Ray: look im not gonna hurt you ok im actually a doctor by profession and I have a sister and nieces so relax I won’t hurt you ok

***Mbali nodded but she didn’t relax a bit***

Ray: where were you coming from anyways?

***he asked looking at her briefly***

Mbali: my boy….. my now ex-boyfriend’s place

Ray: why would he let you go at this time?

Mbali: we….he….

***then she kept quiet when the events that happened in her boyfriend’s place played in her mind then more tears came out***

Ray: he cheated?

***he asked her with his deep scratchy voice and she nodded***

Mbali: and the girl he cheated with is pregnant….i…. I thought she was my friend but…. But she was….

***she cried some more***

Ray: Mbali look at me

***he was now stopping at the robots and she did slowly trying to wipe her tears***

Ray: fuck both of them you hear me they don’t deserve your tears and im sure your stupid “which I presume is now you ex-friend” is not as beautiful as you are so just cry out all the pain and once you done letting it all out pick yourself up and make sure you look good so that when they see you they see that they didn’t bring you down but instead they made you stronger ok

***he said that to her and smirked raising his one eyebrow and mbali managed to smile a bit and she nodded*** 

Ray: good now I don’t know if you’ll feel comfortable coming with me to my place so I can check you up and give you something for the shock cause you still shaking but the decision is all on you you can still give me directions to someone you can stay with tonight cause its not wise to stay alone when you like this 

*** she thought of her brothers especially Smiso cause he’s terribly scary when he’s mad and right then a cold chill ran down her spine when she thought of them finding out she has or had a boyfriend and on top of that he hurt her and she ended up almost being hijacked because of that…… if she was coming from a friend’s place or something it was better but she wasn’t and she knows she can’t lie to them…. she just  knew Kyle will just disappear from the face of earth without any trace left behind and they will be responsible for that and she can’t have that on her conscience***

Mbali: i…. ummm…. You…ummm…. You can check me doctor

***Ray looked at her briefly  and he saw worry on her face and he asked himself what is it that she just thought of cause she kept quiet a bit like she was thinking of something***

Ray: ok

***then he drove to his apartment and he parked and Mateo and Diego also drove in and parked***

Ray: let go in

***she slowly opened the door and got out and she closed the door and she continued to hug her body as it shook and ray went to Mateo and Diego***

Ray: did you wipe them off Mateo

Mateo: sí jefe ( yes boss)

Ray: good search for her phone I saw her searching for it under the seat and also bring her bag upstairs and check her background Mateo

*** they nodded and ray went back to Mbali and they went inside and got in the lift and it opened on the second floor and they went to his apartment ( or rather heath’s apartment) door and he opened it and she slowly walked in and ray followed***

Ray: sit down I’ll go get my medical bag

Mbali: ok

***she went to sit down and looked around she didn’t know why she was trusting ray like this cause he was a total stranger to her. Even though she knows she shouldn’t be here with a strange man in his apartment and worst part no one knows right now where she really is but she couldn’t help but notice that something in her felt somewhat…. “safe “ with him…. Crazy she knows but it was what it was….. Well Ray came back and he put the bag on top of the table and he went to the kitchen area and he poured her some juice and he went back and gave her the glass***

Ray: drink up….. the sugar in it will calm you down  a bit

***she started drinking it… and ray pulled the table closer to her and he sat on it facing her ***

Ray: may i

***he said that showing her that he wants to hold her hand and she swallowed and nodded and he checked her heart beat and he kept on checking his hand watch while felling it like doctors do and after some time he stopped and looked at her beautiful green glowing eyes***

Ray: I don’t like how fast your heart beat is going and you still shaking I can give you a sedative to calm down your vital signs but I’ll do that with your permission ofcourse

***she knows about sedatives cause her  other brother is also a doctor ***

Mbali: ok 

Ray: ok..?

Mbali: I feel like my…. My heart is gonna stop beating anytime  cause its beating too fast  so I need to calm down

***he nodded and he wore some gloves and  took out a new needle and injected in the sedative in it and he looked at her and she had that “ im scared of needles” look on her face***

Ray: look at me

***she did and swallowed hard***

Ray: close your eyes and count to ten can you do that?

