*** Mom Mj and that woman walked in and she looked at me but I just gave her a death stare and she looked away nx***

Me: dad I should go now

Mom: if you leave who’s gonna drive us back to your house

Me: im sure you can drive mom so ya’ll will use my car and I’ll use an uber

Mj: or I can drive 

Mom: shut it Mj im not in the mood for you right now 

***Mj just shook his head smiling***

Adanma: brother Ezeh can I talk to you

*** and now?***

Me: about what

Adanma: it’s…its private

Dad: go talk to her Ezeh before your mother kills you with that stare of hers

***Mj laughed***

Mom: is that how you talk about me now Michael

Dad: im sick woman so please don’t start with me

***I just shook my head and walked out and she followed me and we stood outside the ward***

Me: im listening

***I said that looking at her with my hands inside my pocket….. The truth is she’s a beautiful caramel skinned woman but hey my mamiwota takes the cup no lies***

Adanma: Ezeudo I didn’t ask for any of this this  was an arranged married by both our parents so I don’t get why I have to be beaten and threatened where else I didn’t plan any of this

Me: what is your point Adanma? 

Adanma: even though we don’t know each other I fell in love with the man your parent sold to me and now im here being rejected and slapped even shot at for things I know nothing of 

Me: let me ask you this why on earth did you agree to this nonsense I mean you look like an intelligent young woman and not forgetting this is the 21st century and im not from royalty so why would you even entertain all this shit

Adanma: because your mother said you’ll love me and that you are looking for a Nigerian well raised woman to marry and when…. And when I saw your picture I fell for you

*** I chuckled while shaking my head***

Me: I love naledi Adanma and its her im gonna marry and grow old with I don’t know what my mother promised you but she lied to you cause this heart beats for one woman and one woman only and I don’t want a second wife ever so I suggest you go back home unless you want to be my father’s second wife then it’s cool

***she was now sobbing silently and I didn’t care***

Adanma: my bride price was paid Ezeh what will people say mmmmh please will laugh at me so please talk to naledi and convince her to let me be your other wife please or I’ll be a laughing stock back home im begging you

Me: no….. I don’t want a second wife Adanma I love naledi and as much as I’ll go crazy if I were to share her with some other guy then I won’t let her share me with another woman period

***she got closer to me and touched my chest and I looked at her like “wtf”***

Adanma: please Ezeh im begging you

***I pushed her off me ***

Me: women who throw themselves at me are a fucken turn off to me in fact I see them as hoes

***she swallowed hard and took a step back***

Adanma: fine then I’ll go to the press about this whole thing  and  im sure they’ll have a filled day with tarnishing your family name

***I laughed…nx how desperate is this bitch***

Me: go ahead sweety you think I care about what people say about me? Mmmm well let me tell you woman the only  opinion that matters to me  is naledi’s opinion  so anyone else can go fuck themselves  including you 

***I walked inside leaving her outside….. fuck I was pissed off***

Dad: you ok

*** I guess he can see im not ok***

Me: that bitch you came here with threatened to go to the press about this whole arranged marriage thing 

Dad: WHAT!

Me: you see the things you bring into our family mother 

Mom: you are lying she would never  do that

***I chuckled***

Me: I guess you don’t know her like the way you thought you do dearest mother….. anyway let me go my mamiwota is waiting for me

Mj: can I come with you bro

Me: ok…..umm dad I’ll see you tomorrow

*** I patted his shoulder a bit and Mj hugged him and we walked out and found Adanma on the phone outside she looked angry while she was talking on the phone …..mmmh I don’t trust this bitch one bit***

Me: calling the press already

***she quickly turned and she immediately dropped the call***

Mj: well step mom to be clearly you don’t know who you are dealing with remember you are far from home and anything can happen to you…..so before doing anything stupid think about the consequences  ok 

***her face instantly turned pale and we walked passed her***

Me: and now

Mj: what?

