part 9

***NARRATED*** ***Thato made her way to mandla's place...on her way there she knew she had to come up with a lie that she will tell mandla and bra mroza if they ask her were she has been and why she looks battered. ..she got to mandla's place and it looked like no one was there so she decided to call him...she called him and he was shocked to hear from her he thought she would be dead by now cause the khumalo's dont just let you go just like that unless she wasn't abducted by them but then again sizwe disappeared without any trace and thato disappeared too but now shes back so he knew something was up....he told her he will send someone to pick her up after one of mroza's boys picked her up he took her to mroza's house she got out of the car nervous as hell but she had to remain calm to survive this...she went straight to mroza's study and they were there drinking what looked like whiskey *** Thato:hi guys Mandla : baby you back ...where have you been and......whoah what happened to your face and you limping....what happened Thato: si...sizwe happened(she said sounding all nervous) Mroza : what do u mean sizwe happened i thought hes dead or he ran away Thato :dead? what would he be dead...oh my God is that why he kidnapped me and did this to me (she said pointing at her face)because you guys send people to kill him (she acted shocked) Mandla: what?no no no he just stopped coming here and his phone is off and his wife said she hadn't seen him for days Thato: well he said he was being stalked and someone planted a bomb to his car but luckily it exploded after he got out...he said at first he thought it was his bosses but he said he would be dead by now along with his family ***mandla was just looking at her and he could tell she was not herself that something was off about her and plus why would sizwe not send out a word that he wanted his money and instead he kidnapped her knowing very well that mroza is a greedy and selfish bastard and he wouldn't pay a cent to save thato as for mroza he believed every word that came out of her mouth*** Mandla: how did you get away from him Thato: he..he forced himself on me and fell asleep afterwards so i ran away (she faked a cry but then flashbacks of spilo beating her up came rushing down to her and tears came out)im sur...sure hes looking for me by now Mroza : can you kidnap someonerape them and then fall asleep afterwards without tying them up ai some man are just plain stupid and just amateurs (he laughed ) ***thato could see mandla was staring at her and it made her uncomfortable....she was saved by a knock on the door *** Mroza : tsena (come in) Guy: sorry boss but the merchandise has arrived the guys are outside Mroza:beautiful make yourself comfortable we will be back (they went outside ) ***thato saw this as an opportunity to spike mroza's drink and she did....after that she went to lie down on the couch and she eventually fell asleep after half an hour they came back and found thato asleep on the couch *** Mandla: thato wake up Thato: huh (she was rubbing her eyes) Mandla: wake up Mandla: mroza excuse me and my bae we have some catching up to do Thato: what time is it Mroza: 21h35 baby girl Thato: oh ok Mandla: lets go ....mroza I'll see you tomorrow Mroza: be gentle on her dont fuck her too hard remember shes still bruised (he laughed ) ***they left thato new something was up cause mandla was cold towards her i mean he didn't even seem hurt or angry that sizwe "supposedly"raped her anyway they drove out of mroza house and she kept on asking mandla where they are going but he kept on saying she will see when they get there...she eventually fell asleep...she was woken up by mandla shaking her...she woke up and mandla told her to step out of the car and she did shaking*** Thato: mandla wha..what are we doing in the bush this time of the night (she asked looking all scared ) Mandla: why did the khumalo's let you go Thato:huh...wha...what are you talking about ( she asked with a shaking voice ) Mandla: thato i know you more than you know yourself and i know you lied about sizwe abducting you...sizwe wouldn't kidnap you and then leave his family unguarded and venerable for his enemies to hurt them now im gonna ask you for the last time WHY DID THE KHUMALO'S LET YOU GO!