part 7

JASE'S POV ***after we left the basement granddad left for kzn.... a call came in from snakes one of my dad's loyal IT guy and he told us who the traitor is so we told him to call all the new guys in our squad to the warehouse immediately for a meeting it looked like it was one of the new guys who betrayed nc we were waiting for them snakes entered the office *** Snakes:aow kray my kray and spilo my spilotro Us:aow black mamba (we laughed and did our squad signature hand shake) Snakes:i feel sorry for the fool he messed with the wrong nikkas Me: yeah shit is about to go down Jay:is everyone here Snakes : sure bozza Jay:good lets go have fun (we left the office to were they were sitting) Me: good everyone is here mmmh we just found out that the is a traitor amongst you and now im giving that person one minute to come forward ***they were busy mumbling shit i ddnt understand*** Jay:SHUT THE FUCK UP! Like kray said you have a minute to come forward or I'll burn your entire family while you watch and then I'll put a bullet through your skull after taking you to the slaughter house now im fucken waiting ***they kept quiet and no one moved*** Jay:ok ok now no one wants to come forward ok....snakes talk! Snakes :ok this certain person met up with a certain enemy of ours about five times how i know that is not you concern anyway that enemy is mroza so i wonder why this person would meet up with that fool knowing fully well we dont do business with him at all and that we on the verge of taking him out nc nc (he was shaking his head) Me : one last chance the person should come forward and maybe il spare their family's lives ***i saw sizwe "the traitor" run to the door and i took out my gun and shot him on the back of his leg and he fell on the ground screaming *** Me:SNAKES TAKE THIS PIECE OF SHIT TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE NOW (i roared ) ***snakes went to him and dragged him out I was pissed as hell i mean we gave this fool a chance to save his family but he chose to run away nx some people are just plain stupid *** Jay: we gonna have fun with him and plus his organs are gonna make us some cash in the black market especially his heart and kidneys (he laughed an evil laugh ) Me: fuck i cant wait to see you open him up while his still breathing ***here is the thing jay enjoys operating on our enemies or traitors...hes into knives especially surgical knives(catlingscalpel and Lancet or lance)and as for me im into guns i dont miss when i could see the guys were shit scared they heard no one messes with the khumalos and now they are gonna experience it head on some were even shaking*** Me: now listen and listen good all of you no one and i mean no one fucks with us and live to tell the tale now all of you gonna be present in the slaughter house to experience what we do to traitors now all of you to the slaughter house now.. Jay: if you not there within 15minutes consider yourself a traitor and dead along with your family fucken move (he roared) ***they all rushed outside to their cars*** ***we got to the slaughter house it was outside Pretoria deep in the woods and we found everyone there and they looked shit scared its high time they learned who they worked for*** Me:snakes did you take their weapons and did you search them thoroughly Snakes :sure bozza Me :good lets go have fun i know shit like this excites you Snakes :you know me bozza (he said that with excitement written all over his face) ***we went to the slaughter room and everyone was there including jay he was busy sharpening the surgical knives looking all excited and sizwe was strapped in our steel bed we call it "the devil's bed " looked like snakes roughed him up a bit he looked like he was hit by a car and the boys stood at a nearby corner in the room and with their eyes all out....i went to the door and locked it and put the key in my pocket*** Jay: now sizwe i know where to find that old fool mroza what i want to know is where i can find that bitch that drugged me and stole our diamonds Sizwe:please dont hurt her she didnt know who she was stealing from she just did what she did cause she owed someone a favour please Me: maybe he didn't understand you spilo..he said where can we find that bitch (he started crying ) Jay: no no no i expect alot of crying from that bitch not you man... im sure you were not crying when you decided to betray us right.... now talk (he was shouting ) ***he took a scalpel and cut his ear off and blood started gushing out...sizwe was crying and screaming all this while....snakes was laughing his ass off and the guys were cursing and looking away*** Me: NOW TALK! (He was still crying and screaming nx)jay how about you cut off his balls and dick since we dealing with a bitch here not a man Sizwe: ok ok i know where i picked her up that day we stole from you it was some house in soshanguve block DD but she doesnt live there i think its her boyfriends house...she doesn't work for mroza...mroza met her through some guy she owes a favour too and i think the guy is mroza partner or something but i never met him ***he was singing like a canary nx fucken pussy...he gave us the address and i called my loyal guys in mamelodi to go pick her up and bring her to the warehouse *** ***i went outside to smoke and think about how we gonna ambush mroza i needed to think and come up with a plan and fast granddad gave us 48hours to retrieve those diamonds i guess jay was busy with sizwe cause he didn't come to join me for a smoke its been and hour and half plus its been long since he used his knives i guess he is busy quenching his thirst and snakes busy enjoying the view mxm i was interrupted on my thoughts by phone ringing Me:did you find her? Caller:yes boss she showed up at that address you gave us and went in for an hour and half now she came out crying Me: i dont give a shit if she came out dancing bring her to the warehouse now Caller :sure bozza ...harmed or unharmed? Me:slap her around a bit but dont hurt her too much i wanna fuck her up myself im sure spilo would love to break some bones too Caller : shap (he cut the call) *** fuck i cant wait to lay my hands on her she had the nerve to drug my brother and steal from us...nx im gonna fuck her up so bad even her ancestors wont recognize ringing phone disturbed me from my thoughts*** Caller:we got her we will arrive in the warehouse in 45 minutes max Me:good job ill see her tomorrow get some guys to guard her tonight and they must not touch her sexual i want her in her right senses i dont want her broken i want answers in the mean time we need to deal with this backstabbing traitor Caller: sure bozza (i dropped the call and went inside) Me :the fuck jay what the hell did you do to the poor boy Snakes:we had fun i dont remember the last time i had this much fun by just watching damn spilo you made my day in fact my year (he was busy laughing ) Me:sizwe my man we found your partner and shes on her way...u know i cant wait to lay my hands on her immm soorrry...pleaaase immm sooooory pleaaase (he looked weak) Jay: you still gonna beg when i slaughter your family Sizwe: pleaaase boooza il il do anything youu waaant juust spare my family pleaaase Me: you know jay just open this motherfucker up and remove all his organs seeing him breathe makes me sick to my stomach (looking at sizwe)as for your family ...your wife is pregnant right so i might ... just might let her and your kid live but i still have to sleep on it you know Jay:see you in hell Snakes : yeah see you in hell ***jay took a scalpel and started cutting him open he was screaming his lungs out eventually he stopped jay started taking out his organs....the guys started throwing up and cursing some looked like they were about to pass out....after he was done me and snakes we took his lifeless body and put it in a bathtub full of flesh and bone eating acid and that was the end of him Me:this is what will happen to each and everyone of you or even worse if you even think of betraying us you hear me(they were all mumbling "sure boss" with terrified voices) Me: now go clean yourselves up and prepare we going after the diamonds we will meet tomorrow at 10pm sharp Them:ok bozza(i unlocked the door and they walked out fast) Snakes: none of them will ever sleep peacefully from now on (he was laughing ) ***we laughed too*** Jay:serve's them right none of them will ever think of betraying us Me:lets clean up and leave we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow and plus we need an ambush plan for tomorrow Snakes:what about that bitch Me:that one is not a problem il personally deal with her tomorrow morning Them:ok ***we cleaned the room making sure we leave no DNA or proof that someone was slaughtered in that house and we left***

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