Me: “remember you are far from home and anything can happen to you”

*** I mimicked his voice and he laughed***

Mj: I know what you dad and big bro Ray are capable of bro… ya’ll seem to forget I see and hear things around me 

Me: what things

***I said that raising an eyebrow***

Mj: bad things ooo …. That’s all im gonna say

*** I chuckled and we got outside and I called and uber and minutes later it came and we got in and we went passed my house and we packed some clothes and left I asked him why he also packed and he said the is no way in hell he’ll stay with dearest mother in south Africa too that it’s enough he does back home so he can’t here too well he came to spend his school holidays with me….. anyway we left with our bags to jabu’s place and soon we  arrived at his place and Mj went to make himself some  food immediately after we got in the house…mmmmh I guess he’s feeding his big muscles you know for a senior secondary SS 3 learner (grade 11) he’s way too buffed up and muscled***

Me: javas

Jabu: ma se kind ( my brother) how is he? 

Me: he’ll be fine they said the heart attack didn’t cause any damage so he’s gonna be fine… and how is naledi?

Jabu: she came down to cook and eat then she went back to bed with Lesedi and as for Omphile she’s in the TV room watching her teenage shows 

Me: ok…. thanks for all this bafo

Jabu: we family mshikaro man so don’t sweat it

***I nodded…im lucky to have jabu in my life im not even gonna lie***

Me: let me go check up on her

Jabu: sho

***I went upstairs and she was sleeping with Lesedi and I took Lesedi to another bedroom and I went back to our bedroom and locked the door and took off my clothes and I got on top of her and I whispered in her ear***





 Heath: obi m

***naledi slowly opened her eyes and she was met by heath’s eyes and he perked her lips***

Heath: hey

***she just sighed  and heath whispered in her ear***

Heath: I love you so much obi m

*** she didn’t say anything and he kissed her neck and sucked on it  and a moan escaped her mouth and he knew he had her where he wants her and he stopped after sometime and he took off her clothes and he got between her legs and they started kissing with heath caressing her body her skin was smooth and he couldn’t stop caressing it***

Heath: fuck I love you naledi

***he said that sucking on her breast now which made naledi to moan out loud***

Heath: tell me you love me too obi m

*** he said that sucking on her nipple and also fingering her which drove naledi crazy***

Naledi: oooh heath …… goshhhh….aaahhhh

***that’s all she could say and he increased his pace with his fingering game***

Heath: don’t you love me obi m

Naledi: i…love…you heath….ohh God I love you

***he then stopped what he was doing and he pulled his finger out of her nana and he sucked on it and he smashed his lips on hers making her taste her own juices then  he slowly entered her and she moaned out loud while  he  groaned out loud when he felt her warmth and her walls hugging his dick and he didn’t move an inch***

Heath: look at me obi m

***she did while biting her lower lip as she felt him fill her up completely ***

Heath: never in your life should you ever run away from me you hear me

***she nodded and he started moving slowly and naledi eyes rolled back as a wave of pleasure washed over her***

Heath: look at me

***she moaned then she looked at him***

Heath: you are mine and im yours until death do us apart and if you take my kids and try to run away ever again I’ll find you then fuck you until you pass out since I will never lay a hand on your precious self you hear me

***she nodded fast and he kissed and he increased his space and they made love until they both came at the same time and naledi immediately fell asleep after they were done and heath got out of bed after cuddling her for some time then he wore his clothes and went to check on Lesedi and she was awake busy playing with a stuffed bunny animal that was on the bed and he picked her up with the stuffed animal***

Heath: wow you are growing up abi you don’t cry now when you wake up alone mmmmh? 

***he said that kissing her all over her face which made her giggle and he went down stairs with her and found Omphile laughing at Mj’s jokes and he kissed her forehead and sat down ***

Heath: my love please bring me my food

Omphile: ok daddy

***she stood up and went to the kitchen***

Heath: where is jabu

Mj: she went to see his girl

Heath: what girl

***Mj shrugged his shoulders***

Heath: mmmmh

***then he stood up and went to the balcony with Lesedi in his arms and he took his out his phone from his pocket and dialled his elder brother’s number***

Ray: Ezeh haw far? ( Eze hi)

Heath: I dey fine bros ( im fine brother) but dad is not

Ray: wetin dey happen ( what’s going on)

Heath: mother happened and he ended up in hospital

Ray: I no sabi Ezeh ( I don’t understand)

***he confused and heath sighed***

Heath: she dey cause wahala bros ( she’s causing trouble brother)

Ray: wetin she dey do( what did she do)

Heath: she married a wife for me and brought her here to south Africa and I lost it

Ray: wetin? ( what?)