***she nodded and did as told and when she got to four she felt the needle enter her skin on her upper arm gently and she grinded her teeth together and he was done and he put a plaster where the needle injected since small blood was coming out and he went to dispose the gloves and the used needle and he went back to her and closed his bag***

Ray: let me show you where you’ll rest 

***she stood up and followed him and they got in the main bedroom and he put the bag down***

Ray: no one will disturb you ok

***she nodded***

Mbali: thank you for all this

*** ray nodded and he took a pillow and duvet and he walked out closing the door on his way out and Mbali kicked off her sleepers and she opened the covers since it was a chilly night and she got in them and she hugged a pillow and she cried until the sedative knocked her out***




*** in the lounge Ray was in the kitchen taking out a beer in the fridge when the door opened and Mateo and Diego walked in with Mateo holding his laptop and Diego holding mbali’s hand bag and phone***

Mateo: ella esta en el bano? (she’s in the bathroom?) 

Ray: no I gave her some sedative to help her sleep she’s probably  knocked out by now 

***he nodded and they went to the lounge and Diego put the handbag on top of the table after pushing it back a bit and they sat down on the couch and ray brought them beers too and  gave them***

Ray: so what did you find?

Mateo: I decided to unlock her phone and I went to “ICE” numbers ( in case of emergency) cause that’s  where important numbers are stored and I found eight number’s saved there

***he said with his spanish accent***

Ray: im listening 

Mateo: five of them where saved as brother jay brother jase brother mazi (muzi) brother nh..laka brother smyso (smiso) daddy and m…khu…llu ( mkhulu) and Ma

Ray: and?

Diego: he did background checks on the numbers and you won’t believe who they belong to jefe (boss)

*** he said that with a Spanish accent too then he sighed***

Mateo: spilotro kray snakes mazi (muzi) the doctor beast and daddy and m…khu..llu im sure belongs to nighthawk and killer the dragon slayer since their numbers are hard to find and Ma well it must be her grandmother cause her mother died while giving birth to her

***ray stood up with his eyes popped out looking at them***

Ray: wait….what did you just say?

Mateo: this girl shouldn’t be here jefe ( boss)


***he said that and paced up and down***

Diego: but maybe us helping her might come in handy between the meeting you having with kray in four days to come

Mateo: yeah jefe ( boss)

***ray shook his head while still pacing up and down***

Ray: you know how fucked up those brothers are they might simply imply that I arranged that hijacking myself  to score points with them with regards to  the meeting 

Diego:  sí tienes razón (yeah you right) they are crazy those fucken brothers

Ray: fuck…. So now I know why she didn’t force to call her family cause she knows who exactly her brothers are 

Diego: but why?

Ray: if you had a sister like that would you allow her to date 

Mateo: hell no

***Diego chuckled***

Diego: I’ll lock her up somewhere until she’s at least 40

***he said that with that Spanish accent of his and they laughed***

Ray: and guess what her boyfriend cheated and got her friend pregnant so that’s why she was driving that night alone she was coming from his place

Mateo: Olare esta muerto (ok he’s dead) 

***they laughed***

Diego: sí muerto y enterrado  (yeah dead and buried)

***they laughed some more***

Ray: but fuck…. Where were they hiding her all along?

Diego: jefe no

Ray: ¿Qué? (what?)

Mateo: she’s 20 years younger than you

Ray: so?

Mateo: she’s old enough to be your daughter since kids nowadays have children as early as nineteen years old or even eighteen years

Ray: well she’s not my daughter Mateo and as long as her womb can carry my child and she’s not underage then she’s a woman to me

***Diego laughed while Mateo just shook his head with a smile on his face***

Diego: well jefe remember your granny said your soul mate is closer than you think maybe….. just maybe…..

***they laughed***

Ray: then God would be punishing me dearly for all the sins I’ve ever done in my life to have nighthawk as my father in law not to mention killer 

***Mateo and Diego laughed out loud***

Ray: im glad she didn’t call them when she had the chance to imagine us meeting tonight….it would have jeopardised our coming  meeting and we can’t delay our shipment any longer 

Diego: mmmmh……. well like I said jefe she might be your….

