I remember my mind was working overtime as I kept pacing up and down trying to convince myself that what I saw wasn’t real that it was a figment of my imagination but when I looked at the video I saw that I wasn’t hallucinating what I saw kept troubling me until my father decided to talk to me in private cause he could see something was troubling me and I couldn’t even hide the anger I was feeling towards mother. I remember giving up and telling him the truth  when he literally forced me to talk and the look on his face when he saw the video still haunts me every time I look at him what I saw kept troubling me until my father decided to talk to me in private cause he could see something was troubling me and I couldn’t even hide the anger I was feeling towards mother. I remember giving up and telling him the truth  when he literally forced me to talk and the look on his face when he saw the video still haunts me every time I look at him he was beyond hurt cause I knew he loved mother in fact he worshipped the ground she walked on at that time I was scared scared that father might kick mother and I out since im not his biologically and believe me I didn’t enjoy those holidays just the thought of not seeing father again depressed the shit out of me and I just isolated myself from the rest of the family until father called me to his study and we had a talk I remember I blatantly asked him if he’s gonna kick me and mother out and I also remember him almost giving me a hiding for asking him that. He told me im his first son his heir and it should be the first and the last time I even dream of me being anything other than that and he hugged me afterwards then when we broke the hug he twisted my ears warning me to never ever disrespect mother again and I shouldn’t fight his battles for him especially that concerns his marriage he said he got this and he knows how to deal with everything. And well dad may have forgiven her after some months of being separated  but I don’t think I ever will if only i heard about it and not seen it then yeah maybe just maybe I might consider forgiving her but I saw her being touched and kissed by that fool looking happy and giggling like a bitch while my father was out there working his ass off trying to provide for her corny cheating ass nx…..Anyway enough about her before I get angry***





*** well they arrived and they found cars waiting for them and they drove home and immediately went to their chambers to rest in the middle of the night Ray woke up to someone knocking on his bedroom door and when he opened it was Adanma***

Ray: what is it?

Ada: please make me feel better

Ray: huh?

***he asked confused***

Ada: please Ray my heart hurts ok just make me feel better please

***she said that taking off her gown and she was stuck naked Ray took a deep breath as he felt his dick getting hard***

Ray: Adanma trust me you don’t wanna do this  especially with me

Ada: I want to Ray please just make me feel good

Ray: you sure

***she nodded ***

Ray: ok then go lay on the bed im coming

***she went to the bed and Ray took his phone and he walked out of his bedroom and he dialled Heath’s numbers and he answered with a sleepy voice***

Heath: yah

Ray: wake up man

Heath: Ray? Why are you calling me at this time man

Ray: I have a situation man wake up

***he heard some shuffling in the background ***

Heath: im awake what’s wrong is it dad?

Ray: no its Adanma

Heath: huh?...... what about her

Ray: she just woke me up now man saying I should fuck her she’s inside my room naked as we speak

***heath laughed***

Heath: really bros you woke me up for that shit

Ray: well technically she’s still your wife traditionally so

Heath: hey stop right there ok I have one wife and that is Obim my mamiwota my omalicha. My star ok

***Ray laughed***

Ray: yho chill I get you

Heath: now stop being a pussy and tap that ass even though I kinda feel sorry for her cause after fucking her you gonna throw her out like trash

Ray: so no wahala I can tap it

Heath: dude you can even marry her I don’t give a shit if it was naledi then dude I would chop off your dick first make you eat it raw before chopping off your head 

***Ray laughed***

Ray: ok let me go rip that pussy apart

***they laughed***

Heath: ok enjoy bros but make sure you wear protection and  she doesn’t cry rape when you show her your true colours tomorrow cause I know you

Ray: let her try and I’ll introduce her to La Parca

***heath laughed***

Heath: well let me go back to my mamiwota bye

Ray: bye

***then they ended the call and Ray went back and he found her busy playing with her clit with her legs wide opened and he smiled while shaking his head he pressed record on his phone and he put it down and he went to his wallet and he took out a condom 

Adanma: you know im clean and on contraceptives right

Ray: ok

***he then took off his pyjama pants along with his boxers and he was hard as a rock and Adanma bit her lower lip when she saw his size he was big and that made her happy Ray then put the condom on and he went to the bed ***

