*** Yho God is good im telling ya’ll if it wasn’t for “just Ray” I don’t know what would’ve happened to me. Im grateful to him and his bodyguards and im also glad that I trusted him cause he did take care of me well talking about him I don’t know but there’s just something about him but I can’t put my finger on it. He has this “don’t fuck with me” look but at the same time his smile just melts my heart  I could tell he’s way older than me but there’s something about him that just wants me to get to him better. Well as for Kyle my now ex-boyfriend all I can say about him is I feel sorry for him cause I know Phindile (my now ex friend the girl he cheated with) and she’s a gold digger and master manipulator so he’s in for a long haul shem. (Sighed) I love him yes I still love him “ crazy right?” and I can’t help it Kyle is my first love guys my virgin breaker and even though he hurt me deeply but my heart still yearns for him. But hey my granny taught me that sometimes love is just not enough and I guess now I see what she meant when she said that cause the two people I loved and trusted just broke my heart to pieces.it hurts just by thinking about it but hey im a Khumalo and I know my worth so now I just need to pick myself up and concentrate on my studies and let karma deal with Kyle and Phindile for me even though I still love him. Well ever since I got home from “just Ray’s place” all I did was to cry my eyeballs out about the whole thing that happened last night and now I have a headache from all the crying  and that loud knock on my front door and the shouting is not making things easy…. I got out of bed and wore my gown and took my phone and I went to the door when I get closer to the door I heard his voice saying “Mbali open this door now” then he banged on the door again Jesus it’s my brother Nhlaka I quickly opened the door and he quickly engulfed me with a tight hug his body is even shaking ooh God they know about the attempted hijack…. SHIT!***

Me: im ok bhuti 

***  I say trying to assure him***


*** I looked down and tears came out and he held me tight as last night’s event played again in my head for the umpteenth time then bhut Jay bhut Jase and bhut Smiso rushed as if someone was chasing them the three of them hugged me and I just cried some more after some time I calmed down and bhut Nhlaka picked me up and we went to the lounge and he sat down with me and held me tight as I rested my head on his chest….. then bhut muzi budged in looking like he was running while holding his medical bag and he rushed to me and sat on the table facing bhut Nhlaka and I just like “ just ray” did last night***

Muzi: are you ok princess did they hurt you…let me check you

***he was speaking so fast and I put my hand on his knee as he was busy opening his medical bag***

Me: bhuti im ok they didn’t get to me the car is bullet-proofed remember and I didn’t open the doors even though they demanded I do

Jay: they are lucky they are fucken dead I swear to God I was gonna rip their hearts out of their fucken chest

*** oooh Lord***

Jase: me too bafo they are lucky they are dead nx

Smiso: what happened there my princess?

***he calls me that and Jesus the look on his face would even make Lucifer himself to tremble with fear well they all looked angry but him yho***

Me: I was coming from a….. a friend’s place and when I stopped by the robot a white golf GTI parked in front of my car and three men got out holding big guns and demanded I opened the door well I didn’t and I quickly took my phone about to press the panic button when one guy hit the driver’s window and I got startled  then my phone fell under my seat

***I took a deep breath the room was so tense with them breathing loud and hard***

Me: they kept on hitting the side windows but they wouldn’t break so they were  busy shout out calling me names saying I should unlock the doors

***more tears came out***

Me: then I heard car tires screeching close by and soon gun shots were heard and soon they stopped and they continued to hit the windows as I curled in my seat then out of the blue more gun shots were heard and I heard a car driving off and  it became quiet

Jay: then what happened

***now the lies begins well more like half-truths ***

Me: a man with his hands up said its ok im safe now and he said he’s an ex-cop I don’t know why but I believed him and I got out and when I saw the dead bodies I just couldn’t stay there and wait for the cops to arrive so I asked him to take me home and he did I didn’t even get his name or numbers plus he said he doesn’t want any limelight on him  because he chose to help me he said he did what he did cause he’s still a cop at heart even though he’s retired

Muzi: you were brave my love im proud of you

*** I just snuggled closer to bhut Nhlaka and he tightened the grip around me***

Me: I was really scared 

*** I said that with a low voice with more tears coming out***

Jase: im sorry we weren’t there to protect you princess

Me: you are here now and I feel safe

***he got closer and kissed my forehead***

Smiso: so who took your car to go get fixed?