Heath: I nearly shot her and that thing she brought for me bros if it wasn’t for jabu I swear she’d be dead

***he said that getting angry again***

Ray: that woman is unstable in the head im sure she forced father to do that

Heath: true….. and the things she said to my woman  bros nc nc nc nc

***He said that and he took a deep breath to calm himself down***

Ray: is father ok

Heath: he suffered a small-small heart attack but the doctor said he’ll be fine it didn’t cause any damage 

***ray breathed out heavily it didn’t cause any damage 

***ray breathed out heavily heath could tell he was getting angry by the second***

Ray: I’ll land there in two days to come just make sure dad doesn’t leave before I see him

Heath: ok

Ray: how is princess omphi

Heath: growing up and it scares the shit out of me bros

Ray: we better prepare for the worst bros shes beautiful so wolves in sheep’s clothing will be all over her soon if they haven’t started already

Heath: then they better be prepared to die cause I’ll chop off any dickhead that will try her luck with her

***they both laughed***

Ray: so tell me about your woman 

***heath chuckled***

Heath: ooh my mamiwota

***ray laughed***

Ray: ooh na so? ( is that so?)

Heath: eeh bros that girl don do shakara for me oooo ( she drives me crazy)….. God don butta my bread  with her bros ( God has answered my prayers with her ) 

Ray: nawa oh! ( wow)

*** they laughed**

Heath: she’s also pregnant with twins 

Ray: wow congrats 

Heath: thanks bros

Ray: don’t worry im coming so all that nonsense mother is doing im gonna put a stop to all of them

Heath: bros bros bros I know you will even Mj tried his best by suggesting that dad takes that Adanma chick as his second wife instead

***ray chuckled***

Ray: he’s still crazy I see

*** Heath chuckled***

Heath: and he’s getting worse if you hear what he said when they walked in the first time after mom just said she married a woman for me you will crack up….. When he said it back then I didn’t find it funny cause I was extremely mad but now….

*** he laughed***

Ray: I wonder what he said

***they both laughed and someone talked in the background

Voice: jefe hes agui (boss he’s here)

***the voice spoke in Spanish***

Ray:  bueno estoy llegando ahora mismo mantenlo ocupando….. mientras tanto (good im coming just now keep him…. Busy in the meantime)

Voice: ok (de acuerdo)

Ray: sorry about that bros

Heath: I see you are about to be busy mmmmh

Ray: mmmmh I forgot you know Spanish….. Anyway yeah some fool thinks he can steal from me and gets away with it now im about to show him why they call me LA PARCA (the grim reaper) here

***heath chuckled***

Heath: ok bros go do your thing I’ll see you in two days’ time

Ray: ok take care and make sure the old man takes it easy and greet javas Mj and my princess

Heath: will do

***then they ended the call and he also called his sister Yvonne and she said she’d call their father  to check on him and he went back inside and ate his food and later on  Omphile and Lesedi fell asleep and him and Mj picked them up and went to put them to bed and soon after jabu came back and they went to sit in his study leaving Mj  busy watching TV *** 

Heath: mmmmh Mj told me you went to see your girl and I wonder which girl you went to see

***he said that with a smile on his face***

Jabu: well you don’t know her mshikaro 

Heath: ok so is it serious?

Jabu: yah…..the thing is ka mncanywa dai cheri mshikaro but eish flopo ke  lethaima lagae joh ( I love her shaka but eish the problem is her dad  man)

Heath: what about her father

Jabu: ke moruti

Heath: heh?

Jabu: ka gochaela mshiko ke moruti dai thaima( im telling you shaka he’s a pastor)

***heath just busted out with laughter ***

Jabu: oska laga mshikaro (don’t laugh shaka) im serious

Heath: askies man but bafo a pastor’s daughter

***he said that wiping his tears***

Jabu: my heart wants what it wants bafo jy veet mos (you know right)

Heath: I know bafo but a pastor’s daughter 

Jabu: hai man mshikaro  

Heath: ok….ok so where did you meet her

Jabu: at the mall eish mshikaro dai cheri is mooi yong (eish shaka that girl is beautiful damn)

Heath: so you are committing now mmmh no more Mr fucking around 

Jabu: yeah eish she drives me crazy

Heath: wow im happy for you bros finally man

***they fist bumped*** 

Jabu: but eish I wonder how her father will react when he gets to know about my past