Ray: turn around

***Adanma frowned***

Adanma: come on let’s kiss and play around first

Ray: I don’t do foreplay woman you came here for me to fuck you right

***she swallowed and nodded because he has a serious look on his face***

Ray: then turn around and let me fuck you so I can go back to sleep

*** she wanted to tell him to forget it but the way his dick was hard and huge she decided against it as she wanted to feel him inside her nana so she turned ( ass up and chest down) then he inserted his middle finger in her nana and she moaned then he circled it around for some time and he took out his finger and he positioned himself then he entered her slowly and she moaned out loud when his dick expanded her wall and filled her up completely. He just clenched his jaws when his dick slid in deeper and he felt her warmth around it he started moving slowly with Adanma moaning out loud and he increased his pace while holding her waist tight his dick was long and big so she felt like he was pocking her uterus….he was silent all along with only Adanma’s moans filling the room he fucked her hard and fast with his grip getting tighter and soon Adanma felt her orgasm getting closer and she held on tight to the sheet***

Adanma: fuck me harder baby fuck yes take it it’s yours Ray!

***she said that loud and Ray went harder deeper and faster giving it to her harder and harder until an orgasm hit her hard and she called out Ray’s name and her body shock and Ray didn’t stop he fucked her through it all and by the time he came she had already came once more then she collapsed on top of the bed after Ray pulled out and he went to the en-suit bathroom….. He checked the condom for any leakage and it was still intact then he rolled it with a tissue and he flushed it down the toilet and he washed his hands and he went back to the bedroom and he found Adanma inside his covers sleeping and he chuckled with disbelief and he wore his boxers and pyjama pants and he went to his phone and saved the recording and he went to the bed and shook Adanma***

Adanma: mmmmh?

*** she said that with a tired voice***

Ray: get up and go to your bedroom

Adanma: come and sleep Ray im tired

***he took the cover off her body and she was still naked***

Ray: get out of my bed woman before I drag you out

***and Adanma looked at him with disbelief*** 

Adanma: you can’t kick me out of your bed after having your way with me Ray

***Ray laughed***

Ray: you dey craze? ( are you mad)

***he said that pointing at the side of his head with his finger***

Ray: I had my way with you huh?..... You came to my fucken bedroom and wanted me to fuck you and I just did now get the fuck out of my bedroom or I’ll fucken drag you out stupid bitch

***she swallowed hard as she didn’t think Ray would treat her like this she thought after sex he will cuddle with her and maybe in the long or short run he will fall for her since his younger brother rejected her she didn’t expect this at all***

Adanma: Ray please

Ray: out woman

***he said that pointing at the door and she slowly got out of the bed and she picked up her gown wore it and walked out with a tail between her legs and as soon as she walked in her bedroom tears fell from her eyes and she sobbed as the pain of failing washed over her***




**** the following morning around past 10 Ray was in the kitchen making himself a sandwich since he missed breakfast with the family as for Diego he left with Ray’s father to his warehouse cause he needed his expertise concerning his merchandise. Anyway Ray’s phone rang on top of the counter and it was Mbali calling and the smile that crept up on his face was just priceless***

Ray: Mbali

Mbali: hey “just Ray”

***ray laughed***

Ray: you’ll never stop abi?

Mbali: wait a minute you are Nigerian

Ray: are you asking or telling me

***Mbali laughed***

Mbali: abi means something like“ isn’t it? Or right? ” in Nigerian pigin right?

***ray chuckled***

Ray: yeah I see someone is a fan of Nigerian slang language

Mbali: yes ummm wow you are Nigerian but you don’t look a man from Nigeria at all

Ray: and how does a Nigerian man look like

Mbali: big dark and scary but not that ugly scary no but that” I go slap you now now” scary if you catch my drift 

***Ray busted out with loud laughter and Mbali joined him***

Ray: fuck…. You are a crazy chick you know that 

Mbali: I dey try bros i dey try ooo

***Ray laughed some more***

Ray: ok ok stop abeg

***he said that still  laughing ***

Mbali: so I guess you are like Ramsey Tukumbo Noah and Ghananian actors abo Majid Michel and Van Vicker

Ray: you watch too much Nollywood movies

Mbali: im a fan actually of Nollywood movies

Ray: mmmmh so how are you princess 

***she sighed***

Mbali: surviving and you

*** then Adanma walked in the kitchen and Ray’s mood changed***

Ray: princess let me call you back just now ok

Mbali: ooh ok

Ray: cool

*** Then he ended the call and finished with making his sandwich***

Adanma: girlfriend?