***I swallowed…. Oooh Shit***

Me: i…. I asked my neighbour here to take it for me cause he works closer to PG glass fit

Nhlaka: why

*** shit***

Me: cause I was hoping you won’t find out about what happened cause I know you’ll up my security and probably add bodyguards this time

***I said that with a low voice***

Jase: damn right we are

Me: but bhuti….

Smiso: it’s not up for discussion my princess!

***he said that firmly and I kept quiet sulking cause his word is final mxm….i stood up***

Jase: where are you going 

Me: to sleep

***I went to the bedroom and I remembered the number plate “just Ray” gave me and I went back to the lounge with the paper and I found them sitting down with their hands on top of their heads while looking down***

Me: take bhuti

***I gave it to bhut Nhlaka***

Nhlaka: what’s this?

Me: the number plate of the getaway car….the ex-cop gave it to me to give to the cops but we don’t deal with cops right…so…

*** I turned and walked back to the bedroom but I stopped when I heard bhut smiso talk***

Smiso: she’s hiding something from us fozas or protecting someone I can feel it and also see it in her eyes

Nhlaka: and don’t worry I’ll get to the bottom of it

***ooh shit Lord have mercy….i went back and they turned and looked at me and my heart pounded hard against my chest you see the thing is “just Ray” asked me not to mention his name to my brothers he said last night when I was sleeping he did some research about me and found out who I really am and apparently he knows my brothers and how crazy they are he said he helped me cause he wanted to so he doesn’t want to deal with them. Well I don’t blame him cause I know how ruthless they can be so we agreed that I’ll protect his identity the guy saved me ok and he also took care of me without wanting anything in return so the least I can do is do as he asked and that’s to protect his identity***

Me: I lied ok i…. I asked the cop or rather ex-cop to drop me off at my….

***I took a deep breath…here goes nothing***

Me: my boyfriend’s place and I spend the night there and i… I asked him to get my car fixed

***God the look on their faces…..i just  swallowed hard***

Jay: askies?

***I kept quiet***

Jase: uya jola manje Mbali ( you are dating now Mbali)

***I continued to keep quiet***


*** he roared and I jumped with fear and tears ran down my cheeks***

Me: im sorry bhuti


***he shouted***

Muzi: so you saw it fit to go to some dickhead’s place instead of calling one of us after almost being hijacked heh Mbali?

Me: im sorry 

***I said that crying***


*** he shouted and I quickly wiped them off***

Jay:  so we are no longer important to you Mbali

*** I kept quiet***


Me: but you said I must keep quiet bhuti

Jase: uzonya uyangizwa ( you’ll shit yourself you hear me) 

***he said that pointing at me and I took a step back with my bottom lip trembling***


Me: you are important bhuti all of you I was just scared that you’ll get me bodyguards if you knew about the hijacking and plus they didn’t get to me so…

Nhlaka: Mbali

Me: bhuti

Nhlaka: ufuna ukungicasula angisho? ( you want to make me mad right?)

*** I shook my head no***

Nhlaka: since when do you have a boyfriend?

Me: it’s…it’s been six….six months now

Jay: I can’t believe this nx

***he said that to himself***

Smiso: what’s his name?

***God no…. I kept quiet***

Smiso: its either you tell me his name now or I’ll find out myself and believe me you won’t like the outcome of that 

*** he said firmly and I swallowed hard***

Me: k….kyle

Smiso: Kyle what?

