part 3

***I woke up it was around 6 in the morning and thato wasn't next to me as i was getting out of bed she walked in*** Thato:thank God u awake i dont want you being late on your first u knw how many strings i had to pull to get you that up up and take a bath we have to go Me:morning to you too mtase did you sleep well cause i did (yawning ) Thato:( laughing ) mxm i slept well now get up ***i got up took my bath after that i wore my jean and a simple shirt and tied my afro neatly and put on a lil bit of Vaseline on my lips and i was done...thato walked in*** Thato:took you long enough Me: mxm mtase Thato:mmmm Me:what kind of job did you find for me i forgot to ask u yesterday Thato:ull be working at a pub/chisanyama fuck buddy owns it Me:a what and your what? (Yoh i was shocked and my facial expression said it all) Thato:relax will u its a pub at night and chisanyama by day....o tlo ba shap sa wara (ull be fine dont worry ) and the owner is my fuck buddy meaning we sleep together but we are not dating....i asked for a favour and he agreed to hire you and now i owe him Me:(shocked )what nooo...hell no i don't want you to owe people favours because of me...fuck buddy or not tell him im not coming and he can take back his stupid favour (shouting ) ***i was hurt that thato would be indebted to someone because of me..not gonna happen )*** Thato: kedi its ok we always owe each other favours so its not a big deal(she was smiling ) Me: thato how will i live with myself knowing for a fact that you owe someone a favour because of me ( i was sobbing ) Thato: no man stop this kedi this is soshanguve not centerview you have to toughen up to survive no more crying and that job i got for u needs a tough cookie not a cry baby. .you need to take charge of your life kedi and stop with this crying business..we need to survive kedi and to do that we both need to toughen up ok (she was getting pissed) Me:(wipping my tears)ok Thato:good now lets go before you be late on your first day *** we left thato said its not that far so we walked she said its so i familiarize myself with the hood..we finally arrived and the place was nice it was called SHORTLEFT MACNOSE CAFE we walked in and some guy walked towards us and thato gave him a perk on the his lips and a hug and the guy grabbed her ass i cleared my throat and they let go of each other. ...mmmmh ok*** Thato: babe this is my lil sister kedi the one i told you about. ..kedi this my bae your new boss Me :hi Him:hi umm we have two shifts day and night...ull work day shift (6 to 6) during the week for four days (monday-to Thursday) and friday and saturday ull work night shift(6 to 6) and ul be off on sunday Me:ummmh ok sir (yho i didnt wanna show it but i was beyond shocked) Him: please call me mandla this sir shit is making me feel older than my age Me:im sorry sir i mean mandla Thato: hai suka mandla you making my sister uncomfortable Mandla:(he chuckled )ok ok now you can start by cleaning all over including the toilets Thato: babe you cant be serious you cant be making my sister clean those dirty toilets (she was mad as hell) Mandla:Tee look the only favour i did for you was to give her a job nothing else are we clear and you will not tell me how to treat my employees (he looked pissed) ***yho*** Me: its ok mtase ummmh mandla where are the cleaning things mandla:in the storeroom go through that passage first door to your left ooh and we will talk about you pay when i came back(he kissed thato on a cheek and left) Thato:im sorry mtase Me:its ok remember you said i must toughen up so this is me toughening up now go so i can work (i hugged her) Me:i love u Thato:i love you too see you late.... ***she left and i went to the storeroom and began cleaning*** ***its been four week since ive been here and working for mandla now i even help out behind the working relationship with mandla is bitter sweet cause when him and thato argue or fight he takes it out on me. ..he would shout at me left right center all day or night went i work night shift....i remember this other day thato said he was going out with him and she will be back the following day she even bought a new short tight dress and a pair of heels(she even looked nervous about the whole date thing) i was shocked cause she never wears heels ever so she came back the following day it was a Saturday i was working night shift so she didnt say much but she looked troubled i went to work and yho mandla was angry the whole night and he took out all his anger on me he treated me like shit but i tolerated all of it despite hating being shouted at cause i need the job and the jerk didnt even apologize nx anyway tommorow is friday so this place is gonna be packed***..

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