***ray interrupted him***

Ray: mxm ooh shut up my friend…

*** he said that with his Nigerian accent and they laughed some more while drinking their beers***





*** well I did talk to my obim about us getting married in court and I explained everything and after a lot of convincing she agreed and as a small thank you I just gave her two rounds of some hot steamy love making and now im cuddling with her as she slept damn this pregnancy make her sleep a lot …. Well im happy now that we are good and that she didn’t succeed in leaving with the kids cause one thing I know is  there is no me without her period anyway as for that piece of shit called kitso or whatever the fuck his name is im gonna show him why they call me Caesar one of these days. And as for john I just decided on using the money I took from him to buy that building his company offices are at and turn it into naledi’s non-profit organisation and have her run it at least that way I’ll know she’s not working under anyone and she doesn’t have to wake up in the early hours of the morning to go kiss some fucker’s stinking ass by doing what he/she wants  and whenever they want….anyway I think now it’s time I killed that motherfucker that touched my little princess sexually since he’s only left with 40 grand in his personal account at least that will feed his two kids when he’s dead………. Anyway  I guess I fell asleep while still lost in thoughts cause I woke up when my alarm went off and I was hard as fuck so I turned my obi m and I got on top of her between her legs and I entered her slowly and she moaned softly while I groaned…. Fuck I love how she feels inside it’s like her pussy was made for my dick and it’s also like it shrinks tight every time after we make love cause I feel her walls expand every time I enter her sweet tight nana anyway I moved slowly  in and out of her with her moans doing things to me. She also started to move underneath me and shit that made me groan out loud  cause what I was feeling was just pure pleasure***

Me: fuck obim I love you… I love you so much…. I love you so damn much woman

***you know it’s true  when they say “when the pussy is good and she doing you good you can even spill out  your family’s secrets unknowingly” well that’s what I wanted to do now cause our rhythmic sync was just doing things to me….i then raised her both her legs  and I put them on my shoulders and  I increased my pace and just went faster and faster hitting the right places cause she was busy calling out my name…. I pushed both her legs closer to her upper body making sure I don’t press them on her baby bump still going in and out of her fast and I kissed her lips fuck my obi m is flexible ***

Me: I…i… love you obi m

*** I said that going fast***

Naledi: I…. gosh i….. i…. love you too onye m

*** I went faster  going deeper hitting it real good while groaning and i felt her walls tightening around  my dick and she shook under me and well I fucked her right through her orgasm soon I also felt my build up and I just fucked her senselessly while hurrying to my finishing line then I slammed into her hard releasing inside of her pushing in deeper and deeper and I released a loud groan and I cursed***

Me: FUCK……

***I kissed her sweaty forehead while breathing heavily***

Me: fuck that was good obi m thank you

***she smiled and I perked her lips and I pulled out slowly and got off her and cleaned her up with the towel we used last night and I got off the bed naked and went to the bathroom luckily jabu’s house has two en-suits. I ran the shower and I went to wake her up and we went to shower together and after we were done she wore leggings and a vest which showed her baby bump perfectly and I found myself smiling like a retard looking at it God she looked sexy as fuck with that baby bump***

Naledi: what?

Me: nothing you look sexy with that baby bump

***I got closer to her I was only in my briefs and I brushed it and I kissed her forehead***

Me: thank you for loving me obim and for agreeing to marry me especially in court

Naledi: I love you heath I can even marry you inside a toilet with just us a priest and God

***I smiled like a fucken retard God thank you for this lovely soul… we kissed for some time until she pulled out ***

Naledi: let me go wake the princesses up

Me: ok

***I perked her lips and she wore her gown and walked out and I continued to get dressed I was gonna go passed the office first before I come and pick her up for our appointment……. well after our breakfast with jabu the kids excluding MJ cause he was still sleeping we kissed mommy and I dropped them off at day care and school and I went to the office while jabu went to his work place I also told him about us getting married last night  and he said he will join us at the magistrate court as naledi’s witness while ray will be my witness….im one lucky son of a gun***




*** Well I’ve been here for some time now and its around 10  and I have to leave this office soon cause our appointment is at 13H00 I even got a message from Ray saying that mkhulu and gogo loved their presents yesterday and that today they went to fetch mkhulu’s car and he was even scared to drive it busy saying he’s scared he might crash it or even scratch it…. I must say im proud of what Ray bought for them and hearing that they are happy makes me happy too…. Then out of the blue the door bust open and Tsholo walked in with my PA behind her busy shouting at her and I just got bored to the core nx***

PA: sir im sorry I tried to stop her

Me: its ok Jolene I’ll take it from here but next time just call the security guys for her if she doesn’t have an appointment 

Jolene: ooh sir believe me I’ll do just that

***then she gave Tsholo the evil eye and she walked out and Tsholo looked at me not believing I just said that***

Me: what?

Tsholo: how can you tell her that heath?

*** nx bitch***

Me: what do you want Tsholo

***she sighed and she sat down***

Me: and I don’t remember saying you should sit down

***well she sat down anyways and I just clicked my tongue ***

Me: what are you doing here?

Tsholo: I need your help heath and you are my last option

Me: im listening

Tsholo: I need you to borrow me some money like seriously and I promise I’ll pay you back

Me: tell me here Tsholo what kind of a mother are you?