Me: Kyle Sibanda 

***then he got closer to me and I swear I nearly peed on myself I know he will never ever hurt me but I can’t control the fear I get when he’s angry***

Smiso: listen and listen good you gonna break things off with that dickhead and concentrate on you books you hear me

*** I nodded a couple of times***

Smiso: I hope we never have to have this talk again until you finish your studies capish?

***I nodded again***

Nhlaka: and this had better be the last time you go through something like this or even close to this and not call us first you hear me 

***I nodded God he looked angry…. Well  at least I kept “just ray” out of all this like I promised…….Anyway guys my name is Mbalentle Charlotte Khumalo but those who know me call me Princess and im the only daughter to Tyrell Bhekisizwe khumalo and the late Charlotte Mbalenhle Khumalo and I have five brothers yes I said five brothers named  Jason and Jaden who are twins Nhlakanipho muzikayise and smiso who is my late uncle’s son…well they were  six but one of them “Brandon” passed away years back. Well my grandparents from my father’s side are still very much alive while those from my mother’s side are both dead and since her side of the family never accepted my parents relationship they disowned her so we have never had a relationship with them before and it looks like they don’t care about us so yah anyway I have or had a boyfriend called Kyle and I also had best friend named Phindile well I saw her as a best friend but only to find out that she’s actually snake and im glad she showed me her true self  now rather than later… then my phone beeped it was a massage from Kyle so I went to my bedroom leaving my brother’s discussing whatever and sat down on my bed and I opened the message and  it read;***

Kyle: “ my love im sorry about what I did it was a massage from Kyle so I went to my bedroom leaving my brother’s discussing whatever and sat down on my bed and I opened the message and  it read;***

Kyle: “ my love im sorry about what I did I love you so much princess and it hurts that I hurt you like that. I live for you princess so believe me when I say it was a stupid mistake I don’t love her and I never will cause my heart belongs to you. I know I messed up my love but please don’t leave me I won’t survive it if you do so please don’t break up with me I love you so much and know that I’ll fight for you until my last breath and its gonna be a cold day in hell the day I’ll let go of you...…you are me and im you always remember that…… Kyle”

*** I just deleted the massage and laid down in bed curled into a ball  and I just cried…..it hurt like hell that the guy I loved enough to give my pride to and still love just hurt me like that and worst part he got the girl whom he cheated with pregnant who happened to be my best friend well now ex-best friend……. yah love sucks neh and im only 20 years old***




**** NARRATED****

***well Naledi and Heath did tie the knot in the magistrate court and everything went well heath even bought rings before he went to pick naledi up.  And as for Naledi she looked good in her white over the knee tight long sleeves lace dress that shaped her body especial her round butt curves and baby bump perfectly which made heath a bit uncomfortable cause yeses her body was doing wonders in that dress she was also wearing beige toe peeping stilettos and her weave and make up were on point. She looked beautiful and heath was proud of himself when he looked at her speaking of heath well he went to change into a new suit at his house and his father became suspicious of him cause he looked nervous all along but he brushed it off by thinking maybe he was going on a lunch date with naledi maybe to propose right this time since he gave their relationship his blessings in a way. Anyway now they were driving home after picking up the princesses from school and day care while Ray and Jabu went to buy meat and booze since they decided to have a small braai instead of eating out to celebrate heath and naledi’s union they even called Thandi and her husband and also convinced jabu to bring his church girl***

Omphile: mama why are you and daddy dressed up I hope you not going out without us 

**heath and naledi laughed***

Naledi: ofcourse not my love 

Omphile: good cause Lesedi and I are also coming with

***they laughed again***

Heath: Omphile

Omphile: daddy

Heath: how…. How would you feel if naledi and I got married?