Ray: soon to be wife actually

***she swallowed hard***

Adanma: tell me here is the something wrong with me ray I mean your brother rejected me and you are also treating me like trash

***Ray chuckled***

Ray: you act like trash so im gonna treat you like one 

Adanma: how dare you say that to me Ray who the fuck do you think you are

Ray: you have no self-respect and I hate bitches who throw themselves at me I love to pursue a woman Adanma not the other way around

Adanma: I’ll tell everyone you forced yourself at me you bastard

***Ray laughed***

Ray: mmmmh and everyone including your parents will hear you busy saying ”fuck me harder baby fuck yes take it it’s yours Ray!” in a recording I did last night 

***he eyes widened at that and Ray smirked***

Ray: I know bitches like you Adanma I train them weekly in Cuba to do better that the shit you tried to pull on me…..now look whatever you thought you’ll gain failed bitch cause Im not like all those fuckers who fall in love at the sight of a new  pussy 

***then his mother walked in as Adanma was crying and she gave Ray a death stare***

Nomvula: what the hell did you do to her Raymond?

***she asked that with an angry voice and Ray chuckled***

Ray: well let me see ummm well she came to my room last night and she said I must fuck her and I did now she’s busy crying rape cause I refuse to make her mine or something like that….. hmmm well let me warn you dearest mother since MJ is not around to do that this bitch has an agenda and you are just a foolish  pawn in all her plans and soon she’s gonna go to your husband and seduce him too im telling you

***then he took his food and walked out of the kitchen going to the lounge while whistling  ****

Nomvula: what is he talking about Adanma?

***she continued to cry totally ignoring her question***

Nomvula: I asked you a question young lady!

***she asked with a firm tone***


****Then she stormed out of the kitchen all the way upstairs to her bedroom to finish packing****




*** well ray called princess back and they chatted some more and he even asked her to have lunch with him tomorrow since him and Diego are going back to South Africa later today…..after his phone call with Mbali he received a call from Mateo***

Ray: Mat howzit ?

Mateo: not good jefe

Ray: what’s wrong is Cathy sick again

Mateo: no no it’s….

***then he sighed***

Mateo: I found out who snitched on us to the authorities and got our containers stuck in customs 

Ray: who’s the motherfucker?

Mateo: Derrick

Ray: who the fuck is that

Mateo: Derrick jefe Deshaun’s right hand man

Ray: WHAT?

Mateo: I was as shocked as you are now jefe in fact im still shocked

Ray: how I mean why….. Wait do you think Deshaun is also part of this

Mateo: I don’t know I only found out that derrick is the snitch but boss why would Deshaun sabotage us I mean you two are more than close friends you are practically brothers and remember he also invested a lot of money in that container so why would he order Derrick to do this

***ray was now pacing up and down trying to make sense of all this Deshaun was his closest friend in USA they met when he was doing his third year as a medical student there and they clicked he later found out that Deshaun’s father was a leader of some gang there when Deshaun’s younger brother was shot during a gang shoot out and they asked Ray to save him since they couldn’t take him to the hospital because gunshots wounds are reported to the police. Well  after he successfully saved him he became their “unlicensed student doctor” in the gang and he got paid for his services soon he got more involved in the gang’s day to day business and at the same time Deshaun’s father made sure he is not disrupted with his studies then him and Deshaun worked hand in hand with the day to day business in the gang even when Deshaun’s father died of cancer they were always there for each other and when Deshaun took over from the gang Ray was there for him supporting him so now Ray can’t stomach the thought of Deshaun betraying him***

Ray: I hope he’s not involved Mat cause I swear on his dead father’s grave I’ll fucken rip him to pieces if he is

***he said that with no care in the world….. well soon Diego and Ray’s father came back from the warehouse and they all left going to Adanma’s home ***


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