Tsholo: askies

Me: so money is the first thing that you asked me of  instead of your own daughter

***she rolled her eyes***

Tsholo: I know she’s fine cause she’s staying with her favourite parent being you so the was no need for me  to ask

Me: you are a despicable woman you know that

***then I chuckled while shaking my head***

Me: Im sure might have been high on nyaope to have even planted a seed in that thing you call a womb 

Tsholo: heath I didn’t come here for you to insult me please


***I shouted at her angry as hell and she just kept quiet***


***I was now standing up and I pointed at the door…. She was now crying and that made me even more angry***

Tsholo: im…im sorry heath but I was just saving my marriage ok…. I mean he didn’t really rape her he only touched her

***I don’t know what happened but I found myself slapping her so hard and I don’t even know when I picked up  my heavy chair but I saw it flying over the table and landing on the floor luckily she ducked***


***I said that charging towards her and she quickly ran out of my office…fuck I was fuming I wanted to kill her this instance I then took my phone and called jabu***

Jabu: mshikaro

Me: I want him to go to prison then raped in there until death visits him

Jabu: john?

Me: yeah

Jabu: you don’t sound ok what happened

Me: that bitch Tsholo came to my office and asked for money can you believe it….. she didn’t even ask about Omphile and she had the rotten nerve to say that she called Omphile a liar when she told her what john did because she wanted to save her fucken marriage just because he “really” didn’t rape her that he only touched her

Jabu: WHAT?

Me: I want it done ASAP jabu I have things that might land him  in jail I just want them planted in his house and now vacant office 

Jabu: don’t worry im on it

Me: sho

***then we ended the call and I send Ray a message cause now I was just too angry to talk***





*** earlier Mbali woke with a heavily head and she looked around the room and she saw her hand bag and phone on top of  the side drawer and she sighed when last night’s events played in her head…… a tear escaped her eye and  she wiped it and got out of the bed and she saw a half  opened door on her far right  and she went in there hoping it’s the bathroom and luckily it was….. she peed and washed her face and rinsed her mouth with a mouthwash she found in there and she walked out she took her phone and checked the time and it was around past 10 in the morning and she sighed when she realised she missed her classes today…. Well she made the bed and took out a hair band in her bag and she tide her hair into a ponytail and she wore her sleepers and walked out …only to find Ray shouting over the phone in the lounge***


***he said that shouting while pacing up and down and when he turned he found Mbali standing there looking at him with a scared look on her face***

Ray: look bros I’ll call you back ok

*** then he dropped the call and he breathed out heavily  trying to calm himself down ***

Ray: good….. you are awake

***mbali cleared her throat ***

Mbali: ummm yeah….i ….

***he interrupted her***

Ray: Breakfast is ready now come and eat

***she wanted to say she’s good but that “don’t mess with me” look that was still on his face made her kept quiet and she just nodded…. They went to sit down and ate silently until Mbali broke the silent ***

Mbali: ummm Mr….ummm doctor

Ray: just call me Ray 

Mbali: ok ummm bhuti Ray

Ray: did I say call me bhuti Ray or just Ray

***she wanted to roll her eyes but she decided against it***

Mbali: ok “just Ray” do you know where they fix car windows 

***he chuckled because of that “just Ray” thing she just said***

Ray: yes I do you can take it to PG glass fit  and they’ll do  it for you

Mbali: ok ummm where is it?

Ray: I’ll have Mateo find one that is closer to you and he’ll take your car there and send you the coordinates to the place

Mbali: oh ok  thank you  and your Mateo

***ray smiled….. he couldn’t fathom how beautiful she is and her eyes just did things to him not forgetting her body he was just smitten by her forgetting that she is nighthawk’s daughter***

Ray: did you call your family

***she cleared her throat***

Mbali: no ummm not yet but I’ll call them when I get to my place

Ray: why?

Mbali: im safe now right…. So no need to scare them and have them worry and obsess over my safety

Ray: mmmmh if you say so

***he said that eyeing her cause he knew her reason for not wanting to tell them was to protect her dickhead boyfriend cause knowing them if they found out what led to her getting hijacked in the first place well he won’t see the light of day tomorrow ***

Mbali: “just Ray” thank you for saving me last night I’ll forever be grateful to you and your bodyguards

Ray: don’t mention it 

***he said that looking straight in her eyes and she started feeling somehow when their eyes locked and she quickly looked down and continued to eat and Ray just smirked***


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