***she kept quiet a bit***

Omphile: ummm will I help plan the wedding

***they laughed***

Naledi: ofcourse baby in fact you’ll be my maid of honour and Thandi will be my matron of honour

***Omphile smiled wide***

Omphile: for real mama

Naledi: yep for real you and Thandi  are the closest females in my life well and Lesedi too so Lesedi will be a flower girl and you’ll be my maid of honour and Thandi my matron of honour

Omphile: ok….. ooh my God I can’t wait to tell my friends that im gonna be a maid of honour

***she said excited and heath and naledi laughed with Lesedi laughing with them***

Heath: you didn’t answer me young lady

Omphile: daddy you should be asking me how much I would need for a shopping spree for the wedding 

*** they laughed some more***

Omphile: so mama can I invite my friends

Naledi: whoooh we haven’t even set the date yet

Omphile: ok when is the wedding

Heath: well I need to pay her dowry first my love

Omphile: dowry?

Naledi: lobola

Omphile: oooh ok so when are you paying her “dowry” daddy

***they laughed***

Heath: soon don’t worry you’ll be the first one to know the date so you can invite your friend

***she beamed with happiness***

Omphile: ok and my shopping spree?

Heath: you’ll discuss that with your mama im not getting involved

Omphile: ok….mama?

***she said that looking at naledi and naledi laughed***

Naledi: bathong!

Omphile: but mama daddy just said I should discuss it with you

Naledi: mmmmh privately haw do you want your dad to know how much of his money we gonna use

***they laughed and heath just shook his head looking happy that his girls are happy he never knew he could be this happy in his life and he’s thankful to God for blessing him with them…. Soon they arrived at jabu’s place and went inside with Lesedi on heath’s arms and Omphile went upstairs to change***

Naledi: im going to change and start with some salads and pap

Heath: ok wifey

*** they kissed and she walked away shaking her ass and heath groaned loud for her to hear him and she turned***

Heath: that ass obim mh mh mh

Mj: kids in the room so behave please

***he said that walking in the house from the back*** 

Heath: ooh you are a kid now?

Mj: no I mean princess lee and my imaginary friend next to me 

***heath and naledi laughed out loud***

Heath: mxm you need Jesus

Naledi: amen to that

Mj: haw sister Star you agreeing with him

Naledi: everyone needs Jesus in their lives MJ even your brother here does

***Mj laughed***

Heath: aow obim why now?

***She stuck out her tongue at him and she laughed and swayed her ass as she walked upstairs which made heath to get a boner he was even biting his lower lip***

Mj: love abi?

Heath: mxm shut up my friend

***then Mj walked away chuckling***




**** well everyone arrived and Thandi helped naledi by cooking pap while conversing  in the kitchen the guys were busy with the meat at the back***

Thandi: you’re lying you mean heath pointed a gun at his parents

*** naledi nodded***

Naledi: I have never seen him that angry Thandi yho

Thandi: yho pussy must be good for him to do that neh

Naledi: mxm

***naledi threw a dish cloth at her and they laughed***

Thandi: so how’s Omphile with the whole….. you know

Naledi: she’s good heath took her to talk to someone and she’s doing great and plus the talk I had with her about what Thabo did to me I think it kinda showed her that she’s not the only survivor you know

Thandi: you did good mntase….. well as for me if Omphile was my daughter and she told me what my husband did that to her I swear with everything I hold dear ne keile go mo tlhaba lerete ka screwdriver a robetse ( I would have stabbed his dick with a screwdriver while he’s sleeping) then cut it off  before calling  the police on him…. You know I don’t play around when it comes to my kids even James knows that. Remember i nearly showed him his dead mother that time he gave his skank my kids’ winter clothes money

*** they laughed***

Naledi: well I might have been weak with Thabo but if any man does that to Omphile again and Lesedi I swear to God I’m going to jail for murder for the first time ever you’ll hear of an albino woman that killed a man  then mutilated him and harvested his organs only to feed them to her dogs 

***they busted out with loud laughter***

Thandi: thatha star ( you go naledi)

*** they laughed again***

Thandi:  You know im happy for you finally you got your happily ever and after

Naledi: mmmmh finally yho….. and you too mntase im happy you also found your happily ever and after