Heath: he’s not God jabu you paid for your sins so if he tries to separates you two then I’ll be forced to  dig up his skeletons which im sure he has

***jabu chuckled while shaking his head***

Heath: im telling you jabu let him try to separate you two and I’ll show him flames

***they laughed and chatted some more then they went to bed***




*** Two days later around 10 in the morning heath was at the airport waiting for his brother he was holding a board written “BIG RAY”  and soon after his brother saw him and he  walked  towards him with his two bodyguards behind him and he got to heath with a big smile on his face***

Ray: bros haw far? (How are you) 

Heath: I dey fine bros I dey fine (im good brother im good)

***then they bro hugged***

Heath: let’s go 

***they went to the car and the guards got at the back and heath drove out while holding a conversation with his brother  about his trip….. they finally got to heath’s house and they got out while Ray’s bodyguards got his bag out….the brothers went inside and they found their mother and Adanma sitting in the lounge while drinking tea***

Ray: mother

***he said that without even a smile on his face or even attempted to hug her***

Mrs.Masden: son

***she said that not even attempting to stand up…..she knew how Raymond felt about her and she just stopped trying to win him over***

Ray: young lady

*** he said that with a cold tone as he could see that she was the  Nigerian “wife” for heath because of  her attire***

Adanma: hi

***then he looked at heath***

Ray: where is my father?

Mrs.Masden:  upstairs he’s resting

Heath: let’s go

***then he looked at his bodyguards***

Ray: vuelvo enseguida( I’ll be back)

***they nodded and went to wait outside while the brother’s went upstairs and got inside the bedroom used by their parents and they found him reading a book ***

Ray: nna (father)

***he looked up from his book and smiled wide***

Mr.masden: nwa (son) come

***ray got closer and they hugged and heath hugged him too***

Ray: I heard you cheated death

***he laughed***

Mr.masden: remember I have nine lives son 

Heath: mmmmh and now you have 5 lives left 

Ray: you can say that again

*** They laughed again***

Mr.masden: how are you son?

Ray: im always good father but im worried about the turn of events that made you to have a heart attack

***his father sighed***

Ray: you better take that girl back to where you found her father you can’t let your wife to strengthen her relationship with that girl’s parents with the expense of my brother’s happiness

Mr.masden: we’ve already paid the bride price

Ray: how can you do that without Ezeh’s permission or consent? 

***he didn’t say anything***

Ray: im sure the girl’s mother is one of your wife’s friends that is why she’s pushing her to heath but know this no woman will be forced down my brothers throat he has a fiancée and twins on the way and if your wife is hell bend on making her a wife in this family then I’ll marry her but know that she’ll be dead within a week of our marriage 

*** he said that with a serious look on his face  and heath chuckled while  their father just shook his head feeling defeated cause he knows he’s dead serious***

Mr.masden: ray you know that family will make things hard for us if we take her back right

Ray: then I’ll marry her

Mr.masden: no….not happening cause I know you’ll make her disappear just like you did with that girl your mother arranged for you so no

Ray: well then take her back and don’t worry I’ll sit in on the meeting with her people when you take her back

Heath: mh mh mh

***he said that shaking his head***

Ray: what?

Heath: nothing just ask someone to document that meeting for me cause I would like to see the drama that will unfold then

Ray: mxm

Mr.masden: her father is a politician son so trust me  it won’t end well

Ray: and im LA PARCA father ofcourse it won’t end well

***heath laughed and their father just shook his head defeated then heath’s phone rang it was naledi so he excused himself then he walked out of the bedroom while answering it***

Ray: it’s all your wife’s fault so it is what it is father

Mr.masden: shes your mother and she  gave birth to you….. you know that right 

Ray: and I wonder whether  she sniffed me out of her nose or she actually gave birth to me and also experienced labour pains 

Mr.masden: RAY!

Ray: it’s the truth father and im sure Ezeh is also asking himself that question right now

***his father sighed***

Mr.masden: will you ever forgive her

Ray: forgiveness is between her and God father so don’t involve me in their thing 

Mr.masden: son I have forgiven her so why can’t you

Ray: cause you always choose to see the good in her  and that’s your weakness and mother is aware of it so she does things knowing fully well you’ll pardon her shortcomings even at the expense of your children 

***Mr Masden kept quiet cause what Ray was saying was true ***

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