part 5

KEDI'S POV ***it was Friday morning around 9 and i woke up to voices of people arguing outside i listened carefully and i could tell it was thato and mandla...damn its gonna be one hell of a night shift cause i know il be shouted at for nothing the whole night since they are fighting nx*** Thato: i didnt have a choice i had to sleep with him or else he was gonna be suspicious and i had to drug him so i had to do it Mandla : voetsek you acted like a whore and now you justifying it by saying"i didn't have a choice " bullshit (he sounded angry) Thato:mandla please i had to do what i had to do to get those diamonds now whats the problem huh and plus you dont get to be jealous cause we not even dating we just fuck buddies ***i heard what sounded like a slap and thato screaming. .i got out of bed like a lightning and opened the door to find thato with her hand on her cheek with tears running down her cheeks and i just lost it..for the first time in my life i actually lost it*** Me:you piece of shit who gave you the right to lay your filthy hands on my sister huh(i was fuming with anger i was even surprised at myself cause ive never raised my voice at anyone before let alone use swear words on anyone especially right in their face) Thato:mtase its ok please dont get involved Mandla:yeah you heard her now fuck off this doesn't concern you(shouting ) Me :it doesn't concern me did you just say it doesnt concern me?who the fuck do you think you are huh first of all your dont know me secondly dont you ever in your miserable life lay you hand on her trust me you dont wanna piss me off more than i already im nx lay those filthy and ugly hands on her again and I'll ... (he interrupted me) Mandla:(walking towards me)you'll what'll what little girl huh ***thato got between me an mandla*** Thato:mandla please stop she's sorry she didn't mean what she said shes just angry and only looking out for me...kedi please go back inside im ok please ***i was breathing heavily i went back inside angry as hell even tears we running down my cheeks i was even breathing in and out just to calm myself down as i was busy doing that thato walked in*** Thato:kedi what the hell was that since when do you swear do you evenk now who mandla is and what he can do to you for disrespecting him Me:i dont care he has no right to slap you Thato: stop it man im serious dont get involved kedi where mandla is concerned hes dangerous and you might loose your job and we both know you need it Me:but thato you expect me to just sit back and let him abuse you...remember you told me to toughen up this is me toughening up and having your back Thato: and i appreciate it mtase but dont mess with him again kedi that man can be ruthless if he wants and i dont want you getting hurt please promise me Me:ok fine but he better not lay his hand on you again Thato (smiling)heeh i saw how you wanted to go all black belt on him since when do you swear and curse let alone raise your voice at people huh Me (laughing )yho i just lost it i dont even know where all of that came from i was shockedmyself. ...mtase what where you fighting about? Thato:dont worry about it I'll tell you some other time for now i need to take a nap im tired yho Me:mmmmm ***she took her nap and i went to make myself something to eat after that also took a little nap since il be doing night shift tonight i soo wish i can call in sick cause i dont wanna see that jerk mandla nx*** ***i woke up around 4 in the after noon and thato was still sleeping yho this girl can sleep shem... took my bath after i was done i took my things and went to work when i got there thapelo his right hand man said mandla had other things to do so he wont be comming in yho shame i thanked God cause i honestly didn't have the strength to face him*** JASE' POV*** ***we arrived at the warehouse and we were nervous as is the thing grandad is a cool down to earth person until you piss him off or make him angry he will fuck you up big time even his enemies tread carefully when it comes to him and his family no one messes with the khumalo's which makes me think whoever stole those diamonds are amateurs and that bastard in our squad that betrayed us knows who we are and he still went with his plan to betray us... nc nc nc when we find him we gonna burn him alive along with his family just to prove a point that no one messes with us...anyway shit is about to go down*** ***we were told by one of his bodyguards he is in the basement and hes angry as hell...shit....we went there and knocked and no one answered. ..we knocked again and no one answered again so we decided to let ourselves in...we went in and was just standing there wuth his hands in his pockets and his back against the door he was just staring at the wall*** Grandad :TALK! (we kept quiet) Grandad :I SAID FUCKEN TALK (He roared ) Jay:i mess.... (i interrupted him) Me:we messed up someone drugged jay and stole the diamonds Grandad :How the hell did that happen (we kept quiet ) Grandad :I FUCKEN HATE REPEATING MYSELF (he roared again) Me:we had a party at jays house and him and this girl went upstairs to do the deed and... (i nudged jay with an elbow and gave him the"continue making up this story"look) Jay:( he cleared his throat )and we did the deed and she went down stairs to get us some drinks and after drinking i started feeling dizzy and the next thing i woke up in the afternoon with the safe wide opened and the diamonds were gone and the girl was nowhere to be found and it looked like the safe was tempered with whoever opened that safe is an expert Me: our boys are already on it we will find that bitch and those diamonds and plus it looks like we have a snitch or betrayer in our squad dont worry baba we on top of it.. (he was stil not facing us) Grandad :ON TOP OF IT?REALLY ON TOP OF IT...FOUR FUCKEN DATS...FOUR FUCKEN DAYS AND YOU STILL HAVEN'T FOUND THOSE BLOODY DIAMONDS(he took a deep breath)you thought i wouldn't find out Grandad :i dont know whether to fuck you up right now or to take you to the slaughter house and cut you fucken ball off or to just laugh at that rubbish both of you just vomited out of your mouths. ..first of all i know both of you are fucken lying about what really happened i raised you so i know both of you and i know you have each others backs so i wont even bother myself with beating the truth out of both of you (he finally turned and faced us and yho i think we both nearly peed on our pants ) Grandad :listen here you two you have 48hours to find those diamonds and to bring me the head betrayer and that bitch and the person or people who send her ..YOU HEAR me or else I'll put bullets in both your skulls and cry at both your funerals leave.... ***we left*** Jay:at least he didn't take us to the slaughter house Me:but you know if we dont find those diamonds he will kill us and cry at our funeral like he said i cant die now i dont have a mini me to leave behind ...we need to find that bitch but first we need to find out who is that betrayer amongst our boys abd that will lead us to her and the diamonds... Jay:sure thing lets get down to it... SAM'S POV ***its been a month now since kedi ran away and my life has been a living hell since then damn i miss her like crazy....i have a girl friend now i got one cause my i wanted to shut my mother up she was constantly nagging me about getting her a daughter inlaw and i did but damn that girl irritates the fuck out of meshe complains a lotshes a control freak and worse of all shes close to my mother and sisters i tried to break up with her a couple of times but she runs to mom and mom would threaten to burn me alive if i do..the worse part of it is two days ago she told me shes pregnant and now mom says she should move in with me and i should pay lobola for her..imagine nx...the door opened and she got in*** Her:baby when are sendind your uncles at home to pay lobola gape il start showing soon i cant hide this pregnancy for ever from them(i kept quiet ) Her:baby? Me : ai shut up mamiki ..what is it? Lobola this lobola that dont you have better things to ask me than that huh and plus who said im ready for marriage Mamiki:dont tell me to shut up sam keng (what) you want my child to be born out of wedlock huh and for me to be the laughing stock in this community having a child out of wedlock nx well that will never happen over my dead gonna marry me even if its by force. ..mmmmh you dont know me shem... Me: i dont even know what i saw in you ***i walked out with her shouting my name nx what have i gotten myself into of all the women in the world i chose to plan my seed in this hood rat nx i dont know what i dd to deserve was getting dark outside so i decided to go get drunk and drown my sorrows at the nearest tarven***

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