***they smiled to each other***

Thandi: I think this year is our year

Naledi: mmmh I mean look at us now

***they chatted some more until jabu walked in with a beautiful fair lady who looked a bit shy ***

Jabu: aow mapyatla a malome ( uncle’s beautiful ladies)

*** they laughed***

Thandi: so malome o re tletseng ( so uncle what did you bring for us)

Jabu: MmaMalome ( an aunt)

*** he said that and kissed the lady’s cheek and she turned pink instantly and Thandi and naledi laughed out loud***

Thandi: mmmmh ok so how are you MmaMalome ( aunty)

*** the lady laughed a bit***

Lady: im good and yourself motlogolo ( my niece) 

***they laughed again***

Thandi: I like her already

Naledi: me too

***and that made jabu smile wide with happiness as hearing them say that soothed his heart***

Jabu: ok bo nunus ba malome ( ok uncle’s little ones) this is Amogelang ok Amo for short and she’s a new addition to the family she’s the one that managed to melt this cold heart

*** he said that beating gently his left side of his chest and Amo blushed***

Jabu: waka ( mine) this is Thandi and that is naledi 

Amo: it’s nice to finally meet you guys

Thandi; it’s nice to meet you too Amo

Naledi: yeah it’s nice to meet you too

Jabu: ok my putjutjus ( my little ones) please take care of her ok im gonna go help out at the back

Them: ok

***then he kissed Amo’s forehead and whispered something to her and she blushed then he walked out***

Thandi: yah neh this year it’s happening in our family new makotis( daughter in laws) and love left right and centre

***they laughed and Amo smiled more like she blushed***

Amo: what can I do to help ladies

Naledi: well were are almost done so just relax

Amo: ok

*** she sat down on the barstool chair***

Thandi: so Amoza mmmmh you and jabuuu?

*** she laughed lightly***

Amo: well all I can say is the heart wants what it wants

Naledi: Amen to that

*** Thandi looked at naledi***

Thandi: and then wena( you)

Naledi: what? It’s the truth haw

***Thandi just shook her head laughing lightly and she went to check on her pot…… well heath walked in with his hands in his pockets he was now wearing a white golf shirt black chino pants and some black with a touch of gold semi-formal shoes…..he looked yummy and handsome no lies and he smelled good too and when his eyes locked with naledi’s he smiled wide and went to her and he cupped her face and kissed her***

Thandi: we are also here you know

***they broke the kiss and he kissed the tip of her nose….. he couldn’t believe that finally naledi was finally his wife then he held her***

Heath: mmmmh you know James is at the back right

Thandi: so?

Heath: don’t worry I’ll tell him to come and kiss you too

Thandi: mxm tsek

***heath laughed***

Heath: I love you too sis

***Thandi showed him the middle finger with a smile on her face and heath just shook his head with a smile on his face then he turned to Amo***

Heath: you good Amo I hope this two are not corrupting you especially Mrs loud mouth here 

***Amo giggled and Thandi showed heath the middle finger again***

Amo: no they are not

Heath: mmmmh good

**** then he whispered to naledi’s ear***

Heath: I need you obim

***naledi looked up at him***

Naledi: what’s wrong?

Heath: Ezeh is up he wants little star so bad

***naledi laughed***

Naledi: ok im coming

Heath: ok hurry abeg

*** then he kissed her forehead***

Heath: Thandi!