(he roared ) Thato: i dont know wh..... (before she can finish mandla slapped her so hard she fell on he butt and then he took out his gun and pointed it at her) Thato:i...i ..i only told them about mroza i didn't say anything about you (she was crying ) Mandla:now why did they let you go Thato: they...they wanted me to drug him and they promised to let me be after that Mandla:SO YOU SOLD US OUT! (he slapped her again and she cried out) Thato:i only sold mroza out they dont know anything about you I'm telling you the truth Mandla: i dont believe sold me out thato after everything I've done for betray me like this huh (he was pasing up and down) Thato: baby i didn't sell you ou... (he interrupted her) Mandla: shut up you piece of shit do you know what they will do to my family. wife and kids do you know what they'll do to them Thato: your what? Wha...what do you mean your wife and kids so you married. ...mandla how can you do this to me (she was crying ) Mandla:voetsek my family is in danger and wena you are here being selfish and thinking about yourself. ...fuck they used you to trap betrayed me thato how could you...i trusted you and you sold me out to the devil. ....why thato Thato: mandla i swear i didn't tell them about you (she was crying ) Mandla:you lying. .you saved yourself and put me and mroza on the chopping block Thato: mandla please put the gun away (she was crying and pleading with him) Mandla: fuck you (and then he pulled the trigger ) ***JASE'POV*** me: you ready bro Jay:as ready as I'll ever be Me: ok let me call that girl thato and find out if she already did her part (i called her and it went straight to voicemail ) Jay: whats wrong Me: it goes straight to voicemail Jay: fuck i told you she will betray us and that she cant be trusted Me: we will deal with her tomorrow tonight lets go deal with that fool mroza...with or without her we going to get those diamonds. ..let go... we got into his car and we left ***on our way we called our squad ( the cobras) and they said they are ready to attack i gave them the go ahead and dropped the call*** Jay: lets go have some fun ***NARRATED *** **the cobras went in and started shooting they used silencers....they were disappointed to only find four guards they took them out really quick and went inside only to find mroza passed out on the of the guys called jay*** Guy: bozza what a disappointment he had only four guards can you believe it only four and we came here prepared mxm Jay :(he chuckled )what about mroza Guy:looks like that girl did her job cause he passed out but hes still breathing Jay:good we on our way 5 minutes tops (he dropped the call) Jase:they got him? Jay: yeah looks like that bitch thato did her job after all nx and the guys are disappointed that fool had only four guards (the laughed ) Jase: i told you we dealing with an amateur i wonder where that girl thato is and why her phone is on voicemail Jay:maybe she did her job and left i mean maybe she didn't want us to find her there Jase: yeah maybe but eish i have a bad feeling Jay: i dont feel anything is it a feeling of danger approaching Jase: i dont know i just cant put my finger on it but its something bad (they kept quiet thinking cause they know never to ignore any bad feeling they have but what was odd was that only jase's beast had this feeling) ***they arrived and they found only three dead bodies outside and one near the door jase just shook his head and followed one of his guys to were mroza was and jay came after him holding a tool box*** Jase:and now whats with the tool box Jay: im gonna have a lil party in there (he said that with a smirk ) Jase: dude i dont feel comfortable having people walking around with mroza's organs Jay: dont worry we not selling them im gonna give them to our dogs to feast on them (he laughed while saying that) Jase: mxm so are you gonna wake him up Jay: nah i want him to wake up and see satan himself standing in front of him in hell (we laughed ) Guy1:bozza im not sticking around for another operation let me go outside and keep a look out with the guys Guy2: me too if i stay for another operation im gonna be admitted into a psychiatric hospital Jay :pusses (they laughed ) Guy3:you can call us pussy anytime we are not sticking around for another operation (they laughed and walked out) *** jay did his thing on mroza and jase went to take out the diamonds in the safe*** Jase: are you gonna leave him like that Jay:yeah its a sign to our enemies not to fuck with us Jase:fuck dude but leaving him open like that eish anyway i hope you didn't leave any DNA Jay : nah dont worry Jase : ok lets get out of here (they left including the guys ) ***KEDI'S POV*** ***i woke up with a tight chest like i was kind off struggling to breathe properly i took a look at the time and it was around 10 at night as i was getting out of bed i had a sharp pain in my heart and i screamed a bit. went on and on until it stopped *** Me:what the hell is going on with me i better not be having a heart attack im too young to have one (i said to myself ) *** i stood up and took a glass and poured cold water from the fridge as i was about to drink the glass slipped from my hand and smashed on the floor....i stood there dumb struck i finally came back to my senses and i picked the broken glasses and cleaned the whole thing....i took another glass and poured another cold water and drank thank God it didn't slip from my hand and brake too....the pain was gone but i still had that tight chest feeling i just knelt down besides the bed and i prayed for thato more than myself..i went inside the covers and tried to sleep but i couldn't i kept tossing and turning until i finally dosed off***

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