*** he called out at her and she looked at him***

Thandi: mmmmh

*** then heath showed her the middle finger and rushed out laughing and the girls laughed too***

Thandi: mxm if he wasn’t my brother and your husband I would have kicked his balls

***they laughed***

Naledi: ka mina ka wena mntase you kick heath’s balls I’ll kick James’ balls too

*** they laughed again***

Thandi: ok let’s stop gape that area below the belt is our daily meal so let’s not kick their balls rather we punch their stomach wa bona (you see)

***loud laughter filled the kitchen***

Amo: you girls are crazy and I love it

***they laughed some more and naledi walked out saying she’s coming back…. She went upstairs and found heath naked in their bedroom with Ezeh up hard and dripping wet and naledi swallowed hard as she felt her underwear get wet she closed the door and locked it and she started taking her clothes off and she was left naked with heath smiling like a retard and she climbed on the bed and climbed on top of heath and she bend down and started kissing……his hands travelled to her butt and he squeezed it hard as the kiss got heated then naledi stopped kissing him and she kissed his chin going all the way down to his upper body then to his dick. she kissed it and  it was so warm and  she licked tip of it and heath cursed out loud…. She didn’t know what she was doing cause she has never done this before but she wanted to do this often for heath cause she knows if she doesn’t do her bit in the bedroom he will look for it outside***

Heath: fuckkkk….. naledi….. baby

***he said that in almost a whisper and when naledi put half of it in her mouth he cried out loud..... she started sucking on him slowly and that made him cry out like a little girl…..he was literally losing his mind well she felt like puking when she tasted the slimy and salty white colourless thing that came out of his dick but she fought the feeling back and continued to suck on him with him busy  groaning out loud….. she increased her pace while her hand was busy stroking it round and round and he grabbed her wig and tossed it away and grabbed her hair tight as the pleasure he was feeling was intensifying every minute. As for naledi she went faster trying by all means to take him all in her mouth while still stroking him…… the sounds he was busy making made naledi feel like a boss as she continued to suck him like her life depended on until heath stopped her as his build-up started he then smashed his lips on hers and kissed her hungrily with his eyes all red and veins popping all over his body he then got out of the bed and took her of it too and he went to the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist  and he pinned her to the wall  and he entered her slowly and groaned out loud when her walls hugged his dick then he cursed while naledi moaned out loud…... he started going in and out of her slow but then he increased his pace and he fucked her  fast as he pinned her on the wall he fucked her so fast and hard to a point that she lost all sense of reality the things heath did to her were just wow even when she reached an orgasm he didn’t stop instead he fucked her right through it as if he was possessed or something and by the time she was nearing her second orgasm he stopped and put her down but her legs were wobbly and heath quickly held her before she fell and he bend her down a bit making her hold on to a chair that was closer to them and he entered her from behind and he fucked her hard with naledi moaning out loud busy calling out his name he hit it hard until he felt his build-up and he went faster forgetting that she’s pregnant***


*** he said that and he continued to fuck her…..he went on and on until they both came at the same time and heath shot his cum in her pushing in deeper and deeper and he growled out loud then he gasped for air for some time and he cursed*** 


***after some time of catching his breath he pulled out slowly and went to the bathroom and came back with a wet and warm towel cleaning himself and he cleaned her up too then he went to run the shower and they took a quick shower with heath busy smiling like a retard…. After they were done they got dressed again naledi put some make-up on again and also put her wig back on her head***

Naledi: will you stop smiling like that

Heath: how can I when you made me cry like a little girl earlier

***naledi laughed and he held her tight***

Naledi: I guess I did good mmmmh?

***he kissed her lips***

Heath: you have no idea obim I hope im getting some more later on at night

***she giggled***

Naledi: I loved seeing you squirm and cry out so yep 

***heath laughed***

Heath: I love you my wife

Naledi: I love you too my husband 

***they kissed again and they went downstairs and Ray just chuckled while shaking his head when he saw them***

Ray: you couldn’t even wait for us to leave mmmmh

***naledi walked away from them feeling embarrassed and they laughed***

Heath: leave me alone jorr

Mj: bros you know I heard a man upstairs screaming out loud like a woman being chocked to death and I almost called the cops until I remembered that it might be brother Ezeh

***he said that to Ray and Ray just laughed and heath chased after Mj threatening to beat him up with MJ laughing out loud while running***

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